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Power-obsessed leaders fiddle while SA burns

It has been a week-and-a-half since Reserve Bank governor Gill Marcus and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan both dropped bombshells on South Africa.

Without beating about the bush, they told us that the economy is tanking and tough times lie ahead.
The country is in economic crisis but no one seems to care much about it except these two leaders.
Marcus told us on July 18 that the Reserve Bank's economic growth outlook for 2013 had been revised down from 2.4% to 2%.
Then, speaking from Moscow the next day, Gordhan echoed Marcus and said the Treasury would cut its economic growth forecast for this year to as low as 2% because mining strikes and the recession in Europe would dent exports.
But it says something about our political elite, and our political culture, that these announcements have not made it into most newspapers.
Let's unpack what the two announcements really mean.
First, consider that the economy grew by only 0.9% in the first quarter, the slowest since 2009, when President Jacob Zuma's administration came into power. Consider also that we need the economy to grow at about 7% annually to lower the unemployment rate to 14% by 2020.
Then consider this: Marcus announced on the same day that the youth unemployment rate had reached 52.8%. Yes, more than half of all young people are walking the streets instead of working.
The Zuma administration's economic performance has been getting worse ever since it came into power. Gordhan's projections for economic growth have taken a beating every year. He promised 2.7% last year but gave us only 2.5%. He promised 2.7% this year but has already backed off to a measly 2%.
The implications are dire: unemployment is likely to rise and retrenchments will continue as businesses take strain. South Africans are hugely indebted as it is, but things will get worse.
So who cares? No one, it seems.
Election season is in full swing. A lot of mud, poo, scandal and tears are being flung about.
There is a lot of noise, but no real engagement with the issues that affect the poorest of the poor - the people whose lives are going to be devastated by inadequate economic growth, retrenchments and deepening unemployment.
We have forgotten about them.
Instead, the ANC, its allies and the twitterati were yesterday salivating over the Zwelinzima Vavi sex scandal.
The in-fighting and the divisions that have gripped the tripartite alliance - the ANC, labour federation Cosatu, and the SA Communist Party - are now more important than a serious discussion about what ails this economy and how we should go about fixing it.
Many political players are in this sad, pathetic state of disarray.
COPE is still in court fighting over leadership positions.
The Economic Freedom Fighters, despite the name, are nothing more than champagne socialists, drunk on the promise of power.
The party is only in its infancy but already it is flirting with dangerous religious quacks such as the notorious Pastor Mboro, of the East Rand.
The Pan Africanist Congress and Azapo are in tatters and will be wiped out in the next election.
The Inkatha Freedom Party is being consumed by its own ghosts.
The DA is bending over backwards to sign up a man associated with homophobia, sexism and an attempted murder charge.
All the while, the economy is tanking. If there is a case for Zuma to answer, this is it.
Since he came to power he has singularly failed to provide leadership on economic policy.
To avoid making a clear decision, he appointed four ministers to oversee the economy.
Gordhan and Minister in The Presidency Trevor Manuel have gamely tried to pull one way while Economic Planning Minister Ebrahim Patel and Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies have pulled the other way.
It's a confusing mess. Four years later, there is still no certainty about our macro-economic policy.
The whole thing is a patch job. Last week, the ANC announced that it would establish yet another task team on the economy. Oh my, not another.
All this has consequences. South Africa has been wracked by service delivery protests: who is behind them? Answer: the young people walking the streets without jobs.
Now the populists are running around promising young people "economic freedom" and nationalisation of the mines and land - all of which could lead to a Zimbabwe scenario.
What will the hopeless, unemployed young do then? They will follow the populists because the ANC is failing them.
There's a popular phrase: "It's the economy, stupid!" Our leaders would do well to reflect on it before the nation goes bust.

FACEBOOK Muzzles Human Rights Campaigner

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Sunette Bridges
Sunette Bridges, human rights campaigner
Sunette Bridges Human Rights Campaigner
Sunette Bridges, South African human rights campaigner 
has been highly critical of the powerful South African 
press group NASPERS over the group’s policy on non 
reporting of human rights abuses, murders and torture 
of white minority members in South Africa. Now 
FACEBOOK is also helping to keep her message out of 
the public arena.
Since the beginning of 2012 Ms Bridges has been keeping a record of attacks 
and murders, most of which of go unreported by the mainstream press in South 
Africa and posting them on FACEBOOK.
FACEBOOK has reacted to complaints, thought to originate from NASPERS 
and ANC supporters, by deleting her group page and even editing her 
personal page. She has been under fire since she started publishing the 
attacks which are proving to be an embarrassment to the ANC 
The current controversy is thought to have started when another popular singer, 
Steve Hofmeyer published an article titled “ My Tribe is Dying like Flies”.
This sparked off a "Boycott Naspers" movement on Facebook which was 
established on Monday 1 June 2013. The membership numbers jumped to 
over 7,000 in less than a week to close to 223 by 28 July. Others who have 
been active in the publishing of victim’s names and criticism of the ANC and
 NASPERS have also been in the firing line with smear campaigns and even 
threats directed at their lives.
FACEBOOK has also closed another well known campaigner’s page but it is
 thought Ms. Bridges, who avoids publishing gruesome pictures but simply 
keeps a note of basic details of victims is coming in for a more concerted 
attack to muzzle her because of her popularity. She is the daughter of a well 
loved local music icon, Bless Bridges who died in 2000 and is regarded by 
many as a symbol of the Afrikaaner nation. Sunette Bridges is perceived as 
a brave, outspoken, caring person who is deeply troubled by the relentless 
slaughter of her people and the fact that it is being covered up, not only
 by the ruling party but by the press supposedly representing her own 
Ms. Bridges has been a thorn in the side of the ANC bringing to light the fact 
that over 69 000 white South Africans have been brutally murdered since 
1994 mostly in racially motivated hate killings. Well over 4000 white 
commercial farmers have been murdered in the same period. It is 
noteworthy that The attackers seldom spare anyone - even children, babies 
and the elderly are tortured, raped, castrated, mutilated and often dismembered 
while still alive - even family pets are mutilated. In some cases, only a few articles 
are stolen, often - nothing.
For the past 17 months Ms. Bridges has put 
names, dates and details to the statistics which 
is attracting attention to the plight of her people.
The NASPERS group was founded in Cape Town in 1915 and is the largest 
media company in Africa. The group has interests in Internet, Pay TV, 
Newspapers, Magazines, Books and is very powerful with increasing interests
 around the world. In 2006, NASPERS invested 422 million USD in the Brazilian 
media company Abril S.A. The company also has an ADR listing on the London 
Stock Exchange (LSE). In 2012 the online retail division of the group, Kalhari 
reported well over a billion USD in revenue for just 6 months.
NASPERS own Code of Ethics lays out a clear set of guidelines for business 
practices and employees but there is a noticeable lack of any reference to 
ethical reporting. It does however state that “Through its various operations, 
the group wants to be useful to the communities it serves and use its expertise 
to that end”. There is clearly a dim view taken of any community that does not 
want to be served by the group.
In South Africa it is virtually impossible to make economic headway 
without embracing the ANC’s BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) rules 
which basically exclude white males from the job market. This policy has resulted 
in well over a half a million whites becoming destitute and recently the 
ANC prohibited any companies from offering these people food aid. 
NASPERS has enthusiastically implemented these policies although, 
interestingly the senior management is made up of white males only.
NASPERS is also in complete compliance with ANC policy of under 
reporting black on white violence and the group’s highlighting of the 
rare incidences of the reverse have not gone un noticed by the white minority.
 To this end Ms. Bridges took particular offence to an article in a NASPERS’ 
paper in response to her listings that claimed that white women in South 
Africa have more to fear from their husbands and boyfriends. She 
countered this with a detailed list of 55 white women who were 
brutally murdered by unknown black males since 15 May 2012 to
8 June 2013. Murders that were not reported in the NASPERS press. 
These include numerous horrific cases that, in any other country would make 
headlines – reports of elderly women being gang raped, tortured and 
hacked to death.
The surprise is not that Ms. Bridges is under attack by the powerful, pro 
ANC NASPERS but by FACEBOOK. A close look at FACEBOOK’s rules 
does not shed any light on why Ms. Bridges’ group page should have been 
deleted. It also does not outline any ethical policy that FACEBOOK should 
adhere to with regards the allowing of the publication of facts concerning 
what has been deemed by the US organization, Genocide Watch to be a 
stage 6 genocide of the white minority in SA.
Clearly this feisty woman who has a heart for the survival of her people is 
up against some very powerful opponents – both government and commercial. 
These opponents, for a variety of self serving reasons do not want the
 world to know the truth of what is going on in South Africa. Sadly 
FACEBOOK is all too happy to join in this scandalous activity and dictate 
what they think a section of their billion member users should and should not know.
Africadesk is based in Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, and is a Stringer for Allvoices.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Torture and Terrorizing of White people in South Africa

While many are tying to silence those who speak out, the murder, torture and terrorizing of White people in South Africa is continuing unabated! 

July 2013 attacks: 28 Days, 30 Attacks, 48 Victims, 3 Raped, 13 Murdered! 

*1 July 2013: Struisbaai, Western Cape: Rex and Irma van Zyl were assaulted in their home by a black man. Rex was badly beaten. Their attacker fled with R50 and a packet of cigarettes. 

*1 July 2013: Port Edward, Natal: A mother and her 2 daughters, on holiday from Pretoria, were attacked by a gang of black men while taking a stroll to the beach. They were brutally assaulted and robbed. 

*1 July 2013: Springs, Gauteng: Elderly couple, Dirk and Rita Koekemoer, were attacked by a gang of black men when getting into their car. Dirk was stabbed several times and thrown on the back of his LDV. Rita was assaulted and also put in the back of the vehicle. They were dumped in the veld some distance from town. Dirk died from his wounds and Rita spent the entire night searching for help. She was eventually found the next morning. She is in hospital. 

*2 July 2013: Johannesburg, Gauteng: Brian Shalkof (65) dies after he and his partner were brutally assaulted and robbed by 4 balck men. He suffered serious head and internal injuries. 

*2 July 2013: Port Elizabeth, Eatern Cape: Andrew Brown (42) was shot to death by a black man while on duty as a security officer. 

*3 July 2013: St. Francis Bay, Eastern Cape: An elderly man was stabbed in his face at his home by a black attacker. He is currently in a serious condition in hospital. 

*5 July 2013: Piet Retief, Mpumalanga: Elderly farmer, Vic Mohle, was attacked on his farm road by a group of black men. He was assaulted and shot in the leg. They took off with his LDV. He was only found the next morning. 

*5 July 2013: Kempton Park, Gauteng: Raymond Els (17) and a friend were attacked by 3 black men while on their way to the Festival Mall. Raymond was assaulted and kicked until het lost consciousness and his friend was held up with a knife and robbed

*6 July 2013: Pretoria, Gauteng: Jerome (22) was attacked in his parents home on their smallholding. He was assaulted and shot in the back when he tried to escape. He is currently in a serious condition in hospital.

*7 July 2013: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape: Clyde Byrns (26) was stabbed to death by a gang of black men who attempted to mug his girlfriend.

*8 July 2013: Clocolan, Free State: Isabel Hugo (67) dies almost a year after being hit by a rock thrown at her during an attempted land grab in Clocolan. She suffered serious brain damage and never recovered from her injuries. 

*9 July 2013: Pretoria, Gauteng: The Potgieter-family was attacked on their smallholding by a gang of black men. Rudolph Potgieter (45) and his son, Colin (25) were both shot and are recovering in hospital. A bullet is still lodged in Colin’s spine. 

*12 July 2013: Saldanah, Western Cape: Onica Bakkes (25) was assaulted, beaten over the head and stabbed to death. 

*12 July 2013: Parkhurst, Gauteng: 82-year-old Mrs. Forleo was attacked in her home at 10 am. She was severely beaten and left bleeding while the attacker ransacked her home. She is recovering in hospital. 

*14 July 2013: Molteno, Eastern Cape: Lizelle le Roux (42) was attacked and stabbed to death while walking on her parent’s farm by a gang of black men busy stealing sheep.

*16 July 2013: Montague, Western Cape: Robert Bader and his daughter were attacked at their home by a gang of armed black men. Bader was shot dead and his daughter injured.

*17 Jule 2013: Rustenburg, Northwest: Bossie Barnard died after being shot the previous day when he happened to drive by as a gang of black men were bombing an ATM. He was shot in his leg. He was taken to hospital but discharged the next morning without receiving any treatment and died on the hospital premises. 

*18 July 2013: Evander, Mpumalanga: A family was attacked in their home and threatened and tortured for 8 hours by 3 black men. Monica and her 2 year-old son were tied together and made to sit on the floor along with Johan and the other kids. They had to urinate on the floor as they could not use the bathroom. Their dinner was devoured in front of them and they were continually threatened with loaded guns while the gang ransacked their home, loaded all their belongings into the family vehicle and eventually left at 2am. 

*18 July 2013: Rayton, Gauteng: Gideon Niemand (19) jumped on the back of his father’s LDV, trying to prevent a highjacker from getting away with the vehicle. The highjacker lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a concrete wall. Gideon was badly injured and taken to hospital where it has since been established that he suffered serious brain damage. 

*18 July 2013: Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng: Judith Christina Müller (84) was strangled to death in her home.

*20 July 2013: Sabie, Mpumalanga: Ben Oberholzer and his family were attacked in their home by 3 black men. He was shot in his shoulder and right arm and is currently in hospital. 

*23 July 2013: Kloof, Natal: Bruce Galloway (59) was abducted from his home at 4 am in the morning while on his way to a meeting in Mthata. His abductors stole his money, forced him into their vehicle and threw him off a cliff some distance from his home. He was discovered 2 days later by a group of students. He was still alive but hurt. His ring finger was almost amputated in an attempt to steal his wedding ring. He is currently is hospital. 

*23 July 2013: Krugersdorp, Gauteng: Neil Muller was shot dead in the driveway of his home in Luipaardsvlei by a gang of black men who tried to hidghjack his car. 

*24 July 2013: Naboomspurit, Limpopo: Gerda Botha was attacked, stabbed with a knife and raped by her black gardener on her farm. She was stuffed into and walk-in fridge covered with bags and left for dead. The attacker fled on a stolen quad bike, dumped it in town and escaped in a taxi. 

*24 July 2013: Randfontein, Gauteng: A 61-year old woman was brutally attacked in her home in Helikonpark by 2 black men. She was assaulted, continuously beaten and allegedly raped in broad daylight. 

*25 July 2013: Alberton, Gauteng: Nicky Klopper was shot dead in his home in New Redruth by 2 attackers who also robbed him of his weapons. 

*25 July 2013: Bloemfontein, Free State: Victoria James (34) was attacked by 4 black men armed with guns when she returned home from work. She was assaulted, forced into her home and robbed. The attackers fled and then withdrew R3500 from her bank account after forcing her to provide them with the pin. 

*26 July 2013: Modderspruit, Mpumalanga: Berryl van den Berg was attacked, held up with knives and robbed at her home on the farm by 4 black men who were at the house earlier in the day pretending to look for work. Her husband asked them to leave, but they returned shortly after he left the house. 

*27 July 2013: Hendrina, Mpumalanga: Claudi van der Merwe was highjacked and murdered, her body dumped on a farm road in the district and her car deserted 2km further down the road. She was stabbed to death and found half-naked. She leaves behind a 6-year-old daughter. 

*28 July 2013: Zeerust, Northwest: Elderly farmer, Hennie Enslin, was attacked and brutally assaulted on his farm Doringhoek. He is in hospital in a serious condition.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Mandela family got free legal aid meant for poor

JOHANNESBURG: Nelson Mandela's family has come under new scrutiny after a South African university law clinic said it gave free legal aid to a group of the former president's relatives on the grounds that some are poor.

The revelation was met with skepticism in South Africa where poverty is endemic and a number of commentators have questioned whether a clinic that is supposed to help the needy was instead seeking benefits from association with the high-profile family.

Many South Africans were already troubled by the Mandela family feud, which has coincided with the long illness of the 95-year-old anti-apartheid leader. Mandela was taken to a hospital on June 8 to be treated for a lung infection; the government says he is improving but remains in critical condition.

Mandela's family members went to court against a grandson of Mandela who exhumed the anti-apartheid leader's three deceased children from Mandela's hometown, Qunu, and reburied them in nearby Mvezo. The group won the case with help from the Rhodes University Law Clinic and the bodies were reburied in their original location.

The grandson, Mandla Mandela, is the oldest male Mandela heir and a tribal chief in Mvezo, where his grandfather was born.

Rhodes University said it became involved when the Mandela family urgently requested help from Wesley Hayes, a deputy director of the law clinic who was "previously known" to the family.
Among four family members deemed by the law clinic to be indigent and therefore deserving of aid are 22-year-old Mbuso and 20-year-old Andile, younger brothers of Mandla.

They were aligned in the case with a dozen other relatives including Mandela's three surviving daughters, one of whom is South Africa's ambassador in Argentina, and Graca Machel, Mandela's wife and a former first lady of Mozambique.

Susan Smailes, director of the special projects for the university, said Wednesday that one objective of the clinic in taking the prominent case was to highlight the kind of issues that clinic lawyers are pursuing. In a statement on Monday, the university gave other reasons.

"It is not uncommon for law clinics to represent groups of people, including some who are not indigent, in litigation involving matters that impact on human rights and the socio-economic conditions of disadvantaged communities," it said.

"The view was that Mr. Mandla Mandela's approach to deciding this family matter was at the expense of women's voices in the family," it said. It noted "tension" between the role of women in traditional matters and women's rights enshrined in South Africa's constitution.

Freddy Pilusa, a spokesman for Mandla Mandela, said the dispute had nothing to do with women's rights and that it was "absurd" to suggest that any member of the Mandela family is indigent.

"That is really tantamount to taking from the poor and giving to the rich," Pilusa said in reference to the provision of legal aid to the family.

Hayes, a salaried employee of the law clinic, did not receive additional payment for representing the family, according to Smailes. She said case costs would be covered by Mandla Mandela because he lost.

On its website, the law clinic says a key objective is to help those who can't afford private lawyers, "thereby increasing access to justice to the poorest of the poor and creating a greater respect for the rule of law."

Read more: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/International/2013/Jul-24/224907-mandela-family-got-free-legal-aid-meant-for-poor.ashx#ixzz2aAA40vaU
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: http://www.dailystar.com.lb) 

South Africa: Money woes ground SAAF choppers

Just a decade ago, the ANC spent over R45 BILLION on an arms deal. Of course, it was only a cover to allow the ANC to receive bribe money under the table. Zuma received money, Mbeki received money, Mandela received money - in fact, everyone of the ANC mamparas received money from the arms deal - their just rewards for gaining control of the country from the White man.

So, now the South African Air Force (SAAF) sits with 18 Agusta A109 helicopters in storage, and no money to fly them. The SAAF only has enough money to start the engines every now and then, but no money to get the Affirmative Action pilots to fly them. Or maybe they don't trust them?

That's not all. The 26 Gripen fighter aircraft - also part of the billion-rand arms deal that South Africa HAD TO HAVE - is also sitting mothballed. The ANC has slashed the SAAF budget by 60% and now there's talk that they will be selling the Gripens and not just the A109 helicopters, but all helicopter operations.

Gone is the proud SADF, feared by just about every military in the world, replaced by the SANDF, run by a bunch of clueless nincompoops. Can the ANC do anything right, apart from stealing money from the country? If corruption were an Olympic sport, the ANC would get Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. In fact, there'd be so much competition to get into the team.

This is so embarrassing. A bunch of porch monkeys in charge of South Africa's military. But, why should the ANC care?  A weak defence force means they don't have to fear a military coup from their own people.

And yet one wonders why thousands of South African and American soldiers are doing training exercises together in the Eastern Cape this week, apparently to respond to "humanitarian disasters and peace-keeping operations"? For that the ANC has got money, but to keep South African air-space protected - not so much.

Think about all the pilot training down the drain. All that considerable time and frustration put in by the White pilots to train the Affirmative Action pilots -  that is, the one's which didn't crash their planes and who managed to survive - down the ANC toilet, where everything good in South Africa has gone before. The ANC has managed to chase away most of the competent Whites across the military, and now they sit with a bunch of retards who probably can't fly the planes and choppers anyway. So, sell it off as scrap - after White South African tax payers have paid $$ billions to arm the country. Apparently that's not so critical anymore....

Maybe Zimbabwe will buy the lot from Zuma at auction - then Zuma can afford to build a few more houses in his Nkandlagate compound, and get himself another wife and have a few more pikininis.

At least during Apartheid South Africans slept safe at night, knowing our military was excellent and competent to look after the country. We had faith in them. 

Under the ANC, evil has taken over. 

It's sad seeing South Africa crumble before our eyes.

None of the South African Air Force's 18 Agusta A109 helicopters are being used, because there is no money to operate them, Beeld reported on Wednesday.

The helicopters were occasionally enabled, but did not ascend, an anonymous source reportedly told the newspaper.

In the long term, this reportedly meant pilots could lose their competency skills and that the helicopters would fall into disuse.

Beeld reported that the SAAF's 26 Gripen fighter aircraft, which were bought in the multi-million-rand arms deal a few years ago, were also rarely used.

A senior South African National Defence Force officer reportedly told the newspaper said the situation was grim.

Amid a 60-percent budget cut, it was considering selling the Gripens and not just the A109 helicopters, but all helicopter operations.

Military expert Helmoed-Romer Heitman reportedly said the SAAF was suffering from the government's indecision about what it expected from an army.

“An air force without fighter aircraft is a dead duck in Africa's military context. An army without helicopters and transport aircraft is a dinosaur in a swamp,” he was quoted as saying.

“An army without attack and tactical transport helicopters is a lame duck. A navy without helicopters and maritime patrol planes is blind.”

According to the newspaper, the SANDF did not respond to requests for comment.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

How Liberals' Denialism Bred A Culture of Entitlement Among SA Blacks

The Tshwane Metro is paying too much for goods in order to benefit certain providers. They pay R4,320 for a 40mm galvanised pipe that could be purchased for R439.

Well someone has to take care of the poor blacks who were given Black Economic Empowerment companies with huge Government contracts to get them started.

Did you know that according to liberals this is how it worked in the days of the NP, pre-1994?

According to liberals whites were given such preferential treatment, while blacks were not.

Remember that according to liberals white South Africans kept blacks locked up in cages and we are said to have gone hunting blacks on Sundays just for the hell of it. That is what liberals have always been telling the outside world.

According to liberals blacks were denied opportunities in SA. Blacks, according to them, were denied jobs, blacks were even denied school education and were not allowed to attend universities.

According to liberals whites were all made rich by the NP government, we were given houses for free together with free water and electricity.

According to liberals our children went to school and universities for free and all white school leavers were allowed into university, even if they did not graduate with a matric.

Yes that is what the liberals have been telling the world over the decades.

It is for this reason that blacks today feel it is their turn and they are entitled to enjoy what the whites supposedly enjoyed, because the liberals told them it is the right thing to do.

Liberals have been telling blacks that whites made school standards so high, because they wanted to make it extra difficult for blacks to pass, while quietly passing the whites to give them the edge above blacks and to make the blacks look stupid. Apparently all the world-renowned white engineers, scientists, doctors and academics that were produced in South Africa were just given their qualifications, because they were white. That is the message liberals having passing along to blacks and the outside world.

So to get back at whites for the nasty things they did to blacks according to liberals, blacks under the guidance and advice of liberals, have placed a total ban on white employment, access to tertiary education, business ownership, land ownership, government contracts, etc.

Liberals bred this culture of entitlement. Because of what liberals taught blacks and told the outside world, whites are now being forced to give their land, their businesses and everything else they "were given by the NP" to blacks, because blacks also deserve a turn to score from their own race card.

Are you aware that blacks have been under the impression that credit cards were given to whites by the NP government with unlimited spending facilities? That's what liberals told them.

You see, people often get upset when I tell them I do not hate blacks, because I hate liberals. Blacks were brainwashed by liberals. Children believe anything they are told by someone they respect, consider wise, or older. Liberals, playing on the emotions of blacks, presented themselves as the daddies, the saviours of blacks, thereby gaining their respect and trust. Liberals manipulated the minds of blacks to control their perception of their reality. The average worker-class blacks, in their naivety, believed what liberals told them as gospel.

The black youth of today actually believe that whites forced their grand-fathers and grand-mothers to work in their gardens and homes for free and that whites went to parks over weekends to assault blacks for fun and that blacks had no legal recourse. That is what was put in their heads by liberals. 

The curse of this country, and this world, is not the black, not the Indian, not the coloured, not the white, but these damn pesky liberals who manipulated the minds of blacks to control their perception of whites and pre-1994, so-called Apartheid, RSA. 

There is no more evil being placed on earth than a liberal. Liberals formulated and sold the concepts of Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action to blacks, because it suited the liberal agenda.

Do I hate blacks? No I grew up with them, so I most certainly do not hate blacks, but I do hate what they have become as a result of the evil manipulation of liberals.

If one understands the traditions, culture, the mind and behavior of black one would expect them to run rampant in an undisciplined environment, where their traditions and culture were destroyed, which is exactly what we have in SA today, anarchy, thanks to the destructive efforts of liberals.

If a parent always tells the child that stealing is fine, because daddy always writes a cheque to make it go away, one should not hate the child for thinking there is nothing wrong with stealing, one should hate the parent for teaching him it is ok, because daddy would take care of it.

A parent that always makes excuses for the undisciplined delinquent behavior of his child, is breeding a criminal adult. Political correctness is a means of making excuses for the undisciplined behavior of certain groups, usually blacks. In so doing blacks are allowed to get away with everything and anything. Liberals with their political correctness are therefore to blame for the uncontrolled behavior of blacks world-wide, because they always get away with everything. 

Liberals are the daddies of the blacks. The daddies who always taught their children that everyone else on earth are always wrong, everyone else are always against them and just being nasty and that they, the blacks, are always right, always good and they are just being oppressed for being smarter than whites.

When whites, Afrikaners, Portuguese, Greeks, Germans, do something wrong like, rape, murder or defraud, the liberal media will always make a point of stressing the fact that they are white and of a particular language and culture, but when the same crime was committed by a black, the media will never mention colour and culture and avoid it at all cost. 

By so doing, doing the politically correct thing, liberals have been telling blacks, it is ok, they are entitled to crime, because their liberal daddies will protect them by hiding and denying their sins and wrongs. 

Crime statistics in South Africa are 100% untrustworthy for this reason and this reason alone.

Denialism and political correctness are both tacit approval and the single most important perpetrators of the murders, rapes, violent crime and corruption in South Africa. By denying that we have a rape problem, a murder problem, a high-jacking and juvenile delinquency problem we are actually stating that we have no problem. 

If there is not problem there is no reason to address anything now is there. This being the case, nothing is being done about crime in SA. If the SA Police were to suddenly start publicising and implementing plans to curb farm murders, the whole world would turn around and ask, but why? Why, if you do not have a farm murder problem, are you implementing these draconian measures to address something that, according to you and your statistics, does not exist?

It stands to reason then that even if they would like to, this regime, together with their police and liberal advisers, dare not do anything to curb crime, because it would be a clear give-away, an admission that they dare not allow. For the sake of tourism and business, they cannot afford it.

The image and perceptions that liberals deliberately created about pre-1994 RSA must be upheld at all costs, to make the New SA under this evil ANC movement and their liberal-created-god Nelson Mandela seem like a much better place.

So, does anyone still blame me for hating liberals as much as I do?

I hate any damn liberal with a passion beyond anyone's comprehension. They are the curse of this world.


Arms Deal Kingpin Was 'Tipped Off'

Fana Hlongwane, a former state adviser central to the arms deal probe, was evidently tipped off his office and home would be raided by the Scorpions

Fana Hlongwane was allegedly paid R65-million in arms deal bribes.
And, although he should be central to the current commission's probe, apparently he cannot be found and has been removed from the list of witnesses that was released this week.
Because of the tip-off, four box-loads of evidence were allegedly removed from the politically connected consultant's Johannesburg office just hours before the raids early in December 2008. It is unclear who tipped Hlongwane off. The raids were part of the Scorpions' investigation into arms deal corruption.
At the end of 2011, President Jacob Zuma appointed a commission of inquiry under Judge Willie Seriti to investigate allegations of corruption surrounding the multibillion-rand arms deal. The commission's public hearings are scheduled to start on August 5, with not one of the 12 witnesses originally called invited to testify.
Seriti announced a revised 24-person list earlier this week that includes former president Thabo Mbeki, former defence minister Mosiuoa Lekota and his deputy Ronnie Kasrils, the trade and industry minister at the time of the arms deal, Alec Erwin, and the then finance minister, Trevor Manuel.
The Mail & Guardian has been told that this session of the hearings will be a scenesetter and witnesses will not be cross-examined on allegations that have emerged.
The original list of witnesses consisted mostly of whistle-blowers on corruption surrounding the arms deal. It included Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille, retired banker Terry Crawford-Browne, former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein, businessperson Richard Young and DA MP David Maynier. Hlongwane, who was the former special adviser to the late defence minister Joe Modise, from 1995 to 1998, was also on the list.
Earlier this year, Seriti claimed Hlongwane could not be traced and, therefore, had not been issued with a subpoena.
Crawford-Browne, who took Zuma to court and forced his hand in appointing the commission, is unimpressed with the new line-up.
"It seems evident to me that the schedule announced is just more foot-dragging and cover-up, and further evidence of still more bad faith and male fide," Crawford-Browne said.
The claim that Hlongwane was tipped off emerged in an email written by former Scorpions investigator Isak du Plooy to his senior colleagues, including the head of the Asset Forfeiture Unit, Willie Hofmeyr, and the then state prosecutor, Billy Downer, following the raids. Du Plooy's email was seen by the M&G this week.
Du Plooy established that, at 2am on the morning of the dawn raid, five cars arrived at the Hlongwane Consulting offices.
"One lady and four guys entered Hlongwane Consulting and came out with four big boxes, loaded the boxes in the cars and left again at 3.30am," he wrote in his email dated December?18 2008.
Hlongwane is central to the allegations of corruption surrounding the arms deal. The Serious Fraud Office in the United Kingdom alleged he was paid £5-million (about R65-million at the time) in connection with South Africa's purchase of 52 Hawk trainer aircraft and Saab Gripen fighter jets.
Two payments of commission to Hlongwane were authorised just before South Africa signed the final contracts in 1999.
The contract was awarded to a consortium headed by British Aerospace (BAE) Systems, but the British defence giant was unable to produce satisfactory evidence of legitimate services performed by their agents.
When the covert payments were made to the agents, Hlongwane was still working for Modise, although he later resigned from this post.
Hlongwane is alleged to have received payments through a number of financial vehicles, according to Serious Fraud Office documents seen by the M&G. These included payments through BAE and Sanip, a local company set up by BAE and Swedish company Saab, as well as two covert vehicles, Arstow Commercial Corporation, registered in the British Virgin Islands, and Commercial International Corporation, registered in Jersey.
Although the now defunct Scorpions, formally known as the Directorate of Special Operations, clearly had Hlongwane in its sights, few documents were seized in the raids on his premises.
In his email, Du Plooy wrote that, after the Scorpions raided, he had tried to meet a security guard at Hlongwane Consulting in Illovo but the guard did not turn up for the  appointment.
However, the investigator established that, at 2am, five people entered the offices, appeared with four boxes and left 90 minutes later.
Also, little documentation was seized at Hlongwane's luxurious house in Hyde Park during another raid on the same day, Du Plooy said. Evidence had allegedly been removed from his house before the raid.
Du Plooy said in the email he had followed up on an article that had appeared in the Citizen about the raids. In it, Chris Bathembu wrote about the alleged removal of documents from Hlongwane's house on December 1 2008.
'Absolute rubbish'
Du Plooy claimed he spoke to the reporter who told him to contact the former editor of the Financial Mail andBusiness Day and managing director of Times Media, Stephen Mulholland, who lived in the same street as Hlongwane.
But Bathembu, who now works for the Government Communication and Information System, said this week he had not spoken to the Scorpions investigator.
Du Plooy wrote in the email that he had contacted Mulholland, who said he had not seen the removal of any evidence from Hlongwane's house but had heard about it from his friends in his street. They claimed there had been "a lot of activity" between 1am and 3am at Hlongwane's house, shortly before the dawn raid.
Hlongwane's lawyer, Christo Stockenstrom, said the allegations that his client had been tipped off and had removed evidence before the raids was "absolute rubbish".
"It is a load of nonsense. The Scorpions phoned me from the premises and said they were going to raid. They asked me to come and open up for them."
Stockenstrom said that the accusations that his client had taken bribes were false.
"He was simply paid money for services rendered," he said.
But Saab admitted in 2011 that BAE Systems had irregularly channelled payments to a South African consultant, who is believed to be Hlongwane. BAE has denied the payments made were bribes.
Du Plooy, who is now a forensics manager at Deloitte, declined to comment on the raids. "I am sorry but I just can't say anything," he said.
The investigator quit his job shortly after he wrote the email.
Du Plooy was one of the lead investigators on the investigation into Zuma, and there were fears that after his departure from the Scorpions this prosecution might be compromised.
The charges brought against Zuma were eventually dropped by the National Prosecuting Authority in 2009.