Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Assembly Approves Weapons Bill

The National Assembly approved legislation on Tuesday empowering the police to arrest people who carry dangerous weapons in public.
The Dangerous Weapons Bill received the support of all parties in the House after a brief debate.
The bill was amended after it first came to the police portfolio committee for consideration last month.
Sporting bodies and collectors complained that they would be arrested while travelling to and from events, and could be prosecuted for having paintguns, airguns or antique rifles, guns, and swords in their possession.
As the bill now stands, it will not apply to:
* Possession of dangerous weapons in pursuit of any lawful employment, duty or activity;
* Possession of dangerous weapons during participation in any religious or cultural activities, or lawful sport, recreation, or entertainment; and;
* Legitimate collection, display, or exhibition of weapons.
Police officers (what a farking joke.........) will be given the discretion ( they are not even educated) to decide whether there is a reasonable suspicion that a weapon could be used for unlawful purposes.
Police will be able to crack down on protesters brandishing firearms, bricks, glass bottles, spears, or any object which could be used to harm someone or damage property.
Speaking in the committee last month, Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa said the bill would outlaw possession of any weapon, object, or replica in instances where there was an intention to use it for an unlawful purpose.
“The bill seeks to prohibit the carrying of firearms and objects which resemble firearms, dangerous weapons, and objects likely to cause injury or damage to property at a demonstration or gathering,” said Mthethwa.
He would be given the power to regulate what dangerous weapons could be carried in public.
“This is particularly important given the developments in the country, and the apparent brandishing of weapons in public protests and public gatherings, as it were.”
The use of toy guns to commit a crime was also covered under the proposed law.
“The rationale for this is that replica firearms often look exactly like real firearms, and can be used in the commission of a crime,” said Mthethwa.
“The bill also provides for the minister of police to issue notices of exclusion, where the carrying of what may be defined as dangerous weapons in public is excluded from being outlawed under specific circumstances.”
The bill now goes to the National Council of Provinces for concurrence.

ANC Clips South African Air Force’s Wings

19 MARCH 2013

ANC clips South African Air force’s wings and clouts the Navy “deaf in one ear”

By Mike Smith
19th of March 2013

It is just unbelievable what these Marxist terrorist scum-bags have done with our once proud armed forces…and it is unimaginable what they are still going to do.

A week ago it has emerged that twelve of the 26 Swedish built Gripen fighter jets that we bought for the SAAF at a cost of R19 Billion have been mothballed…retired into “long term storage”.

A dozen SAAF Gripens in long-term storage

According to defence minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, the Air Force does not have the funding to fly them.

But they have funding to build a palace for Zuma and his five wives. They have “funding” to piss up against the wall to the tune of R25 Billion as the Auditor General has just discovered. R25 Billion down the drain; wasted on unauthorised, irregular, fruitless and wasteful spending

Defence analyst Helmoed-Römer Heitman noted the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) requires fighter pilots to log at least 20 flight hours per month (240 flight hours per year per fighter pilot) to remain qualified.

At present the SAAF can only muster six qualified Gripen pilots who only have 150 flying hours available across the whole Gripen squadron this year.

In the Navy it is not going much better. The SA Navy is “deaf in one ear” after copper thieves made off with more than 5km of cable from the naval command centre at Silvermine in Cape Town. Navy base hit by cable thefts

WTF? Can’t they guard their own equipment? What happened to armed “swerwerwagte” or perimeter guards?

Rhetorical question…I know…no budget, right? What a joke!!

The installation is a radio base for the navy that also serves maritime patrol aircraft and foreign communications services and helps with search-and-rescue operations.

The SA Navy has two communication centres, one at Silvermine in the Cape and a standby station in Durban, KZN.

At Silvermine, the 51 antennas against the mountain are all out of action.

That effectively makes the SA Navy “deaf in one ear”.

I have my own thoughts about these “cable thefts”…Now you tell me if this is simple theft, or deliberate terrorist sabotage?

In my opinion, the ANC scum are just doing what they have always done: Sabotage and terrorise South Africa’s infrastructure and its people.

DA spokesman on defence David Maynier said, “The fact that copper thieves breached the naval command centre at Silvermine is a national - and international - embarrassment that may compromise maritime safety and national security”.

Not only that, mate…lives are at stake here. Thousands of ships pass our dangerous coast every year and many land in distress. These distressed sailors rely on these communications. Do you think the ANC cares? Like phuq they do!

Letters from SA

 I would rather lose my life in war than see my people slowly and silently murdered

Former SA Flag

I am James Pieters, grew up in Hermanus South-Africa, a town that was discovered 100 years 
ago by my fathers great grandfather. I grew up under an apartheid’s regime where we slept 
with our windows open at night, we had no burglar bars or alarm systems in our homes. I never 
saw any type of violence against any people white nor black in my home town and life was 
peaceful for a little white boy who roamed the streets and mountains, smelled every leave and 
flower on every tree he climbed to see what was on the other side.

My family was extremely poor and my father grew up being a labourer on another white mans farm 
where they worked hard as family to get what they needed to survive. My folks worked for 
survival and we never picked any fruits from apartheid, in fact my sister tells me of times we had 
no food in our home. The roof of our home leakedand I had to move my bed to the middle of 
the room when it rained as it dripped everywhere and water would stream down the side of 
the walls as the stench of the soil under the wooden floors embarrassed me from time to time 
when we had visitors. My parents could hardly ever pay school fees to the government school 
I attended and I was made to stand up in class quite a few times asked why my parents have 
not paid any school fees.

After apartheid ended we as a nation were promised a place in the rainbow nation. Some where 
excited as the struggle was something of the past, the sanctions I new so little about came to an 
end and there was talk about unity and a bright future. But the dreams faded as the little rope 
around my peoples necks became tighter and tighter. Of course my people were made to 
disarm first. Just a little law that was changed that made it such an effort to hold on to your legal 
fire arm that most just decided to give it up, the war was none the less something of the past and 
we were all part of Nelson Mandela’s rainbow nation now. Soon only the criminals had fire-arms 
and the once effective police force was reduced to a incompetent joke. Slowly but surely we were 
made to understand that there is little hope for us or our children to have a bright future in this 
rainbow nation. Murder and rape in our once peaceful living areas became so common that it 
became part of our every day lives. 
Soon the murders, rape and torture of our woman and children became unbearable, but on 
opening our mouths we were told by the ruling ANC party that “If we didn’t like it we should 

Today we are part of a country where we are looked down upon, everything that goes wrong, 
every murder, rape, torture gets thrown back to “its the whites, because of what you did in 
apartheid”. One of my biggest dreams were to own a piece of farm land, but that dream has been 
stolen as the Robert Mugabe model of farm invasions seems to be the talk of our black government 
almost on a daily basis. Where it is said that land grabs is at the order of the day. Being a farmer 
has proven to be the most dangerous occupation in our rainbow nation as these passionate 
people and their families get literally slaughtered like animals on a daily basis as the police, politicians 
and press turns a blind eye. The very people that voted for change yesterday, today are the ones that are 
paying the price, voiceless, discriminated against and have no hope for their children on what was 
supposed to be our soil also.

I brought my son and daughter up to accept and treat with respect all individuals they share this planet 
with. I taught them that we were all the same, no matter what color, that inside we all have a soul. 
Sadly my children have had so many incidences of racism from the very people I taught them to 
respect, even on teacher levels at school that they have grown into understanding that what they 
experience out there is reality. When the President of your country sings and dance to a tune that 
says, kill the boer kill the whiteman, the news papers read that some high ranking official said the 
previous day that you are a not welcome in a country that is part of your own heritage, and when 
indeed you read every morning of the young and old that died at the hands of the very race you 
taught your children to respect, it indeed has become a sad day for reconciliation.

South-Africa, has sadly become a paradise for a people that believes that the world owes them 
everything. A lazy multitude that expects everything to be placed in their laps. That hates the white 
man so much that he is able to even at the plea of their victims would rape daughters in front of their 
fathers, rape mothers in front of their sons, kill and wipe out a whole family and then walk away 
justified that he is the victim just as his ruling ANC government had made him believe to be. 
A people that hates everything about the white man, except his fancy luxury vehicles, life saving 
medication, his Rolex watches and the riches that goes with it. A people that will quickly hold his 
hands out in front of him to tell that its empty and that the white man ha responsibility towards 
feeding Africa, but at the same time hates him with passion.

I hope and pray that your eyes will open to the atrocities that befalls my people. 
We have tried and kept silent and cried all in vain. To end off my very own a personal slogan, 
I would rather lose my life to a civil war, than to see my people slowly and silently 

May God bless you all, don’t make the same mistakes, learn from a nation in tears.  

James Pieters 

We need to say NO to entities that get away with the silent murder of our race

Dear AWHM and friends, 
I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for welcoming us as South- Africans 
to your page and for accepting us as white brothers from another continent. Please be assured 
that we do not want to take over your wonderful page in any way. Sometimes we merely just need 
an ear, sometimes a shoulder to lean on. My people are struggling and have become soft unarmed 
targets to a mass that hate us with all they are. Please understand that I am not saying that all 
people black are criminals or hateful. I have in my 40 years on this planet met some pretty awesome 
people of which there have been quite a few black ones too. With this I must admit that there are 
indeed the white folk with whom I would not likely associate with. To most of us it has become a 
mindset of treat me with respect and fairness and I will gladly do for you the same.
Some of you know about the history of my beloved motherland and country and the very difficult 
situation my people currently find themselves in. Now the reason I am writing to you this evening 
is the following. My son (17), has during the last few years of his high-school career fallen in love 
with our national sport and which has bitten into his flesh like a poisonous spider for which there 
is no cure. Tyrone has just received an invitation from his school to join his rugby team on a 
international tournament to be held in Zimbabwe in the next two months or so. I shared his joy 
and dreams of being spotted by one of the international coaches at an event such as this, 
But had one huge obstacle in my way.
You see, I realized that I had to sit down with my son to explain a couple of things. The fact that not 
so long ago in our history, the one of apartheid, I remember a day where my country was suffering 
due to being boycotted by just about the whole world. There were people black and white hungry 
for change and we were brought to our knees in shame as to bring exactly this about. We had at 
some times not had enough fuel for dads car and many things were commodities. 
Our sport heroes of the day were spat on abroad and saw many a protest forming at different events 
to try and keep South-Africa from being a part of any an event. As a nation we realized that change 
was inevitable and that we had to become part of this promise of a rainbow nation. Some of us was 
excited as to the end of an era with every day violence and endless arguments. We were tired of 
being restricted in travel and the mere fact that we sometimes in shame had to hide our identities 
when traveling abroad. Our parents were tired of sending sons to our borders with the possibility of 
them not returning or even returning broken, bruised and ending up like alcoholics due to post 
traumatic stress as had happened to so many.
But here I found all of a sudden my son and myself at a door that looked very much the same to 
that of a yester year, only it led to another door which was called reverse racism. I found myself 
remembering that the very racist figure Robert Mugabe did not just own a very luxury home in 
Namibia (the country I currently reside in), but also how the Namibian government hung on to the 
very lips of this dictator. I remembered how this racist gets driven around like a hero with 
military protection around our streets and how the Zimbabwean flag gets hung from every street 
lamp, in respect of a man that hates everything that is considered white. Mind you, the Namibian 
government loves this racist so much that they changed one of the very central previously 
German named streets to Robert Mugabe Avenue. Now, the very same Zimbabwe on which just 
about the whole of the western world has decided to employ sanctions are hosting an 
international event? To top it, Zimbabwe has also been identified as hosting the next International 
Tourism Expo which countries like Britain have agreed to attend. I boil with anger remembering that 
Mugabe himself was crowned African Representative of Tourism by the United Nations in 2012. 
The very same man that destroyed his country’s tourist industry. 
The very same United Nations that just gave President Jacob Zuma of South-Africa an award for 
good governance in South-Africa. The very same South-Africa that has been labelled murder and 
rape capita of the world!!! And all of a sudden all the conspiracy theories I have so many times 
been confronted with all seems to make total sense. Do these people actually think that we are all 
that stupid?
To get back to the point of my discussion the very same thing that you as a group get slammed in 
the face with so much. 
How on earth is it possible that when a white person want to share his day and time with people of 
his own race or skin color it is called to be politically incorrect but the moment you are black and deny 
white people a birth certificate to your country it turns into acceptable? How is it possible that you 
can throw white people off their land, shoot and poison their animals and assault them and the world 
turns a blind eye? How is it possible that a country and its leaders so arrogant and ignorant that they 
drive their very own country into the sewerage, and yet when the state treasury dries they stand in front 
of the very same western leaders they hate and curse so much, to plead for donations which they 
succeed in receiving? 
How is it possible that we as whites allow this? Without asking why in the time of an apartheid 
South-Africa were these things enforced but as soon as it becomes black on white violence and 
racism is it said to be acceptable, or ” Oh but them people! Them people they had it coming”?
I want to make a statement, that we as whites allow this to happen cause we have become accustom 
to keep our mouths shut. That we as White Africans have become tired of having the race card thrown 
at us for just everything that goes wrong. 
That we have become accustomed to being called second class citizens even though we are the very 
marrow to the bone of our tax society, the very veins that feeds our leaders and state treasury. 
We need to start asking questions again, we need to start saying that what is good for the goose is 
good for the gander. We need to start saying NO to entities that get away with the silent murder 
of our race.
I have made a choice, that I will not be supporting a country, one with a leader that hates the color 
of my skin but for whom my money is acceptable. I will not travel or allow my loved ones to travel there, 
there where whites are denied their rights. As for the very people that organize events such as these 
in a racist environment like Zimbabwe, I want to tell you that you, indeed are part of the problem. 
As for me and my family, we will NOT turn a blind eye, not even in the hope and dreams of my son 
or daughter becoming international sport heroes.
James Pieters