Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Ship Captain Speaking

To: The People of South Africa
From: Captain Morgan

Why I will vote for the DA

I am a ships captain and usually sail on big bulk carriers, which trade worldwide. My crews have mostly been Ukrainian or Polish for the last eleven years and before that were mainly South African and Philipino.

At last count I have been to about 55 countries, although I have really visited maybe half of those well enough to say that “I have seen that country”. Some of those countries are well run and some not but the bad ones are mostly getting better. Like Ecuador or Kenya. Some are getting worse, like Sierra Leone. People are proud to be citizens of their country.

And then I sail into a South African port and the crew just laugh at the shambles! Very embarrassing when a Ukrainian crew, whose country is a shambles laugh at South Africa!

During the world’s biggest economic boom in history Richards Bay did not extend their facilities at all, berths were vacant while ships were at anchor waiting for their cargoes of coal that could not be delivered to the port due to “technical” problems. It used to be the worlds biggest coal exporting port, now its productivity is an international joke.

We went to Saldanha Bay to load 120 000 tonnes iron ore for Japan, had to wait ten days because of derailments and other “technical” delays. What a joke! I had told the Ukrainian crew that it was a well-run port with a well-run rail system. Very embarrassing.

I was in China a few weeks ago and the taxi driver taking me to the airport was laughing at Zuma who had been on TV news. Whatever Zuma had said, something about buying electric bicycles, made him into a joke to the Chinese! They knew all about him and his fleet of wives.

Ships crews used to visit Durban (or Port Elizabeth or East London) and have a great time at the beaches or shopping or night-clubbing. They spent a lot of foreign money. Now it is not safe to go up the road. Every sailor in the world knows that!

They like Cape Town though; they go to the Waterfront or up the mountain if they have time. The Canal Walk Mall blows their minds! The Dad’s Toys shop is their favourite spot.

I want my country to be well run and good enough to stand up to any international scrutiny. It is not. I want the Ukrainian crew to tell me that they will be visiting South Africa. They do not. I want a country to be proud of! All citizens must be proud of their country!

Our present bunch of anc “leaders” is the cause of the national embarrassment. South Africa has been destroyed by the anc, they cannot be trusted to fix it. Here are just a few catastrophes that the anc are directly responsible for….
1/ Education – destroyed by the anc!
2/ Industrial productivity – destroyed by the anc!
3/ Medical care – destroyed by the anc!
4/ Defense force – destroyed by the anc!
5/ Employment – destroyed by the anc!
6/ Police force –destroyed by the anc!
7/ Roads, rail and ports infrastructure – destroyed by the anc!
8/ Farm productivity and safety – destroyed by the anc!
9/ Crime – rampant!
10/ Corruption and cronyism – rampant!

What country in the world puts the Minister of Housing in charge of all the country’s toilets! Ha! Ha! The anc are useless, the anc must go! And the sooner the better and we can all agree on that!

The only political party that has the vision to get things going and to get things right is the DA. Other smaller parties may have some good points but they are just diluting the vote and in some cases even maintaining the status quo. South Africa does not need the status quo, it needs change! Now! Vote DA!

Only the DA can do it! South Africa needs the DA to take charge and fix the country. For poorer people, for richer people and all of us in between people, for your children, for all of us!

Act now! Act decisively! Vote DA! Vote Zille!

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