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Saturday, 26 May 2007

Last year in the annals of the heroics of the perpetrators of violent crime in SA, there was a report of two little boys who attempted to keep armed burglars out of their home by pressing themsleves against a door and holding up the handle.

The "Heroes" of the "Struggle" responded by shooting through the door and killing the little boys.

As South Africans we are often tagged with becoming desensitized to the crime in this country; getting used to the levels of brutality because of their frequency, adjusted to a way of life imprisoned in homes that offer little real security.

But this – the cold-blooded murder of two children in Centurion who were bravely trying to prevent intruders entering their home – their little bodies pushed against a door trying to keep out a grown man, their little hands trying desperately to keep the door handle closed......

How can anybody be desensitized to this kind of thing? Amongst the insanity of this God-forsaken criminal hell-hole every now and again there is a crime like this that stands out and burns itself into your memory, Stompie Sepei, Lee Matthews, the young girl in Margate over Christmas, the young girl murdered by that animal dubbed the “mine dump killer” and now these two little children.

Compared to the murdering scum that comprises the majority of the so-called "Struggle Heroes", these two little boys were heroes in the true sense of the word.

In South Africa we have two types of heroes, kids like these and the “Struggle Heroes”

The history of the “Struggle Heroes” shows only that their heroics were confined to engaging passive targets – bombing civilian establishments and churches. Using these and other cowardly hit and run tactics their activities by any definition could only be defined as acts of terror. Yet somehow, the rest of the world and like-minded sycophants have deemed the cumulative outcome of these terror activities a “Liberation Struggle”

I’m a layman, but my understanding of “Liberation” means freedom from or for something. In SA we have been led to believe that the freedom struggle was for the right to vote, freedom of speech, freedom to strike, freedom of association, freedom and the right to live blah blah blah…

But when one considers what level of freedom has actually been achieved in South Africa there is not much – same as Zimbabawe; they have the vote, they have the land but they have precious little else. They have no employment, no money, no viable political alternative to ZANU-PF, no food, no housing, no fuel, but they are free.

The only freedom in South Africa is the freedom of criminals to run amok and do as they please with absolute impunity.
What a noble “Liberation Struggle” this was – what noble heroic people these are?

After all where in the world would you find people so brave that they can heroically gun down innocent unarmed children, innocent unarmed senior citizens, rape babies and octogenarians and heroically defy justice on every count?

It seems that the heroes of the new South Africa have defined a new level of heroism – long may their heroism be remembered so that one day when somebody wakes up, the situation in South Africa will be seen for what it is – ANARCHY – and they will be seen for what they really are – COWARDS WHO KILL CHILDREN !

I have started this blog to express my sentiments, anger, outrage or sometimes just my thoughts on the myth that has been described as the heroics of the African Struggle against white "Oppression". It also attempts to expose and question Black Racism. Now I know that as far as most people are concerned, only white people can be racists and not black people. To my mind, the label of racism as ascribed to whites only is the biggest lie in the history of mankind. It is the cause and the scapegoat of the refusal of Black Africans in particular to accept responsibility and accountability for their own self-realisation and for perpetuating on the one hand a begging bowl culture of demands and entitlement to their existence in a "The World owes me a living" manner, whilst on the other hand, against a history and a backdrop of violent human rights abuse, graft, corruption and nepotism, entrenching a culture of blaming white people for the failure of Black Africa to ever amount to anything but a liability to the rest of the free world until it is inevitably re-colonised by China.

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  1. let them die like dog the wise man once to me if u kill with a gun u will be killed by a gun

    sakoana mojalefa le-reng s4c xul