Sunday, July 3, 2011

The ANC’s insult to Charlene, Princess of Monaco: Send her a Kortbroek

By Mike Smith
1st of July 2011

It has to be the joke of the year. The man who represented the South African government at the royal wedding of our Charlene Witstock in Monaco was no-one else but our very own tourism minister Martinus (Kortbroek) van Schalkwyk.

Apparently the President, Jacob Zuma was too busy in Equatorial Guinea to be bothered with the none-event wedding of a White South African Princess.

I am sure that if Prince Albert married a Black woman the whole of the ANC cabinet would have been there.,0,4

Sending Martinus “Kortbroek” van Schalkwyk was a deliberate insult from the ANC. Allow me to explain.

Martinus Christoffel Johannes van Schalkwyk got the nickname of “Kortbroek” (short pants) many years ago when he joined the ANC and some guys accused the baby-faced idiot of being gay. He is married to Suzette and has two children.

He was so offended by the accusations of being gay (closet homophobe, you see) that he said, “I am not gay, I am a real Boerseun (Boer boy), I wear short pants”…

“Ek is nie n moffie nie, ek is ‘n regte Boerseun, ek dra kortbroek.”

Ja, swaer, ons glo jou…

Back then the Afrikaans newspapers were full of it.

The ANC sees him as a traitor of his own people and they have no respect for him. They know he was a former NIA agent in the employ of the apartheid government who sold out his people and his party for a pathetic job in the ANC. They will never trust him.

Most of the time he is ignored and when a shit job comes up, he is the idiot who gets to peel the potatoes, scrub the deck and dish out courtesy sucks to the ANC. He is totally excluded from the money making tendering apparatus inside the ANC.

Sending him to Monaco was an insult to Charlene…a nice Up Yours and Phuq You present from the ANC.

The funny part is that he probably sees it as an honour and a privilege to have gone there, whilst the ANC fat cats are laughing their arses off. What an idiot.

I wonder if he actually pitched up in a Koertbroek.
Tourism minister represents Zuma in Monaco
June 30 2011 at 09:03pm

Tourism Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk will represent President Jacob Zuma at the wedding of Prince Albert II of Monaco and former SA Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock, the presidency announced on Thursday.

Zuma would not be able to attend the wedding as he would be at an African Union assembly session in Equatorial Guinea, the presidency said in a statement.

Zuma extended good wishes to Wittstock as she prepared to assume her responsibilities as a member of a royal family.

The civil ceremony would take place inside the royal palace on Friday and a larger religious ceremony would take place at the palace courtyard on Saturday.

The couple met during a swimming competition in Monaco in 2000.

Sunday Times journalist 'a marked man'


Journalists Mzilikazi Wa Afrika and Stephan Hofstatter are being intimidated, the Sunday Times reported.

Wa Afrika said he was tipped-off by sources close to South Africa's intelligence bodies that he was "a marked man" and "hitmen have been hired".

The newspaper had provided extra security for the two men after it became aware, earlier this year, that their movements and their telephone calls were being "monitored".
Wa Afrika said in a sworn statement last week that he had experienced two threatening encounters and had been warned in December that he would be killed by hitmen wearing SAPS uniforms.

Ray Hartley said the newspaper took the threats seriously.

"...It seems that there are some in the security services who are taking this intimidation to a more sinister and dangerous level while political leaders turn a blind eye."

SA National Editors' Forum (Sanef) chairperson,
Mondli Makhanya, said: "Intimidatory tactics such as these belong in jackboot banana republics and not in a constitutional democracy such as ours".

Wonder how long before this becomes a daily occurence... YOU SPEAK AGAINST THE ANC? BOOM... DEAD.

I'm surprised your post has not been deleted

Wonder who is behind this. Oh, wait, you don't need a few years of investigation, it's David Mabuza, the untouchable.