Friday, August 26, 2011

The final stages of the Zimboonification of South Africa

By Mike Smith
25st of August 2011

OK, White farmers of South Africa. Pack it in. You are stuffed. Zimbabwe here we come.

Green light for land expropriation before compensation
Stephen Grootes

The Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday that government can expropriate land before an amount of compensation is paid.

In a unanimous ruling, judges said it would be too onerous to expect government to always agree on compensation before taking property.
Judge Johan Froneman handed down the ruling.

“I accordingly found that Section 25 2b of the Constitution does not require that the amount of compensation and the time and manner of its payment must always be determined before expropriation,” he said.
He said if compensation is only determined after expropriation, it must happen as soon as it is reasonably possible.

The ruling was in relation to land that the Department of Public Works wants to take in KwaZulu-Natal.

The court added that there are enough legal safeguards to make sure that people's land is not expropriated arbitrarily. [That means the Constitutional Court granted blacks a free for all to take white farms]


Laager said...
Judge Johan Froneman handed down the ruling.

Sad, sad, sad!

Anon said.....

Since when is something EVER taken BEFORE a price is agreed.

This Froneman p@#s and the other "useful idiots" had better up their security - there are going to be a lot of VERY angry Boers gunning for them.

I struggle to imagine the warped universe that is populated by expedient arseholes like this.

There are NO (none, nada, zip, vokkol) "legal safeguards". The police do not act and simply harras, stall and dodge the plaintiff, judges hand down incorrect orders after you wait weeks to get a hearing, meanwhile you sit without a farm and means of income that is slowly being destroyed by the "continually disadvantaged". So, even if it is returned to you, you are screwed.

Froneman is a complete prick and so is every other concourt judge. They has lived too long in the ivory tower of fairy dust and legalistic doublespeak and are completely out of touch with the reality of South Africa and the extreme anti-White racist rules we all are playing by.

WTF were they thinking - that we have a functioning state and not a completely failed nation? - That the police and courts are independent and act in the best interests of ALL citizens? - that somehow the greedy rapists in power will suddenly "obey" the laws of the land and keep to their agreements and "safeguards"?

Once land has been "stolen" before a price is set - the price put forward once it has been repossessed and handed over to the "morasses" will in reality be no where close to the market value. In fact - with the massive input costs farmers have to carry and borrow money for each season, and the security the banks require the farmer will be landless and will still be liable to the banks.

This is beyond EXTREMELY FUCKED UP ! ! !

Jacob Zuma's Signature - What it means.


Colin Dovey - August 26, 2011 at 10:05

Everybody has their own take on Zuma - but as a Handwriting expert, I have analysed his signature (I have nothing else to go on) Here it is, and you can all make your OWN conclusions - it is NOT biased in ANY way:

JacoB G. Zuma , it was signed like that, WITH the capital "B" as well

Based on the sample, which is not enough for a FULL Analysis: The “B” separated shows somebody who does not finish what he starts. He is good at reaching out to people, but is basically insincere, and puts on a different face for each audience he meets with. He is NOT good leadership material, and is somewhat self-aggrandising. {Enhance the reputation of (someone) beyond what is justified by the facts} He has good communication ability, but can be a slippery customer when someone tries to pin him down on a particular issue. His appeal would be at a visceral {not intellectual} level, which has given him a sense of cunning which helps him to get out of sticky situations.

The “G” in this sample, stands significantly alone, almost isolated from
the other two “words” – and that shows that he often feels almost "alienated" from his tribal, or cultural roots, and perhaps all at sea in a “European” style cultural environment. The way that the “right angle” lintel is formed and the inward hook at the top shows that he would much rather be there, in his own little world, safe and secure.