Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bullshit Crime Statistics

By Mike Smith
21th of January 2011

Last year in September the useless ANC released their
bullshit crime statistics and claimed that violent crime came down for the third year in a row.

Apparently murder was down by 6.5% and sexual offences by 3.1%. Assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm dropped by 4.5%, while robbery with aggravating circumstances was down by 12%.

Anybody with half a brain knew that this laughable junk was nonsense. Yet, some idiots believed it and the DA actually congratulated the ANC regime on their efforts.

In the past I have explained how the police bungle cases, how forensic laboratories are overloaded and how the police “lose” dockets or deliberately falsify crime statistics. Then there is a moratorium on crime statistics implemented by the ANC to hide the true extent of crime in SA.
Links to how the crooked and corrupt ANC reduces crime How the useless police bungle cases and criminals are set free

Here is another report on how the police falsify statistics Four senior police bosses in court for falsifying crime statistics

The investigation found murder cases had been reduced to inquests and that housebreakings had been described as trespassing.


Zuma's New Bath Tub Toy

Here we go...Another billion Rand Weapons Scandal. Zuma wants a new bathtub toy. South Africa’s New weapons Scandal in the making.

By Mike Smith
21th of January 2011

Now look at her! Is she not a beautiful and sopisticated lady? She belongs to the French Mistral class helicopter carriers.

Nevertheless, let me stop my drooling....

Speak about the weapons scandal of the early 1990s and everywhere you can hear a pin drop so silent are the bastards in the ANC. Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma...they were all in on it.

The master mind behind it was not as everyone thinks, Chippy Shaik, he was small fry. It was the double agent and Apartheid spy Joe Modise, now deceased, but the former Minister of Defence.

But to get his position at the feeding trough he first had to wipe his competition off the map, namely Chris Hani, the leader of the SA Communist Party and at the time chief of staff of uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) the armed terrorist wing of the ANC.

Hani was about to be made Minister of Defence and score all the kickbacks on weapons deals. “Bra Joe” (Joe Modise) could not have that, so along with his buddies like Neil Barnard in the SA Secret Service (NIS) or National Intelligence Services they had Hani assassinated, framing Conservative MP Clive Derby-Lewis and using another double agent Janusz Wallus as the killer.

With Hani out of the way, Joe Modise a founding member of MK and a former chief of staff himself was made Minister of Defence.

When he became the Minister of Defence he made his wife Jackie Sidebe the first female general in the New SA Defence Force and got his daughter Thereza Magazi on the board of Conlog (later renamed Logtek), one of the companies for counter trade agreements and the company responsible for securing the prepaid electricity meters for Eskom...these meters are in almost every house in SA today. He also appointed his brother in law, Lambert Moloi on the board of the parastatal arms manufacturer Denel (Armscor).

Modise, although a gangster and criminal was relatively honest. He once told Tony Leon of the DA “If you want to see generosity, look at the Nats (National Party)...We gave them half a dozen seats in cabinet and they gave us the country.” ( SA. A brave new world pg.46)

During the 1950’s Modise was a member of the township gang called the Spoilers in Alexandria near Pretoria who were fighting another gang called the Msomis. He was physically very strong. A boxer and a football player who could look after himself. He later became a truck driver.

The Spoilers were a cut above the rest of the Township gangs. They dressed smartly, befriended musicians and celebrities and were out to make money like the mafia.

Despite receiving terrorist training in Czechoslovakia and the USSR he never became a communist and was distrusted by Joe Slovo and Chris Hani as an” informer for the Boers”...which indeed he was. All his enemies ended up being wisked away by the Apartheid Security Police.

As an exile in Lusaka Zambia he was living a rich man’s life in the affluent suburb of Avondale . Running a stolen car racket and a bank robbery racket in South Africa.

At one stage Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda called him in and asked him not to flaunt his wealth, because the cars he was driving could not even be afforded by the Zambian ministers in parliament.

In 1981 he was arrested in Botswana smuggling weapons and diamonds. In 1985 he was selling an ANC/SWAPO weapons cache near Saurimo in Angola to UNITA . At the time UNITA was an ally of the Apartheid government and a sworn enemy of the ANC. At one stage in Lusaka he shared a house with a cocaine, ecstasy and other drugs dealer known as Mr. Stevens.

It is quite common knowledge amongst people in the know and journalists worthy of the name in South Africa that Joe Modise and his henchman Tom Nkobi were Apartheid informers and double agents and at the same time being mafia like criminals.

After F.W. de Klerk opened the floodgates and these criminals were allowed back in SA, along with Nigerian drug lords, we saw gang wars in 1996 with hand grenades chucked over garden walls, etc.

But it was when Modise befriended Solomon Majura, the ZANU-PF terrorist who became one of the biggest landowners of Zimbabwe after stealing white owned farmland that Modise saw drug dealing, car hi-jacking and bank robberies as small fry...the real money was to be made in government contracts.

Involving his friend at Denel, Fana Hlongwane, his political contacts such as Thabo Mbeki that he supported to succeed Nelson Mandela and that old Apartheid sanction buster Tony Georgiades, former husband of Elita now the wife of former president and traitor F.W. De Klerk he secured the deals with British Aerospace and Thomson CSF of France to buy new trainer jets for the SA air Force. Tony Georgiades was the middle man. See how the puzzle now all comes together?

Everyone from the top down, De Klerk, Mbeki, Modise, etc were all sharing the spoils of South Africa.

German Daimler Aerospace admitted that they delivered 30 luxury Mercedes Benz vehicles to top ANC members one of which was chief wip Tony Yengeni who at one stage chaired the Parliamentary Defence Committee and who would later be convicted of fraud and sent to prison, carried on the shoulders of his ANC mates such as Ibrahim Rasool into Polsmoor prison.

Things almost fell apart for Modise in 1997 when five former Security branch policemen applied for amnesty with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for their involvement in more than 40 murders of Anti Apartheid terrorists. They wanted to reveal the names of former Apartheid informants and double agents now in top government positions. Mbeki shut them up calling it gossip mongering and the TRC refused to make the names known.

None of this is a state secret. It is common knowledge nowadays. It was all reported in the mainstream media and condensed in journalist R.W. Johnson’s book, “South Africa, a brave new world”. 2009.

The Citizen newspaper is reporting that the entire arms deal scam is about to repeat itself and will cost even more than the first one.
Arms Deal Scandal Number Two

And as can be expected, the same old criminals and fraudsters are involved. I quote from the article:

“Jacob Zuma wants an aircraft carrier, and it will be partly up to convicted fraudster Tony Yengeni to decide who will get the contract to supply a warship potentially costing even more than the four frigates bought as part of the controversial 1999 R60 billion arms deal.”

It is a little unclear what kind of Air craft Carrier they want to buy. It appears to be a helicopter carrier of the French Mistral class.

Advocate Paul Hoffman SC, director of the Southern Africa Institute for Accountability said: “The usefulness of the project is … questionable. If Yengeni remains on the review committee, it could cogently be argued that the success of the project will depend on the size of the bribes.”

The current Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu was shocked when she heard about the report in the Citizen
Sisulu denies warship reports

One thing we have learned over the years is that the ANC are a bunch of liars and the moment their criminal dealings are discovered they deny all knowledge.

So let us see where this is going to develop into.

At the moment we know that the SA Navy has lost almost 80% of their technical staff since the ANC took over and implemented their racist Affirmative Action policies.

These highly qualified technicians and engineers have simply moved on and emigrated to greener pastures where their skills are appreciated such as Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc...

In Simonstown, the four brand new state of the art German MEKO class frigates are almost all laid-up and rusting away , rotating a skeleton crew to every now and again take them out into False Bay for a spin or to scatter the ashes of a former Admiral.

When they are alongside and plugged into shore power only the air-conditioning system and the kitchen is switched on so the crew can feed on three meals a day under the African heat, courtesy of the taxpayer.

Of the highly sophisticated 209 class German submarines one is permanently laid up in a shed undergoing a three year repair to its electrical system. Considering that it takes only about six months to build such a machine from scratch and train its crew, it shows the immense stuff up that must have happened due to the ANC’s stupid Affirmative Action policies.

The other two submarines are still kept alive by a handful of extremely brilliant submariners like Commander Gary Kretschmer ( a legend in South Africa) who “sank” the entire NATO fleet in a combined naval exercise in 2007 and obviously made the chests of the ANC swell. Champagne corks were flying at the officers club in Simons Town at the time.
Ace South African Submarine commander outwits entire NATO fleet

Yes...that is what we were back then.

But nowadays they rent the submarines out for wedding ceremonies.
Harcore Sub becomes a love boat


So my question is...

If they cannot even find technical staff to man the current subs or frigates (they call them corvettes, I doubt if the even know the difference) then where are they going to find the crew for the new Helicopter carriers??

This vessel is just going to be another brand new rust collector.

Conneticut USA Reporting on Genocide

Connecticut USA radio-station report on Genocide targetting Afrikaners in South Africa: plans to hold protest meeting: http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-117072/TS-580396.mp3

The commentator said: "They are slaughtering, raping, mutilating and killing the Boer farmers in South Africa because they are whites. The black leaders of South Africa don't want them there, they want them dead. The youth le...ader of the ruling ANC Julius Malema is openly singing for their genocide with the hatespeech song. Why do people say there is 'claimed' to be a genocide, but these things are happening right now. Why isn't anybody saying anything about this? There was widespread publicity about the blacks attacking people about immigration/xenophobia issues. But why are they covering up the genocide against the Boers? "