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Saturday, 26 May 2007

The insane logic behind the ongoing “Arms Deal” saga that has exposed a variety of high profile "Creative Entrepreneurs" has gone largely unexamined because focus has shifted to the participants in what has just got to be the most mind boggling example of African excesses in recent history that seems also to have escaped the hawk-like observations of Western World’s finest intelligentsia.

From a purely military point of view, the notorious R 60 Billion South African arms deal begs a number of issues and questions.

The former SADF was morphed into the bizarre SANDF by way of incorporating the legions of rag-tag cannon fodder of the “Liberation Struggle” into what was arguably one of the most formidable armed forces in the world.

An impossible merger of two unlikely entities.....? Absolutely !!

The former South African Defence Force (SADF) bolstered by military specialists of the highest order from the former Rhodesian Security forces, was a military machine that was quite capable of a military takeover of the entire African continent.

The “Liberation Struggle” armies including the detritus of the various African Nationalist forces that were involved in the Rhodesian conflict comprised the glorious victorius “Mkhonto we Sizwe” heroes of “ONE SETTLER ONE BULLET” fame.

So here we have on one hand a seasoned, competent, well blooded army of true soldiers and exceptional military credentials and on the other hand a bunch of ill-disciplined thugs masquerading as "soldiers" and "heroes" thanks to their efforts of murdering unarmed civilians and famous only more for their excellent tactical withdrawal skills (hat off, pack off, and fack off…) in the face of any kind of resistance: and the idea is to integrate the two and create a new “super” SANDF (South African National Defence force).

Well we have all seen what the outcome of that was. The once mighty SADF was by a process of attrition targeting whites involving early retirement, Affirmative Action etc etc. miraculously transformed into a laughable "Blacks Only" (and by their own admission) mostly overweight, unfit, HIV-ridden, ill-disciplined rabble dressed in camouflage and idly occupying a variety of military bases around the country while awaiting the ANC election promised utopia in the form of a monthly gratuity.

Of course this shower had to be adequately armed and for some reason, after having been amply provided for in terms of military hardware (For free) by the Russians, North Koreans and Chinese for the duration of their noble “Struggle” during the 60’s – 90’s the erudite ANC government, now with billions of honorary white tax payers money went on a mammoth spending spree in non-communist western countries in order to acquire an arsenal that the former SADF would have given sensitive bits of their anatomy to have a decade or two earlier but were in fact denied due to sanctions etc.

We now have this experiment in buffoonery (Has anybody seen these oke’s do drill) masquerading as an army being equipped with some of the most advanced military technology on the planet.

Now for the questions:

  1. Who is going to operate these new and hitherto unencountered (in SANDF circles) sophisticated weapons and weapons systems, planes, boats and submarines?.
  1. If the suitably qualified manpower does not currently exist and it certainly didn’t at the time the arms deal was concluded, where are they to be found, who is going to train them and at what further cost to who?
The Facts:

1. There is not a single country on the entire African Continent that could launch a military offensive on even the most miniscule scale that justifies the ANC Governments expenditure of R 60 Billion on weapons of war to equip an "Army" that couldn't properly plan pissing in their own pants.

2. There is not a single country outside of the African continent that the SANDF could defend itself against even with R 60 Billion worth of military hardware.

So the last question is - what war is the SANDF being equipped for and against whom - white people???


Anonymous said... 
The anc government is simply wasting money on defence procurement contracts, they are acting in their normal irresponsible and childlike fashion. They want this and that simply because they beleive it will enhance their status, they want it simply because it is available. They do not need it. Logic fails when dealing with the black authoritarian idiot in need of an ego boost.
Anonymous said... 
Why the other night on 3rd degree, they had a commentary about Angola bushwar where some prick of a platoon commander were now for the f$%#ing c%$%nts, Black bastards making out to them being heroes. WTF is going on where is the old SADF members can we really sit back and be labeled losers. Who did win that war..??? My blood is boiling. I missed that War with 2 years so I cant really comment but why did our White Fellow citizens die for. Why ???????? The Politicians sold us out, We could have taken Angola and the whole African continent. I think we should now start a armed struggle.!!!!!! Sick and tired of having Loads of weapons but not allowed to use them on these K'4's when will hunting season be declared open on these Bastards !!!
Makayla-Marie said... 
Although physically seperated you are not alone in your struggle against murderous liberals. The sands are beginning to shift especially here in the states where the socialists are having their party celebrating their "Victories" which in reality shall turn into the ultimate defeat of their misguided ideals. I have followed the plight of your once great nations with ever increasing sorrow turned into a larger form of controlled rage. It cant go on for much longer without the other shoe dropping. There are others waking and they are with you. Keep up the truth its the greatest tool we have on our side. God bless...
Anonymous said...
Don’t worry the anc is self destructive one day whe will fuck them up again :p
I have started this blog to express my sentiments, anger, outrage or sometimes just my thoughts on the myth that has been described as the heroics of the African Struggle against white "Oppression". It also attempts to expose and question Black Racism. Now I know that as far as most people are concerned, only white people can be racists and not black people. To my mind, the label of racism as ascribed to whites only is the biggest lie in the history of mankind. It is the cause and the scapegoat of the refusal of Black Africans in particular to accept responsibility and accountability for their own self-realisation and for perpetuating on the one hand a begging bowl culture of demands and entitlement to their existence in a "The World owes me a living" manner, whilst on the other hand, against a history and a backdrop of violent human rights abuse, graft, corruption and nepotism, entrenching a culture of blaming white people for the failure of Black Africa to ever amount to anything but a liability to the rest of the free world until it is inevitably re-colonised by China.

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