Monday, July 18, 2011

Sheryl Cwele takes Employer to Court


Convicted drug trafficker Sheryl Cwele has taken the Hibiscus Coast Municipality to the labour court over the non-payment of her salary.

Cwele, who is still appealing her 12-year sentence, was suspended without pay from her directorship post after she was found guilty with Nigerian Frank Nabolisa of drug trafficking by the KwaZulu-Natal High Court.

It was reported in a Sunday newspaper that Cwele’s lawyer,
Mvuseni Ngubane, confirmed that the matter was taken to the court and was settled.

Contacted by The Witness for comment on Sunday, Ngubane declined to discuss her affairs on her instructions.

Hibiscus municipal manager Sbu Mkhize confirmed that the council was taken to court.

“There is an engagement of that nature and we are applying our minds to it. The issue pertains to payment of salaries, but we are applying our minds to that,” said Mkhize.
Cwele was on special leave throughout her trial and was suspended after she was convicted. A month later her pay was stopped.

The Hibiscus Coast Municipality has held a disciplinary hearing for Cwele, but the outcome has yet to be announced.

She should not be getting any remuneration as she is convicted. No case!!!

Maybe all the ANC constituencies should take their councillors to court for excessive service delivery too...

Aren't the nigerians paying her?

Isn't this taking affirmative action a little too far?

God she has a cheek. Not even an apology to the people of SA, but she wants to see if she could squeeze the last few pennies out of the people pockets. Disgusting you know what. They should throw away the key.

They are" applying their minds" That must be a joke, surely. The only time that the Little bit of grey matter moves, is when there is a financial "incentive"

Apply your mind to this: found guilty and convicted of drug trafficking = loss of employment = loss of income. Not very difficult to understand is it? Just when I thought I've heard everything...

Maybe she wants:
1. To have the cash to trade in drugs whilst in prison :-)
2. She knows that SA Prisons are just a holiday camp and needs bucks for entertainment.
3. She wants to go on a shopping spree so she can take her best frocks to prison.

Trouble is, she is so arrogant, she probably doesn't think she did anything wrong!

Next she'll be asking for a promotion.

Worse still- probably getting it!

Oh my God! No wonder we are in such sh1t in this country! A convicted criminal is taking her employer to court because they stopped paying her after she was convicted. Only in Africa.....