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The old 2011 and the new 2012

Well the year 2011 is nearly at its end. I wonder what 2012 will bring to South Africans living in South Africa?

South Africa is a beautiful country, the scenery, in my opinion, surpasses anything else found in the world. It is such a pity that we have a governmunt hell bent on stripping and trashing everything in it.

A very heartfelt thanks to all my readers. Here's hoping for better news in 2012

See you in 2012

Warmest Regards

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Marchers Questionaire


14 November 2011

Today we learned about yet another march to follow against the ANC in the Eastern Cape.

We are going to publish this note and hope an ANC voter will come give us an intelligent answer as to why they are marching against the government.

We are a bunch of black liberals gathered here on a Saturday night, while the marchers are probably at some night club, clubbing the night away, while we worry about your future.

But before you blast us once more with all your old apartheid stories, The Colonialists that stole our country, and the Eskimos that stole our ice, please answer the following questions seeing we are all still in an examination mood.

You had voted for the ANC as late as this year. So please tell us when you voted this year:

Section A:

1. Were things any better than when you voted in 2007, if you were eligible?

2. Have your parents been given a free house between 2007 and 2011?

3. Did you get a job if you were unemployed after graduation?

4. Are you free yet of a taxi being squashed like a sardine or did you get access to civilized public transport?

5. Has your father or mother been given a nice juicy government tender?

6. How many foreigners have moved into your street?

7. Are your siblings still paying school fees and are their teachers at school?

8. Have any of your parents lost any tyres due to the condition of our roads?

9. Were there any new businesses or manufacturing plants been started up in your area (excluding Chinese & Somalian)

10. When you last visited a state hospital or clinic, how hygienic were the facilities?

11. Do you understand when a Cuban doctor is speaking to you and do you think he understands what you are saying?

12. Do you know that less than 10% of the population are paying tax and have to keep the other 90% of the population happy and fed and in 4x4's killing innocent learners?

13. Do you know that all consumer goods once manufactured here have been replaced by illegally imported Chinese products?

14. Do you understand the fact that because we no longer manufacture in this country it has caused job losses?

15. Do you know the Chinese pay R15,000 for citizenship in our country?

16. Do you know the Nigerians living here illegally are dealing in drugs imported from China?

17. Do you know the Chinese, Somalis and Nigerians don't pay VAT to SARS on goods sold to you?

18. Do you know what VAT is and that we need the VAT to be able to pay your Granny her pension?

19. Do you know our President and his Vice are buying Jets costing R1.6 Billion?

20. Do you know how democracy works? The Party with the most votes gets to rule the country? Do you know that?

Make sure you know the difference between Million and Billion. To help you understand the difference, 1000 Million is a Billion.

Section B:

Now sit down and think soberly and explain to us if the ANC ISN'T living up to your expectations, why do you keep voting for them, but marching against them. Get your thought process going because it is insane marching against the party you vote for.

(In this section words such as white, black, Colonialism and Apartheid may not be used, we deem them irrelevant to our current problems)

Section C:

(This section deals with a very important issue and you need to focus now)

1. Are you using the imported Chinese condoms that are tearing, also supplied via government tender?

2. Do you know how HIV/Aids is transmitted and do you know at all what it is?

3. Have your parents discussed conception with you and do you know that sex turns into a baby?

4. Do you know babies eat and need clothes?

5. Do you know that we have 2 million Aids orphans?

6. Have you had an Aids test if you do not know how to wear or insist the wearing of a condom?

Section D:

(questions are for ANCYL members only)

1. Did you march with Malema last week to the Union Buildings and why?

2. Do you know the Johannesburg Stock Exchange is the heart of our economy?

3. Did you ask Malema why he wants to destroy the heart of our economy?

4. Do you know Malema drives around in a R1.2 Million 4x4 and is building a R15 Million house?

5. Do you know if the mines are nationalised that jobs will be lost due to the mines closing because of lack of expertise?

6. Do you know that nationalisation of the banks will result in a complete collapse of our currency?

7. Do you know we have a balance of payment? (If you are unfamiliar with this then do some research)

8. Do you understand that the tomatoes you eat will become imported items when the farmers are killed?

9. If you eat maize meal, do you know after the farmers are killed, you will eat rice that the Chinese will import?

10. Did you know Malema's mentor in Zimbabwe is now singing jingles on national radio stations to lure voters?

Section E:

In less than 2000 words justify the R500 Million the ANC is spending on the centennial birthday bash.


The Black Liberals


Remember we don't want to hear about Apartheid, Colonialists, Eskimos or any Monks in Tibet that caused your current misery!

The Tokoloshe

13 November 2011

400 years ago Africa might as well been another planet in our solar system.

We were living in peace in our thatch huts. The 10 piece of cattle were grazing under the African sky. The head of the family sat in the shade of a tree drinking beer, the wives were working the land and the kids were making clay oxen to play with.

Every man’s dream, even to this day, no matter where on this planet you might come from. It sounds like the African version of the Playboy mansion. You sit in the shade and your multiple wives work for you.

Then the Europeans arrived and laughed at our people who had no education and thought our way of life was savagery. We had to fight them with spears to survive and ultimately lost the battle. They took our land and made us their slaves. They sold us to America and we became a trading commodity.

That is, what it is. We can’t change the past. So now 400 years later, what now?

We had to learn through bloodshed that we were not a planet of another solar system. We are part of this world and in this world there are certain rules that can’t be broken if you want to have food. Whether we like these rules or not, they are a reality. We can fight them like Mugabe does but it would only result in hunger.

Too many Africans are yearning for life as we knew it back then…but they just love the white man’s BMW and Lear Jet. The donkey cart is way too primitive for their liking and the cow hides that once covered our loins are not as “cool” as a Hugo Boss suit. We are a race that conveniently wants to fall back on our traditions when it suits us.

Not everybody has the ability to be as black and white as I am, and I mean that in more than one sense. I accept and acknowledge that. But I had to ask myself where do I fit in? Do I want to go back to my ancestral land in Dundee and demand this land be given back to me so I can acquire a few wives and create my own Playboy Mansion or do I like it here in Sandton with a Blackberry?

You would be horrified if you read all the messages I get on Facebook of people swearing at me, calling me a traitor, a disgrace to all black people in South Africa and that whites are paying me to blog my views.

What they don’t know is that I have been very blessed to come from a long line of fighters that have fought from the days of the spear right up to the AK47.

They fought for my freedom and as sure as this sun is going to come up tomorrow, I am not going to mess up all they have fought for.

I have to address this cultural jail that stands between my people and true freedom.

Let us look at the Tokoloshe first. (Tokoloshe or Tikoloshe. From the Xhosa word uthikoloshe. The tokoloshe is a short, hairy, dwarf-like creature from Bantu folklore. It is a mischievous and evil spirit that can become invisible by swallowing a pebble. Tokoloshes are called upon by malevolent people to cause trouble for others. At its least harmful a tokoloshe can be used to scare children, but its power extends to causing illness and even death upon the victim. The way to get rid of him is to call in the n’anga or witch doctor who has the power to banish him from the area. It seems incredible to most of us that there could be any truth in the legend of the tokoloshe or the power of the witch doctor. But they are thought to exist in some parts of Africa where superstition and legend is very much alive and well. In Zulu mythology, Tikoloshe, Tokoloshe or Hili (from the Xhosa word utyreeci ukujamaal) is a dwarf-like water sprite. They are considered a mischievous and evil spirit.)

You slept with your bed raised up on a few bricks so that when the Tokoloshe comes at night, he could move freely around your room without knocking his head against any object. For those that know this superstition will know it is a small mystical hairy thing that looks like a psychotic angry little bear and catches you at night. But if he knocks his head against your bed, you are going to get this menace all over you and he has a temper like no other on earth. Stop laughing, I’m dead serious!

I haven’t seen him yet. I badly wanted to see him when I was small because while others feared him, I thought he sounded cool and wanted to befriend him.

My grandmother would look at me in absolute horror when I wanted to see the Tokoloshe. She would tell my mother “Eish this child scares me”.

When my Grandfather returned from exile, he brought me a Teddy Bear from London. I looked at the Teddy and instantly knew this was the Tokoloshe I always wanted to meet. So my bear got named Tokoloshe. I got smacked a few times because I would jump on my Grandmother when she takes her afternoon nap and scare her with Tokoloshe.

But the modern new reborn Tokoloshes sit in Parliament.

Parliament…hmmmm… let us discuss running this country, being an example to the citizens and our traditions.

In a new African landscape how practical is it having multiple wives? Nice idea, being a man. Come on you guys reading this, admit it!

But 20 children? Not so good because if I see what my university education and all the sundry trimmings are costing my father I would hate to think he had to make 20 of us. He would need to join the bank robbers to keep us at university.

My mother didn’t come cheap either, so he would have had to start stealing cattle from the white farmers if he wanted more wives. She cost him 40 head of cattle back in the 80’s. But wow, was she worth every cow! You should see her today in her Chanel dress …but 5 of them?

That is the humorous side of our tradition, but the more serious side is the following reality. There are only two of us and not twenty. So from my first breath my father has been there every step of my way thus far. We are his life and the reason he works this hard. He has spent every moment available guiding me into manhood (without sending me to a bush so some traditional butcher can slaughter my stuff beyond repair) How, as a father will you possibly find the time to devout this kind of attention to 20 kids? I don’t even want to think what life would have been like without my father. Unthinkable.

But what would I have been, if my father happily cavorted around claiming it is his culture and tradition?

I probably would have been marching with Malema on the road to nowhere and my father would have been dead by now. I would be visiting a graveyard and trying to find life’s answers from a stone. Back in the 80’s when he married my mother us blacks haven’t heard of HIV/Aids and those enlightened ones that did know about it, thought it was a homosexual disease.

So unbeknown to us we were killing ourselves. Merrily living out the principles of our tradition, not knowing we are committing suicide and resulting in 2 Million orphans just in South Africa alone, let alone the rest of Africa.

Wouldn’t this be a far more worthy cause to march about than march to get stuff you deliriously think should be given to you for free?

Imagine what must be going through the mind of a 4 year old kid, who is left all alone tonight, with nobody to take care of him or her? None of these orphaned kids asked to be here, so imagine how a child has to try and make sense of all of this?

So why do I still have my parents? Because my father knew he can’t run around making babies that he can’t provide for. He had to think soberly about life with a new millennium looming. He had us because he wanted us. We were to become his legacy. We weren’t conceived in a moment of uncontrolled lust or in the name of an outdated tradition.

We won’t discuss the merits of the social grant for mothers with kids and absent fathers but alarmingly condoms are still very unpopular accessories amongst the population of Africa. Until recently we had that scary old Bat as a minister of health. Tokolosh personified. Beetroot juice and cabbage leaves will cure the disease, while the Chief would shower after a bit of inyama.

What did my father do 7 years ago when I reached puberty? He sat me down and told me the facts and how it all happens. Every time I leave the house he jokingly says he will draw blood when I return and have me tested. He jokes, but it has sunk in so deep now, I think about the consequences every time I see a gorgeous girl.

What do my people do? Until recently it was better swept under the table than discuss the matter. It became unlawful to state a person has died of AIDS on his death certificate. How big is this denial?

Please don’t make a comment after you have read this and tell me this disease was invented by the Apartheid rulers to wipe us out. I’m not even going to discuss that old stale story! And speaking about Apartheid, get over it. It has no relevance in 2011. Dead, gone, born 31-05-1961 and was executed on 27-04-1994. Our ultimate justification for everything that we do wrong can’t come back so we can stone it.

The most bizarre superstition was invented to “cure” the disease. Rape a girl and it goes away. By girl, I mean little ones that had to helpless have their lives taken from them without their consent. Grown men believing in rubbish like this. How in the name of God can you possibly justify this, no matter what your traditions or beliefs are?

We have now for far too long shrugged our shoulders and hid behind our traditions on the one hand and on the other we want to sit at the UN and pretend we have the wisdom to help decide the fate of other countries. In this world we need to merge with, you have:

1. One wife. You sleep around, you die.

2. You have more kids than you can provide for, they starve and when they grow up they will steal to survive because you didn’t have enough money to send them to a decent school. The government schools are a complete waste of time because the teachers are never in class.

3. You can’t sell or trade with your daughters. They are not consumer goods.

4. You study or qualify as an artisan so you can earn your own keep and build your own house. There isn’t enough money going around building 40 Million free houses. You can wait until the sun burns itself out, it is not going to happen. So live with it.

5. Forget the white man’s wealth. It has long gone been transferred to Sydney. There isn’t any left here. Create your own. Forget about redistribution. Use your logic. The wealth of 5 Million whites was never going to send 45 Million blacks into a blissful retirement. The white wealth Malema cries about daily, was only in the hands of a few whites.

So until we move ourselves forward and merge ourselves with the world, we will remain primitive. 17 Years after independence you don’t dance from Beyers Naude to the stock exchange and have foreign journalists film your insanity in the name of freedom.

We were freed 17 years ago, embrace it and use your freedom to trade with the world, not crash your own stock market.

We can march up to the Union Buildings until the cows come home. We are not going to move ourselves forward until we free ourselves from ourselves!

Business Class Flights and 5 Star Hotels

LIFE is really good during the global recession — at least if you’re a top official in Armscor.

Life is so good that your employer pays for your five-star hotel rooms at R3 500 a day, booked (and paid for) a full day in advance just so that you don’t have to queue when you arrive at the hotel the next morning.

This was the service enjoyed by 10 of Armscor’s top officials, including non-executive board members, in September when they flew to England (business class) to represent Armscor at an arms exhibition.

The exhibition was held between September 13 and 16, but the officials’ rooms in five-star hotels were booked and paid for from September 11 to 17, two days longer than the duration of the show.

Documents in Beeld’s possession show that the officials also had use of Carey, an exclusive European limousine and chauffeuring service, at their disposal.

The bill for Carey’s services totalled R43 000, including a penalty levy of R6 000 because the rented limousine waited three times for officials who were late. On two occasions the limousine waited 45 minutes before the Armscor people arrived.

Armscor, the state’s armaments company, is dependent on arms sales to make a living. However, the company is having it tough. In its last financial it received a government bail-out of R594,8 million to balance the books.

In the past three years Armscor’s financial assistance from the government totalled R1,6 billion.

Acting Armscor CEO Sipho Mkwanazi said in the group’s financial statements that the group was under substantial financial pressure with regard to its ability to obtain sustainable financing.

Democratic Alliance MP David Maynier said it was “simply wrong” that Armscor officials, including board members, flew all over the world like “Fortune 500 fat cats” on taxpayers’ money.

He said it was difficult to obtain information about Armscor’s trips abroad. “I suspect the latest events are just the tip of the iceberg. The company appears to be trying to cover up information.”

Maynier said neither Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu nor Mkwanazi had responded to inquiries about the matter raised during committee meetings earlier this year.

“Armscor appears to think it is a power of its own that is not accountable to Parliament.”

Armscor spokesperson Daphney Chuma, who was approached for comment last week, said yesterday: “Armscor has to do marketing in order to support the South African defence industry. The [marketing] leads to job creation and helps to develop the defence sector. All trips by Armscor support this mandate.”

Chuma said that, like the directors of any company in the private sector, the Armscor board also provided leadership in the course of giving effect to Armscor’s marketing mandate.

“That includes the development of partnerships with other countries and companies involved in the defence industry.”[_id]=73505

A STAGGERING 1 941 Official Firearms Lost

A STAGGERING 1 941 official firearms to the collective value of R5,060 million have been reported lost or stolen by KwaZulu-Natal law enforcement officers between January and October this year.
This was revealed by KZN Community Safety and Liaison MEC Willies Mchunu in a parliamentary reply to questions by the Democratic Alliance (DA) yesterday.
The report revealed that 1 120 firearms were reported lost, while 821 were listed as stolen.
Of these firearms, 1 542 handguns, 57 shotguns and 360 rifles were reported lost or stolen.
Mchunu said 203 firearms repor­ted lost or stolen during the past five years have since been recovered, with the average time frame 409 days for recovery.
The DA said it was alarmed by these figures and will be calling for a full explanation from the MEC.
“The fact that so many firearms entrusted to law enforcement officers have simply vanished is an indictment against both the department and its employees and raises serious questions around competency levels,” DA spokesperson for community safety and liaison Sizwe Mchunu said yesterday.
“We will be calling for answers as to how this has been allowed to happen and what steps the department is taking to prevent such massive loss in the future.
“We also want to know whether any disciplinary measures are in place to deal with instances where firearms simply disappear.”
He said the recovery rate of weapons indicates that finding missing firearms is not viewed as a department priority. “KZN’s crime levels remain high and the reality is that many of these weapons are now in the wrong hands,” said Mchunu.
The MEC responded that a dedicated team investigates the disappearance of firearms and that all necessary steps are taken.[_id]=73423

Monday, December 12, 2011

And This Comes From A Black Man

He has been called a traitor and says he has received death threats from black people because of his extraordinary beliefs.

But Piet Dlamini, a gardener from KwaZulu-Natal, says his loyalties will always lie with the white supremacist group, the AWB.

In an interview with the Daily News on Tuesday, in Vryheid, Dlamini, 34, poured his heart out about his unique association with the AWB.

At an early age, Dlamini displayed a unique love for Afrikaans. Photo: Daily News
Daily News

"Black people are usually shocked and angry when they see me. They ask me what's wrong with me, and others even threaten to kill me, but I don't care about them. They can't change me and my beliefs," he said proudly.

Dlamini, from Mvunyane village, near Vryheid, grew up on a farm in Piet Retief and attended local Zulu schools. At an early age, he displayed a unique love for Afrikaans.

"I must have been in Grade 4 or 5 when I started taking an interest in the language. When I was in high school I was already fluent in Afrikaans. I love this language, I will speak it until I die," he said.

Dlamini said he first took an interest in Terre'Blanche and the AWB 10 years ago. He now refers to Terre'Blanche as his leader and father.

Dlamini had read about Terre'Blanche in newspapers but when he saw him riding his black horse on television, he just knew he had to meet him.

"The more I read about him, the more I was drawn towards him. He was a farmer, he knew who he was, and I like people that know who they are and what they stand for," he said.

Dlamini said the AWB's policies do not deter him, even though the organisation has yet to admit him as a member.

"I didn't care about Eugene's behaviour; all I cared about was that he could help the country become better. And besides, when I met him he had changed," he said, referring to his first meeting with Terre'Blanche, in 2008.

Terre'Blanche had visited Vryheid to revive the AWB, and Dlamini knew this was his chance to meet his idol.

Dlamini waited patiently to get a glimpse of his leader outside the hall but Terre'Blanche invited him inside, allowing him to sit in on the meeting.

"He never isolated me during the meeting, he was kind. He greeted me and shook my hand. He spoke to me softly. It felt good to finally meet him. I thanked God because I never thought I would meet him," recalled Dlamini.

Before the interview Dlamini, dressed in an AWB camouflage uniform, made it clear he would be speaking his "leader's language".

"It's not that I don't like Zulu, I just prefer to speak Afrikaans. It's my language of choice," he explained.

Speaking about Terre'-Blanche's murder and funeral, Dlamini said he would have loved to attend the funeral, but couldn't afford the trip.

But he hopes the murder suspects will be dealt with harshly.

"Those two should get life imprisonment. In fact, if it was still PW Botha's government, they would have got the death penalty, but this government doesn't care about anyone except themselves.

"It has become acceptable for people to kill each other. If the country was being governed by the AWB none of this would be happening. We would have a crime-free, well-run country."

His eyes, however light up when I ask him about his 21-month-old son Wiseman and his girlfriend Lungile Khoza.

Dlamini said he was disappointed when Khoza refused to let him name their son after Terre'Blanche.

"It doesn't matter though because I will teach my son both English and Afrikaans and I will tell him all about Terre'Blanche. I will tell him about what a great man and leader he was," he said.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Uhuru Guru Is Back

Zuma Incorporated

Here are the business interests of "Zuma Incorporated" -- of President Jacob Zuma and his women, children and other close relatives -- as far as we could identify them from public sources.
There are likely to be some inaccuracies, many gaps, as well as stories to tell about what exactly these companies do. Have they landed contracts simply on the strength of the Zuma name? Do they do business with the state? There may also be close relatives we have not identified. If you can help complete the picture, please click here to email your responses to the Mail & Guardian.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Schabir Shaik Guide to Healthy Living

Today marks 1 001 days since convicted fraudster and Zen Master Schabir Shaik was released on medical parole due to terminal illness. His continuing enjoyment of life against the odds and his never-say-die attitude are a shining example to sick people the world over -- especially sick people stuck in nasty jails.

Now, for as little as R50 000 deposited in a Swiss bank account, you too can be part of the Shaik 'n Bake Health Club. For a full programme and diet plan, please mail In the meantime, here's a small taster of what you can expect.

The key to the Shaik 'n Bake Lifestyle Plan, as revealed by the master himself, is simple. Shaik pays careful attention to his nutrition, and maintains a healthy balance of relaxation and exercise, while making time for the spiritual aspects of his life -- a simple lifestyle that's doing him the world of good.

Follow Master Shaik's example with these top health tips.

If life hands you a bowl of prison gruel, make goji berry shake. It's a well-known fact that a healthy diet is an essential part of overall wellbeing, and this becomes even more important when one's health is below par. For Master Shaik, there is no better place to make sure your body is getting exactly what it needs than at some of the finest restaurants in KwaZulu-Natal. It makes perfect sense -- slogging over a hot stove can be tedious, especially when you're sick.

Just ensure you make wise food choices -- something Master Shaik is very good at. The pasta dish named after him at Spiga d'Oro, one of his favourite restaurants, contains garlic (good for the immune system, and a homage to great Health Ministers of the Past), olives, tomatoes and basil. Delicious and nutritious. And Ile Maurice, where he
celebrated his wife's birthday, is renowned for its seafood -- a great source of protein. And don't forget the Tibetan goji berries. According to the Sayings of Shaik, the rules by which you will live your life, you should be "f***ing gorging goji berries" until one is "sh**ing the things out". Inspiring words from one of nature's survivors.

Physical exercise is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the face of a terminal illness. Being chased around a jail cell by a man called, to choose a random name, Mac, does NOT qualify as exercise, unless he catches you. Physical activity gets your heart and blood pumping and gives you a nice healthy glow. Master Shaik certainly takes his own advice to heart.
A round of golf provides gentle exercise along with a chance to get some sunshine and fresh air. If you're feeling up to anything more vigorous, practise martial arts. But Shaik, bless his cotton Crocs, recommends you sign up for a class rather than trying out your moves on random members of the public. That's Level Three stuff (another R50 000 in the Swiss bank account, please), and only safe for adepts. And anyway, the stress of having charges laid against you won't be good for your blood pressure, even if they are dropped.

Which leads us to ...

Take relaxation seriously. When you're unwell, you deserve a little time out.
Three nights at an exclusive luxury lodge might just do the trick. To make sure that no one disturbs your R&R, hire a R47 500-a-night private villa -- if you can afford it, of course. And if you can't, no matter. All good things come to those who wait, especially if while you're waiting you're compiling your memoirs, tentatively entitled: Scuttlebutt: The Untold Story of the Arms Deal. Trust us, someone else will eventually decide to do their bit for your spiritual and physical wellbeing and help out.SpiritualityNo matter what your religious beliefs, many believe the trick to healing lies in finding time to explore the spiritual aspects of your life. Just not jail time, obviously. So it's a lucky thing that Master Shaik's parole officers allow him the time to attend mosque each week. Inner peace and quiet reflection cannot be underestimated. Just be careful that you don't undo the good this does by getting into violent altercations outside your chosen place of worship. Sure, there may be no charges brought against you, but a two-day stay in the Big House while authorities assess what actually happened is really the last thing a terminally ill person needs.

If you act now and purchase the Shaik 'n Bake Lifestyle Plan, you'll get a limited edition commemorative The Sayings of Master Shaik booklet, hand-lettered on exquisite prison-issue toilet paper using a Bic pen smuggled into jail in the rectum of a government-approved minister. This includes philosophical conundrums such as: "If a terminally ill man doesn't die in a forest of lies, and there's nobody there to hear him, does he in fact not die?" But wait! There's more! You'll also get Shaik 'n Friends, a CD of Master Shaik singing with some of our most lovable and charismatic politicians. The disc features favourites such as Me and Jacob Zee, with its touching verse: "Terminal's just another word for nothing left to tell/ nothing, I mean nothing honey if I get free/ yeah feeling good is easy Lord if I don't sing the blues/ so get me the hell out of here/ you know feeling terminal was good enough for me/ good enough for me and my Jacob Zee."

It's 1 001 days and counting! Be part of the miracle, sign up now!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Deep Inside the African Bush....

This drawing is derived from the original engraving in David and Charles Livingstone, Narrative of an Expedition to the Zambesi and its Tributaries (London, 1865). Published by

Nearly two centuries ago. Sometime in the middle of the nineteenth century.
Deep inside the African bush, somewhere along the Zambezi. 
Where we fought the bushwar in our time, during our generation.
African men, women and children linked by wooden yokes and chains being led off into slavery by African guards carrying guns, acting on orders of Arab slave traders.
This was before any white so-called settlers arrived.
Before the so-called colonial era, which put an end to slavery.
Then came our Boer republics, and Rhodesian UDI.
We fought a war to defend them, whites shoulder to shoulder with black and brown and yellow.
We fought for our freedom and against the slavery of communism.
You, the so-called world, called us racists. And you clapped hands when we were sold out and became slaves again.
Modern-day slaves to the Mugabes and the new African slave-masters.
Hope you are satisfied?
Sourced from Willem Ratte.

Friday, November 25, 2011

How corrupt is the ANC?

Professor Micheal Savage,a sociologist at the University of York in England,wrote:

"Theft,fraud and violence,South African MP's do it all.A culture of impunity has made the South African parliament one of the most scandal-ridden govrnments in the world whereby MP's are arrested for drunken driving,shoplifting,fraud and varied corruption offences.

Of the 535 MPs, 29 have been found guilty of domestic violence, 7 have been arrested for fraud, 19 have been accussed of bouncing fraudulent cheques,117 have been involved in at least two businesses that have gone bankrupt,71 cannot obtain a credit card because of their bad credit ratings,14 have been arrested on drug-related charges,8 have been arrested for shoplifting,84 have been arrested for drunken driving.

Tony Yengeni,the former chief whip of the ANC,who was convicted for fraud in 2003 while chairing the country's defence commitee said this of their ANC elite of which he's part of:"What does the high court got to do with my life?I don't have to ask permission from them to do certain things...

When asked about his numurous luxury cars which includes a MASERATI and two BMW's he replied "many other people have cars including white people who still have all the wealth of this country".

For those brought up in the townships politics becomes the doorway to self-enrichment.Survivalism in SA is seen as political entitlement.Few MP's ever goes to prison.

2.The Washington Post newspaper wrote this:

South Africa loses billions of dollars due to negligence and corruption by the ANC Government.

"A South African government minister reportedly spends the equivalent of nearly $70,000(US) of taxpayer money on a trip to Switzerland to visit his girlfriend in jail who is facing drug charges,then tells his president that he was on official business.He claims to have been on sick leave since February.Another minister and the police chief were implicated in an unlawful deal to lease police buildings at inflated prices,which then cost taxpayers more than $250 million(US).

These incidents pale beside the sprawling,routine corruption and negligence in South African governance exposed by Willie Hofmeyr,the head of the anti-corruption agency known as the Special Investigating Unit.Hofmeyr told Parliament that around 20% of all government procurements or more than $3.8 billion,go missing each year-most of which gets stolen and the rest untraceable because of negligence.

The South African government barely blinked when that report was made.

Hofmeyr is currently investigating more than 900 cases of questionable contracts and conflicts of interest,valued at more than $635 million.The worst theft,he said,takes place at the local government level,where there wasn't that much oversight.

Recommendations were made to Zuma to act against corrupt ministers.And what is Zuma's response to all that?A presidential spokesman said at the time "that Zuma would respond to the recommendations when he is ready".

3.From the New York Times newspaper tells us this:

South Africa Slips From the Moral High Ground says ALAN COWELL.

"South Africa has never liked to see itself in any way as run-of-the-mill country,instead preferred to cast itself as aloof from the corruption,strife and misrule so often associated with the continent to its north.

Hence Thabo Mbeki's calling the country's first democratic election in 1994 as "an African Renaissance".

However South Africa have become a different country under its newest coterie of the most powerful that surrounds President Jacob Zuma and has since lost its claim to the moral high ground.

Archbishop Desmond M.Tutu, said recently of the ANC "Mr.Zuma,you and your government don’t represent me...You represent your own interests."

The archbishop’s remarks provoked some sharp reactions from the ANC.

“In the GREATER scheme of things,who is Bishop Tutu?A prelate who was won honors because he raised his voice against apartheid? Who did not?” said ANC veteran Thula Bopela.

Corruption and patronage have replaced principle and promised transparency in South Africa.

Author Njabulo S. Ndebele wrote "South Africa have become corrupted by the attractions of instant wealth, reflecting a potentially catastrophic collapse in the once cohesive understanding of the post-apartheid project as embodied in our constitution.The ANC functions as a state within the state,and it thinks it is the state."

Dr.R.Simangaliso Kumalo,the head of the School of Religion and Theology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal,wrote:"Pretoria seemed to side with dictators like President Robert G.Mugabe in Zimbabwe or Col.Muammar Qaddafi in Libya blending its debts to those who supported it in the liberation struggle with a hard-nosed pragmatism.

Political analyst Eusebius McKaiser said in a lecture in August,discussing South Africa’s role in the Libya conflict:

"It is clear to me that we do not have a moral foreign policy.There is little indication that our foreign policy is consistently and genuinely informed by a thorough commitment to project our domestic constitutional principles onto the international arena.”

Indeed, those principles —or the threats to them — lie at the center of the debate.Two years after their first free election in 1994,South Africa created a new constitution guaranteeing rights that much of Africa had shunned,ignored or undermined and seeming to lock the land onto the moral coordinates of its struggle for democracy.

But the ground has shifted.Max du Preez,a journalist and author wrote:"Nothing anybody says or does can be taken at face value any longer, because we suspect this can only be explained if one understands what the doer or speaker wants to achieve in terms of his or her factional interest.”

So from a government minister,a front-page sex scandal and claims of a honey trap set by "spooks" determined to crush enemies of the president!

What an interesting government South Africa has in power!Turbulent some might argue,but so very much corrupt aswell.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

M & G Censored

Friday, November 18, 2011

M&G censored

By Mike Smith
18th of November 2011

Today the Mail and Guardian found out what the ANC thinks of the constitution of South Africa…Nothing.

They wipe their backsides with the constitution. They feel nothing for freedom of speech or the public's interest. As long as they can steal taxpayer’s money and nobody complains all is OK.

Ultra scumbag and Marxist terrorist Mac Maharaj censored them.

Big Mac was the commander and master brain of the dreadful “Operation Vula” during the 1980’s when the ANC shifted the focus of their terrorist bombing from 20% to 80% civilian targets.

He is directly responsible for the coldblooded murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children of all races. He thought nothing of it to plant bombs in shopping centres, fast food restaurants, bars, golf clubs and even hospitals.

And what for? All so he and his scumbag terrorist jailbird buddies in the ANC could steal the taxpayers blind in among many others, the now infamous arms deal of 1999.

Maharaj (former minister of transport) was one of the main brains involved in this arms deal along with Joe Modise (former minister of defence), President Jacob Zuma, his financial planner and convicted fraudster, Shabir Shaik, and some others.

After the arms deal corruption inquiry died down around 2003, Mac Maharaj kept a low profile and became the president’s spokesperson.

The Mail and Guardian found out that Maharaj lied under oath to the Scorpions (SA version of the FBI, now known as the Hawks) and to prove this they had to quote certain transcripts.

Maharaj claimed that they obtained the info illegally, got a court order and threatened the M&G editor with 15 years in prison.

The questions thus far is:
1) If he did nothing illegal and the bribe money he received was innocent, why did he lie under oath?
2) If he did nothing illegal, what is he trying to hide by gagging the newspaper?

Read the report here

The ANC is currently attempting to push the “protection of information bill” through parliament that will see the likes of Nic Dawes (M&G editor) jailed for 25 years if they reveal any of the corruption scandals of the thieving ANC bastards.

Outside of Dawes’ office hangs a picture of one of their newspapers from 1986 at the height of the ANC terrorist onslaught against the people of South Africa, their “People’s War” and Operation Vula, when the Apartheid Government declared a state of emergency and censored the M&G.

Compare it to the picture of the Mail and Guardian censorship today by the ANC Marxist terrorist regime.


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Pandoras Box 34

Sunday, November 6, 2011

By Mike Smith

6th of November 2011

The Viljoen Brothers

Viljoen grew up in Standerton where his family supported liberal Jan Smuts.(SO,p302).

What is not so well known is that Constand Viljoen has an identical twin brother called Professor Abraham (Braam) Viljoen, a liberal dominee and theology professor at UNISA, turned farmer and he is well known in leftist circles.

Constand and Braam Viljoen look so much alike that people have difficulty distinguishing amongst them. Often they greet the wrong brother.

Braam Viljoen, a member of Van Zyl Slabbert’s IDASA and one of the first to go talk to the exiled ANC in Dakar amongst other places, also maintained close relations with the conservative farmers unions such as TLU and VLU. Through them he tried to arrange informal talks between the white right and the ANC.

And so another round of secret talks was started.

The four Volksfront generals, through the manipulation of Tienie Groenewald decided to hold secret talks with the ANC. Constand Viljoen asked his twin brother, Braam to arrange and facilitate the meetings. With them looking so much alike, it would be almost impossible to tell who was playing what role at the time.

The meetings had to be secret for two reasons. Firstly the Volksfront supporters would be enraged if they discovered that the generals who were suppose to lead them into war, were fraternising with the enemy.

And secondly, the ANC supporters would be enraged if they found out that their leaders were negotiating with the white right a few days after one of their greatest leaders, Chris Hani was killed.

Because Braam Viljoen looked so much like Constand, he could not be seen with the ANC, so he had to drive into the parking basement of Shell House, their headquarters, and meet the ANC delegation there in his car.

The first meeting between the AVF and the ANC took place at Nelson Mandela’s yellow stucco house in the affluent Johannesburg suburb of Houghton. Representing the AVF were three generals, Viljoen, Groenewald and Visser. The ANC contingent was made up of Nelson Mandela, Joe Modise and Joe Nhlanhla. At subsequent meetings Douw Steyyn was also there.

Of these meetings they are all euphoric today. Nelson Mandela poured the men tea and surprised General Viljoen by addressing him in the general’s own mother tongue, Afrikaans. (Unspoken Alliance, Sasha Polakow-Suransky, pg 226 ).

They could not resist the Mandela charm that was working in overdrive. The ANC smooth talked them, flattered them, roped them in, befriended them...and the AVF fell for it. They have learned nothing from history...of how Piet Retief and his men were also conned into entering Dingaan’s kraal without their weapons. Just this time the Boers left their best weapons, their brains, outside the gate of Mandela’s house.

Allister Sparks gives an account of this first meeting on page 204 of his book Tomorrow is another country;

Mandela’s appraisal of the situation they both faced was frank. “If you want to go to war,” he told the generals, “I must be honest and admit that we cannot stand up to you on the battlefield. We don’t have the resources. It will be a long and bitter struggle, many people will die and the country may be reduced to ashes. But you must remember two things. You cannot win because of our numbers: You cannot kill us all. And you cannot win because of the international community. They will rally to our support and they will stand with us.”

General Viljoen was forced to agree.

More than twenty meetings followed. Braam Viljoen was joined by two co-facilitators, Ivor Jenkins and Jurgen Kögl. Mandela did not come again, but Thabo Mbeki with his experience of allaying white fears was there. He even assured them that their claim to a Volkstaat would be addressed after a feasibility study was done. He proposed that a Volkstaat Council be established after the elections. The AVF accepted this.

But then negotiations stalled and the white right started new calls for a military intervention. Then suddenly the opportunity arose.

The Bop Massacre

During the negotiations between the NP and the ANC at the World Trade Centre at Kempton Park, they reached a Record of Understanding. In protest to this, Prime Minister Buthelezi (IFP) of Kwazulu established an alternative to Codesa called Cosag (Concerned South Africans Group).

It was an alliance between the four independent homelands and the right wing Afrikaner Volksfront (AVF). If one was attacked the others would come and help.

When the Negotiation Council at Kempton Park decided that the TBVC homelands would be reincorporated into South Africa and all citizens have their South African citizenship restored on the 1st of January 1994, the dictator of Bophuthatswana, Lukas Mangope resisted. In February 1994, two months before the first general and fully democratic election he decided that Bophuthatswana would remain independent as it was granted to them 17 years before.

22,000 Civil servants fearing they would lose their salaries and pensions went on strike, supported by ANC agents who started an insurrection.

The civil servants went on a looting spree and rampage in the capital Mmabatho. Later on the Bop police joined them. By the 10th of March Mangope lost control and chaos reigned in the capital.

He appealed to General Constand Viljoen for help to restore order, because the AVF was in the COSAG alliance. Part of the AVF was obviously the AWB, but Mangope specifically asked General Viljoen not to bring the AWB into his country, because his people would resent these ultra-rightist presence. The AWB was politically unacceptable to them. Viljoen and the AVF were considered moderates.

Viljoen answered the call and the Boere Krisis Aksie was rapidly mobilised under command of Colonel Jan Breytenbach, former special forces commander and Comandant Douw Steyn.

A message was broadcasted over Radio Pretoria, the AWB clandestine radio sender headed by Jan Groenewald, brother of Tienie Groenewald.

All AWB commandoes were told to head for Mmabatho. On hearing this Viljoen told Terreblanche to call off his men, but he said they were already on their way. He then told Terreblanche to keep his men outside at the border and wait for further instructions.

Viljoen also called General Georg Meiring of the SADF and informed him of the AVF operation to ensure there is no clash with the SADF.

The BKA men under Cmdt Steyn were to proceed to the airport unarmed, establish a base and they would then be supplied with weapons, ammunition and rations from the Bop Defence Force under General Jack Turner. After this Colonel Breytenbach would take over.

Steyn had 1500 men ready within hours and another 3000 on standby. When they got to the airport there were only 150 automatic R4 rifles waiting for them. Promises were made that more weapons would come soon from a nearby armoury, but it never arrived.

Meanwhile, reports came in that despite all the orders and requests to Terreblanche that his troops stay outside of Bophuthatswana, about 600 AWB men were already in Mmabatho armed to the teeth, driving through the streets on their pick-up trucks taking pot-shots at the blacks, killing 37 and wounding several more.

The next day, the Beeld newspaper called it a “Kafferskietpiekniek” (nigger-shooting-picnic).

By mid-morning on Friday the 11th of March, Mangope’s army mutinied and joined the rebels against him. They rode through the streets shooting back at the AWB

At the airport Comandant Steyn’s men had still not received their weapons. When he went to the armoury himself, the guards refused him entry. With only 10% of his men armed, he decided to withdraw his force.
He left the 150 armed men to hold the airport until they could hand it over to the SA Defence Force. And so they left the same way as they came.

Not so the AWB. Some of them got lost and were racing through townships firing at people and huts. Several shots were fired back at them.

In the nearby town of Mafikeng a convoy of pick-ups and cars was driving up a long road. Ahead was a roadblock. The convoy broke through the barrier and the Bop soldiers and policemen fired at them. The AWB fired back.

The last car in the convoy was an old blue Mercedes Benz with three passengers, Aalwyn Wolfaardt, Fanie Uys and Nic Fourie. The Bop soldiers fired a burst through the windscreen wounding all three men.

The car stopped and the men crawled out. Uys was propped against the back wheel of the Mercedes. Wolfaardt was stretched out on his stomach. Behind them Nick Fourie, a building contractor from Natal looked dead.

Minutes later, frenzied black policemen by the name of Ontlametse Bernstein Menyatsoe stepped forward and shot the unarmed and wounded Uys with his R4 automatic rifle through the body…all in full view of the national and international television cameras and the reporters.

Menyatsoe then turned to Wolfaardt and shot a single shot through the back of his head. He then went around and shot each of the three men again, just to finish them off, then held the rifle up into the air like a trophy.

Back in Naboomspruit Ester Wolfaardt and her eight year old daughter Analise were watching television that night. Aalwyn was dead for six hours already, but the AWB did not call. She and her daughter saw Aalwyn being executed on the six o’ clock news.

The South African Defence Force moved in and restored order within a few hours. Ambassador Tjaart van der Walt was installed as administrator of the territory joined by the ANC’s Job Mogoro as co-administrator.

The shooting of the three men in Bop was televised all over the world and severely demoralised the white right. Even today, most people get chills down their spines when they think about it. It was a terrible humiliation for the right-wing.

The black policeman Menyatsoe remained in the police and received amnesty from the TRC a few years later. He is still a policeman today and a hero amongst his people.

Meanwhile, the night before the registration deadline for the 27th of April 1994 national election, Constand Viljoen weighing up his options to lead his 30,000 men into war or take part in the election, he took a bold decision after being influenced by his liberal religious twin brother Braam Viljoen. With ten minutes to go before the deadline he registered a party called the “Freedom Front”. The next day the Conservative party and the other generals announced that they were following Viljoen.

And so ended the delusions of grandeur of the Rightwing to fight a Third Boer War.

The Volkstaat Council

After the election The ANC kept their word. They allowed the creation of the Volkstaat Council even funded it for five years (1994-1999), placing the Afrikaners like rats in a labyrinth of bureaucracy, obstacles and red tape to ensure they never realize their impossible dream of a Volkstaat.

The Chairman was Dr Johann Wingaard. In an interview with David Strobin of Global Politician, 27th of May 2005, he said that the ANC was never serious about the Council. Accommodating the Afrikaner’s idea of a Volkstaat was to Mandela and the ANC nothing but a public relations exercise. All talk, nothing more. The ANC regarded the Volkstaat Council as a 'sick joke'.

I quote Dr. Wingaard:

“The only time that the ANC showed any interest in our work was at an encounter with a constitutional committee headed by Essop Pahad (now Minister of the Presidency [until 2008, author]). At that encounter we tabled an interim report and proposed that a tenth province be created where Afrikaners would be in a natural majority. Storming out of the committee room, he accused the Freedom Front of negotiating in bad faith. The press was waiting in the media briefing room, where he delivered a tirade of anti-Afrikaner clichés and rejected out of hand the concept of territorial self-determination as a return to apartheid. Instead of defusing a constitutional deadlock, they deceived ethnic Afrikaners with empty promises of self-determination.”

When Strobin asked Dr. Wingaard if he had any hopes of the ANC ever implementing some of the Volkstaat Council’s recommendations and whether the Afrikaners would ever gain independence or autonomy in South Africa, Wingaard answered:

“No. Afrikaners will have to shed blood for any form of self-determination, as elsewhere in the world…The only way to achieve that aim is the African way. Civil war.”

In 1999 funding was stopped and the Volkstaat Council unofficially disbanded. Viljoen retreated from politics and went to farm 300 km east of Johannesburg.

In 2001, tired and frustrated by ANC politics he handed over the reins of the Freedom Front to Dr Pieter Mulder, son of Connie Mulder who was the Minister of Information during the Information Scandal with Eschel Rhoodie.

On 10 May 2009 President Jacob Zuma announced his appointment of Dr Mulder as the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Mulder is now in the pay of the ANC government. “Die Burger” reported on the 26th of August 2011 about a Wikileaks revelation of a diplomatic cable dated 3rd of April 2009, that prior to the 2009, Mulder wanted to enter into a secret alliance with the ANC so that if the ANC did not get a 2/3 majority, the Freedom Front alliance would have ensured them of it.

That is why Zuma, prior to the election was courting the Afrikaners and even having BBQ’s with their leaders.


Today in his book, The Other Side of history, Dr. Van Zyl Slabbert recounts the general Constand Viljoen…

“He and other generals were urged from various quarters to stage a coup. 'I have 30 000 men under arms who will rise at a moment's notice,' he told me a number of times in those first few months. Viljoen, who is an expert on revolutionary warfare, was well aware of the folly of a coup option, but he was also very frustrated and angry at the political marginalization of, what he saw as, the interests of the Afrikaner minority through the unfolding process of negotiations. And for this, he put the blame squarely on De Klerk's shoulders.”

About General George Meiring, Slabbert recounts…

'Ja, man,' Meiring said to me, 'I know all about Constand and his 30 000, but it would not have worked and Constand knew it. We talked about the coup option and Constand said to me: "You know, George, if you and I wanted to, we can take over this country tomorrow." "Yes," I said, "it is true. But you and I also know that if we did, what do we do the next day?'

What kind of comic book delusion is: “..if you and I wanted to, we can take over this country tomorrow…”? It sounds like the cartoon characters, Pinky and the Brain.


Tienie Groenewald and Constand Viljoen confirmed as spies by Mi6

On the 3rd of June 1994 the newspaper “Africa Confidential”, mouthpiece of Mi6, the British intelligence service, ran a story called: “South Africa: Eyeing the spies. (AC, Vol 33 No10). It was reported on in “Die Afrikaner” 19-25 August 1994 and “Patriot” 19th of August 1994. It reads as follows:

“In the past election horsetrading, the African National Congress took all the major security portfolios to the annoyance of the Deputy President Frederik de Klerk…Significantly, The Freedom Front’s Gen. Constand Viljoen and Tienie Groenewald, a former intelligence chief, have become allies of the new government and are feeding intelligence on the far right to the reconstructed DMI (Department Military Intelligence). Africa Confidential has learned it was General Viljoen who passed key intelligence to DMI which led to the arrest of the first two of 33 far rightwingers, including key officials of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) in connection with the series of bomb blasts before the election.”

Further, in September 1994, Constand Viljoen’s car was pushed off the road. Fearing for his life, he asked Tienie Groenewald for help, who in turn called in the VIP protection unit of MI. Normally they only look after the Chief of Defence or the Minister of Defence. A photo of Constand Viljoen’s bodyguards was taken in October of 1994 by Koos Venter of “Die Afrikaner” during Viljoen’s speech at Waterkloof. It confirmed Groenewald and Viljoen’s connection to the government. (SO, pg 371)

Death of the National Party

The first democratic election of The New South Africa on the 27th of April 1994 came and went. Nelson Mandela was the new President. Two deputy presidents in the form of Thabo Mbeki and F.W. de Klerk took his side in a Government of National Unity (GNU).

On the 24th of June 1995, South Africa’s rugby team “The Springboks” won the Rugby World Cup, beating New Zealand at Ellis Park. Mandela was there wearing the No.6 jersey of the captain Francois Pienaar handed him the trophy and when Francois Pienaar triumphantly lifted the Cup above his head, the stadium erupted in euphoria.

Rugby, that sport that has become such an integral part of the Afrikaner culture and kept them in isolation for so many years during Apartheid, was a bridge between the leader of the ANC and the white South Africans especially the Afrikaners. The triumph of the Springboks was a triumph for the whole of South Africa black and white. The hopes among the people were high. South Africa could conquer the world. Most whites, even the diehard right-wingers believed in the possibility that a multiracial, multicultural South Africa, could after all work.

But the danger lights were already flickering to the paranoid in the ANC who feared the rise of Afrikaner Nationalism more than anything else.

On the surface, Mandela was reaching out to the Afrikaners. A month after the Rugby World Cup, he visited the 94 year old widow of Dr. H.F. Verwoerd, Betsie, at her home in Orania where they had tea together.

In a historic move two years before that, Wilhelm Verwoerd a young philosophy lecturer at Stellenbosch University and grandson of the former South African Prime Minister H.F. Verwoerd joined the ANC together with his wife Melanie, who later became South African ambassador to Ireland. Business men were falling over their feet to meet Mandela.

But as the nebula of the euphoria died down, another picture started to become clear. The ANC was not finished with Afrikaner Nationalism...yet.

In his book “Annotomy of a Revolution”, Crane Brinton explains on pg. 24 that all revolutions go through certain stages.

“All are begun in hope and moderation, all reaches a crisis in a “reign of terror” and all end in something like dictatorship – Cromwell, Bonaparte, Stalin. The American revolution does not quite follow this pattern, and is therefore especially useful to us as a kind of control.”

He goes on to explain and use examples of various revolutions to point out that almost without exception, the regime that replaces an oppressive one is normally more oppressive than the former. The ANC would stick to this pattern.

As the Verwoerd’s were dining with the ANC, Dr. H.F. Verwoerd’s name was being changed all over South Africa. The name of the dam changed to the Gariep dam and his statue removed to Orania. Not only was the name of Verwoerd, but in fact all the prominent Afrikaner names of everything from airports to parks, roads and towns changed.

The intellectualism of the Afrikaners was being undermined. Schools were being integrated. RAU, that proud university of Afrikanerdom was integrated and Anglicized/Africanized, many more followed.

The economic strength of the Afrikaners was undermined through Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment and quotas in University entry and sport.

The entire civil service was transformed. Competent Afrikaners and other whites laid off and incompetent blacks took their places.
It was at the backdrop of these events that we should see the final death of the National Party.

De Klerk stayed in the GNU only after the interim constitution was accepted on the 8th of May 1996. The next day, frustrated with the politics of the ANC, he prematurely pulled out his party from the GNU, dealing the NP a fatal blow. On 8th of September 1997 at the founding of the New National Party (NNP) he handed the reins of the Party over to the 37 years young Marthinus “Kortbroek” van Schalkwyk.

The name “Kortbroek” (short pants) he got because several people accused him of being gay, because of his boyish looks (he is married with two children) and being slightly offended he stated, “I am not gay, I am a true Boerseun. I wear short pants”.

At the 1999 general elections, the NNP could only secure 7% of the vote, down about 13% from their 20,4% in 1994. Oh how the mighty NP has fallen. Most of its former supporters have moved past them further to the left to the Democratic Party of Tony Leon.

For a short while after the 1999 election the NNP joined the DP in an alliance called the “Democratic Alliance” or DA, the name it still holds today. However in 2000 it broke away from the DA to join the ANC in an alliance.

Prior to the 2004 elections the NNP leadership informed its MP’s that the party would soon be dissolved and several NNP politicians started looking for other political homes. Many struck deals with the ANC.

Unethically, they kept quiet about it and never informed the electorate who still went and voted for them. The NNP only received 2% of the votes. Shortly afterwards on the 9th of April the NNP was dissolved and the rest of the politicians including the leader Marthinnus van Schalkwyk joined the ANC.

Van Schalkwyk’s reward for destroying the NNP was the post of Minister of Environmental Affairs. He is currently still in the ANC as Minister of Tourism.

But who is Van Schalkwyk really? Van Schalkwyk served in the SADF from 1978 to 1979. His political career began during the late apartheid years at the Rand Afrikaans University as chairman of the Student Representative Council (SRC), the Afrikaanse Studentebond (ASB), and later of the Ruiterwag, the youth wing of the Afrikanerbroederbond.

During this time he became the leader of a new youth movement called “Jeugkrag” (Youth Power), a front of Military Intelligence headed by General Tienie Groenewald. Military intelligence secretly funded Jeugkrag. On the surface it was suppose to be an organization opposed to the Afrikaner establishment.

In reality it was spying on fellow Afrikaans students in an operation known as “Project Essay”. Jeugkrag operated exclusively on Afrikaans university campuses and sought to influence the political views of Afrikaans-speaking students, turning them more liberal.


This chapter attempted to illustrate to the reader that during the Apartheid era, before it and after it, the rightwing was, is and probably always will be infiltrated by their enemies. There are many more examples to use, but this will suffice for the moment.

What makes it so especially disconcerting is that these traitors pretend to be the friends, leaders or mentors of those genuinely conservative or nationalist, yet secretly work against them.

Their agenda is not the wellbeing of the Afrikaners or white South Africans in general. They have no cause, other than their own benefit and self enrichment. They have no loyalty to their nation, their country or to God.

The problem is that they will always be amongst us. In fact there will never be a shortage of traitors and spies when it comes to betraying our people.

As William Shakespeare said in Hamlet:

”When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.

Hamlet, Act 4, Scene five.