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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

As the decolonization of Africa finally nears completion with South Africa in its death throes, much has been said, written and debated about the failure of “Liberated” Black African countries to effect anything after their “Liberation” except an immediate and rapid descent into anarchy and mayhem. There is no exception to this and Zimbabwe is the prime example of the destruction of once fully functional, viable colonial countries.

The common denominator in the prelude to “Liberation” has always been the strident wailing, yodeling and yowling within the international community and particularly by “Exiles” within those international communities bemoaning the “Oppression of the people” and without exception, the clarion call for the “Liberation” of Africa has had one theme – the “Liberation” of African states from the “Oppressive Regimes” of their colonial masters.

Typically the “Colonial Masters” have been white and have been branded as all sorts of villains and agents of human rights abuse standing accused of the “Brutalization” of black people in Africa with the all too common verdict being that the presence of any white man in Africa is or has only been for the nefarious purposes of murdering, plundering, pillaging and raping the black people of the continent.

This in turn has given rise to the retribution programmes against whites implemented by Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and the genocide of white people in South Africa that is fully endorsed and encouraged by the ANC government to make whites in South Africa pay perpetual penance for Apartheid.

However, as history unfolds, it becomes more and more apparent that the Black African Liberation Struggle with the absolutely fanatical and conspiratorial allegiance of the international community both East and West has amounted to nothing more than the manipulation of politically infantile and basically idiotic populations to vote into power through sheer weight of numbers a minute cortege of cunning, despotic “leaders” who then proceed to plunder their countries by way of blatant programmes of self enrichment, self aggrandizement and outright graft, corruption and banana republic maladministration accompanied by the eradication of political, social and economic opponents by any means that usually violates all the principles upon which they claim their so-called “Struggles”

What becomes glaringly apparent within a few short years is that they are incapable of sustainable government and economic maintenance or development, slipping rapidly backward into absolute collapse, poverty and anarchy that has become the hallmark of Africa; incapable of delivering even the most rudimentary levels of human sustainability in any area of their societies.
They then, in what is rapidly becoming a contrived scenario, particularly in the case of Zimbabwe, fob responsibility of their impoverished starving populations onto the international donor community, particularly those in the West.

Mugabe has very cleverly duped the international community into supporting his murderous annexure of Zimbabwe with all it’s mass murder, political repression and economic destruction and turned the country into his personal fiefdom all the while chunttering simian abuse at the western nations that put him in power and blatantly making them responsible for the welfare of his voting electorate who cannot be described as anything but too stupid to remove him from power.

All the while he has been benignly indulged by South Africa with Mbeki recently openly and publicly intimating the support of Mugabe that most thinking people have long been convinced of.

The implications for South Africa and the transparency of the anti-white sentiment from Government levels down bode only the certainty of the genocide of white people in South Africa with a murderous ferocity that will render Rwanda relatively passive by comparison.
After that, once the goose that lays the golden eggs has been murderously dispatched in SA, the conflict between the predominant tribes in South Africa will explode on a scale that the piss-puny efforts of the UN Peace keeping forces such as we have seen in the rest of Africa will finally declare the UN for what it is, a castrated, useless shambles under the control of idiots like the Zimbabwean “Minister” of Economic development. The demise of the UN is long past its sell-by date and another debacle in South Africa should finally send the signal loudly and clearly that the UN needs to be replaced by something more formidable that doesn't exist solely to pander the demands of black racist dictators that cannot pay their UN memberships fees.
Clearly Black African Democracy as has been suggested in other forums is an oxymoron that begs examination and raises a number of questions. Furthermore, it is has now reached the point where various international press bodies openly deride, mock and ridicule black African “leaders” at the forefront of which is “Mad Bob” – as he has been dubbed – Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

The first question is, what are the driving forces behind civilized western societies in recent history that have seen them side with their communist enemies to band together with almost religious fanaticism to bay for the blood of white people in Africa who by comparison to any African governments have actually been the greatest benefactors of and contributors to the self-realization of black people?

The second question is why is it that in the course of dismantling white rule in Africa to replace it with black tyranny if any white person regardless of status where to even INTIMATE hostility towards blacks the international community would literally be up in arms calling for boycotts, sanctions and on occasion, the slaughter of all whites in Africa. However, when Black Africans like Mugabe stand up in the international Arena and openly declare his black racist hatred of white people accompanied by threats and actual slaughter of whites because they are white, it doesn’t even make the newspapers? Why is it that Black Racism is acceptable but even the minutest hint of white racism is not?

The third question is, given the failure of Africa to achieve post-colonial self-realization and development, can blacks actually govern themselves and if not, what is the solution or the alternative?

The fourth question is, if Africa cannot govern itself, is it not being left vulnerable to re-colonization and if so by who?

The final question is, what are the implications of the re-colonization of Africa for the rest of the world?

Watch this space………

Post by Cynic 

I have started this blog to express my sentiments, anger, outrage or sometimes just my thoughts on the myth that has been described as the heroics of the African Struggle against white "Oppression". It also attempts to expose and question Black Racism. Now I know that as far as most people are concerned, only white people can be racists and not black people. To my mind, the label of racism as ascribed to whites only is the biggest lie in the history of mankind. It is the cause and the scapegoat of the refusal of Black Africans in particular to accept responsibility and accountability for their own self-realisation and for perpetuating on the one hand a begging bowl culture of demands and entitlement to their existence in a "The World owes me a living" manner, whilst on the other hand, against a history and a backdrop of violent human rights abuse, graft, corruption and nepotism, entrenching a culture of blaming white people for the failure of Black Africa to ever amount to anything but a liability to the rest of the free world until it is inevitably re-colonised by China.

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