Saturday, November 19, 2011

M & G Censored

Friday, November 18, 2011

M&G censored

By Mike Smith
18th of November 2011

Today the Mail and Guardian found out what the ANC thinks of the constitution of South Africa…Nothing.

They wipe their backsides with the constitution. They feel nothing for freedom of speech or the public's interest. As long as they can steal taxpayer’s money and nobody complains all is OK.

Ultra scumbag and Marxist terrorist Mac Maharaj censored them.

Big Mac was the commander and master brain of the dreadful “Operation Vula” during the 1980’s when the ANC shifted the focus of their terrorist bombing from 20% to 80% civilian targets.

He is directly responsible for the coldblooded murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children of all races. He thought nothing of it to plant bombs in shopping centres, fast food restaurants, bars, golf clubs and even hospitals.

And what for? All so he and his scumbag terrorist jailbird buddies in the ANC could steal the taxpayers blind in among many others, the now infamous arms deal of 1999.

Maharaj (former minister of transport) was one of the main brains involved in this arms deal along with Joe Modise (former minister of defence), President Jacob Zuma, his financial planner and convicted fraudster, Shabir Shaik, and some others.

After the arms deal corruption inquiry died down around 2003, Mac Maharaj kept a low profile and became the president’s spokesperson.

The Mail and Guardian found out that Maharaj lied under oath to the Scorpions (SA version of the FBI, now known as the Hawks) and to prove this they had to quote certain transcripts.

Maharaj claimed that they obtained the info illegally, got a court order and threatened the M&G editor with 15 years in prison.

The questions thus far is:
1) If he did nothing illegal and the bribe money he received was innocent, why did he lie under oath?
2) If he did nothing illegal, what is he trying to hide by gagging the newspaper?

Read the report here

The ANC is currently attempting to push the “protection of information bill” through parliament that will see the likes of Nic Dawes (M&G editor) jailed for 25 years if they reveal any of the corruption scandals of the thieving ANC bastards.

Outside of Dawes’ office hangs a picture of one of their newspapers from 1986 at the height of the ANC terrorist onslaught against the people of South Africa, their “People’s War” and Operation Vula, when the Apartheid Government declared a state of emergency and censored the M&G.

Compare it to the picture of the Mail and Guardian censorship today by the ANC Marxist terrorist regime.