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Why we're Targeting White Farmers - ANC

Radio Freedom

20 April 2011

Transcript of Radio Freedom broadcast on MK's landmine campaign, October 24 1986

Transcript of ANC Radio Freedom broadcast, Addis Ababa, October 24 1986

Compatriots: For some time now, areas around the northern borders of our country have experienced a spate of landmine explosions in which quite a number of racist farmers have either been killed or seriously injured.

The inability of the regime to provide enough protection for its arch-supporters in these areas has been clearly exposed in the process. Instructions and precautionary measures that the enemy has introduced fall far short of providing any protection.

The vanguard liberation movement of our people, the ANC, has long declared these areas war zones. This is because the farmers in these areas have been fully integrated in the enemy's so-called security and defence network.

White men, women and youths are part and parcel of the military and paramilitary units (of the SADF). They are part of the local police force. They participate enthusiastically in Malan's so-called area defence system. They are the people who are planted there by the regime to assist the murderous racist army (containing) what they call insurgency. They work tirelessly to detect any movement by fugitives of the freedom [using] sophisticated communication equipment especially meant for this secret work. Clearly, the enemy has also long ago regarded these areas as war zones.

At the same time, these racist farmers are notorious for their brutal oppression and exploitation of African labour. Our people employed by these farmers go to the fields under the shadow of the whip and the gun. They work under slave conditions for slave wages.

In these areas, our people are forced to work between 10 and 12 hours a day with very little or no break at all. They work 52 weeks a year and take 16 days off. Child labour is rife. Our young ones are picked up in open lorries and transported daily to the fields or they are taken out of school so that the labour needs of these racist farmers can be met at the least cost to them.
To these brutal oppressors, the future and education of our children is far less important than the profits they reap from our expertise. These children and women, so-called casual workers, are repaid in tomatoes, cabbages, or as little as 80 cents or one rand each.

This white farmer community is (?of) exploiters with a slave-owner mentality. They treat their chickens and cows, their tractors and trucks with greater respect than they treat black farm workers.

And, of course, they monopolise the land claiming it as their own. They naively believe that they, as whites and as farm owners, have exclusive rights to all our fertile land. On the farms and within their racist community, they feel the idea that black people are there only with the permission of the white farmers is held up as a God-made law.

Black farm workers know from their bitter experience that the Boers impose their presence and their rule with cold-blooded brutality. They do not think twice before beating a farm worker to death. They see nothing wrong in taking our children on nightmare joyrides or sexually assaulting black women farm workers: And this is all in the name of white civilisation, white power, super profits and free enterprise.

While these racist farm owners live in comfort [word indistinct], their black farm workers the real producers of the wealth, the very people who made that comfor table life possible are living in poverty and misery. Hunger and malnutrition are the order of the day. Family life is disrupted. That is why we need to change all this.

Let farm workers understand and accept that such a situation cannot be allowed to continue like that any longer. That is why they have also joined their township compatriots in confronting the racist regime. In areas like Leabua, bantustan farm owners know now that they cannot expect to get any co-operation from their employees. They are beginning to feel the pinch of our offensive.
Because of the [word indistinct] (?position) to fight by our people in these areas and because of the active involvement of racist farm owners in the defence of the apartheid system, we have declared these areas war zones. That is because we understand the need to crack this false sense of property, power and pride which the white community [word indistinct].

That is why the people's army, Umkhonto we Sizwe, continues to escalate its activities in these areas. That is why landmines are becoming the way of life. We are intent on escalating armed action in support of the [word indistinct] and many grievances of farm workers and indeed of all the black working people.

Therefore, the mining of roads which are used by racist farm owners and the murderous (?farmers) is part of this action. These mines are aimed at the paramilitary and military forces of the enemy, all those who defend the so-called white countryside.

Black farm workers know that they are not the targets of Umkhonto. They are part of the oppressed majority who are struggling as working people to establish justice in the country of their birth. To ensure that they and their children will know a life of peace, security and comfort in a unitary non-racial South Africa.
Black farmers must always remember that the future is in their hands. They are and can become part of Umkhonto, because it is their army, the army of the people. That is why when by accident farm workers are injured or killed by mines, they know that they are not the target. That is why we say: Farm workers take care.

Because of the growing intensity of our armed offensive in these farming areas, farm owners are now placing some of their workers in managerial positions to do their dirty work whilst they ran away from these war zones to seek refuge in the urban areas and only to come occasionally to collect profits.

Farm workers must take (?a hard course) at work. Farm workers must also be careful not to drive on or walk along a route that they know are [as heard] used by farmers and (?SADF). They must refuse to be used as sweepers by the Boers, who send them out in tractors to see if the way is clear.

They want to use you as a shield to protect them from Umkhonto actions, because they know they are the targets. Therefore, you must demand that they ensure that the roads and fields are safe for you to work on. The white farmer must go out and check that all is safe. This [word indistinct] is your basic right as a worker. And if he refuses to do this, then, you must refuse to work.

It is your lives that the Boers are putting at risk. Of course, you must also not agree to be used by farmers as their informers. As a worker, you are told to do the work you are paid for. You owe the Boers nothing. In fact it is they that owe you everything because they have grown fat and wealthy on your poverty and labour.

Sabotage his farming operations. Destroy his crops. Sabotage his implements and machinery. Daring actions of Umkhonto we Sizwe are not the only way of confronting the enemy. Sabotage operations are part of the people's war. And actions of the people are: Do not allow the Boers to arm you against the people. Take the guns and communication equipment [word indistinct] and everything you can lay your hands on and turn them on the exploitative farmers.

These are the actions we have to take to end this state of tyranny which occupies our land. Let us all unite and fight for a new South Africa where the land shall not be the property of white farmers only but shall be shared among all those who [word indistinct]. Let us fight to abolish the hated (?plot) system and child labour once and for all. The whole of South Africa is ours. So, let us fight for our rights to own land wherever we want. We must fight for a system where people shall not be robbed of their cattle, where forced labour and farm prisons shall be abolished. This fight has begun.

 The landmines that are harassing farmers (?and) [word indistinct] are part of it. Therefore, farm workers, take care, and [do] not be victims of mines which are aimed against our oppressors. Let us make the countryside safe for us and a hell for the enemy. Forward to the people's war.

Source: BBC Monitoring, October 28 1986

An apology to Blacks from a White South African

June 15, 2004

We apologize for giving you doctors and free medical care, as a result of which you have been able to survive plagues and catastrophes and grow in numbers;

We apologize for teaching you to read and write, and for building you thousands of schools which we have repaired after you vandalized them and burned them down, After all, if you could not read how could you have learned the words of Karl Marx, Mao Tse-tung, and others who taught you how evil we are and how oppressed you are?

We apologize for building factories and highways and buildings that gave you employment;

We apologize for developing farms that to this day feed the bulk of Africa;

We apologize for providing you with warm clothing made of fabric instead of leaving you wearing the animal skins that you wore before our arrival;

We apologize for taking minerals from the earth, which you neither used, nor wanted, nor even knew, were there;

We apologize for those among us who have established welfare organizations and have devoted their entire life towards making life richer and better for your people;

We apologize that we have built roads and railroad tracks between towns and cities which you now use every day without thinking;

We apologize for paying the lion's share of taxation while spending less on ourselves than on you;

We apologize for giving you law and order and a strong central government that prevented your own warrior nations like the Zulu and the Matabele from slaughtering black people by the hundreds of thousands as they did year in and year out before we came;

We apologize for teaching you the English language which has opened to you the entire world of European thought, culture, and commerce;

For all these sins we humbly beg forgiveness, and if you will only accept our apology we will be happy to take back all of the above evil and horrible things we have done to you and return to our European homeland.

A Warning for Americans: A Message from a South African

People used to say that South Africa was 20 years behind the rest of the Western world. Television, for example, came late to South Africa (but so did pornography and the gay rights movement).

Today, however, South Africa may be the grim model of the future Western world, for events in America reveals trends chillingly similar to those that destroyed our country.

America's structures are of "Western Culture". Your Congress, your lobbying groups, your free speech, and the way ordinary Americans either get involved or ignore politics are peculiarly your "Western Culture", not the way most of the world operates. But the fact that only about a third of Americans deem it important to vote is horrifying in light of how close you are to losing your Western character.

Writing letters to the press, manning stands at county fairs, hosting fund-raising dinners, attending rallies, setting up conferences, writing your Congressman -- that is what you know, and what you are comfortable with. Those are the political methods you've created for yourselves to keep your country on track and to ensure political accountability,with freedom and justice for all.

But woe to you if -- or more likely, when -- the rules change. Americans may soon find themselves unable or unwilling to stand up to challenge the new political methods that will be the inevitable result of the ethnic metamorphosis now taking place in America. Unable to cope with the new rules of the game -- violence, mob riots, intimidation through accusations of racism, demands for proportionality based on racial numbers, and all the other social and political weapons used by the have-nots to bludgeon treasure and power from the haves -- Americans, like others before them, will no doubt cave in. They will compromise away their independence and ultimately their way of life.

That is exactly what happened in South Africa. I know, because I was there and I saw it happen. 

South Africa's Murder
Rate Far Worse Than Reported
Getting Away With Murder
A shocking new report by United Christian Action presents evidence that South Africa's murder statistics are even worse than official statistics have so far admitted.
For every 1000 crimes committed in South Africa, only 430 criminals are arrested. Of these, only 77 are convicted and barely 8 of these are sentenced to two or more years of imprisonment. It is also calculated that South African convicts have a 94% recidivism rate (that is, 94% of all persons released after serving a sentence immediately become involved in crime again).
Serious Underreporting
The 22-page United Christian Action report by Robert McCafferty, is based on original source documents, government archives, the Central Statistics Service, Interpol, the South African Medical Research Council statistics, and many other sources. The Report casts serious doubt on the South African government's claim that the murder rate has been decreasing.
Victims' surveys have consistently uncovered between 60% and 70% more crime than reported by official sources. Upwards of 50% of crime in many serious categories goes unreported.
Statistical Discrepancies
While police crime statistics show that there were 21 683 murders in the year 2000, the Medical Research Council puts the figure at 32 482. The MRC' s estimate is close to the figure from the Department of Home Affairs, which is 30 068. This is a third more murders than reported by the SAPS, a discrepancy of more than 10 000 murders.
So, while the Democratic Alliance leaflet "Fight Crime" puts the average daily murder rate in South Africa at 55 murders every day, the Medical Research Council's statistics reveal that 89 murders are committed, on average, every day in South Africa.
Interpol claims even higher numbers of murders in South Africa. While the SAPS claims that there were 26 883 murders in 1995, Interpol claims that there were 54 298 "murders known to the police" in 1995/96. Interpol's figures are approximately double the numbers of "recorded murders" in South Africa.
According to Interpol, South Africa has the highest recorded per capita murder rate of the countries covered in their report for 1998, second only to Columbia. In that year, Interpol recorded the per capita murder rate in the USA as 6 per 100 000, while in South Africa it was 59 per 100 000.
Organised Crime
A report from the World Economic Forum claimed that South Africa's organised crime was second only to Columbia's, with its frightening drug cartels and Russia, with its omnipresent mafia. Their report claimed widespread corruption in the South African police service - where one in four police officers in the greater Johannesburg were under criminal investigation at the time of the report.
Police estimate that there are currently "about 700 extremely well financed and superbly armed crime syndicates operating in and from South Africa." However, it was also reported that "not a single ring leader of any of the 700 crime syndicates operating in South Africa has been arrested."
The Failure of the Criminal Justice System
In 2000, only half of all murder cases were sent to court, and only 4007 of the 'official murders' resulted in a guilty verdict. The MRC reported 32 482 murders in 2000. This means that for every 8 murders in 2000, only one murderer was convicted. Obviously there is a delay factor to sentencing; however, the murder rate has been consistently high and the conviction rate considerably low by comparison.
One report is quoted claiming: "Despite the President's boast that South African crime statistics are improving - with reductions in incidents of some serious categories of offences - other figures showing the decline of convictions suggest that the forces of law and order are alarmingly on the retreat. Convictions for using and dealing with drugs, for example, collapsed ."
Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol abuse is also shown to go hand in hand with South Africa's culture of violence - "according to the National Injury Mortality Surveillance System, 56% of homicide victims sampled for blood alcohol levels tested positive."
The Most Murderous Societies On Earth
The Nedcore Project has concluded that: "South Africa and Southern Africa are probably the most murderous societies on earth, even with the probable under-reporting." The Nedcore Project claims the results of their surveys "underscore the fact that crime has become South Africa's pre-eminent sociological problem. It now eclipses even unemployment in concerns of all South Africans."
The bizarre behaviour of the ANC government in, at one stage, imposing a moratorium on crime statistics is also questioned. The report shows that in the first seven years of ANC rule, violence and crime in South Africa increased by 33%, officially.
Worse Than War
The UCA Report on Murder in South Africa reveals that according to the official statistics, in the 44 years from 1950 to 1993, there was an average of 7036 murders per year. This covered the turbulent strife of the apartheid years of warfare, conflict, terrorism, riots and repression.
However, in the first eight years (of peace) of the new democratic dispensation, under the ANC, an average of 24 206 murders were committed each year. However, if the Interpol statistics are accepted, then the murder rate in South Africa during the ANC years has averaged 47 882 per year.
When The Death Penalty Deterrent Is Removed The report notes that the sharp exponential increase of violent crime, particularly murder, in South Africa, also coincides with the suspension of the death penalty in 1989 and its abolition in 1996.
Official Cover Up
Sharp discrepancies between official statistics and those of Interpol and the Medical Research Council are considered. One observer is quoted as saying that the "easiest way for the police to reduce the crime rate is simply to do nothing but record only those crimes where a case number is absolutely mandatory ." Numerous experts are quoted as suspecting "serious under reporting"; "perhaps these figures are concealed for political reasons '; "the reason for this under reporting could be the desire to change the ongoing reputation of South Africa as the crime capital of the world."
Living Behind Bars and Locks
Of course, few South Africans would need the impeccable research documented in this report to convince them that security has deteriorated and crime has escalated during the last ten years.
No matter what the official statistics may claim, many South Africans remember a time when most children walked or cycled to school on their own, when most homes were not surrounded by high walls, razor wire and spikes. When homes did not need burglar bars and security gates, alarm systems and armed response companies and when many roads did not need security booms. When vehicles did not need gear locks, steering locks, alarm systems and satellite tracking devices. When we did not carry such huge bunches of keys.
The Releasing of Criminals
Not considered in this report is the impact of the early release of well over 100 000 criminals including murderers and rapists from South African prisons.
Some Of The Causes Of The Crime Wave
However, the Crime Information Analyst Centre (CIAC) of the South African Police Services is quoted as offering some socio-economic explanations for the horrific crime rates in South Africa: "Urbanisation of the youth . extremely conducive to crime . the role of rapid, abnormally high rates of urbanisation (and urban unemployment) . when influx control was removed in 1986, it released a massive urbanisation process . a massive influx of especially young work seekers (economic refugees) to our cities from especially neighbouring countries, but also from as far afield as Nigeria, Morocco, Europe and China . at least 6 million undocumented immigrants live in especially our cities . massive unemployment, with no extended family (social support network) and subsistence economy to support their basic needs. In the cities the only support they may find is within their peer group. A very strong sense of relative depravation and resultant rising expectations may also develop. The difference between rich and poor in the city is very obvious and stark. . ......during the years of political struggle . many members of the former security forces and liberation armies were trained in guerilla warfare skills, like intelligence gathering, ambush techniques, the handing of firearms and explosives, etc. Many of these combatants are now out of work and many of these skills can be used to commit hijackings, house and business robberies, bank robberies and robberies of cash in transit."
Disarming The Potential Victims Of Crime
With the massive increase in organised crime, and violent crime in South Africa, it is all the more incomprehensible that the government should be turning their attention towards disarming the potential victims through more rigid firearms control laws, rather than re-instating the death penalty as a deterrent for violent crime. 

Crime out of Control

June 15, 2004
Crime is absolutely out of control in South Africa and even worse than has been reported. The statistics are mind-boggling. The South African murder rate is ten times that of the US. And what's worse, not only do most crimes go unreported, but most of what does get reported is never solved.
South Africa's Murder Rate Far Worse than Reported

"Victims' surveys have consistently uncovered between 60% and 70% more crime than reported by official sources. Upwards of 50% of crime in many serious categories goes unreported."

White separatist community experiences rapid growth as Blacks continue their destruction of South Africa.]

White separatism on the rise in South Africa

"An Afrikaner enclave on the edge of a desert is being flooded with applications from whites disillusioned with South Africa's black government. Now, due to fear that South Africa will follow Zimbabwe into political and racial turmoil, Orania is beginning to fill up."

Ah, "racial diversity"...ain't it great???

2001: The USA had 16,110 murders - South Africa had 21,108

2001: Population of USA: 282 million - South Africa: only 44 million

SA 10.5 times more as deadly than the US

Cape Town - Government's claim that South Africa was not a crime capital and compared favourably with the rest of the world is refuted by US crime figures, says official opposition chief whip Douglas Gibson.

In a statement on Monday, Gibson said in 2002 it was reported by The Economist that the US had 16,110 murders but in South Africa in 2001 - the most recent available figures - there were 21,108 murders.

With figures released as a result of DA action taken in terms of access to information legislation, it was found in 2000 that the previous year there had been 21,995 reported cases of murder, of which 10,696 had been referred to court. A total of 4,007 convictions were reported in that year.

Gibson noted that the US population was more than six times that of South Africa.

1994 - 2004 The Raw Facts

10 Years After Apartheid, South Africa in a Crisis

Here are the things you will never see in the major news media regarding post-apartheid South Africa:

# In 10 years 1+ million South Africans, mostly blacks, lost their jobs due to the ANC's creeping socialism.

# Unemployment is at a staggering 45%+ - much worse than under white rule & worse than the 30% unemployment in the USA during the Great Depression.

# 1 million whites stand to lose their jobs in the coming years to Affirmative Action programs.

# 1,450+ White commercial farmers have been murdered by black thugs and our food production is being threatened by "Land Reform".

# They say that by 2014, 30% of commercial farmland now owned by Whites will be owned by Blacks (though I think it will happen much sooner & on a much bigger scale).

# 115,000 land claims by Blacks have been processed so far - and millions of hectares of land have been handed over to them.

# There are farms in South Africa, which were prosperous when run by Whites, that were handed over to Blacks. These farms then collapsed after 2 years of black management and are now derelict.

# South Africa is the rape capital of the world... it is conservatively estimated that we have 50,000 rapes per year.

# 21,500 children were raped in 2000.

# 40% of rape survivors are under 18.

# 1,231 children under 5 were raped in 13 months by blacks believing in AIDS myths. Many babies who are raped die.

# South Africa is now an international drug-smuggling route, comparable to Colombia.

# We export cannabis grown overwhelmingly by Blacks.

# 150-200 policemen are shot dead annually by violent criminals.

# Our police have the highest suicide rate in the world.

# Our society is 7 times more violent (per capita) than the USA

# Crime is so high the government put a moratorium on the release of crime statistics for a year and fudged them ever since.

# The Democratic Alliance (conservatively) estimates there are 300,000 robberies per year

# South African prisons are often filled to capacity (170,000+) and then thousands are let go, sometimes without being charged.

# In January 2004, it was reported that some of the prisons are 300% over capacity.

# In March 2004, it was reported that the prison population was 180,000.

# Mandela's "Birthday Present" to the country (yes they used those words), was to release 9,000 criminals.

# Murderers have been "forgiven" by our Presidents, only to murder again.

# On 3rd March 2004, on SABC TV3 News it was announced that to "Celebrate Ten Years of Democracy" they might let thousands of prisoners go free.

# More prisons have been built after apartheid but even that is not enough to cope with the crime wave.

# More blacks are in our prisons after apartheid than before. (They no longer fear the Police).

# The ANC LOVES criminals. They gave them the vote! It was announced that over 100,000 prisoners would be registered & allowed to vote

# We had 10 years of peace, with no international sanctions and yet, the much-awaited boom never came along.

# Our socialist economy dribbles along. GDP growth is estimated at 1.3% per annum which compares weakly with (sometimes) double digit growth rates under white rule.

# In the Johannesburg (Gauteng) area, 80% of self-help schemes for Blacks have failed since 1994.

# Let there be no illusions where the ANC wants to take us. They support & give money to: Zimbabwe, Haiti & DRC (Zaire) who are ruled by socialist dictators who suppress even the Blacks!

# In the April 2004 election the ANC finally attained its goal of getting 66% vote. This means they can change the constitution at will and no other political party can stop them.

# This is what Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was able to do before he took 95% of the land from 4,500 white farmers.

# Now that we are officially, and legally the latest One Party State in Africa, we will walk the path of others like Zimbabwe where eventually nobody, not even the Blacks, have any freedom any more...

# South Africa's economy, employment & crime rates were better when the world hated us. (Deleted)

Jesus and the ANC

We shall build this organisation. Even God expects us to rule this country because we are the only organisation which was blessed by pastors when it was formed.

"It is even blessed in Heaven. That is why we will rule until Jesus comes back. We should not allow anyone to govern our city (Cape Town) when we are ruling the country,"
Jacob Zuma, Khayalitsha, May 2008


“Jesus was persecuted. He was called names and betrayed. It’s the same kind of suffering Zuma has had to bear recently, but he’s still standing strong. He’s not giving up,”

Free State Premier Ace Magashule in 2008 during President Zuma’s trial for corruption and rape.

“When you vote for the ANC, you are also choosing to go to heaven. When you don’t vote for the ANC you should know that you are choosing that man who carries a fork who cooks people,”

President Jacob Zuma, February 2011, MThatha

“If Jesus were here on election day he would vote ANC.”

Visvin Reddy, ANC councillor and eThekwini infrastructure committee chairman 19th April 2011

“Jesus Christ had an organisation of 12 people... among those 12 there was a criminal who sat with Jesus every day,”

“Even when Jesus berated him (Judas), he denied that it was him who was a criminal. “

“In the Garden of Eden, there were two people. God himself did an inspection every morning. One day, He could not find them. They were hiding, because they had committed a crime,”

“If you will find criminals amongst two people, then you will find criminals in an organisation with 193,000 members,”

National Police Commisioner Bheki Celi likening Police Corruption to Jesus. Pretoria April 2011

Free Houses Will Stop

Apr 19 2011

South Africa cannot give free homes to the poor indefinitely, the housing minister said Tuesday, while presenting a budget for the scheme meant to give solid roofs to millions living in shacks.

"Current increasing dependency and pressure on the state are not sustainable for the country going forward," Tokyo Sexwale told lawmakers.

                                                                 Tokyo Sexwale

 "Somewhere, sometime in the future there will have to come a need to have a cutoff point on the government's subsidised housing, where people can begin to do things for themselves."

South Africa faces a massive housing backlog with 2 700 poorly serviced slums countrywide, partly a reflection of apartheid-era injustices but also of the current migration toward cities.

The country's 2011 housing budget was increased by 38% to R22.5bn.

Despite building millions of homes since apartheid, when blacks were forced to live on the edge of cities, housing remains a massive pressure on the state.

Authorities regularly battle protests in shantytowns by destitute black residents angered by rampant joblessness and poor amenities like water, toilets and electricity.

Ekurhuleni Metro is in a "hell of a state"

19 April 2011

 DA Caucus Leader in Ekurhuleni, Clr Eddie Taylor, has accused the ANC of being incapable of delivering and maintaining basic services reliably to the community, which came in reaction to the mayor's state of the city address.

DA Caucus Leader in Ekurhuleni, Clr Eddie Taylor, has accused the ANC of being incapable of delivering and maintaining basic services reliably to the community, resulting in residents having to live with raw sewage in their streets, broken street lights, blocked storm-water drains and clinics that run out of medicine.

Taylor reacted to the mayor's state of the city address on Wednesday, April 13 by saying that the Ekurhuleni was in "hell of a state" as a result of mismanagement by the Council.

"To worsen matters the ANC's inability to manage its relationship with the unions has exacerbated the situation," Taylor said.

"It was therefore no surprise when Mayor Mondli Gungubele started his Sate of the City Address by admitting defeat.

"He not only admitted that the Metro has been slow in reacting to disasters, assisting residents with service delivery failures and that its call centre is unresponsive, but conceded that the Metro was having trouble dealing with infrastructure and other backlogs."

"While he used a host of excuses to justify these service delivery failures, from aging infrastructure to land shortages, the bottom-line is the ANC has had 10 years to address these problems since the creation of the Metro.

"Gungubele called on residents to be patient, but residents' patience is running out."

Taylor questioned why the ANC was so singularly incapable of maintaining routine services.

"The metro can build a library but they cannot keep a decent stock of books; the metro can build a new clinic but medicines run out; the metro build new roads but existing roads are allowed to turn into potholes; the metro work in municipal buildings that they don't keep clean and they don't repair the toilets,"

He added that in part the ANC's inability to maintain services was the result of the attitudes of municipal workers having deteriorated and work processes being badly managed.

 "Employees see that their seniors and the ANC political leadership have little concern for the residents they are supposed to serve and emulate these attitudes.

"I have warned the City Manager and the Mayor many times about the ineffectiveness of the silo mentality prevalent in the municipal structure but little corrective action has been taken to fix the problem. If work ethics are strong any structure can be made to work but a mix of bad attitudes, and an ineffective organisational structure are a disastrous combination and that is what we have in Ekurhuleni."