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The Death Sentence

Saturday, 8 March 2008

With all the palava about one Michael Molefe being sentenced to death in Botswana everybody is now up in arms in two camps bleating about having a representative of the ANC terrorist regime in Arsezania intervene to prevent the execution on the one hand, and "on da udder hand Darren" having the death sentence re-introduced into Arsezania.

Well I'd like to make a few comments. First off this clown Molefe murdered two people and he is paying the penalty for it. WHY must Arsezania with it's putrid reputation for crime be called on to interfere with a legal system that clearly works in another country because while Botswana carries the death penalty, it's crime rate is nothing like Arsezania's? Obviously the death sentence is a deterrent.

Conveniently, the media and the liberal left wing brigade are conveniently sidestepping that very obvious fact and focusing instead on the "veil of secrecy" that is typically associated with executions being carried out in Botswana and crying about how the poor criminals are only informed in the few hours prior to their execution that their death warrant has been signed, their families can't visit them, they get buried in prison graves yadda yadda yadda.....shame!
In all this crying and yodelling about the human rights of the convicted criminal being violated nobody has the gonads to ever question the violation of the human rights of the victim or any forwarning they had that they were about to be murdered.

It's a whole can of worms that I really couldn't give a rat's ass about. He murdered somebody - hang him - finish en klaar.

The death sentence in Botswana is clearly a deterrent, because as I've said, crime in Botswana is nothing compared to Arsezania so something must be keeping a hedge on it and that can only be the deterrent effect of the death sentence.

Now what about the death sentence being introduced back into Arsezania?

Well, I have to say that the fact that so many people are calling for the death sentence in Arseznia tells me a lot about the state of crime in the nation, but it tells me even more about the mental state of anybody who thinks he is in his right mind to call for the death sentence in Arsezania.

The death sentence can only be effectively enforced in a country that has a thoroughly motivated, fully equipped and resourced, competent police force to properly investigate crime, arrest the actual perpetrators and present them before a proper, competent court for trial. Anybody with half a brain cell would know that this is patently not the case in Arsezania.
The cops are a bunch of illiterate part-time criminal idiots and the entire judiciary with a very few dwindling exceptions, is a mockery of the first order.

Given the recent criminal abuse of their authority by none other than "MacBride's Finest" - that gang of illiterate incompetent savages masquerading as "Metro Police" the potential for the abuse of anything that involves state sanctioned capital punishment is too horrific to even bare contemplation. Furthermore, the legendary shoddiness, corruption, incompetence and just plain criminal character of the state organs of trial, sentence and conviction is already a study in turd world buffoonery with the potential to effect catastrophic miscarriages of justice without flinging a whole lot of unlawfully arrested, innocent civilians who weren't able to levy the prescribed bribes, into the equation.

Can one even begin to imagine the level of abuse of such a system and the threat it poses to whites who are already the official target of an unofficial ANC sponsored genocide?
There is also the question of the sector of the population in Arsezania from which spews forth the majority of capital criminals who should justifiably be on the end of a rope and that is the esteemed society of SBG. With 55 murders being committed in Arsezania every day, if each one of these were to lead to a successful arrest, trial, conviction, sentence and execution of the prepetrator, it implies that initially at least, 55 SBG criminals would have to be hanged per day to bring the murder rate down. What about the other how many hundred rapes that occur daily for which the death sentence for the extreme savagery with which these rapes are committed would be an exemplary deterrent?

A re-introduction of the death penalty in Arsezania would initially and conceivably see the execution of as many as 75-100 SBG murderers and rapists per day and if this were for only a month, never mind the amount of time it would take to deal with the perpetrators of 35-40 000 murders per year alone, can one imagine the outcry from the international black butt-kissing brigade?

If the ANC terrorist regime were to even consider the death sentence in Arsezania, they would first of all be seen to be pandering to whites because as everybody knows, the perpetrators are mostly black and the victims mostly white and second of all they would lose their support base for executing mainly blacks.
It's a no-brainer - the death sentence will never be re-introduced for black criminals in a black run Arsezania.

It does however leave two very sobering conclusions. For one, the death sentence in South Africa was abolished for black criminals so that it could be imposed on innocent, law abiding white civilians in Arsezania.

Secondly and lastly, if the murder, rape and general capital crime rate in a country is so endemic that to address it by means of the death penalty would resemble the mass killings of a revolution, then such a country is in a state of anarchy with revolution in any event only the next step away.

Post by Cynic 

I have started this blog to express my sentiments, anger, outrage or sometimes just my thoughts on the myth that has been described as the heroics of the African Struggle against white "Oppression". It also attempts to expose and question Black Racism. Now I know that as far as most people are concerned, only white people can be racists and not black people. To my mind, the label of racism as ascribed to whites only is the biggest lie in the history of mankind. It is the cause and the scapegoat of the refusal of Black Africans in particular to accept responsibility and accountability for their own self-realisation and for perpetuating on the one hand a begging bowl culture of demands and entitlement to their existence in a "The World owes me a living" manner, whilst on the other hand, against a history and a backdrop of violent human rights abuse, graft, corruption and nepotism, entrenching a culture of blaming white people for the failure of Black Africa to ever amount to anything but a liability to the rest of the free world until it is inevitably re-colonised by China.


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