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Mail & Guardian broadsides the Cape Party

By Mike Smith
21st of June 2011


I had to chuckle when I saw this vitriolic attack on the Cape Party by the editor of the Mail & Guardian (online).

Chris Roper seems to hate this insignificant and small party so much that he spent a good few hours writing and editing his petulant tirade against it and Capetonians in general.

He basically insults them as dumb blondes, racists, trash, wine quaffers and if that is not enough, and when he started to run out of insults he launched into absurdities such as “Vespa-riding and Sushi-eating” people and then jumping on the illegal bandwagon claiming that it is constitutionally illegal for the Western Cape to secede as the Cape Party suggests. Article 235 in the constitution actually makes provision for self determination.

Why does this little party, who has done nothing to him personally and who simply practice their democratic right under the South African constitution, get him so hot under the collar? Why is he so intolerant towards them?

If it really is such a “constitutional illegality”, then why not just ignore the little Cape Party? Why get so upset? It is because Mr. Roper and some other ANC people know that it is in fact possible to secede and are shitting themselves, that they get so worked up.

Now if the Cape is as Racist as Mr. Roper suggests, “…about how racist Cape Town is. Of course it's racist, people, it's in South Africa!“…then why the hell does he make it his home? Why do “Plenty of Black people” also make it their home if it is so utterly racist?

I would like to remind Mr. Roper of the freedom he has under the current SA constitution. He and the “Plenty of Black people” are welcome to move out of “Racist” Cape Town any time they want to. There is nothing holding them in the Cape. Nobody forces them to stay. They should rather go and live in the Eastern Cape where the ANC has an 80% majority.

Please free us from the Cape Party


There are many unofficial mantras by which South Africans live. "It's only a crime if someone else is doing it" is the most important one to remember. I've got used to people driving while holding their cellphones to their ears.

But I'll never get used to them breaking off their conversations to flash a finger out the window and shout, indignantly: "Look at that stupid bitch driving while talking on her cellphone!"

So the Cape Party, with its quixotic attempt to have the Western Cape secede from South Africa, operates in a fine tradition of civic blindness -- because it's constitutionally illegal, of course. Snide Jo'burgers will point out that the Cape has already seceded from the rest of the country, what with its "one blonde, one vote" policy and its insistence that Eurotrash be added as a 12th official language. So why not make it official?

In fact, why not go even further and actually separate the Western Cape from the African landmass and sail it away to anchor just off France, where the climate is good for growing wine and sneering at customers in restaurants? Well, because only a small part of the Cape fits the stereotype of so-called white, so-called coloured, racist, wine-quaffing Democratic Alliance voters.

There are plenty of black people there too, although the myth being put about is that they are bused in by the DA because you need black people for racism to thrive.

Hout Bay (a small, damp suburb outside Cape Town, also home to horses) famously formed a republic and did a brisk trade in official fake passports. But that was the cutely deranged action of a ¬lunatic fringe, many of whom had buckskin jackets with actual fringes. The Cape Party is something else.

As a fourth-generation or so Capetonian I'm pissed off at the provision of yet more ammunition to the bleating, self-righteous Jo'burgers in the city I now call home, people whose moral high ground appears to be that they'll ¬condescend to take money from any race on earth, whereas in the Cape we only fleece Europeans and white folk. Alas, the Cape Party is the embarrassment that proves their rule.

Its party slogan actually seems to be "Free the Cape" -- from the yoke of constitutional democracy, one assumes. It's tough enough being forced to field accusations from Jo'burgers (no other city seems to care) about how racist Cape Town is. Of course it's racist, people, it's in South Africa! But now I look at the Cape Party and I despair.

I'm not suggesting that it is necessarily racist. I'm sure the new "Cape nation" will allow people from any race in, provided they pass a citizenship test that includes eating sushi while riding a Vespa in the wind. But it is blindingly pretentious and makes it easy to accuse certain types of Capetonians of not thinking of themselves as South African, and certainly not as African.

Chris Roper is the editor of M&G Online. Follow him on Twitter @chrisroperza

AfriForum and Malema

2011 06 20

AfriForum intensifies and internationalises campaign against Malema

AfriForum decided to intensify and extend its campaign to the international community to call Julius Malema, leader of the ANC Youth League, to accountability. This decision followed after it became clear to AfriForum, after the ANC Youth League’s congress, that the lack of leadership in the ANC created a void which gave Malema free reign to establish himself as new face of the ANC.

According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, the weakness which ANC leaders display by hesitating to act against Malema, has contributed to give Malema a false sense of invincibility. “Civil rights organisations such as AfriForum will now have to prove to Malema, through intensified action and public support, that he isn’t untouchable and that his provocative statements and ideas will eventually have to bow the knee before justice and righteousness,” Kriel said.
According to Kriel, AfriForum will extend and intensify its “stop Malema” campaign to include, among other things, the following:

· AfriForum will launch an international campaign to ensure that Malema becomes an even greater embarrassment to the ANC in the eyes of the international community. A short documentary film and book entitled “From Mandela to Malema” will soon be released by AfriForum. Malema’s own words will be used to expose the racist intolerance of the current ANC, and the film and book will be distributed to all embassies in the country, the United Nations and international media. 

· AfriForum will intensify its attempts to use South Africa’s laws to call Malema to accountability. Besides AfriForum’s current equality court case against Malema, criminal charges will now also be laid against Malema’s security company for illegally displaying heavy calibre guns and the illegal use of sirens and flashing lights on Malema’s private security vehicles. If the government refuses to act against Malema and his security firm, private prosecution will be considered.

· AfriForum will continue to request the public to act with self-control and not to allow Malema’s statements to provoke them to careless action. People, who as a result of Malema’s statements, fear for their safety and property, will rather be motivated to become constructively involved at their respective community safety initiatives within the confines of the law.

· AfriForum’s internet campaign to mobilise the public against Malema’s polarising remarks, will continue at www.stopmalema.co.za and the “stop Malema” Facebook group. Approximately 46 000 members have already joined this Facebook group. 

Why Africa Will Never Succeed

I expect, like me, you are aware that there has never been a prosperous black led country, but perhaps just blamed their “bad luck”, or whatever, for that uncontradictable fact.

Take Haiti as an example. Before the black slaves revolted and killed all the whites and half castes Haiti had a GNP greater than most of what is now the USA. It supplied 60% of all the sugar used in Europe.

Today it is a wasteland. Apparently if you Google Earth the place it is a sere, brown colour compared to the neighbouring Dominican Republic which is green and verdant.

Twice the USA has occupied Haiti, building roads, ports, hospitals and schools while putting in a functional society,

The moment the Americans left they reverted to dictatorship, voodoo, witchcraft, corruption and barbarism.

They did not stagnate. They regressed to the primitive savagery of their forefathers

Since the 1960s, when the Congo expelled the Belgians this has been a mirror of African regression , moving steadily southwards until the example of Zimbabwe. Once a prosperous, well educated exporter of food the population now eat rats to survive.

Will SA go the same way?

There are those optimists who say “No, we have such a strong economy, such sophisticated infrastructure, such a talent pool, that we can never sink”.

My belief is that they have not considered the root cause of Africa’s failure. A cause that is not spoken about as it is fearfully politically incorrect, and probably illegal to speak about.

To speak about it causes recollections of Hitler’s eugenics beliefs and the horrors that followed.

That cause is the deficiencies of the black ”mentality”, for want of a better word.

Are there differences between races, or is race just a meaningless social construct? Until recently I believed all races were the same under the skin variations, and that perceived differences were only the result of cultural differences. I believed in a common and equal humanity.

But things did not always ring true, observable anomalies were inexplicable if all men are the same.

Why, under apartheid, did the South African Indians prosper, become doctors, scientists, educators, merchants and professionals while the equally oppressed black Africans remained hewers of wood?

Why are Jews more than 12 times more likely to be Nobel Prize recipients than goyim? Why do they command the heights in academia, the arts, business and science?

Why can black Africans run, jump and throw better than whites, but why, out of a billion of them, have they never invented a single thing of any worth? Why have they, collectively, contributed absolutely nothing to the advancement of humanity.

Well the physical thing, the running, throwing bit is easily and uncontroversially answered. Simple, they (especially the Jamaicans) are genetically better equipped in this regard. Their muscle fibres are different and the typically have 15% more free testosterone than other peoples. That does not explain the Jewish or East Asiatic superiority in academics, science or any other meaningful sphere. Surely it cannot be genetic? That is racism.

Unfortunately, racist or not, that is proven and a fact. Google it and you will find that for over 70 years, in test after test, done by dozens of university professors and Nobel laureates plus USA government studies, Jews are the most intelligent of humans followed by East Asians. Then come westerners then, trailing by a wide margin, people of African descent.

I refer to I.Q. tests and the results of these . Jews come in at about 114 points, East Asians about 108, white Europeans 100, African Americans (with their mixed ancestry) 85 and sub Saharan Africans a lowly 70 odd.

Of course I.Q. tests have been attacked, especially by those who perform badly at them, as one might expect them to do. Detractors claim cultural bias, dysfunctional families, past oppression, poor schooling and a host of other reasons for poor black performance, but the professors defend their contention that I.Q. is largely an inherited trait, that differences are inherent, built into a person’s inherited DNA.

For every argument attacking the validity of these tests they have a host of results confirming their accuracy and typicality. Fascinating stuff if you are interested in reading up on it.

The effect of high/low I.Q. has also been studied in depth, with fairly predictable results. Low I.Q. individuals performed badly in social class, family stability, income, educational levels, illegitimate pregnancy, single parent families rate of prison incarceration, rape, violent crime etc. etc. etc.

I.Q. measurement measures different facets of intelligence and mental competence. Sadly it is in the absolutely vital sphere of cognitive ability that blacks score worst. This means they score abysmally in things like forward planning and anticipating the consequences of their actions, or inaction.

It is this I.Q. (and testosterone) disparity that is blamed for the fact that African Americans are 5 times more likely to be imprisoned than white (including Hispanic) Americans, 9 times more likely than Americans of Asiatic descent and 14 times more likely to be jailed than Jewish Americans. All in line with I.Q. distributions.

Once imprisonment for violent crimes are computed the numbers become stratospheric. These are American government collated statistics, so pretty accurate.

Our government in SA do not, for obvious reasons, publish similar stats, but a pound to a pinch of salt they are even more astounding.

So why the lecture on I.Q.?

Well for a start you must understand that our ruling party are voted into power by a largely moronic plebiscite. I choose the word moronic intentionally. If the cut off point for moronic is an I.Q. of 70, half the voting population would be classified as such.

Only one in 40 black SAns achieves the average I.Q. of his white fellow citizens. One in a hundred have the I.Q. to achieve university entrance requirements. That is why only one in ten blacks pass our dumbed down matric (with a pass percentage of 30% in many cases). Only one in 6000 black grade one learners will pass matric with both Maths and Science.

Simply put, they are bloody stupid, and they rule us. Furthermore Zuma says they will rule us until the second coming. I believe him.

This explains why the ANC have such idiots in their positions of power and influence, the likes of Zuma, Malema, Khomphela and Cele. They are, unfortunately, the best they have! Well they are the best blacks they have. All the critical positions are held by Indians, Coloureds or Whites, something I am grateful for but which annoys Malema considerably.

Will this last? I doubt it. The black/white polarisation is growing and the rhetoric is becoming more extreme. Listen to the pub or workplace chatter, read the blogs and comments sections of the newspapers and it becomes obvious. Whites are fed up at the waste, corruption and stupidity of the black elite. Blacks are demanding, as their right, the wealth of the whites by means of redistribution of assets. No matter that they have not worked for those assets, they claim them as the spoils of war.

Recently the Mayor of Pretoria, Malema, a minister and Winnie Mandela have gone on record as blaming whites for sabotaging redistribution and exploiting blacks. Malema calls out “Kill the boers for they are rapists” to thunderous applause by university students. Four influential ANC opinion makers who are echoing the groundswell of mutterings in the ghettoes. The natives are getting restless.

*CONFLICT IS COMING! Mark my words.

Things are not going to improve. They cannot, there is no reason to believe our slow slide into a failed state can be reversed with our current regime, and there is no prospect whatsoever of there being a change to governance based on meritocracy. Anyone who believes otherwise, or that the ANC can mend their ways, is living in La-La land. They do not have the intellect.

Like the proverbial frog in the slowly heating pot we have become inured to the slow collapse of our hospitals, schools, courts,water supplies, roads, civil service and service levels. They will become totally dysfunctional shortly. Inevitably so. Those in charge do not have the mental capacity or foresight to organise things.

Our economy and Rand is reliant on short term “hot” funds from overseas that can flee at the touch of a computer button, and probably will if our Rand weakens. Conversely we need a weaker Rand to encourage exports.

6 million taxpayers support 12 million recipients of social grants, and that figure is set to rise this year. The National Health Insurance scheme will happen, no matter how unaffordable. That will push our social grant costs up to four hundred billion Rand. Four hundred billion Rand which produces absolutely no product. Inflation is set to stay and worsen. The consequence of being the biggest socialist state on earth. I do not believe the ANC has the intellect to conceptualise how big a billion is, let alone 400 billion, or what effect this will have on the economy.

You do not believe Malema’s call to nationalise the mines? This man articulates what the hoi polloi are thinking, but the ANC leadership will not say yet. The tactic is to set the bar high, then lower it and the victims will sigh with relief and say it could have been worse. So perhaps it will not be total nationalisation but rather 51%, a’ la Zimbabwe. Just look north for revelation, Zuma does.

Who would have believed that this country of Jan Smuts would ever be headed by an unschooled, rape accused, adulterous, corrupt, sex obsessed bigot like Zuma. Anything is possible with the ANC.


You have few years left to enjoy what is left of the glorious SA lifestyle, especially in the Cape, but understand it is not permanent. The end could be sudden as the tipping point is reached, just as it was sudden for those Zimbabwean, Zambian, Mocambican or Angolan whites. It could, conceivably, be as bloody as the Hutu/Tutsi uprising when primitive tribal bloodlust overcomes a thin veneer of inculcated civilisation.

Enjoy it while you can, and enjoy it in the Cape where the population mix is more favourable, but be aware that change is inevitable. Your children must get a world class education, because they will not be adults in South Africa.

Get assets stashed offshore, you and your children will need them there.

This article is attributed to:

Graham Allardice
Project Manager MPED
Toyota SA Manufacturing

Written c2009 to 2010

Hawks to reopen arms deal probe?

21 June, 2011 

The Hawks have stopped short of promising to reopen their investigation into the arms deal following last week's revelations that a R24-million alleged bribe was paid by a weapons dealer to a local "consultant".

Last week the CEO of Swedish arms manufacturer Saab, Hakan Bushke, revealed that British Aerospace Systems had made a R24-million payment to a South African "consultant" on the arms deal.

The consultant is widely believed to be ANC heavyweight Fana Hlongwane, who was official adviser to former defence ninister Joe Modise between 1995 and 1998 - and the explosive claim reignited calls for the Hawks to reopen their investigation into the deal.

But Hawks chief Anwar Dramat yesterday wrote to the DA, saying that he was aware of Bushke's recent disclosures, and would "assess" the information.

Dramat's spokesman, McIntosh Polela, would not be drawn on further details: "We will assess the information and see where it takes us going forward."

DA MP David Maynier said he welcomed Dramat's undertaking.

Hlongwane has previously been accused of having received R200-million in alleged bribes in the acquisition of the Gripen and Hawk planes .

Meanwhile, defence specialist Helmoed-Romer Heitman told Business Day that the payments to Hlongwane could only have been legal if they were made after Hlongwane had stopped working for the state.

Arms dealer turned whistle-blower, Richard Young, slammed Heitman for trying to "rescue" the arms deal.

Young was backed by Terry Crawford-Browne, a former international banker who campaigned for sanctions against apartheid. Crawford-Browne is taking President Jacob Zuma to the Constitutional Court to force Zuma to appoint an independent judicial inquiry into the arms deal.

Vigilante justice


Two men were necklaced in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth on Monday, Eastern Cape police said.

The two men were burnt to death on Monday for allegedy breaking into a house in the area, said Warrant Officer Dumile Gwavu.

The house was broken into on Sunday evening and one occupant was murdered.

Community members spotted one of the men wearing clothes belonging to the victim, Gwavu said. Residents also recovered a stolen television from Sunday's break-in.

Necklacing is forcing a rubber tyre soaked with petrol around a person's chest and arms, and setting it on fire.

The two victims have not yet been identified and no arrests have been made.


20 June 2011

Ruling party congratulates Julius Malema on his re-election 
The African National Congress (ANC) congratulates comrade Julius Malema on his re-election over the weekend as President of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) at the 24th ANCYL National Conference held at Gallagher Estate in Midrand.

We also wish to congratulate other elected office-bearers, comrades Ronald Lamola (Deputy President), Sindiso Magaqa (Secretary General), Pule Mabe (Treasurer), Kenetswe Mosenogi (Deputy SG) and the rest of the Youth League National Executive Committee.

The ANC, which deployed some members of its decision-making body - the National Executive Committee (NEC) - to the four-day ANCYL Conference, is happy with the high level of robust deliberations by delegates on challenges facing the youth and society in the country.

The ANC appreciates unity and maturity displayed by all delegates to the incident-free Youth League Conference, which went without any acrimonious contestation during election time. We also acknowledge the critical role played by former ANCYL leaders in ensuring a successful Conference.

The ANC has noted the wide-ranging resolutions adopted by the Congress, which we think should form part of ongoing discussions in ANC constitutional structures as well as structures of Alliance partners, ahead of the June 2012 ANC Policy Conference.

We are encouraged by the commitment of the ANCYL to break gender, race and demographic barriers by stepping up mobilisation efforts to attract to the Youth League fold all young South Africans.

Since its formation in 1944, the crucial role played by the ANCYL in advancing the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) in South Africa, cannot be over-emphasised. Militant and radical in character, the ANCYL has a history of having produced a leadership that has been forthright on its thinking on issues affecting young people and the society.

We want to state unequivocally that the ANCYL resolutions remain those of the League and do not alter ANC policies being implemented at Government level.

Pronouncements by the Youth League on such matters as the nationalisation of mines and land redistribution - among others - form part of ongoing discussions within the movement. These have already been shared at numerous political platforms, which include last year's National General Council (NGC) held in Durban.

The ANC would like to reiterate that the ANC Youth League Conference was that of the ANCYL and not a forerunner or a precursor to the ANC elective conference in 2012. We also want to restate that the ANC Youth League Conference and the outcomes thereof have no bearing and no relationship with the upcoming ANC 2012 conference or the leadership that will emerge from the ANC conference.

With ANC Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe having proposed an ongoing engagement between the ANCYL leadership and the ANC NEC on policy issues, we are looking forward to enriched discussions on matters affecting us all.

We share sentiments expressed by ANC President Jacob Zuma who - at the opening of the ANCYL Conference - emphasised the important value attached by the ANC to the ANC Youth League "because it is the future investment for the sustainability of the ANC".


We also wish to reiterate the fact that the ANC established the ANCYL as an integral part of the ANC, while it exists as an autonomous structure.

Police - Clear Code of Conduct

20 June 2011

Minister has tasked Gauteng provincial police management to look into incident


Call for an urgent investigation into the incident to ensure those responsible are punished

The Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa today condemned with contempt the alleged beating of a Vereeniging lawyer this past weekend and called for an immediate investigation into the incident.

According to a report in today's Sowetan newspaper, headlined "Police swore, kicked and punched me. They called me k****r" it said that Mr Thomas Mahlobogoane was attacked by three police officers on Friday night while driving home.  The report further alleges that during this attack, he was refer to as a k****r.

Minister Mthethwa has tasked the Gauteng provincial police management to urgently investigate this incident and provide him with an update on progress within 7 days.  He said post democracy it is totally unacceptable for anybody, whether a police officer or a civilian, to still be referred to with derogatory names.

"Reading about Mr Mahlobogoane's account with the police is quite disturbing, particularly as police are supposed to be protectors of society not abuse them. 

We shall not pre-empt the outcome of this investigation but I have tasked the police management to get to the bottom of this.  If indeed they were wrong, we shall ensure they are punished because we do not need such officers within our midst, those who in 2011 still refer to people with a k-word," he stated.

When police officers join the South African Police Service they are bound by a clear code of conduct which includes respect for human rights.  The police leadership shall continuously build and strengthen relationships with communities; thus not allow a few rotten cops to destroy these partnerships through reckless conduct and utterances.

"Such disturbing incidents inflict the deepest violations of people's rights, going to the extent of violating even the right to life.  That is why we say as the police leadership, that those amongst us who commit such crimes, we must be punished," concluded the Minister.