Wednesday, September 28, 2011

By Mike Smith
28th of September 2011

Please be warned - very graphic picture

There is no doubt that nature is beautiful. For instance, what can compare with the beautiful sunsets over a pacific island or the continent of Africa?

Nature also has a sense of humour. One just has to look at the Australian duckbill platypus or at the ugly mug of Julias Malema to appreciate the funny side of nature.

BTW. Some of my supporters have asked me why I keep on misspelling his name and calling him “Julias” instead of “Julius”

Well, on his atrocious Matric certificate his name is given as
Julias Selo Malema

Nevertheless, Nature can also be extremely horrific and ugly. One only needs to think of the streptococcus bacteria, a spider sucking the juices from the body of its prey, a great white shark devouring a seal or a lion tearing a rabbit apart.

When one is a child, one has sympathy with the rabbit, but as one grows older and wiser one learns how nature works and one ends up shrugging the shoulders and say, “Hey, that is nature...the lion also has to eat.”

Until that lion is tearing your child apart instead of the rabbit. Then an entire hunting party will be put together and the lion along with probably a hundred other lions will be killed.

But why stop there? Would the logical conclusion not be to kill ALL lions and thus prevent any future attacks by lions on our children? What stops us from doing that?

It is, because deep down we know that Nature is in balance. If we kill all the lions, the rabbits will breed out of proportion and chow all the carrots, which means humans will all go blind and die out, because they won’t be able to find food anymore and they would mate with ugly, sick people and Darwin will spin around in his grave...

...No seriously. We instinctively know, or should know that interfering with nature is simply wrong, and that if we do, the repercussions will be enormous.

There are however, still people who see an elephant cow abandon her calf or a baboon female discarding its baby and these people still wants to interfere with nature. They then raise the animal by hand, only to find out that it will never be accepted into its herd, will forever be an outcast and will die living off the benevolence of its idiotic benefactors. Worse is when such an animal eventually turns on the benefactors and bites the hands that fed it, they want to appear astounded.

Eventually they discover that the mother of the animal knew instinctively to abandon it, because there was something wrong with it. They also discover that they were wrong to interfere with nature, but being the goody two shoes that they are they would never admit that they were wrong to interfere with nature, they would never admit that something was instinctively and genetically wrong with such an, they will look for the causes of the mother’s behaviour in social mistakes caused by bias or prejudice or whatever.

Below is a horrific article that appeared in the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld and later on IOL about a Black mother who threw her newborn baby, still linked to the placenta by the umbilical cord, onto a rubbish dump near a black township in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

This is quite common and news sites like News 24 or IOL reports almost daily on black babies found in toilets, rubbish bins or rubbish dumps...or dogs and pigs eating black babies.

In this specific case the baby was eaten by red ants but managed to survive. Workers on the rubbish dump found him and alerted ER24 the private ambulance company who took him to the Bloemfontein Medi Clinic where the White Afrikaans doctor, Dr. Jaco Neser saved his life and the white Afrikaans matron Ronel Vrey and her nursing staff, sucked the red Ants out of the nose of the black baby that they named Caleb Hope, because the ants almost suffocated him.

Well, once you give it a name you become emotionally attached to it...

Elzieta van Staden, the white Afrikaans spokesperson of Bloemfontein Medi Clinic said that the black baby is super sweet and being treated free of charge out of the benevolence of the white Afrikaans management of the Hospital.

Dr. Charné Gerber, the White Afrikaans woman who runs the
Shiloh Zoe Hope Foundation , a non profit organisation that rescues unwanted black babies in Bloemfontein, reckons that Caleb will only be out of hospital in 90 days.

After all of this...these blacks will still sing “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer” and “One Settler;One Bullet”

The most worrying thing is that after all of this, the blacks will keep on raping torturing and killing whites, especially Afrikaners. They will keep on using AA and BEE and quotas at university and sports levels, against these White Afrikaners and at the same time have the audacity to call the Afrikaners, “Racists”.

Now how is it possible that these seemingly intelligent White Afrikaner medical staff at Bloemfontein Medi Clinic can be so stupid as to firstly, interfere with nature, but not only that, secondly, helping the offspring of their natural enemies for free... and thirdly, all at the cost of a white baby that they could have helped? What happened to charity begins at home?

Not a single one of the bleeding heart liberal medical staff ever set foot into poor white areas in the Freestate or Transvaal. To them, they could not give a damn about how many poor whites die of typhus, TB or malnutrition every year in the concentration camp that the new South Africa has become.

No, they go and scour the rubbish dumps of South Africa and fall over their feet to go and rescue abandoned black babies and treat them for free, while a million white Afrikaans mothers have to pay through their necks for such treatment.

Where is the logic in this? Why should one even bother with Afrikaners anymore? Why still frequent my blog? Shouldn’t we just sit back and observe the beauty of nature? Should we not just sit back and watch Afrikaners destroy themselves? Is it wrong for us to help Afrikaners? Is it wrong for us to interfere with nature?

After all, the hyenas also needs to eat...

Afrikaans article: Ants bite baby on rubbish dump

Baby eaten by ants found on rubbish dump

Pig eats black baby in South Africa

Dogs eats thrown away black baby in Gugulethu township near Cape Town

More dogs eating black babies at Samora Machel Township

Abandoned Black baby rescued out of toilet by White Afrikaner paramedic Leo Fourie, complete with picture

This black baby girl was three months old when found dead in a longdrop toilet

This one managed to survive



NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERSA six months old baby inside a womb was today found inside a dustbin at a University of Limpopo in South Africa. It is believed that her mother made an illegal abotion. The incident happened early today when a cleaner realised a plastic that was full of blood, she wanted to find out what was inside the plastic and for her surprise, when she opened the plastic, it was a little baby who was six months. The student who may have done the incident was not yet known. When asking students at the recident where the incident happened they said, they do not know who may have done that, but they are very supprised why the person can do that.
Dr. Rammala who is the head of Sepedi language Research at University of Limpopo and well known in promoting morals says it is very surprising to see students doing illegitimate abotions while our government allows legal abotions. Other students believe what have happened is really wrong and immoral. “What happened is a sin, it is immoral and it is very disturbing” said one of the student who was witnesting the event.
The same incident also happened last year in 2007 at Tiro House where young first year students reside, and it is also said that even in 2006 it was witnessed at VL residence. Last year an 18 years student also was involved in an illegal abotion which happened in side a toilet.

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Black baby found in dustbin at Limpopo University. Horrific photo. Not for the feint hearted