Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Looking beyond the 2011 Census

Monday, October 17, 2011

By Mike Smith

There is currently a census being carried out in South Africa. Already an undercounting of 6 million is expected

My readers have asked me what my thoughts are about the census. Some even believe that it is a sin.

Well, first of all one should by now know that whenever the Marxist ANC carries out any exercise one can be sure that some diabolical goal or reason is behind it.

The census is being carried out at a huge cost to the government and we know that the communists never spend money on anything unless they can get something bigger in return. They would much rather simply steal the money that is at hand.
The census questionnaire can be read here all 14 pages of it in all the eleven official languages.

That is a lot of pages of information. What information is it that the ANC wants, but more importantly what do they want to do with the information?

Census is not new. From the earliest times we read in the Bible that the Israelites carried out censuses. There is the well known story of King David who listened to Satan and carried out a census so he could brag with the strength of his army instead of relying on the strength of the Lord. So God punished Israel by sending plague and pestilence that killed 70,000 people in three days.

You can read the story in 1 Chronicles 21:1 and 2 Samuel 24

But is census then a sin? No, because we see in Numbers 1:19 that God commanded Moses and Aaron to carry out a census of the people.

In Exodus 30:12-16 we see that God instructed the Israelites to pay atonement money a ransom for their own souls of half a shekel each when counted in a census and that this money be used to maintain the tabernacle. The ones that did not pay would be punished with plague.

A man could only count what belonged to him. The Israelites did not belong to David, they belonged to God and a census should only be carried out when God instructs it. God takes ownership of his people. God clearly states that if one disobeys his order, he will be punished with a terrible disease.

But why take a census in any case?

The main purpose of taking a census is to know your military capability. We see this in the Bible as well. David wanted to know how many fighting men he had…so did Moses.

This is the same reason why the ANC wants to carry out a census. Not only do they want to count their men of fighting age, they also want to count the possible men of fighting age of their enemies, the whites.

But this is obviously not the only reason. There are 14 pages of information ranging from the size of the property, how many people lives there, how many are deaf, blind, etc to the income of the people and how many animals they have on the property.

They even want to know if the houses have clean water, water tanks electricity, how many toilets, etc…

All this information can and will be used for military purposes.

Remember that for every house in South Africa there is a set of house plans at the municipal offices. The ANC will know exactly how many old people and how many women and children live on a property. They will know how wealthy the family is. They will know how many men of fighting age lives on that property. Can you now start to think how they are using this information and will be using in the future? Can you now start to realize why so many old people, women and children get attacked in their homes by blacks of fighting age? Can you know understand why they hardly ever attack white men of fighting age?

How do they know where all the soft targets are?

Then on top of it people go and put their names and addresses on a “Volksverkiesingslys”…the ANC will know exactly who to target first in a war.

Further, one should not forget that the ANC was trained by socialists from the USSR and the East German GDR.

In these countries such as Hungary, Poland and the GDR, we saw the true nature of Socialism. Properties were measured; rooms counted and for each person a living space of around 10 sq.metres was allocated. If a house had only two people living in a 100sq.metre house, then they were forced to take in squatters who would then live free of charge in their homes.

These laws were allegedly passed to prevent squatting around big cities. You can read about it on page 98-100 in “Social and economic rights in the Soviet Bloc”…. Source

For years now I have been warning about this. The ANC do not see a housing problem in South Africa. According to them there are more than enough houses in South Africa. The problem is that whites live in these houses. Most often a single family made up of mom, dad and two children will live in a house of about 150sq meters.

When the ANC implements its full blown communism plan they will take their Lumpenprolitariat from the black squatter camps and put them in white households. And if someone has a double garage, they will divide it into two rooms and put another two squatter families in there, all in the name of combating squatter camps around the big cities.

These people will live in your house, use your kitchen and bathroom. Watch television with you and there will be absolutely nothing you can do about it.

With the census statistics and the housing plans from the municipalities they will know exactly which houses and families to target.

Don’t think that this will not happen, because it already did in several socialist countries in the past.

Further. Take note that the ANC Youth League and Cosatu will be having mass marches and demonstrations on the 27th and 28th of October 2011f for so called “Economic Freedom”.

The article states:

“The ANCYL would march for the nationalisation of mines, the expropriation of land without compensation, the banning of labour brokers, free education, decent housing, electricity for all formal and informal settlements and clean drinking water and sanitation.”

Now the picture starts to become clear why the ANC census questionnaire wants to know if you have enough toilets, water and electricity in your house.

They intend to put black families in your homes, people.

You can decide if you want to put up with it or emigrate.

It was the German writer Franz Kafka who once said:

“Isn’t it obvious that a person would leave from where he is hated so much? The heroism of staying in such a place is that of a roach which won’t be exterminated from the bathroom.”

"This is not our shit"