Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Proud White African

by Tim

2011-07-01 17:00

I used to think that racism in Africa was the norm. Having lived in South Africa, I was convinced that racism equated to hatred.

But not so. I left South Africa seven years’ ago – not for Australia, or Europe, but elsewhere in Africa.

What I found is that South Africans, whites and blacks, are the most racist people on the continent.

Elsewhere in Africa, black people could care less that you are white, and as a white you could care less that they are black. You deal with people on the basis of personality and ability, not because of race.

South Africa is an aberration. The hatred between black and white is absolutely not normal. South Africa, from a social point of view, is backwards and primitive. The rest of Africa went through the racial process thirty years’ ago. They have long since got over the petty colonialist blame-game. They have stood up and been counted, because they have learnt the value of self-pride.

Not so South Africa. Blacks are stuck in this colonialist nonsense. In the rest of Africa, the first step these countries took was to make sure that their brightest stars were educated at the best universities that the world has to offer. The state paid, and still does.

Unsurprisingly, many returned home to make a living in the country of their birth. Those that didn’t have top jobs at institutions such as the World Bank and top banking institutions. And before white racists call them tokens, they are not. They do fine work.

Now that is pride.

South Africa just does not have it. I think it started with the stupid call of the ‘80s of “pass one, pass all”. That led to intellectual laziness, and worse, putting out brightest stars on a par with the worst.

I don’t think South Africa call heal itself, but if there is any chance, then whites need to go to other countries in Africa and see that racism is a primitive culture.

Black South Africans need to see that their peers elsewhere in Africa have made it for themselves – not be stealing land and other peoples’ businesses, but by putting in the hard work that it takes to succeed in the modern world.

Instead of racism dying a slow death, the ANC has sent forth the wolves like Malema to keep racism flourishing.
That way, they divide SA along lines of race, and stay in power.
It's ANC strategy 101.

The ANC government is racist in its core - its lying through its teeth that it is combating racism.. It actually PROMOTING racism, because it suits well in order to stay in power.. The electorate is gullible and believes the propagandistic lies of the government, thinking that the government is in favour of the very poor, the black population. Its all about power, and power gives access to money, and they are money grabbers and liars.. they do not stand for the poor. The non-racist people are mostly found in general society - I have met many black & white people who are not racist - but they are not part of the power elite (be it on local government level or any other, higher up)

An appeal to our American and other friends

Sunday, 28 February 2010

 Dr Dan Roodt

When I founded the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group (PRAAG) eleven years ago, I never thought that life in South Africa would deteriorate this quickly.

Most whites in South Africa, including Afrikaners, agree today that the future looks sombre. We are discriminated against, robbed, raped and killed in large numbers. Today, we are struggling for our freedom – to gain our own piece of land in this country where we have lived since 1652, almost as long as Americans have been in America.

Without your moral and financial support, we are probably doomed and will have to leave this beautiful country, the jewel of Africa, that our forefathers and we have built up with so much effort and sacrifice.

We fought in the First and Second World Wars on the Allied side, as well as in Korea. Before our army entered Angola in 1975 to confront the Cubans, Russians and East Germans, we were addressed by CIA envoys who assured us that we were fighting for the Free World against communism.

Yet a mere ten years later we were stabbed in the back by the West and forced to surrender to one of the last communist groups left in the world, the ANC and South African Communist Party, who are currently ruling our country.

Our noble and courageous people are now suffering the ignominy of being dominated by a rapacious, anti-white, racist clique. We will never accept being slaves in our land.

Our struggle here is of enormous importance for white, Western peoples world-wide. If we lose, Africa with its 800 million people will be strategically hostile to the West forever. If we win, it will inspire pro-white and pro-Western movements and parties the world over.

Therefore we ask you to take out a monthly subscription via PayPal and contribute from just $10 per month to our cause. Alternately, you may make a once-off donation of your own choice.