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BULALA Tagati!*
A True Story of South Africa
by Cuan Elgin
“This book is in stark contrast to those that have gone before it. For the first time South Africa’s history is depicted as it really was—shorn of politically correct evaluations and comment. With real people, incidents and events it tells the real and brutal story of the taming of a harsh, yet beautiful land. The blood and the battles, the dust and the sounds and smells all paint a most vivid picture. Anyone who reads this book cannot fail to understand more of the real dynamics of Africa: its cruelty, harshness, and unforgiving nature is stripped bare in Bulala . . . Read it and think again.” — David Taylor, New Zealand
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[* "BULALA abaTagati" means in Zulu, "Kill the Wizards!" These were the words Zulu king Dingane used in 1838, when ordering his bodyguards to execute the Boer emmissaries, shortly after their mutual signing of a land treaty.]
“If you haven’t yet read this book, then you are missing out on an epic of not only great sensitivity, but also of accounts of many betrayals so ghastly as to set your teeth on edge!
This should be read by not only ALL South Africans of ALL colour, but also by people of other Nations who are not aware of our history. Cuan Elgin has a gift of attention to detail which is quite remarkable in a man so young and his ability to feel the heart of a woman is truly remarkable.
His great faith in God is very evident as he embroiders this narrative richly with not only his own faith, but also that of the forefathers of this Nation who dared to trust their God even in the face of such desperate circumstances.
If only one of his intentions in writing this history of our Nation, is to remind us of the kind of mettle and courage and bravery of the men and women who opened up our land with their own blood and tears, then he has succeeded!” – An endorsement by Lolah Peel
392 pages (including 3 maps), paperback.
The gripping tale of the beginnings of a small, brave, Christian nation born of both extremes of the emotional spectrum: conflict, turmoil, and tragedy as well as love, dedication, and adventure—this exciting historical account of the history of South Africa (from earliest times to the end of the 2nd Anglo-Boer War at the dawn of the 20th Century) is woven as a rich tapestry into the form of a novel.
Author of Bulala – Cuan Elgin
Dutch, English, French Huguenot, German, Indian, Irish, Khoi, Malay, Portuguese, Scots, Xhosa, Zulu, and other peoples struggle with and against each other in this factual account, which depicts the events as they happened, as well as the beliefs in the hearts and the thoughts in the minds of those people during those times—yet while this moving saga reveals how and why things were done as they were, it does so without condemning or condoning behaviour. The reader is free to draw their own conclusions and do their own moralizing.
Deeply researched, the Scottish-Irish-descended South African-born author travelled over 15,500 miles [25,000 km.] across South Africa to every historical site mentioned in the narrative, in his first-hand investigative research. You will learn, laugh, and cry—but more importantly, understand the actual events which transpired in this controversial, southern-most African nation, without the bias of the media or the pressured slant of special-interest groups.
Apart from being so highly entertaining that you will find it hard to put this book down, the historically accurate presentation will allow the non-South African reader to understand South Africa as well as it can possibly be understood by an outsider. Further, modern nations may possibly learn some lessons and avoid similar pitfalls which may threaten their domestic tranquility.
Read “Bulala” and think again!
In my opinion “Bulala” is probably the most important, most authoritative and best researched book on the history of South Africa ever written. Anyone truly interested in the true history of South Africa and those invincible Boers must read this book. Bulala is the bible of South African history. – Toxinews
I fully endorse this book and its writer Cuan Elgin, for that matter I urge to buy this book and read it, when you have done reading it give it to your children to read so that they can have a better understanding of their history! Read this book and then read it again! Then see with new eyes!
Shane – Shane’s Blog
Find Cuan Elgin on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/groups/313168935217/
Buy the book / Koop die boek Bulala: A True Story Of South Africa :
As I say in the Preface to BULALA, it occurred to me that if I first published a book exposing the creeping genocide of our people, most of ‘The World’ would not give a damn: “Just getting what they deserve… because of Apartheid.”
So the rationale for publishing a story of our history first, and then the modern-day story as a sequel, thus came about, to show the continuity of our righteous struggle to survive.
The first “Bulala” in the story is of course Zulu king Dingane’s traitorous order to murder the Boer emmissaries in 1838; the 2nd is British Capt Alfred “Bulala” Taylor & his murders of unarmed Boers during the 2nd Anglo-Boer War, and the 3rd “Bulala” is what convicted terrorist Nelson Mandela & his communist henchmen sing in “Bulala amaBuhnu/Kill the Boers” to this very day.
An extract from BULALA:
The ANC’s (African National Congress) communist-trained “militant wing” of this “black liberation struggle,” was a group called Mkhonto weSizwe (MK), meaning, the “Spear of the Nation.”
This “liberationist” organization would torture and execute hundreds of blacks within their own camps, in the “frontline states” (Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe) who were suspected as “traitors.” This declared terrorist group, based to the north of the white republic, planted land-mines on South African farm roads, and detonated limpet-mines and car bombs in towns, indiscriminately killing and maiming innocent civilians (both black and white). Yet they never actually confronted the white army in South Africa in battle.
In the “frontline state” of Angola, most of the real fighting against the whites was done for the black “liberation forces” by 50,000 Cuban troops, outfitted with Russian tanks and Mig fighter-aircraft, which culminated in a stalemate, at the hard-fought Battle of Cuito Cuanivale, in October of 1987.
The San-Bushmen of Namibia, the original inhabitants of that desert land (many of whom had acted as trackers for the South African Army), were dispossessed of their allotted homeland there by the incoming black government, as a “punishment” for that allegiance. Notably, many moderate black Namibian troops also fought alongside the white troops, against the Marxist-led and Cuban-backed infiltrators from Angola, the Owambo, who now have a majority in the new Namibian government.
The strongly Calvanistic, Christian white African nation endured; preferring to live as an independent ethnic minority under virtual siege—declared an enemy of the world—than to capitulate to a communist-backed, black majority rule and turn their backs on their God and their very heritage. The Apartheid era itself would last a mere 40 years: one generation —considerably less than the 70 years that the people of Eastern Europe suffered under the heel of communism.
Yet, the white Afrikaners reasoned, Apartheid was not some foreign institution imposed upon some other nation, as was the case with communism; it was essentially the “House Rules” a sovereign people established to maintain law and order in their own nation.
The primary reason Apartheid was instituted was the absolute refusal of the whites to have blacks living permanently within their towns and suburbs. Seeing how the blacks lived in their own villages—and obeying God’s command to “be separate,” the Afrikaners legislated Apartheid to preserve the integrity and safety of their own nation and people.
Further, the Afrikaners, being a Christian people, would not allow dark-arts practicing nonbelievers to live among them; since centuries of missionary efforts, they argued, had produced no real moral advancement or notable spiritual change in the majority of the black peoples of South Africa.
Yet the albatross of infamy engendered by “the legacy of Apartheid” would forever be dredged up by the incoming ANC to stigmatize and discriminate against all whites—and to then justify the passing of legislation to dispossess skilled white South Africans of their jobs, and white farmers of their land, even 2 decades after the whites themselves had abolished the policy of Apartheid. Hypocritically, the blacks now began to impose similar discriminatory legislation against the ethnic-minority whites;
but now that “the tables had been turned,” such racial discrimination was considered to be a good thing!
Cuan Elgin-741102
I have only recovered a fraction of the cost (in time=money & cash) that I invested in BULALA, but as the ‘Preface to the Reader’ explains, I wrote it to let the world know who & what we are, where we came from, what we sacrificed to build South Africa, and how we now find ourselves in this situation; strangers in our own land.
BULALA is actually a ‘prequel’ as I originally started writing a modern-day political novel exposing the thousands of brutal farm-murders since the communist takeover (a book still only 2/3 done… things are developing so fast now!) but then I realized that ‘the world’ would simply say, “but you’re just getting what you deserve… because of apartheid”, so I shelved that story, until I could first tell of our origins.
I struggled to get BULALA onto bookshelves alongside the scores of books that tell only one side of the story of South Africa, but I kept trying. I couldn’t find a South African publisher brave enough to take it on, so had to go via the USA first, and then print locally. Reader feedback has been 99% positive, I am pleased to say.
Incidentally, I attended a book fair in Cape Town about 2 years ago, and saw a publisher’s fancy stall selling boxed sets of “Heroes of the Struggle”. I asked them if these included the Boer generals; heroes of the struggle against British imperialism.
They thought I was nuts…
Johann Hamman [renowned Battle Fields Guide] says: Writing a book for public consumption in this country is like starting a coffee shop in Ethiopia. It will be an epic struggle to reach the publishing deadline, a nonstop argument with idiot editors and book selectors, and an obscene amount of money to get the first edition anywhere near readiness and countless arguments with morons who want to tell you what you should have written. I have read Bulala. Cuan Elgin gave me a copy and graciously inscribed it to me as a Son of Africa. It does not matter what you write in any book. If it does not meet mainstream ideas… you will not get past it. Bulala is a cracking read and a historical novel. It is not an academic work. Go read it……our story is a spellbinding tale that will bend hearts, no matter how you clothe it….Take a bow, Mr. Elgin.
Yet, somehow it seems that “Europe is for anyone!” and thus anyone can move there and live off the generosity of European taxpayers.
Has it occurred to black Africans (those who claim one has to be “black” ie. negroid, to be an African), that the North Africans (who have an unbroken 5 000-year written history there) are largely of Arabic origin?
Extract from BULALA:
The Afrikaner-Boers have of course, every right to now call themselves an African “tribe”—and to demand recognition as such. The Zulus, Xhosas or Sothos can not claim to be any older as a distinct tribe in the region than could the Afrikaners. The Zulu tribe itself was only an insignificant clan until Shaka made them an (assimilated) nation in the 1820′s, and the Xhosas (an earlier offshoot) are not much older: both “originated” out of the forced consolidation of many branches of Nguni-speaking Bantu. The Boers too, though a “tribe” formed from many different European “tribes,” are by now as “African” as any black tribesmen—and are, like the Bantu, descended from many a common ancestor (the very definition of a “tribe”), hence their many common surnames.
They have also been settled, at least in the huge area loosely called “The Cape,” for over 360 years; more than a century longer than any Bantu tribe. The TRANSVAAL and the ORANGE FREE STATE had been “cleared” for their occupation by Mzilikaze’s genocides, until the Matabele and Mzilikaze himself were, in turn, “cleared” from the area by the Boers. The Afrikaner-Boers then developed what was essentially a barren wasteland, into a veritable Utopia; by their blood, sweat and tears.
Find Cuan Elgin on Facebook : BULALA by Cuan Elgin
Instead of supporting NASPERS and other outlets that will feed you nothing but politicaly correct drivel – spend your money supporting our people in their attempt to set the record straight! Its the right thing to do!
“History means simply everything that we know of the past. So to say that you have no interest in history is to declare yourself indifferent to everything.” ~John Lukacs, “Historical Consciousness”
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I don’t usually wade into the arena of religion and prophesies as I don’t feel I am qualified to “preach” to anyone, as my life is by no means a shining beacon of riotousness?
But seeing as the butt plug prophet Joshua in Nigeria has jumped into our little political cauldron I may as well join him in the melting pot that is South Africa and see what happens. So the “mighty” prophet Joshua has now prophesied that the young blacks of South Africa will rise up and start a bloody revolution, more than likely headed by Julius or so he would like to believe.
So what should I think of all this? Not much actually, in my opinion its just another blast of hot air from Juju and the morons that support him. I have never really been big on prophesy, I am more of a can do kind of person and leave the prophesying to those that are qualified to do so. That being said however, I do have some thoughts on the matter, but please don’t stone me as I do not fancy myself a preacher and this is just my opinion.
The way I see it all these black savages are the “children of Ham” or as my bible says “die kinders van Gam” and after laughing at a true man of God who followed Gods word to the letter, Gods saw fit to punish “Ham” or “Gam” for mocking a man of God. This punishment as presented in my well worn Afrikaans bible is as follows – “kneg van n kneg sal jy bly tot in die ewigheid!” which translates to “servant of a servant you will be forever” these are the words of the almighty God! The same God the your butt plug prophet claims to serve? Let me run that by you again – servant of a servant you will be forever! Not President over the Boere Volk!! Not retarded red beret wearing self styled dictator!! Oh eh he! Kind van Gam jy is besig met kak!! So in doing what you are doing you are challenging the authority of the Almighty God!! Good luck with that! Not something I would attempt, considering all I have read about floods and fire and brimstone!!
Then of course we have our own prophet, my name sake “Siener van Rensburg” who clearly stated that the Boer Volk will return to its knees and focus on him and he will destroy their enemies beneath his feet!! So as I said before I am not big on prophesy but if this is the game you want to play then I will see you white genocide and raise you one black cleansing of “crusader” proportions!! And its not just here, its all over the world, white people are getting tired of your genocide’s and jihads and soon we will all be returning to the old ways of the Viking beserker at which point you will beg for the days when you were just a servant of a servant!
Now I know this blog is going to elicit a lot of angry comments, but hey, the facts are what they are! I am by no means a radical, I am just tired of being stepped on because of the color of my skin! NO MORE! TOT HIER TOE EN NIE VERDER NIE!! Think carefully before proceeding along this path you have chosen for you will start a war that can not be stopped! The war to end all wars! And when it finally runs its course you and your kind will be a distant memory that will not be spoken of while we rebuild the world the way it was meant to be.

Lack of Public Works maintenance costing the SANDF millions

A long history of dissatisfaction about the lack of priority given to maintenance of military bases and facilities by the Department of Public Works (DPW) has come to a head as a result of 10 months of self-supplied electricity at AFB Makhado.

This has seen the base’s operational funding diverted to fuel generators to supply power. A large portion of this funding was allocated to maintenance and flying hours for 2 Squadron Gripens and 85 Combat Flying School Hawk Mk120s Afrikaans daily Beeld reports.

The main electricity supply station at the base has been out of order since October. It exploded apparently due to a lack of regular maintenance and the base has since then had to rely on generators for power.

It is estimated it will cost up to R5 million to repair the power supply station but the SA Air Force (SAAF), as the operator of the base, is not allowed to appoint a contractor to do the work. This is because it is the responsibility of DPW.

Senior SAAF officers confirmed to both Beeld and defenceWeb that an urgent funds injection of at least R300 million was needed to restore normality at AFB Makhado. This will see the base’s power supply reconnected and also enable funds currently going to power generation to be put to their original allocation that of maintenance of the high-tech jet aircraft based there.

An additional R500 million is also required to prevent the SAAF having to possibly even lose the ability to keep the Gripens, Hawks and other air assets, including the Agusta A109 helicopters airworthy.

“This money is needed within the next eight months or these aircraft won’t take to the air again,” one officer said on condition of anonymity.

Twelve of 2 Squadron’s 26 Gripens have already been mothballed and the miniscule allocation for A109 flying hours could see 18 pilots lose their currency ratings on the rotorcraft. According to reports the majority of the A109 fleet is basically grounded with engine and system start-ups done from time to time in an attempt to keep them airworthy.

To date in the region of R50 million has been spent on proving generator power for AFB Makhado. This money could have paid for 300 Gripen flying hours.

Unhappiness with the lack of response from DPW as far as maintenance of military bases and facilities goes back at least five years to when current SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Chief General Solly Shoke was SA Army Chief. He resuscitated the Works Regiment in an attempt to provide at least some base and facility maintenance within the military establishment. This was later expanded to a Works Formation that would provide much-needed construction and allied services to the entire SANDF.

It is said to be in the finalisation stage of appointments and taskings as well as establishing provincial units ahead of full operations.

Shoke has reportedly taken personal charge of rectifying the AFB Makhado situation and has met with chiefs of all four arms of service and DPW officials to state “for once and all” the SANDF’s case as regards DPW’s obligations to it.


Human Waste In Rivers Used To Irrigate Crops In South Africa

Bacteria-riddled river water used to irrigate most fresh produce in South Africa poses an extreme health risk.

The river water contains levels of E.coli bacteria that are as much as 10 000 times more than allowed by the World Health Organisation and the Department of Water Affairs, according to a study report obtained by The Times.
Not only is this dangerous for people but it might have a highly damaging effect on this country's international trading status and cause a suspension of exports of fruit and vegetables, the report warns.
The extensive research project was launched in 2007 amid growing concern that South African river water used for irrigating crops no longer met export standards set by the EU for fresh produce, or international health standards.
Professor Trevor Britz, of the food sciences department at Stellenbosch University, who led the R5-million study commissioned by the National Water Research Commission, called the situation "dangerous".
"If you fall into that water, you will die," he said of some rivers.
Microbial samples were taken from rivers regularly used to irrigate agricultural produce, such as the Eerste, Plankenbrug, Mosselbank and Berg rivers in Western Cape, the Baynespruit River in KwaZulu-Natal, the Mutshedzi River in Limpopo, the irrigation canal from Loskop Dam, the Olifants and Wilge rivers in Mpumalanga, Skeerpoort in North West and Gauteng's Klip River.
The rivers tested run through major agricultural communities such as Mpumalanga's Groblersdal - where citrus, table grapes, maize, wheat, vegetables, sunflower seeds, peanuts, lucerne and peaches are grown - and Stellenbosch, where grapes, pears, citrus, lettuces, strawberries, peppers, herbs and green beans are at risk.
Farmers pump water direct from the rivers and, without treating it, irrigate crops.
Researchers found that:
Human excrement, in particular, is severely polluting rivers;
In the Plankenbrug and Mosselbank rivers, near Stellenbosch, high concentrations of faecal indicators were present in more than 70% of the samples, and to a lesser extent in the Eerste and Berg rivers;
Concentrations of more than 1million microbes per 100ml of water were often measured. This compares with WHO and Department of Water Affairs guidelines, which state that levels of E.coli in irrigation water should not exceed 1000 per 100ml;
More than 30 types of bacteria and 180 phenotypic variations of E.coli were found; and
Other potential pathogens, such as staphylococci (responsible for food poisoning), Klebsiella (respiratory infections), Listeria (listeria infections) and salmonella (food poisoning, diarrhoea and kidney failure) were also found.
E.coli infections can lead to diarrhoea, dehydration and, in extreme cases, kidney failure and death.
Britz advised consumers to wash fruit and vegetables in sterilising fluid before eating them.
He said the risk of an infection from contaminated fresh produce could be illustrated by the 2011 E.coli outbreak in Europe, which resulted in at least 50 deaths and more than 4000 people becoming seriously ill.
In that instance, Germany had imported bean sprouts irrigated with contaminated water in Spain.
Many of the rivers tested in the South African survey are used daily by thousands of people for water sports and fishing. Some communities use the water for bathing and drinking.
Britz said "the whole" of Stellenbosch, and especially communties downstream from the town - including wine farms - were exposed to contaminated water from the Plankenbrug River.
In Mpumalanga, Groblersdal is fed by water from the Loskop Dam and vast crops of vegetables are irrigated with polluted water.
In a separate study of the Vaal River, high levels of E.coli were found in the dry months, but the bacteria were washed away during the rainy seasons, Britz said.
The pollution was caused by the poor management of sewage-treatment facilities, which leaked raw sewage into the rivers, as well as by the lack of ablution facilities in informal settlements, he said.
Popo Maja, spokesman for the Department of Health, said it had not examined the study results.
Sputnik Ratau, spokesman for the Department of Water Affairs, said that his department would respond after studying the report. "We shall interrogate the contents, also considering our normal inspections of river health and work of the Blue Scorpions."

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Minister Of Communications Dina Pule Linked To Assassination Plot

Former minister Dina Pule who was found guilty last week of lying to parliament after dishing out foreign trips and business deals to her boyfriend has been linked to an alleged assassination plot involving top officials probing her for misconduct.
Minister of Communications Dina Pule. (Picture: GCIS)

In May, the Democratic Alliance submitted an affidavit to the Cape Town central police station asking it to probe possible criminal activities by Pule, Phosane Mngqibisa, who was said to be her boyfriend, suspended SABC Chief Financial Officer Gugu Duda and current CEO Lulama Mokhobo.
The Sunday Times had reported allegations that Mngqibisa orchestrated the appointment of friends and family to key organisations in Pule's portfolio.
Nomakhaya Malebane, a former confidante and business partner of Duda, alleged to the Sunday Times that she was given the position at the SABC as a result of her friendship with Mngqibisa.
Malebane reportedly alleged that Pule organised that Duda be selected by the board, even though her CV was received late.
The Sunday Times also reported that Mngqibisa allegedly organised the appointment of his relative Lulama Makhoba to the post of SABC CEO.
According to the Sunday Times, police are investigating claims by a man who said he was hired by Pule’s boyfriend, Phosane Mngqibisa, to arrange the murder of parliamentary ethics committee chairperson Professor Ben Turok and the registrar of members’ interests, Fazela Mohamed. The two were part of the team investigating Pule.
Police confirmed they have interviewed several people with first-hand information about the threat. The man apparently contacted the Sunday Times by email on 17 July claiming to have “information that can prove that Phosane Mngqibisa (and by extension Dina Pule) had called a hit on Professor Ben Turok so that he couldn’t attend the final sit-down of the ethics committee and therefore give the accused more time to come up with a solution for their issues with the ethics committee and Public Protector”.
“The hit to kill Ben Turok was issued to me as a specialist consultant. I was to recruit a hit man for the job. All plans were disturbed by the cabinet reshuffle that was made by the president last Tuesday. I have SMSes, emails and recordings to prove my claims.”
The man repeated these claims in more detail during a meeting with the Sunday Times on 22 July. According to the man, Mngqibisa initially offered him R400 000 to falsify documents that would have proved he paid for all his trips with the minister. It was when he met Mngqibisa for the money that he was allegedly asked to carry out the hit.
The threats on Turok and Mohamed were taken so seriously that police assigned each person two bodyguards. 


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SAAF Funds Shortage

The sad financial state of the SA Air Force (SAAF) could impact on future air travel by President Jacob Zuma and other government VIPs due to expiry of the international ratings of 21 Squadron pilots.

There are already three pilots in the squadron who cannot fly internationally because their ratings for intercontinental flights have lapsed.

“If in future pilots without the necessary authorisation have to fly they can be prohibited from entering airspace over any number of countries. If the President is aboard it can become a massive embarrassment.”

A similar situation exists at 28 Squadron, responsible for logistic support to SA National Defence Force (SANDF) deployments on the continent as part of either AU or UN 
peacekeeping or peace support missions.

The currency ratings and authorisation are done annually in simulators in the United States and the United Kingdom because it is cheaper than doing the re-rating in actual aircraft.

Cost of the currency re-rating course is estimated at between R1,5 and R2 million and this has already been paid. A shortage of funds has seen to it the SAAF has canned attendance because it cannot pay for the air tickets to and from simulator sites and accommodation for pilots on course.
A number of pilots said it was “wasted expenditure”.

Last year six pilots were sent to the United Kingdom for training on the Global Express, a possible addition to the SAAF VIP fleet. This acquisition was subsequently cancelled. Cost of this training is estimated at around the R3 million mark.

The newspaper’s specialist defence writer, Erika Gibson, did not receive any response from either SANDF or SAAF corporate communications to what she called “a detailed list of questions”. The only response was that the SANDF’s operational requirements and abilities are not subjects for public discussion.

Three courses for pilots in possession of the necessary documentation to fly Inkwazi, the Presidential BBJ, have been cancelled as well as two each for other 21 Squadron aircraft - the Falcon 900 and the Falcon 50.

28 Squadron pilots do their refresher courses free of charge in a simulator owned and operated by the US Air Force but again, the lack of funds for air travel and accommodation has seen this cancelled.

Attendance at courses is planned at least a year in advance to allow timeous upgrades for pilots needing them. The cancellations means a backlog of pilots will accrue leaving an even smaller group of current pilots to carry the squadron’s workload,” an unidentified 28 Squadron member told the paper.

Another area where the lack of finance has impacted on SAAF operations is with its A109 light utility helicopter fleet. Insufficient flying hours means around 18 pilots stand to lose their currency rating on the rotary-winged aircraft that replaced the Alouette 111. Additionally, the lack of allocated flying hours means many of the 30-strong fleet are not flown at all and only ground-started from time to time to keep them as close to airwo
rthy as possible.


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Johannesburg 'threatens' legal action against Nelson Mandela

This City of Joburg notice threatens to cut services to Nelson Mandela's Houghton home unless an amount of R6,468.48 in arrears is settled.

JOHANNESBURG – The City of Johannesburg is trying to find out whether former President Nelson Mandela owes it more than R 6 000.00 for services.
Eyewitness News is in possession of a copy of a pre-termination notice dated 1 August that was stuck to the elder statesman’s Houghton home over the weekend.
The notice states that his account has been in arrears for over 30 days. It also indicates that his services will be cut off and legal action taken unless the amount, listed as R 6,468.48, is settled within 14 days.
City Power has not confirmed whether his account is actually in arrears. It has also not ruled out the possibility that the notice was stuck to the wrong door or is a case of irregular billing.
The city has been plagued by billing problems over the past few years with many customers laying complaints for incorrect statements or being over-charged.

Why Africa Check failed to disprove Steve Hofmeyr - Whites ARE dying like flies

The media has been deliberately suppressing the truth about the murders, rapes and other atrocities in South Africa since 1994.

This suppression has been growing to the extent that certain groups and the media have been targeting prominent human rights activists like Steve HofmeyrSunette BridgesDr. Dan Roodt and others, discrediting and ridiculing them.

Off course while the South African media has always praised overseas singers and artists for their human rights efforts, typically the same media has been demonising local singers and artists for their human rights activism. This has always been the case and is standard procedure for the South African media.

How this is done is best summarised as follows:

"Negative publicity are quickly reported on with the extent and seriousness of the issue white-washed to be quickly ignored for further scrutiny and buried in the cemetery of Consequenter. Think of Obama’s Fast & Furious scandal or Benghazi or the IRS scandal or…or…or…Think of how various reports by the Public Protector on DA controlled municipalities are swept under the rug and made out as less than what they actually are. 

Criticism and detractors of the person [in the case of South Africa, the ANC government] is dealt with quickly, harshly and in the most vicious manner often resulting in character assassination, threats and personal insult. There are many examples of this available today – MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and CNN’s Piers Morgan are masters at the above when any criticism is levelled at Barack Obama’s Administration with the racism card being played often as an ad hominem audi alteram partum. The UK Media and UK Government’s treatment of the EDL, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer whom are all anti-Islamisation of Western Society. In South Africa we have Naspers’ media arm Media24 who has appointed themselves as the guardians of what may and may not be said by independent thinkers and Conservatives about Mandela, the ANC and the DA. They often employ the services of ideological hit-men or groupings such as AfricaCheck – which is funded by George Soros’ Soros Foundations – Max du Preez, Leopoldt Scholtz and Tim du Plessis with a sprinkling of lesser opinionadas covering the rear guard. Naspers very often censors the opinions of counter-thinking individuals skirting the SA Press Code, International Council for Press and Broadcasting and the right to free speech entrenched in the SA Constitution." - The Cult Personality & Idolatry
In the latest, most publicised attack on Steve Hofmeyr, initiated by the new kid on the block, Africa Check, the media went out of their way to discredit and ridicule Steve Hofmeyr as much as possible. (See "Related Articles")

Throughout the article Africa Check tried to ridicule Steve Hofmeyr with immature assertions like "non-experts to support some form of race-based conspiracy theory""a race-crime mythology", accusing him of making "sweeping statements" and so forth, which certainly is not becoming of an organisation hoping to earn respect as "fact-check" experts . 

So Who is Africa Check?

Trust is earned through the test of time, not through marketing and self-acclaim. Africa Check has, by their own admission, only been in existence for short while, yet they proclaim themselves trustworthy beyond reproach?

Africa Check proclaims themselves "a non-partisan organisation that exists to fact-check claims made in the public arena, impartially and fairly, and publish the results."

As can be seen from their page "How we are funded", Africa Check is funded by exclusively liberal sources, most of which also supported the ANC pre-1994. They are also funded by none other than the Open Society Foundation for South Africa (See the members of the Board) founded by the infamous George Soros (For more information on Soros, see "Further Reading")

While our human rights activists in question are self-funded and independent, Africa Check cannot claim the same. Africa Check has to remain politically correct in accordance with the prescribed agenda and bound by the guidelines of their sponsors, such as George Soros, the Vienna based International Press Institute and WITS Journalism. If Africa Check is considered as being "non-partisan" then surely the Cosatu and State-owned Independent News and Media SA should also be considered "non-partisan".

Africa Check is dependent upon its liberal sponsors for their salaries and very existence.

"non-partisan"? and "impartial"?

Being sponsored, and particularly being exclusively sponsored by leftist-liberal sponsors, Africa Check is not in any position to proclaim themselves "non-partisan", "impartial", independent or objective. Who, but they themselves, appointed Africa Check the experts to"fact-check" others anyway?

Africa Check proclaims"We seek, over time, to check all sides in any debate and we base our reports on fact not opinion." Yet, in the case of Steve Hofmeyr, we find no evidence of checking "all sides in any debate", we find rather a direct insulting attack on the credibility and integrity of Mr Hofmeyr.

As put in one of the comments to Africa Check's article"I think this website could be an important tool for civil society in Africa. To do that, however, it needs to establish its credibility. The only way it will achieve that is if it sticks to cold, empirical facts. It seems that most of the content is being supplied by journalists who are trained to find a story. As a result, the pieces posted on here have emotive, newspaper-ish headlines like “Why Steve Hofmeyr is Wrong” and contain paragraphs of journalistic waffle that is unnecessary for the purpose of verifying the fact and ultimately winds up expressing an opinion." - By John 
09:42 | 25 June 2013

The truth is that South Africa really does need a non-partisanimpartial, unbiased organisation that could "fact-check". Had Africa Check been sponsored by Republicans from the US and by conservative groups and organisations, the SA media would have laughed them off, but because they all tend to be leftist liberal, this makes the liberal sponsored Africa Check "respectable."  Such an organisation should be above reproach, not be answerable to anyone, not be "politically correct" and not be "owned" by financial sponsors from only either the left or the right. It should consist of representatives from all sides, not just the left as is the case with Africa Check. 

Now while Africa Check has a right to their biased opinion that dares to ask "Where does Hofmeyr get his information?", should we then not also be allowed to ask ...

Where does Africa Check get their information?

Africa Check says "The interpretation of data on “farm attacks” is problematic as it relies on old police data and current, self-reported data collected and submitted by the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa (TAUSA).", but where do they get their data from?

Crime statistics in South Africa are obtained primarily from two sources, the SA Police and Statistics SA. All analysis published by other sources are based on the figures supplied by the SA Police and Stats SA.

The question is, how trustworthy are the SA Police and Stats SA?

  • "Discovery of unrecorded post-mortem reports and allegations of police negligence and manipulation of crime figures" - Cloud over murder statistics
  • "Kirstenhof police are on a witch-hunt for the officer who leaked information about cooked crime statistics" - Cops gun for snitch
  • a new study by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation finds a“pervasive pattern of (police) manipulation of the statistics” - The great scourges
  • "it is reasonable to assume that there should be some correlation between trends in attempted murder and trends in murder. How then to account for the fact that attempted murder is decreasing at a rate five times greater than murder? If the reduction is a result of government efforts to reduce violent crime, how is it that the SAPS, or the criminal justice system, or government more generally, were able to reduce attempted murder so dramatically, but not murder itself?"
    "current violent crime statistics cannot be relied on as an indicator of trends in violent crime." 
    "In recent years there have been persistent reports in the press about the 'cooking of crime statistics' by police. In a selection of press articles on the matter, 13 allegations relating to such manipulation are made in relation to five of South Africa's nine provinces. In this selection of press articles, eleven different police stations in the Western Cape, four stations in Gauteng, one station in KwaZulu-Natal and one station in Limpopo are alleged to have manipulated crime statistics." - The Reliability of violent crime statistics in South Africa - David Bruce - SA Crime Quarterly 2010 (.pdf)
  • SA sees SAPS as most corrupt within the state - Corruption Watch survey
  • About 83% of South Africans believed that police were corrupt. In the Global Corruption Barometer 2013, South Africa was among 36 countries in which the police was seen as the most corrupt institution - 83% believe SAPS is corrupt - survey
  • Findings on corruption amongst SAPS members suggested that:
  • South Africa's police force seems rotten to the core - riddled with corruption, crime, dirty tricks, political machinations and even murder - Something very rotten
    Corruption Watch executive director David Lewis said the findings confirmed that the increase in corruption was “not a mere perception” - Country Corruption Assessment Report South Africa .pdf (July 12 2013)
  • Four top Limpopo police officers have appeared in court for allegedly manipulating crime statistics in Tzaneen - Cops held for manipulating crime stats 
  • "In 2009 reports of numerous instances of manipulation of crime statistics by ‘a substantial number’ of police stations surfaced in the media. That year 12 officials of the Mountain Rise police station in KwaZulu-Natal were charged with tampering with crime statistics. The station had received a R500 000 bonus for being the top station in the reduction of crime. The Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) found 170 unregistered dockets hidden in a room at the station. In the Western Cape the ICD investigated 1 000 dockets after receiving complaints that police were registering complaints as inquiries rather than criminal cases on the police database to keep down crime figures." 
  • "Between 1996 and 2011 the degree of overcrowding in prisons grew by 52%."(While crime was coming down according to Stats SA?)
    "The proportion of prisoners sentenced to less than six months declined by 93% between 1995 and 2011 while that of prisoners serving sentences of 10 years and longer went up by more than 2 400%." (While crime was coming down according to Stats SA?)- South Africa: Crime and security
    SA Police documents found dumped in Tzaneen included, Notice of Constitutional Rights, Legal Postmortem Registers, Incidents Reports, Warrant of Detention of Illegal Foreigners, Body Receipts for Jail, Files for Warrant of Detention with bail particulars; the list goes on. - VIDEO: Sensitive police documents dumped near Tzaneen SPCA
  • In 2012 Dianne Kohler Barnard, the DA's Shadow Minister of Police, said:  "The current method of collecting, collating and reporting South Africa’s crime statistics means that few people trust the figures reported by the Minister each year. The problems with our crime statistics are manifold:  It is not clear if they are valid as they do not provide an accurate picture of the crime situation;  they are not reliable;  they are open to manipulation; and the statistics are out of date." - DA to propose crime statistics overhaul 
  • Crime statistics published by the South African Police Service show that carjacking decreased dramatically by 23.6%, truck hijacking reduced by 29.2%, and theft of motor vehicles and motorcycles are down by 10.1%.  Carjacking decreased in all provinces, except the Northern Cape. The decreases varied between 39.8% in Mpumalanga and 13% in the Eastern Cape. It was hard to pinpoint the exact reasons for the decline, said Johan Burger, senior researcher for the crime and justice programme at the Institute of Security Studies. Auto and General Insurance's claims reflected an increase in the number of hijackings across South Africa, said its spokesperson, Angelo Haggiyannes. "Hijacking remains an ever-growing threat to South Africans …. So while & General noticed the number of stolen vehicles dropping, hijackings continue to increase." -Hijacking claims are down
  • See the sudden decrease in 2010 to make things look good in anticipation of the Soccer World Cup 2010 - Theft of Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Reported Cases
Besides people like David Bruce and others, Unisa criminologist, Professor Rudolph Zinn ranks among the most respected crime experts in South Africa (See "Further Reading") and this is what he had to say about SA crime statistics in this most important article:
  • He said the statistics document was “farcical”..; Zinn said it was virtually impossible to determine the true picture in categories such as murder.; “Some murders are listed and others are not. This is because some people think certain kinds of murders, such as farm killings, are not important."“It is like rape. They say it is down, yet it is not listed anywhere in the document,”“Serious questions must be asked, especially of police stations that record sudden, major, unexplained decreases."“Housebreaking was under- reported by 41%, house robbery by 44% and stock theft by 64%, yet police report decreases in these crimes,” - Read The “resounding” successes of crime stats were immediately shot down by experts.
The list goes on and on and on... Quoting from each and every source would require a book and more examples can therefore be found in listed in the links under "Further Reading".

SA Police data, particularly new and current data, is so incomplete and unreliable that private individuals like Sunette BridgesAdriana Stuijt, community forums like Farmitrackerand organisations like the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa (TAUSA), took it upon themselves, using their own time and resources, to try and gather information on attacks and murders from the limited number of reports in the media and from the families of victims. Conservative as their collected data may be, it is still jarring.
(Please note that in their attempts to hide and deny the murders on whites, liberals and the media have been using their contacts and resources to close down the Facebook pages, blogs and websites of people like Sunette Bridges and Adriana Stuijt, which list the names and circumstances relating to white murder victims.)

At least "McCafferty acknowledged himself." "several significant flaws in the presentation and interpretation of data", while Africa Check, in spite of all of the above, declares themselves flawless and beyond reproach with the statement that "All the independent security and research experts we consulted for this report agreed that current murder figures provided by the South Africa Police Service (SAPS) should be considered accurate."

Africa Check has "trouble with apartheid-era data"(?) based on their own assumptions, while it is quite obvious that the crime statistics they chose and presented as "accurate"according to their experts, are completely and utterly untrustworthy and not worth the paper it was written on, which in itself wipes Africa Check's article from the table in its entirety and destroys their own credibility without any outside help. 

Rather than quoting many available examples, the following two quotes should suffice for showing just how untrustworthy Stats SA are (See "Further Reading" for many more examples):

By 2008 the total death figure had increased to 592 073. I did not bother to check any further. A 57 percent increase in deaths, while "Population growth could account for approximately 10% of this increase." and no one questions this? So what then are our population and our murder figures really? What are the causes of the ever increasing number of deaths in the country?

It is disappointing that an organisation that could have made a difference would attack Steve Hofmeyr and deny the murders on South Africans based on such untrustworthy data.

Africa Check had themselves reported that "Census 2011: StatsSA failed the open data test". They also reported that "SA police face R14 billion in civil lawsuits, not R7 billion as reported".

As a result Africa Check cannot claim ignorance about the untrustworthy state of South African crime statistics and yet, while 83% of South Africans believe that the SA police is corrupt, Africa Check found it appropriate to use their untrustworthy statistics to deny the murders of South Africans.

While independent crime experts refer to the the SA Polce crime statics as “farcical” and publicly state that “Some murders are listed and others are not.", Africa Check finds it appropriate to use those very same statistics to deny the murders of South Africans.

By knowingly using untrustworthy data for the basis of their denial about the true state of murders in South AfricaAfrica Check failed in their claim that they are "a non-partisan organisation that exists to fact-check claims made in the public arena, impartially and fairly," 

Based on the above, clearly showing that the SA Police and Stats SA's data are completely untrustworthy, Africa Check's article must therefore be dismissed in its entirety. 

Who’s claims about white murders really are grossly incorrect?

Obviously, based on the above, this article does not deserve any further attention, but we need to set the record straight and particularly on the ridiculous claim that only 6,498 whites have been murdered since 1994 and that whites supposedly account for only 1.8% of murders in South Africa. 

Before we continue it is important to note that, notwithstanding the corruption in Stats SA, in their defence and in defence of statisticians generally, it must be pointed out that they are only able to work with the information and data they receive. Stats SA can only analyse that which is before them and they are therefore stuck with a "garbage-in-garbage-out" situation for which they cannot be blamed. The same applies to statisticians generally.

Africa Check on the other hand states that "All the independent security and research experts we consulted for this report agreed that current murder figures provided by the South Africa Police Service (SAPS) should be considered accurate.", which means that they do not deserve any defence. Are we to accept this data as accurate, because Africa Check and their experts, say so?

Africa Check goes on to use one part of one sentence from the entire section on Safety of youth, which spans some three pages in Chapter 12, Building safer communities, of the National Development Plan. 

They strengthen their false assertion that only 6,498 (1.8%) whites have been murdered since 1994 by stating as "fact" that "The current murder rate of white South Africans is also equivalent to, or lower than, murder rates for whites recorded between 1979 and 1991."  

What Africa Check omits to mention is that further down in the same NDP report it is stated that "The majority of the victims whose race could be established were Africans followed by coloureds and whites." Please note "whose race could be established".

The SA Police's dockets are so incomplete that out of a tiny sample of only 1378 murder dockets, the race of nine victims could not be established. It could therefore be possible that those nine victims were white, which would already have taken the percentage of whites murdered up to 2,5%, from 1.8%. 

In a further six cases the gender was unknown and in 173 cases the age of the victim (some of which they could perhaps be excused for) was unknown, which means that the SA Police would have had to charge someone for murder, while not even knowing the age, the gender or race of a particular victim? No wonder we have a pathetic murder conviction rate of only some 10%.

Africa check quotes from the NDP, without referencing the original study, because while the NDP document references the "Mid-year population estimates: 2009", it also does not reference the original study from which this information was supposedly obtained.

Africa Check has obviously never seen the original study.

Africa Check has no clue as to:

  • Why this study was done;
  • What the purpose and objective for this study was;
  • How the dockets were sampled;
  • Whether the dockets were sampled in proportion to the populations of each of the nine SA provinces;
  • How many of the 1 116 SA Police precincts that existed at the time were included (increased to 1 125 since);
  • Whether the sampling of dockets were weighted based on murder hot spots like the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal or not;
  • From which period the dockets were sampled;
  • Whether the dockets were sampled from all murder dockets between 1652 and 2008, 1948 to 1994, 1990 to 1994, 1994 to 2008, 2008 only, or the latest murder dockets being handled at the time of the study;
Each of the above would produce vastly different results.

Had the SA Police actually done their work, there would have been no need for a "sample analysis" of this kind, because all the information calculated from the mere 1378 dockets would have been readily available in detail and would have been made available with each publication of crime figures. Unfortunately the SA Police dockets are too incomplete to do this, which forces statisticians into drawing samples to try and get some idea of the crime situation in South Africa.

I consulted a senior lecturer in Statistics at one of our local universities to check the maths and particularly the probabilities of the farcical conclusions arrived at in the Africa Check article, but then realised I was a wasting his time, because based on the information already provided thus far, the maths in the Africa Check document is comparable to Ma and Pa Kettle's Maths and that each and every single statement in their article must be dismissed as rubbish.

South Africa's criminal justice data

As can be seen from the following quotes, South Africa's criminal justice data is in such shambles that it is virtually impossible to make any sense of it.

  • "How many reported crimes result in convictions? The answer would tell us how well the South African criminal justice system (CJS) functions. The current information provided by the annual reports of the police, justice department and correctional services don't provide the answer. This is because each department records different information in ways that cannot be linked."
  • "Five years later we still struggle to make sense of criminal justice data"
  • "When the 2011/2012 Annual Report of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is examined, it becomes clear that there is no way to link the police statistics to those of the NPA."
  • "the statistics continue to be collected and reported in a compartmentalised way and do not speak each to other." - The Problem with South African Criminal Justice Performance Indicators 25 October 2012
South Africa's conviction rate for murders ranges between only 10% and 12.7%. Only 12.7% of murders in SA’s crime hot spots end in convictions. “84% of murder and attempted murder cases originating from five gang hotspots in the Western Cape end in acquittals.”, which impacts directly upon murder statistics.
Crime conviction rates in SA (10.6% - 2006)
Conviction rate for murder 12.6% - Kohler Barnard (2007/08 SAPS Annual Report)
Crime statistics – ‘It’s not safe here’ - 22 September 2012
Expert: Low rate of murder convictions in South Africa (less than 10% - 2013)

Murder statistics are influenced by convictions. Each time a case against a person charged with murder is dismissed or changed to a lesser conviction such a culpable homicide, it affects the murder statistics. Cases take years to complete, while murdered statistics are published in the meantime, albeit six months late on average and only once a year.

Please be reminded that at no stage does Africa Check admit that they were basing their denial on untrustworthy, let alone completely “farcical” crime statistics. While Africa Check has the audacity to accuse Steve Hofmeyr of making "several sweeping statements about South Africa’s murder rate" it should be clear by now that the entire Africa Check article is nothing other than a compilation of "several sweeping statements".

Misclassification of Deaths

Misclassification of death has a serious direct impact upon the accuracy of statistics relating to cause of death. To demonstrate just how worthless South African data really is, I wish to presented the following unrelated, yet excellent example:

While the media is singing the praise of the SA government's claims that South Africa is winning the battle against HIV/AIDS and how fewer and fewer people have been dying from HIV/AIDS in this country, the results of a truly a groundbreaking study published by the World Health Organisation in February 2011 confirmed, "the substantial misclassification of HIV/AIDS deaths in South Africa’s vital registration system reported in the literature." It then validates this statement with the following shocking revelation "While audits of death records in selected areas in 2003–2004 have shown that 53–73% of HIV/AIDS deaths do not explicitly record HIV/AIDS as the underlying cause of death, this study suggests that during 1996–2006 as many as 94% of all HIV/AIDS deaths in the country were being misclassified" - Exposing misclassified HIV/AIDS deaths in South Africa Published online: 17 February 2011 

South Africa has also seen a 400 per cent increase in TB cases over the past 15 years, and more than 70 per cent of patients are co-infected with HIV. - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) programme in Khayelitsha 

And yes you read correctly, "94% [NINETY FOUR PERCENT] of all HIV/AIDS deaths in the country were being misclassified." But why could this be?

Obviously, where an ostensible victory over HIV/AIDS could secure more donations, a perceived futility could see major universal donation fatigue.

The NPD document from which Africa Check selected only part of one sentence upon which to build their denial states that "it is clear that more attention should be given to the causal factors of homicides.", but is this possible if the causes of death are not recorded correctly?

South Africa's top 10 causes of death, according to Stats SA 2008 were:
1st place - Ill-defined and unknown causes:  80 515 (13,6%)
5th place - Other external causes of accidental injury: 33 983 (5,7%)

Garbage codes in mortality data are those codes which do not signify an underlying cause of death. The underlying cause of death means"the disease or injury that started the sequence of events leading directly to death or the circumstances of the accident or violence that produced the fatal injury." 

In 2008 a total of 592 073 deaths were recorded in South Africa. Almost one third29.5% or 174 872, of the total number of deaths were recorded as garbage categories.

But what about the misclassification of external cause of deaths (e.g. hunting accident orinterpersonal violence) due to injury (e.g. gunshot wound on the head)?

2012 document published by Statistics South Africa states that "Currently, the circumstances (manner, external cause and intent) of almost half of the injury deaths in South Africa are unknown."

To be more specific "in 47% of injuries the specific external cause is unknown", external cause being "hunting accident or interpersonal violence"

Once again you read it correctly. In 47.1%almost half, of all injury deaths the external cause is unknown. - Cause of Death Certification: A guide for completing the Notice of Death/Stillbirth (DHA-1663), Pali Lehohla, Statistician-General, Statistics South Africa, 2012

And yet Africa Check says "All the independent security and research experts we consulted for this report agreed that current murder figures provided by the South Africa Police Service (SAPS) should be considered accurate."?

From the above it should be quite obvious that South Africa's murder figures are grossly incorrect and grossly understated.

Based on the above, Africa Check's ridiculous assertion that only 6,498 whites have been murdered and that whites supposedly account for only 1.8% of murders in South Africa must be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

White Murders at the hands of Blacks

In a politically correct attempt to deny that whites are being murdered by blacks in South Africa, Africa Check asserts that "Even if the proportion of “outsider” crime was doubled for white homicide victims, this would still fall drastically short of the “77.3%” of white murders that Hofmeyr appears to claim are at the hands of black perpetrators."

Firstly, I could not find any evidence of any study ever conducted where SA Police dockets of white murder victims were sampled to determine the race of their murderers in an attempt to disprove that whites are being murdered mostly by blacks.

Secondly, Africa Check used the SAPS annual report 2011/2012, which we have already shown to be farcical and virtually worthless.

Thirdly, in an attempt to strengthen their misleading assertion, Africa Check then goes on to state that "The 2012 Victims of Crime Survey confirmed this assertion", while it is clearly stated on page 61 of the said survey, under the heading "10.11 Reliability of the survey estimates", that;

  • "statistics related to specific crimes should be analysed and used with caution. Crimes that are relatively rare – such as murder – resulted in very few cases in the database and submitting these to too detailed analysis, will provide unreliable results."
  • "Specific categories of crime, such as sexual assault, were generally under-reported in this survey and it should not be regarded as an accurate source of sexual assault data."
Fourthly, quoting Ilana Mercer ;
"in the research for my book I uncovered data according to which,  at 76.6 percent of the population, blacks committed 76.4 percent of “intimate femicides” (defined as “the killing of a female person by an intimate partner”). And they committed 68.3 percent of “non-intimate femicides”: “the killing of a woman by someone other than an intimate partner.”

Whites have proven woefully inadequate to the task of filling their pro-rata crime quotas (page 38). At less than nine percent of the population and dwindling, the corresponding numbers for white South Africans were 3.9 and 2.6 percent respectively.

With respect to incarceration rates, whites "underperformed" again. According to the South African Department of Correctional Services, 113,773 criminals had been sentenced as of June 2008, of whom only 2,190 were white.
[Notwithstanding the fact that whites account for 8.9% of the total population]Whites make up only 1.9 percent of the number of sentenced criminals.

Weighing in with 90,013 sentenced individuals — approximately 79.1 percent of the total number of criminals sentenced — blacks more than filled their per-population crime allotment."
Blade runner killing and the media blackout
Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa - Ilana Mercer

Ridiculously, Africa Check denies that whites are being murdered mostly by blacks. So Who is doing the Killing then? Are they perhaps trying to create the perception that whites are behind the committing of these xenophobic killings? That whites are being murdered by whites, while we can barely calculate the number of whites convicted for murder each year? 

Is Africa Check also trying to suggest that whites are committing the corrective rapes on lesbians, that whites are raping babies in an attempt to cure themselves of HIV/AIDS? Or is Africa Check trying to suggest that whites are committing the rapes and therefore rapists have a 99% chance of getting away with their crimes?

Given the above we have to conclude that Africa Check's misleading politically correct assertion that whites are not being murdered mostly by blacks, must be dismissed.

Drugs and Crime in South Africa

  • According to SAPS figures, 60 percent of crimes nationally were related to substance abuse. In the Western Cape, the figure was closer to 80 percent.
  • Alcohol consumption in South Africa is among the 10 highest in the world. 1.9 million South Africans are alcoholics, 37% of the population are binge drinkers and 10% are classified "risky drinkers".
  • 67% of domestic violence in the Cape Metropolitan area was alcohol related (MRC).
  • In a study of women abused by their spouses, 69% identified alcohol/drug abuse as the main cause of conflict leading to the abuse (MRC).
  • 76% of domestic violence in rural areas in the South-Western Cape was found to be alcohol related (MRC).
  • Half of all murders were the result of drunkenness (MRC).
  • Approximately 40% of firearm and 58% of blunt instrument homicide victims have consumed alcohol prior to their fatal injury.
  • Almost 80% of all assault patients - both male and female - presented at an urban hospital Trauma Unit in Cape Town were either found to be under the influence of alcohol or injured because of alcohol related violence.
  • Even in the analysis of the 1 378 murder dockets referred to by Africa Check and the NDP, it was found that at least 28.2 percent of the victims had used alcohol or drugs prior to the incident.
  • Tik usage has nearly doubled in the last year increasing by 88% and Cat usage increased by 82%.
  • There are links between the growing gangsterism and the illicit trade in drugs
  • A study conducted in 2009 also indicates the use of drugs among teenagers had increased over the last 10 years by more than 600%.
(See "Drugs and Crime" under Reference List)

Notwithstanding the fact that 'SA has lost the war on drugs' evidenced by at least a 600% increase in drug abuse over the last ten years (which continues to rise year-on-year) and the clear link between substance abuse and crime, including murder and assault, miraculously South Africa still claims an annual decrease in crime over the same period. If this was possible, let alone true, then South Africa should patent their formula and sell it to security agencies in all other countries of the world.

The forgotten victims of attacks that the media choose to ignore

Six out of seven people shot with a handgun survive. Only 5% survive gunshot wounds to the head, with only 3% achieving a good quality of life afterwards. An ex-colleague of my son'sentire family was wiped out by what the media continues to call "robbers". Three black gunmen fired 14 shots at their bodies. His brother died within a week of taking six bullets during the brutal armed assault and his mother died within one month from three bullets during the armed attack, while his father survived the three gunshot wounds, only to die from complications more than seven months later. The son's girlfriend survived a gunshot injury to her leg.

We usually only hear of the armed assault victims who died at the scene or during the initial hospital stay. In cases such as the father who died seven months later, it is seldom classified as murder or death due to gunshot injury. In most cases the cause of death would be misclassified, not indicating murder or even due to gunshot injury.

More than this, while most patients survive (do not immediately die from) gunshot wounds most will eventually die from their gunshot wounds to the torso, pelvis, neck and head, many months or even many years later. A person is never the same after a gunshot wound and they are usually in and out of hospital for the rest of their lives.

While many patients do not die soon after attacks with guns, knives, pangas (machetes) and other dangerous objects, they are often left paralysed, end up as vegetables, mentally and emotionally unstable, blind, deaf, left without a leg or arm, many even committing suicide later on. Many victims are so injured and so maimed for life that they might as well be considered dead, because they have no quality of life afterwards.

The best example of this must be Foresaken Hero Cherise Cox - Shot Policewoman Cast Aside By Metro Police who battled without quality of life until her death almost ten years after having been shot during an armed robbery committed by four black gunmen of the “Shezi gang”. Of course this is not the kind of story that would draw any kind or interest from Africa Check and their kind, but to us mere average white South Africans these cases actually matter. While Africa Check makes it their business to deny the murdering of whites, we make it our business to make the world aware of it.

There are many more attacks than victims dying from those attacks and while the media is doing their utmost best to deny the murder figures, they ignore these assault victims completely. The South African criminal justice data is in such shambles that virtually 100% of the victims who die later on fall through the cracks. 

Just with regards to farm attacks alone, Treurgrond describes the attacks on at least 5 818 direct victims over the period 1990 to 2012.

As a matter of interest, one article claimed that between 77% (house) and 87% (business) of all robberies are armed robberies and that guns are the cause of death in more than half of all murders. If we were to deduct the comparatively small number of murders committed by owners of legally licensed firearms and and killings committed by the SA Police, which are also legally owned firearms, we find that the vast, vast majority of all armed assaults are committed with illegal firearms, a problem that is yet to be addressed in any meaningful way in this country. 

From the above it should be quite obvious that Africa Check and their experts' ridiculous assertion, based on part of one sentence extracted from an entire unreferenced document, that only 6,498 whites have been murdered since 1994 and that whites supposedly account for only 1.8% of murders in South Africa must be dismissed entirely.

Apartheid era data 

As for Africa Check's section under the heading "The trouble with apartheid-era data" it is not even worthy of comment. The entire section contains no facts, only assumptions, pure conjecture without any evidence and sweeping statement like "it is probable that....black homicides was understated in official reports" and "the data is simply not reliable enough to make any accurate findings", while their own entire article is based on farcical data.

They state that "Since 1990, race has not been listed as a category in official death records." yet they are denying the white murder figures based on these very statistics? 

They then shoot themselves in the foot by adding that "This deliberate omission may have been intended to avoid exactly the kind of issue raised by Hofmeyr’s claims; the interpretation of raw data by non-experts to support some form of race-based conspiracy theory. In reality, however, the absence of such information has effectively perpetuated a race-crime mythology in South Africa." 

They are thereby admitting that prior to 1990, before FW de Klerk arrived on the scene, deaths were in fact classified by race, while at the same time attempting to sweep it under the carpet with the sweeping assumption, without any supporting evidence that "it is probable that....black homicides was understated in official reports" . Africa Check may also be suggesting that the interpretation of raw data by their "experts" based on untrustworthy farcical statistics to support denial of race-based murders would be more acceptable.

At the same time Africa Check tries to create the impression that the "Apartheid Government" tried to hide black deaths by no longer listing "race as a category in official death records.", while this is exactly the reason why the current SA government, the SA Police, Africa Check and the liberal media have been avoiding race classification of crime in South Africa since 1994. Why has Africa Check not complained about this very trend being perpetuated since 1994? The non-racial classification of deaths did not start in 1990 under the "Apartheid Government" and end in 1994 under the so-called democratic ANC, it became much worse after 1994, because they have been trying to hide the murdering of whites under this government's rule.

While Steve Hofmeyr was discussing murders, Africa Check chose to draw no distinction between deaths due to political violence in South Africa before 1994 and actual murders. In their attempt to demonise pre-1994 South Africa in an effort to make the New South Africa under the ANC look good, they conveniently forgot to mention the 7000 political deaths between 1948 and 1989, 30 abductions, 38 disappearances and another 150 internal assassinations, the total of 73 deaths in detention recorded by the HRC as deaths while in the hands of the security police, the 37 who died while in custody of the uniformed police under politically-related circumstances, the 14,000 deaths and 22,000 casualties that occurred between 1990-1994 in South Africa due to political violence (mostly black-on-black), which NelsonMandela.org states as 12,000 deaths without mentioning that it was black-on-black political violence.

They also omit the fact that 90% of the deaths were attributed to vigilante-style activity (Black on Black) as the two political parties engaged in a series of attacks and counter-attacks in villages, tribes, and cities. 600 deaths were the direct cause of South African police intervention and 173 deaths were believed to be acts of state-sponsored assassinations.

The 1976 riots where the number of people who died is usually given as 176 with unconfirmed estimates up to 700 and Sharpville figures were also part of the murder figures used to obscure the comparison between the old and the new South Africa.

Farm attacks

Africa Check is trying to deny the farm murders without any evidence whatsoever. Africa Check has never conducted any research into farm murders. All they have is one ten-year-old SA Police committee inquiry into farm attacks dating back to 2003 and the figures produced by the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa (TAUSA).

Africa Check goes on to contradict themselves by quoting the TAUSA’s figures which clearly show that only 13.5% of the total number of people murdered on farms between 1990 and 2012 were black. The rest were white.

The only figures we have are contained in the book Treurgrond which, while considered the most comprehensive and most accurate database of South African farm murders to date, is as admitted by the publishers as being a very conservative representation of the reality at best, because  this database was compiled from reports on farm murders in the media and information obtained from farmers who are members of the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAUSA) only. This huge task was undertaken, because the SA Police is incapable of doing so and Africa Check is too scared to even try, for fear of what they may find.

Africa Check ends off with the sweeping statement, without any evidence to the contrary, that "Hofmeyr’s statement that a white farmer is murdered every five days is therefore also incorrect. The claim would only be true if he included all farm attack victims of all races."This proves that Africa Check did not even bother to consult with TAUSA to learn that they had in fact done this in the meantime, which provided even more damning evidence showing how white farmers are being killed like flies. 

In the book "Bloedsusters" written by Eileen de Jager en Roelien Schutte who run a country-wide crime clean-up service, the authors conclude from personal on site experience that farm murders are far more brutal than other murders. They also stated that they have observed a marked increase in the brutality during farm attacks.

Based on the fact that Africa Check has no research to back up their denial of white farm murder figures their conclusions must be dismissed


"Denialism and political correctness are both tacit approval and the single most important perpetuators of the murders, rapes, violent crime and corruption in South Africa. By denying that we have a rape problem, a murder problem, a high-jacking and juvenile delinquency problem we are actually stating that we have no problem." - How Liberals' Denialism Bred A Culture of Entitlement Among SA Blacks

It is obvious that the SA Police, Africa Check and other news media have much to hide about what is truly happening in the New South Africa under the ANC.

Denialism is so pervasive in the liberal media that they have lost all sense of morality.

While the killing of rhinos is an important issue, it enjoys a hundred time more exposure than the murdering and raping of hundreds of thousands of human beings in South Africa. While we often see articles about the rhino killings on the front pages of newspapers we very seldom, if ever, see any articles on the almost half a million murders under ANC rule since 1994 making the news.

Africa Check, in their anxiousness to deny the murdering of whites uses the already downward manipulated figure of 361 015 people murdered in South Africa without even flinching an eyelid, not sparing a moment to focus any attention on it. 

Had this been any other country, there would have been a constant outcry from the media, the churches, human rights groups, opposition parties and NGOs, but not in South Africa. Here they choose to rather deny it than draw any attention to it.

But, If foreigners knew the truth, would South Africa still have secured 87 business conferences worth R2.6 billion between 2013 and 2017?

In any other country the media would have lashed out at their government about the scandalous state of crime, the murder and rapes as well as the inaccuracy of statistical data, but not in South Africa. Here the media and the various groups prefer using the sad state of crime statistics to assist them in protecting the false angelic image of the ANC, its leaders and the New South Africa that the very media helped to create.

So serious is the situation in South Africa that media houses should have crime, murder and rape counters running on their home pages, to draw attention and pressure the government into action.

Instead, the media is using their demonisation of activists fighting for their own people as a means to draw attention away from the murders and rapes generally. The media is not only denying the xenophobic murdering of whites, they are using their denial of it to also deny the murders of all South Africans at the same time by trying to find ways and means to further downscale the already diluted murder, rape and crime figures.

Because there is an outcry from one particular race group (particularly being the whites) making the world aware of the dangerous nature of the situation by crying out for help to stop the xenophobic murdering of their own people, their family and their friends, the media considers it their duty to jump to the defence of their beloved government by using untrustworthy crime statistics to deny the murders generally.

In South Africa the media sees themselves as the officially appointed protectors of the false angelic image of the ruling party that the media had created for them.

Conclusion - Africa Check's claims are grossly incorrect

Barbara Holtman, leader of research into crime and violence at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) said. “But in reality, we will know when we are getting safer. Not because the crime statistics tell us, but because it will become acceptable to walk alone at night, or because we worry less about our children when they are not with us, or when we are confident to use public transport.” - A society still driven by fear 

Given the obvious discrepancies between claims of reducing crime figures, drastically increasing drug abuse and trafficking, the gross misclassification of causes of deaths, the inexplicable increasing number of annual recorded deaths, totally unreconcilable criminal justice data, ludicrous crime statistics and SA Police corruption, which includes unrecorded post-mortem reports and allegations of police negligence and manipulation of crime figures, all Africa Check's statements suggesting a declining, lesser or lower post-1994 murder rate, including "the [murder] rate had fallen""The murder rate has continued to decline""it is lower than the murder rate documented in 1970 under apartheid.", and including their statement that "Both McCafferty and Hofmeyr’s claims about murder number discrepancies must therefore be dismissed.""Hofmeyr’s claims are incorrect and grossly exaggerated the level of killings.", the heading "Conclusion – Hofmeyr’s claims are grossly incorrect" and their closing paragraph MUST ALL THEREFORE BE DISMISSED.

In their over-anxiousness to demonise, discredit and ridicule Steve Hofmeyr, Africa Check actually discredited and ridiculed themselves, thereby showing that Africa Check must be disregarded and dismissed as a possible source of trustworthy information

Given the above we have to conclude that Steve Hofmeyr was right, whites are being murdered like flies in South Africa. At the same time, blacks, coloureds and Indians are being murdered like flies in South Africa too, while there is no outcry from the media, only denial.

White, black, coloured, Indian, male and female, newborns, babies, toddlers, teenagers, adolescent, adults and old people are being raped like flies in South Africa, while there is no outcry from the media, only denial.