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Whites’ Shacks Torn Down, Black Shacks Untouched

Friday, 12 August 2011

The inequal treatment meted out to poor-white Afrikaner squatters under the ANC-regime bears all the hallmarks of an ongoing ethnic-cleansing campaign: the whites are denied food-aid, government benefits and are forced to tear down their shacks…

Booming black squatter towns housing millions of illegal black migrants are not being targetted for demolition by the ANC-regime. However the hundreds-of-thousands of homeless, desperately poor (indigenous) Afrikaner families face a constant stream of demolition court cases - ordering them to tear down their neatly-maintained, safe little garden-cottages. These close-knit Afrikaans communities are being ripped apart by the ethnic-cleansing campaign lodged by the ruling ANC: which uses frivolous claims of municipal bylaws to remove these impoverished Afrikaners from the land of their forefathers. At the same time, the ANC-regime also ignores the same bylaws for black-occupied squatter towns…

Black squatter shacks, Clay Oven Village, Fourways Aug 12 2011

Black squatter camp Clay Oven Village Fourways north of Johannesburg left alone by ANC regime BELOW - FACING DEMOLITION: WHITE SQUATTER SHACKS, DASPOORT

- COURT DATE: SEPT 2 2011 -- VISAGIE STREET MUNICIPAL COURT, PRETORIA: Afrikaner Wendy Houses Daspoort demolition court case Sept 2 and Sept 22 2011 VisagieStrCourtPretoria

This tight-knit Afrikaner squatter-community above faces demolition of their neat, safe little Wendy House-cottages at Daspoort smallholdings near Pretoria due to ‘municipal by-laws’ -- which obviously are not being equality applied to the much more dangerous, unhealthy illegal squatter shacks at the rapidly-growing black-squatter camp nearby…

White UK Pensioners Starve in Zimbabwe

Friday, 12 August 2011

1,650 dirt-poor white Zimbabweans including 50 farmers survive on $9 a month and private food-aid from SA

2011-08-1 AndrĂ© le Roux reports in Beeld that some 1,650 dirt-poor white Zimbabwean pensioners in 28 old-age homes – many of UK origin – now are totally reliant on food-parcels brought them from South Africa every six to eight weeks. The biggest reason for their dire destitution is the Zimbabwean regime's abolition of the worthless Zimbabwean 'dollar' 2 years ago – and which wiped out their savings banked in Zimbabwean dollars.

Zimbabwe poor-white pensioners have to survive on $3 and food parcels a month
So all their savings were wiped out in one fell swoop two years ago. The US dollar and South African Rands now are are the only currencies legally used in Zimbabwe. "These pensioners now have to live on as little as R90 ($9 US) a month or even less,” said Linda Schultz of the Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund from Malelane, Mpumalanga in South Africa.

Zimbabwe poor-white pensioners have to survive on $3 and food parcels a month2 In one case, a pensioner only gets 40 US dollars a month: of which the Zimbabwean 'reserve bank' takes $2 and her rent is $35. That leaves her about $3 US a month for food.

These pensioners live in 28 old-age homes countrywide. The fund also supports about 50 white farm-families who were driven from their farm-properties by violent land-invaders.

Founder-member Hannes Botha climbs behind the wheel himself every six to eight weeks to take loads of food-parcels across the border.

He said the fund is mostly supported by 'Afrikaans-speaking South Africans'. 

He's far less happy about the low level of enthusiasm from formal 'Rhodesians', i.e. English-speaking whites, he said. The parcels contain food and medicines and are the only means with which these forgotten 1,650 old-age pensioners still remain alive.

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Zuma defends R2.4bn Swazi Loan

President Jacob Zuma defended the R2.4bn loan his government has granted Swaziland,

"If a country is your neighbour, should you allow your neighbour to collapse because you hold certain political views? Will that not impact on you?" Zuma was quoted as saying.
Zuma was responding to criticism from Swaziland's democracy activists, who cited King Mswati III 's lavish lifestyle.

And guess what folks, that is all he sad.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu's speech

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu's speech at the launch of the book, "The Humanist Imperative in South Africa", at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (Stias) on 11 August 2011.

Sheryl Cwele awaits fate on job


Convicted drug dealer Sheryl Cwele, wife of State Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele, will know next Tuesday if she will keep her municipal post, Hibiscus Coast municipality said on Friday.

The outcome of a disciplinary hearing against Cwele, the municipality's suspended head of health services, will be made public on Tuesday, municipal manager Sbu Mkhize said.

"The chairperson of the committee has made a ruling on the appropriate sanction and the report will be tabled during the executive committee meeting on Tuesday. We will brief the media on the same day,” Mkhize said.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the KwaZulu-Natal premier's coordinating forum in Gateway, Durban.

The highly publicised hearing began in June this year and the committee ruled against Cwele last month.

It was convened to determine if Cwele should keep her post after she was convicted of drug dealing by the KwaZulu-Natal High Court in Pietermaritzburg on May 6.

She was sentenced to 12 years in jail.

Mkhize did not want to divulge the sanction imposed by the committee.

“I cannot tell you that. We have to follow the protocol. The report has to go to the executive committee first before it is made public,” he said.

Asked whether the executive committee can overrule the disciplinary hearing decision, Mkhize said the executive committee would have to come up with valid reasons why it opposed its findings.

She is appealing her drug dealing conviction and is out on R100 000 bail.


What? She has been found guilty how the hell can they think of not dismissing her.

I AM SPEECHLESS - a convicted drug dealer and they are still debating her fate! What a brilliant message to South Africans. Crime obviously pays via drug dealing and also by way of being considered to stay in her job! WHAT AN EFFING STUFF UP OF A GOVERNMENT/JUSTICE SYSTEM SA HAS.

SHE IS A CONVICTED DRUG DEALER !!!!!!! SHE MUST BE FIRED!!!! Lord help these lost souls who have lost their moral compass .... Siyabonga Cwele: You should have stepped down OR divorced your wife .... State Security Minister & International drug trafficker live together? – Hows that for a conflict of interest!!!

The husband claims to be separated from the drug dealer? He is security minister but is oblivious to her drug dealing? Sure, my grandfather is the pope!

Maybe she misunderstood her job description - she confused drugs and medicine? Yeh, yeh. I said that SA has 5-7 yrs- make that 5 at most.

I am completely Speechless, Can only put my thoughts through comments page, pay reinstated, maybe keep her job? Crickey seems that doing crime in this country really does pay. If you are black that is. What a traversty of justice. Pushing drugs, why does her fate still need to be debated? DIGUSTING our justice system stinks more with each passing day.

Firing is too good for her remember one of her mules is serving
time in a foreign jail. She should also be locked up. She is directly responsible for many young deaths in her country, I also feel very strong-ly , its not possible her husband could not have known of her activities.  

This drug dealer should be in prison, nevermind the blerrie job!!

Is this cow still not in prison yet!! What is wrong with this justice system??

Why is she NOT in Jail!?! An appeal of the conviction is made from jail.

'Dear Pravin Gordhan...'


by Mosvms - News 24 reader

Dear Pravin Gordhan,

I write this letter in the hope that you and like-minded individuals in our elected government will make some effort to stop the rampant corruption that is slowly destroying the very fabric of our society.

Every single day we are faced with new allegations and prima facie evidence that by and large ANC cadre are blatantly looting at every opportunity. Yes, I know it is not only the government and cadre but this is the single biggest threat to our young democracy. We then hear that there has been an audit, which never sees the light of day, serious transgressions of the Public Management Finance Act and after that a big fat zero of silence.

This then manifests itself in a quiet pat on the back and the crooked individuals slink into the night with pockets full of cash only to pop-up later on in a better more lucrative position that will again cause irreparable harm.

The latest example of this rutting at the trough has been the Johannesburg Audrey Gulu EMS and Benedicta Monama transport scandals, which will in all probability go totally unpunished. The only people who will suffer will be those loyal ANC supporters who will lose out on monies that should have been used on their behalf, as well as the long-suffering tax and rate payers who are totally disempowered to get any justice. The absolute corruption perpetuated by Malema gets worse and worse every day and nobody does anything about it.

The fact that the Public Protector hid behind “no paper trail” when last he was investigated is a complete joke that begs credibility. There is always a paper trail; the problem is the will to do the right thing as was proved in the previous Public Protectors white-wash investigation into the PetroSA/ANC donation. The arms deal scandal is a festering sore that will never go away despite your governments every effort to sweep it under the carpet, more so with submarines in permanent dry-dock and planes with no pilots.

Giving billions to a repressive regime next-door while out own people are starving and without work is criminal and can never be justified in any true sense of logic. The police lease scandal is totally unacceptable and more and more of these dirty deals are coming to light such as the Justice Departments rental of a building that stood empty for months while taxpayers money was used to pay exorbitant rentals.

In the Cape once more cadre are involved in missing millions of clothing industry workers pension funds. This list of people and scandals goes on and on - Gama, Yengeni, Ngqula (SAA), Mohlahlane (Landbank), Schaik, Selebi, Oilgate, Travelgate, Trifecta, Youth “kissing” Festivals, Chancellery House and the Swazi dealings, Aurora, Blue IQ, Limpopo tenderpreneurs, etc!

This country cannot go on like this and at some point in time something is going to break. Where is the administrative justice that is enshrined in our constitution and legislation? Where are the principle of batho pele or are they just empty words and promises.

I am afraid to say that Nelson Mandela’s inspiration on a rainbow nation is just a bitter taste in our mouths.
I have been a supporter of the previously disadvantaged for many years having at a young age witnessed atrocious and criminal behaviour on farm workers in the Western Cape. My father ran a small construction company and he struggled against all odds to keep his workers in Cape Town from the Transkei who were treated so unjustly in every sphere of society. It is quite amazing how as a young person I was totally colour blind and thought nothing of eating from a spade or wheelbarrow with the guys!

I fully support redressing the past and have no problem with real Black Economic Empowerment but by and large these initiatives are proving to be a waste of time, energy and money, except for a small band of carpetbaggers who time and time pop-up with a big fat smile for doing absolutely nothing!

I realise that you are but one person and do not normally involve yourself in the party, but for evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.

You as the minister of finance have every opportunity to stop this rot, bring the culprits to justice and yet all I see is lots of talk about corruption but absolutely no action.
When does enough become enough and people finally go the route of a Tunisia or Egypt? I fear that day is drawing very near and will prove to be the downfall of us all!
Yours sincerely,


August 12, 2011


So – a white tax just for white people.

So Desmond Tutu reckons we should be taxed because we are white, and we should be happy about it??? To show how contrite we feel about how we benefited from apartheid?? Well Mr Tutu you can kiss my natural born white ass!!

If that is not racism then I don’t know what is? If they can tax us because we are white then we should be able to tax them because they are stupid?? I mean fair is fair. Never has there been more uneducated blatant criminals in power than now – under black rule! But I should feel guilty because my mother and father worked hard and could therefore afford to give me a decent education? Well that is not going to happen! The taxes that our mothers and fathers paid is what built this once magnificent country and the amazing infrastructure that kept it great! The same infrastructure that is now all but non existent because you are so busy stealing our taxes that you have forgotten to maintain anything?

While we are at it why don’t we instigate a special tax for Mr Zuma because he has so many wives shopping with our tax money? And a special tax for Julius Malema for parading as a human being when he is actually some kind of brain dead moron! Then we should tax all black children to try and make up the money lost on the schools they have burned down? Lets tax all the Zimbabweans as well because they just waltz over our non existent borders and suck our economy dry! We should levy a tax on the church as well for allowing Tutu into a position of authority when he is obviously a blatant racist.

I think it might be prudent to levy a tax on all tourists to this country for the privilege of being allowed to come here and be raped and murdered and infected with HIV? And while we are at it lets tax all the black people because they don’t need sunscreen to protect them from the African sun, I mean that’s not fair? Or better yet – why don’t you all grow a pair and stop blaming all your woes on a policy that has been over for decades!! A policy that had nothing to do with us – the people who’s taxes keep you in armani suits and luxury German cars??


Without the white people who you are so intent on punishing and their taxes you would have nothing!! So back off!! We are slowly getting tired of being squeezed!!