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The Seven Plagues of England

The Visions of 'Siener' van Rensburg - one of the greatest and distinguished as one of the most accurate of all seers in history.
The vision of the seven ‘thunderclouds’ is one of the most alarming regarding a series of disasters which will hit England, and which has only partially been fulfilled. According to resources at my disposal, there are more than 20 direct references to these strange and fearful events. The Seer predicted that the seventh-and last-plague will finally spell the end for England when the Boers have regained power in South Africa.

Van Rensburg has never doubted that England’s ruin would be caused by crimes she committed against Afri­kaner women and children during the War of Freedom. He once said to a friend: “Every time some great world event happens, women and children are murdered, followed by retribution. Did Pharaoh also not order the mid-wives to kill all newborn male children? And the punishment that followed was that he and all his horsemen were drowned in the Red Sea…”

In this context he referred to 1 Samuel 15:2-3:: Thus saith the Lord of hosts, I remember that which Amekk did to Israel, how he had laid wait for him in the way, when he came up from Egypt. Now go and smite Amekk, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass…

Mr. Boy Mussmann wrote to Mrs. S.M. van Tender in 1949: ‘”Oom’ Klasie says he ‘sees’ a multicoloured pig standing in a well in England and it is so hungry that it is licking against the walls (Famine and scarcity of water). It will probably die from hunger and thirst when the struggle is at its worst here in South Africa. There is also a pot of fire in Russia (civil war) and then ‘Oom’ Klasie sees the grass catch alight in England-the start of civil war. (Possibly this could indicate another major flare-up in the long drawn-out conflict between England and Ireland).

England has not experienced any famine since the old Boer prophet saw that vision, and will only take place when ‘a very dark period’ breaks out over the Afrikaner. Distressing times also lie ahead for the English here in South Africa - some will flee ‘in confusion and desperation’, others (white Angora goats) will side with the Boers while others (goats) will take up arms with the Communists against the Boers.

Boy Mussmann (1947): “When Jan Smuts’ detectives wanted to arrest me at Vryburg because of the Seer’s visions, one of them asked me: What does the Seer predict - what is going to happen here?’ I replied: We will get a republic, but prior to that times will be dark for us.’ The detective said: ‘Yes, it will be financial trouble.’ However, I replied: ‘No, the Seer said he saw the peach tree changes into a cypress - the tree bearing fruit (golden pounds) becomes a luxury article tree. Gold pounds will disappear and will be replaced by notes, and when die coming war is over, you can paper the walls of your house with English banknotes as they will be worth less than wallpaper’.”

This vision still awaits fulfilment since the Seer announced it.

“‘Oom’ Klasie saw pigs (English statesmen) running across a dam wall to go and drink water. But when he looked again, he saw the dam was almost empty and the pigs wallowing in the mud.” (England will experience ex­treme financial problems).

Boy Mussmann (1960): “‘Oom’ Klasie saw a well in England. Someone is pouring yellow water from thee well on to the grass, but the water runs back into the well. The bottom of the well comes up and it is dry.” This is the start of England’s ruin because of betrayal (yellow water). The traitors come from within their own ranks (The bottom of the well comes up and it is empty).

Ironically enough, it seems this treason will take place when South Africa is fighting her final struggle for survival. This is followed by England’s surrender to starving invaders from Africa who (as they did against white South Africa) were there to demand their rights. The Seer held several in-depth discussions about this extraordinary vision of ‘the seven plagues of England’ with a few intimate friends:

“I see a woman decorated with ribbons (a symbol of the English nation). Then I see the ribbons unwinding one by one until she is totally naked-and eventually I see her die. This means that in time England will lose all her possessions and colonies…”

(This part of the vision has already been fulfilled).

The First Plague

In time to come matters will go badly, said Van Rensburg. I see seven black clouds in the sky and raindrops begin to fall. A man in a grey suit (somebody divine) appeared and asked me whether I had seen the clouds, and I replied yes, I saw two clouds in the east, west and south, but only one in the north. Then the man said to me: ‘Those are seven disasters God is going to send over England which will destroy it…” Then Van Rensburg remembered the vision of the woman covered in ribbons.

The Second Plague

He tells that when he was imprisoned in the Fort in 1914, one night he saw how a Rebellion officer stood in a well with him (great trouble). However, there was a ladder in the well and he (the Seer) stood with one foot on the first rung. Simultaneously he saw the grass in England catch alight (civil war) and the flames are high, then disappear, and the country looks like a harrowed field after ploughing. Then a multicoloured pig stood in a well (England in dire straits) and it was licking the sides of the well. It seemed unable to get out. Some aloe stumps lay across the well (The British government was attempting to hide its problems from the rest of the world). The pig is very hungry, an indication of a great and terrible famine in England in the future.

When he saw this, he knew immediately that their group in the Fort would be rescued from the troubles of the Rebellion and its consequences-being the thousands of pounds demanded from the rebels by the Government. But there was no rescue or salvation (ladder) for the multi­-coloured pig, indicating England’s downfall, also economically:

“I saw pigs running across a dam wall. The dam becomes empty and a large bird sits on the paving stones beneath. A small bird comes flying along but is immediately swallowed up by the large bird.”

He interpreted this as follows: “The dam is America who intends lending money to England, consequently England will be financially ruined.”

The Third Plague

Famine and hunger will come over England and during that time great herds of black cattle (people from Africa and India) will enter the country from the east. One beast will stop and look back, indicating from which quarter the danger will come; all the coloured races from England’s colonies will go there, resulting in racial conflict - for Af­rica and the Orient will be suffering and desperate hordes of sick and hungry Indians and blacks will seek refuge in England and other parts of Europe.

The Fourth Plague

He sees this as a pot with fire underneath. Normal pots stand in England and France, indicating civil wars, but a huge cauldron, with a glowing fire, stands in Russia, indicating a large-scale civil war. Then Germany and America attack Russia as allies.

The Fifth Plague

The Seer relates how, during WWI, he saw how the Brit­ish fleet attacked Germany at Jutland. He saw Kitch­ener dying there and the British fleet looked like scale-dishes on the water. “This means they clashed, but were found to be too light…” But he saw the future British fleet as empty boxes, floating without direction. They are use­less and without direction, for: “What nation can fight if it is experiencing civil war and famine?”

The Sixth Plague

He told Boy Mussmann: “I see a man on a black horse riding into the water. I see him as clearly as I’m seeing you and the water is splashing over him. Horse and rider disappear under the water. “England’s military force will meet the same end as did Pharaoh’s horsemen who pursued the Israelites in the Red Sea.

The Seventh Plague

He told Boy Mussmann: “I see a multicoloured pig. Taking the pig by its legs, I overturned it. And that is our (the Boer nation’s) contribution to England’s downfall…”

(During the first decade of this century it was general knowledge in a certain part of the Transvaal that a church minister pronounced a curse over England just after the end of the War of Freedom (1899-1902). Allegedly his words were: “What you did to our women and children, the same will be done to yours.”).

The last plague to hit England will be as a result of strong action by the Boer nation.

The answer to the question: what is this ‘action?’ can be deduced from other visions and their interpretations. On 29th September 1919, Van Rensburg saw thousands of blacks and English fleeing South Africa to England to seek refuge after the struggle in which the Afrikaner regains his freedom.

But once the black hordes arrive in England, its economy will collapse and the country will finally be ruined.

Mr. Johannes Gagiano also pointed out to me the inter­esting fact that the Seer spoke about the ‘seven plagues’ which would mean England’s ruin; plagues which - ac­cording to Die Burgher of 13th July 1940 - “spells punish­ment for the enemy.

Van Rensburg saw that plagues would infest England and it seems as if they would all occur on the same day.” Revelation 15 also mentions the ‘Seven last plagues’ which would mean the end of modern Babylon and usher in this dispensation:

Compare this with :

Revelation 18:8: Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire; for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her…

Then he saw three women dressed in black (mourning). They were an English woman, a German and an Afrikaner. Then the Afrikaans woman said to the English woman: “I wept, now you are weeping.”

(‘According to his friend and disciple, Mr. Boy Mussmann, “Oom’ Nikolaas van Rensburg’s prophecies for his people and country end here…”)

Europe Becomes Black

Mr. HJ. Dreyer of Senekal sporadically corresponded with the Seer about his visions until his death in 1926. However, it was only during the 1940′s (and as Ossewa-Brandwag supporter) that Mr. Dreyer published these vi­sions and their interpretations in Die Volksblad.

Vision: “White-backed oxen (America), led by a small boy are hauling wagons in Europe. Then there were red oxen (Communists) with two white-backed oxen (Amer­ica) led by a little ‘Kaffir’ (Africa)…” Van Rensburg re­marked about the two boys to Mr. Dreyer: The little ‘Kaffir’ is a weaker, less intelligent leader as a boy and would al­ways be beaten in every aspect by the other boy.

Interpretation: In Europe the whites were always the rulers and they enjoyed strong support from the well-wishing Americans.

However, things will change drastically when Africa be­gins to overrun Europe and black Communists (as here in South Africa - compare next vision that follows) take over temporary power in Europe with America’s help.

In conjunction with this, Van Rensburg wrote to Mr. Dreyer: In South Africa there are also two boys - one white and one black. The latter has an old sack around his waist (the conditions of the blacks will be critical). The two begin to fight - trouble between white and black, and right from the start the white boy gets a deadly grip on the black one so that he loses his sack and is naked and the black boy flees in a northerly direction (from where he came).

On 29th September 1919 Van Rensburg had a similar vi­sion and he gave a precise indication where the ‘destination’ of the little ‘naked Kaffir’ would be.

According to what he saw, such a great depression would come in Europe so that England would lose everything in the process. Even America would be in no position to render any assistance to save the situation and when it with­draws from Europe, thousands of hungry and destitute ‘Kaffir’ from Africa stream there:

(A shop stands in Europe, but there are no people in it, and people with wagons loaded with rubbish flee northwards. Many white-backed oxen appear in Western Europe and when they disappear, lit­tle naked ‘Kaffir’ run North).

Creation according to the Bantu – The Second People - Part two of a two part miniseries

29 May 2012
Creation according to the Bantu – The Second People - Part two of a two part miniseries

By Mike Smith
29th of May 2012

In part one we have seen that today if a white person for instance had to call blacks “sub-human apes” or “the spawn of Satan” he would immediately be attacked as a vile racist.

But, as we shall see once again, this is exactly how blacks describe themselves in their legends, folktales and their story of creation as documented in “Indaba my Children; African folktales” by Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa (1964).

Credo Mutwa is today 91 years old; he is a Zulu Sangoma and historian of the Bantu People, a highly respected Sanusi (diviner), and author of many books about the Bantu people and considered the Pope of African religions.

Note that in the story I will use the words “bantu”, “Hottentots” and “Bushmen” as Credo Mutwa used it in his original work. Today the Politically Correct police would see these terms as somewhat derogatory.

Blacks also like to tell whites in South Africa that they should go back to Europe where they came from, that Africa is for Africans and that they are the only indigenous people of the continent…but as we shall see, blacks, according to their own religion and cultural legends are not indigenous to Africa and came from the West on a fish like creature. They first settled around the Kongo River.

In Part one we have seen how the First People (Amarire) were created by the rape of Ma, the mother goddess by the hideous Tree of Life.

Credo Mutwa tells us that the Amarire were red in complexion, all looked alike and were immortal.

They created an almost perfect society (living in a golden city) if only they were ruled properly. But they had an evil power drunk dictator Zaralleli who wanted to kidnap the mother Goddess Ma to save his sterile empire and become a god himself.

But his plan backfired when Ma arrived at the capital city Amak-Harabeti. Ma started radiating a terrible heat that caused earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt. Eventually the city disappeared into the sea.

As Ma was standing there in the middle of the city, watching the destruction around her, the Bjaauni, a slave race of blacks created by Zaralleli, rebelled against their former Amarire masters, slaughtering all, men and women. Their leader was Odu.

As the destruction of the city happened, one beautiful Amarire woman who did not become sterile, Amarava, was asleep in her house.

Her name would later be corrupted by the Bantu as “Mamiravi” or “Mamerafe”, the so-called “Mother of Nations”.

She woke up from the dreadful sounds outside and commanded her short green skirt to dress itself around her waist. Credo says that the green skirt indicated that she was a second-class citizen.

Thus we see that the Amarire had a class system in their society with the Bjaauni as “The lowest of the low”.

When she looked out the door, she was attacked by the Bjaauni who threw chopped off heads at Amarire who tried to escape and upon falling to the ground they would be impaled by spears.

But Amarava was saved by the giantess Ma. By touching each other’s breast and nipples and kissing each other’s abdomens they made a pact and Ma told Amarava that she would be saved to start the Second People, the offspring would become the Bantu.

Her husband would be the hideous half man half beast Odu, the killer of Zaralleli and leader of the Bjaauni. He would be the father of the future Bantu races.

Amarava was horrified.

Credo Mutwa says that when she “stared down at the sub-man a flood of unimaginable contempt, hatred and naked revulsion swept and overwhelmed her completely.”

“Surely the goddess was not giving her, the beautiful Amarava, to this smelly, hideous thing for a mate!” (pg 47).

“Surely she, Amarava, daughter of the First Red People was not being mated to this – this odorous, revolting soulless beast – this beast of burden the emperor created from putrid animal flesh!”

She cried and begged to rather be killed outright, “Rather than be wedded to so contemptuous a thing as Odu the Bjaauni – the Lowest of the Low!”

But the goddess Ma insisted and told her that if she ever ran away from Odu that she would experience immense pain on all those places she was touched by the goddess, until she is reunited with Odu again.

Ma then turned to Odu who cringed in animal fear at her feet. When she extended her hand to him, “He uttered a hoarse scream of undiluted terror and shrank back gibbering like a hypnotized ape which in features he so closely resembled.” (pg49)

Ma told him that Amarava was his wife and that he had to take good care of her and populate the world. “Odu’s animal mind could not grasp all of this, but he humbly indicated agreement, faithful slave that he was.”

He could not understand why he was not punished for all that he did and instead was rewarded with a beautiful Amarire wife.

Ma then made a robot shark that took the two creatures eastward as the city capsized and sank behind them.

After a long journey the mighty, artificial fish nosed up the mouth of a mighty river that future generations would call the Bu-Kongo.

Odu built a hut on poles in the water and hunted, but Amarava could not fathom the thought of giving herself to the monstrous Odu…”Great was her hatred of this subhuman-ape”.

She then planned an escape. She would secretly kill Odu and be “well rid of this clumsy and ugly monster who was completely unaware of the fact that he was a living creature.”

After they had enough to eat, she instructed him to sleep, “which he promptly did, being completely unable to do anything unless instructed.”

When he was asleep she set the hut on fire and ran away, thinking that he must be surely dead. She slept in a Mopani tree and ate figs. Suddenly she started experiencing the pains the mother goddess Ma told her she would get if she ran away from Odu.

She tried to get back to the hut but lost her way. So she was kidnapped by three reptilian creatures that looked like a cross between a frog and a crocodile and taken to a cave where the chief joined them his name was Gorogo.

Credo says in the cast of characters in the beginning of the book that he was the chief of the Frog People and father of all the Pygmies and Bushmen.

Amarava tried to escape but the frog people caught her and took her back where she was forcibly wed. Till today the Xhosa people talk about a “Frogs Bride” meaning a forced marriage. A girl thrashed into a marriage with a man she does not love.

Nevertheless Amarava became the queen of the Frog people laying many eggs which when they hatched gave life to “yellow frog-like people; cunning little rascals these – the Pygmies and the Bushmen.

When her offspring grew up and reached adulthood (after three years) they armed themselves with bows and arrows and killed the Frogmen, the last to fall was Gorogo, their chief.

Amarava was furious, because she grew to like the frogmen. So she cursed her offspring…

“Be gone – hence you vile little bastards…Henceforth you and your miserable descendants shall be nothing but vagabonds and thieves! By thieving and cunning you shall live to the end of time, and never progress or rise above what you are today.” (pg58)

Amarava left the valley of the frogmen all the while still having the pains that Ma said she would get for leaving Odu.

Then one day a gigantic hand gripped her shoulder. She spun around and saw Odu.

Odu explained that one day while he was out on the hunt, he encountered the goddess Ma who told him of Amarava’s shrewd plan to kill him and that he should feign sleep.

As her pains disappeared, she felt a deep gratitude that Odu was still alive. Odu picked her up and carried her to his new kraal. He then went into the river and came back with an ivory paddle with which he gave her a “healthy spanking”.

His spanking was interrupted by Ma who told him that it was enough beating his wife. She told Amarava that she hoped she learned a lesson not to disobey the gods and to Odu she gave the instructions that he “Must never hesitate to use that handy object when she starts with her tricks again.”

The legend says that they lived happily for 100,000 years and had 5,000 sturdy sons and daughters. Soon they were grandparents to twenty million souls.

How did these new people – these so-called Second People look like? Credo Mutwa tells us on pg 61…

They resembled exactly the present-day Bantu, some darker than others some fat some thin…
“Some were idiots – from dimwits they ranged down to utter nitwits; very few were truly wise! In short, my children, they exactly resembled the puzzling muddle of present day humanity!”

But Amarava and Odu were good parents. They taught and meted out justice when disputes arose amongst their diverse progeny.”

Eventually Odu got tired of life, because of his inferiority complex. He knew he was ugly and stupid so he decided to commit suicide, but as an immortal he could only die if he completely destroyed himself. So he went to the snow capped mountain of Killima-Njaro and dived into a red hot crater of lava.

When Amarava sensed the fiery death of her husband she tried to commit suicide by stabbing herself with a copper dagger, but it bent when it hit her breast bone. She then tried to run herself through with a spear, but this was also unsuccessful.

Two of her younger descendants, Zumangwe the hunter and Marimba, the mother of all tribal singers tried to convince her not to commit suicide.

They tried to tie Amarava up, but she snapped the bonds and ran off into the forest.

8,000 people with dogs went looking for her and chased after her. After two months a tracker discovered that a big and monstrous creature was also tracking her down. He left a footprint that looked like the footprint of a giant vulture.

After three days they found her lying on the mudbank of a very fast flowing river. There was no way to get to her.

Then they heard a frightening splash as the monster tried to reach Amarava. They tried to scare the monster away by hurling stones at it. Amarava tried to get away from the scaly monster, but he snatched her.

Then the monster spoke…he said to the people: “Poor ignorant foolish human creatures – how terribly sentimental you are. It is for your own good and safety that I remove this Thing which you know as Amarava. You are blindly loyal to the outward form – to superficial appearance alone; When will your clouded brains appreciate that things are not what they appear to be! That there is more to anything than meets the eye!”

He then explained that Amarava was the reincarnation of the Fire Bride, or Rebel Goddess, who has been evading the Great Spirit uNkulunkulu for many millions of years.

As they looked, Amarava’s skin turned golden and she grew an udder of five breasts – ruby tipped. Her soft eyes turned the greeny hardness of emeralds. Her hands acquired a sixth finger. From all her fingers razor sharp diamond claws grew out. A lion’s tail sprang from her backside. A flaming forked tongue protruded and licked her pig-iron lips.”

The monster then held her up and said,

“Behold the foul creature who not only deceived you, but Ma the First Goddess as well. Look upon the thing you knew as Amarava and for which you were prepared to sacrifice your lives! See the one you adored as Amarava, in whom is now reincarnated Watamaraka, the Spirit of Evil.”

Credo Mutwa describes Watamaraka as follows. “Watamaraka, the goddess of Evil, mother of all demons.”

As the monster disappeared with his captive in a flash of unearthly flame – Marimba saw the sneer of contempt on the once beloved face of Amarava; “I shall return one day and avenge myself on all living things – I shall…”

Zumangwe the Hunter then ordered all the witnesses never to repeat what they have seen. They went back to their village in Tanga-Nyika and told the others that the search for Amarava was unsuccessful. The secret of Amarava went with these men to their graves.

The story ends with Credo Mutwa saying. “Now all of you my children have to some small extent inherited Amarava’s split personality. Within each of you there are two different beings, one good and one evil – in constant conflict.”


As we have seen, the Bantu legend of creation is from start to finish a tale of rape, murder and destruction and as we await the return of Jesus they await the return of the “Mother of all demons”.
As the story details, they suffer from a tremendous inferiority complex, because even to themselves they are ugly and the cleverest are “dimwitted”; unable to think for themselves. They know they are the offspring of “The mother of all demons”. How must they feel by knowing this?

These are their own tales that they created and tell their own children, generation after generation.

Are they racist to say these things about themselves? Or is it racist when whites quote their own words back to them and hold the mirror up to them?

When we know the roots of the black culture and beliefs then it is not so difficult to understand why they have no problem with incest, sodomy, beating their wives or the raping of babies to cure AIDS, etc.

The thing that prevents them from living the way they want to live is the White man’s Roman-Dutch law system.

I fully agree. I do not think that our laws should be thrust on a people who do not understand it or want nothing to do with it. In fact I think it is immoral to do so.

Blacks should be allowed to rule themselves under their own laws, but so should whites. The two cultures are just too vastly different to ever be compatible.

Creation according to the Bantu – The First People - Part one of a two part miniseries

28 May 2012
Creation according to the Bantu – The First People - Part one of a two part miniseries

By Mike Smith
29th of May 2012

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself,you will succumb in every battle” - Sun Tzu

Last week we saw the strangling to death of a five month old white baby called Wiehan Botes. His daycare mother, Magrietha de Goede (66) was also killed. The police as usual have no idea who the killer is, but according to a private investigator, signs are pointing to the gardener of the elderly lady.

Rapport newspaper reported that Friday night there wasn’t a single dry eye in the small community of Delmas as hundreds of people pulled together for a night vigil, laying flowers and lighting candles, to support the mother and father of little Wiehan Botes
Rapport, rivers of tears flow in Delmas

That is how we are…God made us compassionate, because he gave us tears.

The Sowetan newspaper asked
Who could kill a baby in daycare?!

Good question...

This week in South Africa is Child Protection week, but if you look at the rate children are killed or traumatized in this country you would think there is just no justice in the diabolical South Africa. It is as if God himself has turned his back on the country…or has the country turned its back on God?

But what kind of Evil beings can kill children like five month old baby Wiehan Botes?

Just this morning, in the middle of a freezing Freestate winter,
a baby boy was found abandoned in a field in Bloemfontein

A Northern Cape mother, Venolia Siwa, is currently standing trial for murdering five of her children.
Her three month old baby that was born in prison was put in family care.

Siwa is accused of killing her five children by forcing them to drink a cocktail of brake fluid and cool drink. She is then believed to have drowned them in the bath tub when she realized they were not dying quickly enough.

Her children - Sizwe, 13, Lukanyo, 10, Edward, 5, Reatlegile, 4, and Matiki, 2 - were killed in October at their grandmother's house in Lower Majeakgoro village.
The trial of Venolia Siwa

One regularly reads in the MSM about how black mothers throw their babies in pit toilets to die.

Here is a story from a few days ago about a baby girl called “Precious” who was only a few days old when the police found her kicking and screaming inside a long-drop toilet. Her skin was burnt from the acid in the toilet. The 25 year old mother was arrested.
Baby rescued from long drop toilet

Like I said this is a regular occurrence amongst blacks throughout South Africa…
19 year old Eastern Cape mother dumps 4month old baby near township
One day old baby boy found in plastic bag, Soweto …“Police have noticed several cases of child abandonment even in the last week.”
Limpopo student killed baby girl in pit toilet
Missing black girl found in family deep freeze – Stepfather arrested

One can literally fill pages with these cases straight from the main stream media.

Today, people in South Africa will tell you that blacks are cruel, lazy, rapacious…that they stink, are stupid and cannot think for themselves, blindly following their leaders, etc…And liberals across the world will get a fit and gasp for air at this “brazen racism” for saying something like that.

But as we shall see it is what blacks know about themselves and teach their children. Are they also racist now? These beliefs are part of their culture and folklore.

I have always maintained that the Communists in their conquest of Africa, studied the Bantu people in great detail.

Truth is that today few other whites study the beliefs of the Bantu. What they see are only the effects, but very few whites understand the causes. Where does this evil and disregard for life come from?

Where does the belief in laziness come from? Where does the belief in entitlement come from and the expectations of getting everything you simply wish for like the Communist have promised the blacks throughout Africa? Why do they kill their babies? Why are these black dictators so power drunk?

The answers can be found in the creation tale told by black parents to their children as documented by the great Zulu Sangoma (shaman) Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa in his book “Indaba my Children” (1964).

See, whites have the beautiful story of creation in Genesis in the Bible with Adam and Eve living in paradise, but the story of creation according to blacks is an evil story of rape, enslavement and horrible murder.

Blacks believe in forefather spirits of which the greatest spirit is “uNkulunkulu” (their name for God).
He created the beautiful mother goddess “Ma” or “Ninavanhu-Ma” who was silver coloured with golden eyes and four breasts each with an emerald nipple.

She was created imperfect and is depicted with a deformed leg or one breast smaller than the others.

She was also cursed with all sorts of evil feelings and desires such as anger, jealousy, hunger and misery that she later passed on to humans. As Credo Mutwa says on page 8, “Imperfect seed brings forth imperfect plants.”

After she created the stars she sat on Thaba-Zimbi, the mountoun of iron and today the name of an iron mining town in Limpopo, South Africa.

But Ma was lonely and yearned for a mate. So uNkulunkulu promised to give her a mate. She thought that he would be as beautiful as her, but instead uNkulunkulu gave her a horrible demon like creature called, “The Tree of Life”.

His “arms” were like creeping vines studded with jagged pieces of granite, diamonds and iron ore.

From the middle of the monstrous granite trunk bulged dozens of bloodshot eyes which burnt with a lecherous hunger, while beneath them grinned a wicked mouth with a thousand pointed fangs, from between which every now and again a long green tongue full of crocodile scales would shoot out. The roots were the legs of the Tree of Life which he used to crawl around on like a crab or a spider.

The Tree caught the goddess Ma and entangled her paying no attention to her cries to release her. He held her fast beyond all hope and raped her.

When he finally released her she managed to escape to the area known as the Ka-Lahari, but the Tree pursued her relentlessly. Finally she reached the lake Makarikari, swam through it and turned into a bird.

The Tree of Life thought she would get away so he made a huge lump of clay around a rock and threw it at the bird, hitting her behind her head. She fell out of the sky into the arms of the ugly tree and the lump of clay ricocheted off into the sky and into orbit, becoming the Moon.

That was how the first “marriage” took place and is the origin of why the Xhosas for instance still practices uKutwala…the hunting down of a 13 year old girl by a much older man who rapes her and makes her his wife.
The horrible practice of uKutwala

Back to our creation story…

The Tree of Life then held the goddess Ma as his sex slave never to let her escape again. After a thousand years she started getting birth pains.

From her sprang forth the First People called the Amarire. From the tree came fruits, birds and reptiles.

Credo Mutwa says that The First People were all red in colour like the plains of Africa and all looked the same. There were no Bantus, Pigmys, Hottentots or Bushmen. There were no black skinned or brown skinned men.

The creation of races was the result of a great accident which occurred through the sinfulness of the first men. It is a forbidden story that must never be told to strangers, but Credo Mutwa broke his oath and told it.

It is said that for tens of thousands of years there was peace and no wars in an almost communist society. Credo Mutwa writes on page 22, “There were no such things as anger and hate and nothing of “this is mine and that is yours”, no contention and no rivalry.”

One of the first people, the offspring of the rape between “The Tree of life” and Ma was a beautiful woman called, Kei-Lei-Si, or today commonly known as Nelesi.

She gave birth to a deformed child, “deformed not in flesh alone, but also in his soul.”

He had a shrunken body, flat head and a single, short sighted cyclopean eye. His arms and legs were shrunken stiff and his mouth was completely displaced to one side of his face. He stank and he breathed through only one nostril.

She called him Zah-Ha-Rrellel (the wicked), commonly known today as Zaralleli or Saraleli, the father of all the Tokoloshes (wicked goblin like creatures).

As was the custom she took the child to the Kaa-U-La birds for blessing, but they told her to kill the monstrosity for the sake of mankind and the stars. She refused to do it and instead protected him from the birds that tried to kill him and hid her monstrous child in an underground cavern where she raised him alone.

One day when Nelesi came back from a crab hunt she saw that her son Zaralleli was creating something and she felt proud of him.

Out of iron ore he created a horrible being with glowing red eyes and legs like a grasshopper and wings like a dragon fly, the first Tokoloshe.

When his mother asked him why, he said it was for conquest. “Conquest of what?” she asked…

“Conquest of everything…the earth the sun and the moon” answered her son.

He then set the beast on his own mother who jumped on her and from his mouth came a metal like spike that he thrust into her chest and sucked her dry. Zaralleli ignored his mother’s cries for mercy and told her that he no longer needed her protection.

For her it was too late for regrets. She should have listened to the birds and killed her son at birth.

Zaralleli became known as the First Chief and a vicious tyrant. He and his Tokoloshes emerged from the cavern and the first thing they did was to kill all the holy Kaa-U-La birds.

Then they set on the First People to conquer and enslave them, promising them “A new life of plenty of luxury and peace and pleasure in limitless measure”.

He said he was sent from a god, that if they followed him humbly, he would deliver them from all poverty and diseases. He would kill all the dangerous beasts and give them a life of luxury and ease. The gullible people believed it and blindly followed him.

(The story sounds very familiar if one conciders the lies and deception of the Red Communists.)

Two generations later Zaralleli discovered the Immortal Secret. (how to rule for ever).

The people lived in golden huts which they could move around simply by a wish. There was no need to light a fire or till the land. When one wanted to eat, one simply filled a pot with whatever one wished to eat and then command the pot to boil.

No longer was it necessary to walk long distances. They could simply stand outside their huts and wish themselves anything they wanted and it would arrive at their doorstep in a flash.

One did not even need to lift a drinking pot to ones lips, just by wishing, the pot would pour the water down one’s throat.

In time the people became so lazy that even chewing food or swallowing was too strenuous. So they got the powers to wish the food directly into their stomachs! They became so lazy that sex became too strenuous so they lost their power to reproduction.

To save his now sterile empire Zaralleli devised a cunning plan to create a slave race.

He would crush the flesh of wild beasts and from the pulp created new creatures “resembling the human being”.

“These queer creatures he earmarked as slaves, entertainers and workers in his expanding empire. These creatures, produced like kaffircorn cakes, were Bjaauni, the lowest of the low”. (pg32)

Further…I quote Credo Mutwa…

“Legends tell us that these Bjaauni looked something like giant gorillas; Completely hairless and of dead flesh and blood, Their skin wa a greenish dark brown – They constantly had a putrid odour.”

So who was the “Bjaauni race”?

In the “Character cast” at the beginning of the book we see that Credo Mutwa describes them like this: “Odu – Last survivor of the Bjaa-Uni – artificially produced flesh-and-blood slaves – Father of the Second People, the Bantu.”

Credo Mutwa says that “They could not think for themselves. They dumbly and blindly obeyed their masters however mad the instruction; If asked to drink a river dry they would drink till they burst and died.”

Meanwhile the Tree of Life and Ma regretted their offspring and decided to first send them a punishment as warning before destroying them completely. They sent rain and hailstorms and half of the Amarire (the First People) died, the rest built big rafts and escaped and found new cities of solid gold.

But Zaralleli would soon meet his end.

One day, whilst drinking from a pot of beer that never became empty, he addressed hundreds of nobles from the Amarire. As entertainment, some Bjaauni slaves were beheading and disemboweling each other to the amusement of their Amarire masters unti only one Bjaauni was left, a brute named “Odu”. More about him later.

But Zaralleli had another plan. He wanted to capture the mother goddess Ma. He showed them a vision in a bowl of magic fluid how the Tree was keeping the goddess as his sex slave.

He then sent his hordes of Tokoloshes to go and attack the Tree of Life and bring the goddess to him. It was no easy battle and many were killed by the Tree of Life.

Nevertheless they brought the goddess to a square in front of the Royal Abode. Everyone wanted to look at her, but she radiated a heat that burnt them.

Earthquakes and floods erupted. Mountains exploded and continents disappeared. Most dreadful was the destruction of the capital city of the empire.

The Bjaauni that were left, led by their leader Odu rebelled against their former masters. Killed them with great delight, sacked the city from end to end, disemboweling and cruelly beheading both masters and mistresses.

Zaralleli witnessed all this but remained unmoved. The goddess Ma stood ankle deep in blood amongst countless dead bodies. Zaralleli died a miserable death - after 200 years he was dying at last, but only in body not in spirit.

He would in future again infest humanity with ambition and cruelty and love of bloodshed. This evil spirit is still alive today in the hearts of all mankind.

The great city tilted and sank below the sea. The tree of life and Ma was reunited and calmed the elements down. Only two creatures of the Bjaauni a male and of the Amarire a female escaped riding away on the back of a fish to create the Second People, the Bantu.

Today the Ndebele people are the most fanatical worshippers of the tree of life, but it is the most revered deity throughout Bantu Africa.

On page 41 Credo Mutwa says that: “The main reason why Africans used to destroy crippled and otherwise deformed children was to prevent this fabled tyrant (Zaralleli) from ever being reborn or reincarnated, to spread his evil and dangerous knowledge amongst men once more.

It seems like they missed a few if one looks at tyrants such as Mugabe, Idi Amin, Charles Taylor, etc…

“Many of the mighty cliffs in Zululand and the Transkei stand today as dumb witnesses of many sacrifices of deformed children that have been made in the course of time.”

It is only when one studies the beliefs of the Bantu people of South Africa and that of the pious Boers and other whites that one gets an understanding of why there was Apartheid. These two vastly different cultures can never integrate with one another.