Monday, April 25, 2011

Government Official - Attempted Rape


A Free State government official and another man have been arrested for allegedly attempting to rape three teenagers near Bloemfontein, police said on Monday.

Free State police spokesperson Colonel Thandi Mbambo said the two men, one a 28-year-old government employee at the Lebohang building in Bloemfontein and the other an unemployed 39-year-old man, were arrested late on Saturday night.

Two girls, aged 15 and 16, and a 19-year-old woman were accosted by two men in a blue VW Jetta near the Moroka hospital in Thaba 'Nchu on Saturday night while they were on their way to a local shop to buy airtime.

The men stopped and asked the girls for directions to the nearby filling station. The girls apparently pointed the way but one of the men suggested they should come along to show them where it was located and the girls got into the car.

However the men drove on past the petrol station in the direction of Bloemfontein, and started to assault the girls while demanding their cell phones.

The men stopped at a graveyard near Bloem Industria and instructed the girls to undress, and when they refused the men began ripping their clothes off.

One of the girls escaped and stopped a passing motorist.

Police were called and the men were caught red handed still assaulting the two remaining girls at the scene.

Mbambo said the men would be charged with kidnapping, robbery, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and attempted rape.

They were expected to appear in the Thaba`Nchu Magistrate's Court soon.

Bollocks of the Malema, Afriforum and Solidarity WWF Show Trail

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Bollocks of the Malema, Afriforum and Solidarity WWF Show Trail

By Mike Smith
24th of April 2011

Growing up during the Apartheid years in South Africa meant that white South Africans were acutely aware of all forms of Anti Communist views across the world and speeches by Reagan and Thatcher were prominently displayed on SABC during the 1980’s.

                                                                    Ronald Regan

                                                                Margaret Thatcher
Another prominent figure from those times was the Polish leader of the trade union Solidarity, Lech Walesa. Even in South Africa he was seen as a hero for standing up against communism.

                                                                    Lech Walesa

Hardly did Communism fall across the world or it found a new home in South Africa in the early 1990’s and along with it came our own version of Solidarity, the trade union.

Although Solidarity SA claims to be older than 100 years, it was rather an insignificant white trade union up until about 1997. In fact very few people ever knew about them. 

Then suddenly Flip Buys became the leader of Solidarity and it started to become famous to the point where it is today in the news almost daily along with its agricultural buddies, Afriforum, etc.

Since the ANC took over in 1994 until now, they have implemented extreme anti white legislation that prevents whites from seeking equal employment. Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment along with quotas in sports and university entry has been implemented against white South Africans.
So what does Solidarity say about this lot?


Along comes one of their ANC “Yes-men” Dirk Herman, who did his doctorate thesis on Affirmative Action and writes a little booklet about how to implement AA “Fairly”. Freely distributed amongst Afrikaner Broederbond members of which Herman is obviously a member.

I kid you not. He could as well have named his booklet “ How to let Black Marxists kill you fairly”.

Solidarity reminds one of those classical useless organizations in the pockets of the communist just like Lech Walesa was a Communist informer and agent and his Solidarity union was kept alive by the Communists to prove freedom and toleration to opposition

Vladimir Lenin believed that one should create and control one’s own opposition. This seems to be exactly what the ANC have done with Solidarity, Afriforum, etc…

When you see such opposition to a repressive government lasting for years and even allowed to utter some crap on TV then be assured that they are kept alive only for a purpose, not because the Marxist regime is so tolerant, but because they like to control their opposition.    

It was so clear to me that I wrote an article on Global Politician about it during 2007 already called Labor Negotiations with the ANC after they thought that they could negotiate with the Marxist terrorist ANC
In it I name them specifically…Kallie Kriel, Dirk Herman, Flip Buys, etc…All pretending to be negotiating with the ANC.

What nonsense. Why would the ANC even give these idiots a second thought? What threat do they pose? Let them all strike for the next two years and see if it makes any difference to South Africa.

The organizations such as Solidarity and Afriforum has no strength to bargain from. No numbers, no military strength, no money, no political influence and no business influence. They are Afrikaner eunuchs and their negotiations as sterile as their arguments. Why do the ANC even tolerate them?

Simple, to create the illusion of tolerance to the opposition. REAL opposition will be quickly assassinated, banned, banished, character assassinated, arrested on trump up charges, etc. and a show trial lasting eight years will be created.

So along came the ANC youth Leader Julias Malema and called for the killing of white people through the ANC terrorist song, “Kill the Boer; Kill the Farmer!” and the farmers were obviously livid.

So they turn to their leaders in Afriforum and Solidarity who charges Malema for hate speech against white farmers.

Malema calls some ANC witnesses who claims that the unambiguous words of “Kill the Boer; Kill the Farmer” could mean “Kill the system of white oppression.”

So the White Solidarity and Afriforum wants to, you guessed it, negotiate with the ANC and settle out of court. They reckon that the ANC should carry on singing “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer” as long as they…wait for it…Sing the song only at private functions…


That is what has been happening all along. The ANC has been been singing it at all along at their private functions. So what was the whole trial about? Again Afriforum , the TAU and Solidarity are wasting their membership money on crap.

If this is the quality of negotiators amongst the so called Afrikaner leadership then I do not have much hope for the Afrikaners. They should kick the useless ANC bought and treacherous asses of Kallie Kriel, Dirk Herman and Flip Buys into touch elect a proper leadership and see if they can carry on from there.

I can assure you that NONE of the efforts of Kriel and Buys will make even a dent in the number of white farmers being killed. In fact the ANC will see this as a victory and a free-for-all to step up their murderous campaign against the white farmers.

Then more useless negotiations will follow, until somebody wakes up one day and switches the light on and says “Hey, what is happening here?”

Sometimes one does not know if one should pity these idiots or simply let them be. Let Darwin sort out their asses.

My advice to them is the following rules of thumb that I live by…

1. There is no negotiating with Marxist terrorist scum
2. The only way to get freedom from Communist oppression is through the barrel of a gun.
3. Freedom can only be achieved when the very last piece of Communist trash has been publicly executed.

Watch this space and see how a Fuckwit like Malema with a GG mark in Woodwork Standard Grade beats a Doctorate such as Dr. Dirk Herman. What a bunch of clowns... 

English Words and the Asterix

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Asterixfication of the explicit English language

By Mike Smith

24th of April 2011

Do you know why I am against censorship? …because when you take away the right to say FUCK, you also take away the right to say, FUCK THE ANC GOVERNMENT!

Now there are some blogs and some people who believe that one should have tact. That one should not lower oneself to the levels of the ANC Marxist terrorist scum that one should still attempt to convey a civilized message against an uncivilized enemy.

Problem is that Censorship and Political Correctness has almost become the same thing. Words such as “Kaffir”, “Nigger”, “Honkey”, “Coolie”, “Charra”, “Mlungu” (white froth or scum from the sea) and “Hotnot” have become socially unacceptable terms and Newspapers, magazines and online forums have banned such words in order to maintain a level of respectability and hold the moral high ground.

Does it help or compound the problem…not that it is a problem at all?

See, people are quite ingenious. Like the Hydra in Greek mythology, when you chop off one head, another two grow in its place. Banning such words just gives rise to ten others.

The word “Negro” is replaced by “Kneegrow”, the word “Kaffir” is replaced by “K@ffir”, “K4”, “Simian Bi-ped”, “Marmite Monster” or a string of other words. Swear words are also changed such as “Fuck the ANC” being replaced by “PHUQ the ANC”

In the past swear words in letters to the media used to be dumped immediately, yet nowadays it is allowed if you use the asterix symbol (*).

Instead of saying the real words, it is now left to the imagination of the reader who concludes whatever he wants. For example, nowadays one can leave a comment on the online forum of the Sowetan in the line of, “ F*ck Malema. He is a C*nt and a real K4 D**S. All he does is talk K@k. Etc and everyone will understand the correct meaning.

It is just a matter of time before the Asterix will claim its rightful place in the English dictionary.

But the use of such symbols could lead to real confusion…let me use another example…

Winnie Mandela gets knocked over by a 4x4 and goes to a useless K4 hospital where one of her favorite Cuban doctors is on watch at the trauma section. First thing he does is feeling her “Four letter word”.

What “Four letter word” you ask? Well here is a clue… it starts with a “P” and ends with an “S”…OK…you still give up?

Here is another clue…the second letter is an “O”….So far we thus have that the Cuban Doctor felt her “PO*S”…

Well you all have such filthy minds, because I was thinking of the Afrikaans word, “Pols” (Pulse). Start thinking outside of the (black) box you perverts.

Nevertheless, this kind of “Asterix Censorship” is fully phuqing up the English language, especially when a K4 gets hold of it. Point in case is ANC Youth League spokesman Floyd Shivambu…

IOL reporter Carien du Plessis was the brunt of his Asterixes (or is that Asterixae?)…This LWB felt so offended by his Asterixae that she went and charged him for “Hate speech” in the Equality Court”.

Shivambu is accused of hate speech for allegedly calling du Plessis “stupid” and a “white bi***” in text messages. Apparently being called “Stupid” did not bother her…it was the asterixae…

He further says “bi***” is not part of his vocabulary.

Not surprisingly. Spelling beyond two letters in an English word is not exactly the forte of undereducated ANC idiots such as Shivambu. I mean…English is a sophisticated language…not every bush K4’s thing.

In typical K@ffir fashion, ShivamPo*s denies everything. He never sent anything. He can’t remember. He just have to claim he was drunk at the time, someone took his phone and someone else sent all the messages from his cell phone.

He reckons, “I know I did not send the text message using those references because some of the words she alleges were sent from my phone are not part of my vocabulary, in particular the word 'bi***'.”

I did not know “Bi***” was a word in anyway. Ja, swaer…the Tokoloshe sent those messages.

Meanwhile, Afrikaner Girl with an Apartheid guilt complex, Carien du Plessis referred all queries to her (black) lawyer Okyerebea Ampofo-Anti (Nigerian?), who said her client declined to comment on the matter.

It appears as if all media institutions nowadays have black lawyers. Having a black lawyer apparently proves that you were legitimately criticizing the ANC and that you are not a “Racist K4 hater” such as Carien du Plessis…who is simply a “LWB”.

This Politically Correct absurdity is actually not bad. It creates jobs, because now we need more useless lawyers, linguists and other A**h*les to write up a list and definition of all the Asterix infested words in the English dictionary and crap such as LOL and ROTFLMAO.

Makes one almost want to say STFU, GTFO and GFY, 

Robbing Undertakers

Thieves pose as clients, rob undertakers


Two employees of a funeral home in Duduza have been robbed by three men posing as prospective clients, police said on Tuesday.
Warrant Officer Yakub Rasool said three men entered Tshipi Noto Funeral Undertakers on Monday morning.

After closing the door, one of them drew a firearm. They tied up two female workers and demanded money, he said.

The robbers took cash and jewellery and fled on foot.

Hotel Robbed in Cape Town

Patrons rob hotel


Two men were arrested for allegedly stealing an undisclosed amount of money and other valuables from a hotel in Touws River, Western Cape police said on Sunday.
Warrant Officer Lindikhaya Mkhantwana said the men, aged 19 and 20, booked themselves into the hotel on Saturday evening.

When they awoke on Sunday morning, they went to the hotel manager and paid him R300.
"One of the men then took out a firearm and forced the manager to show him to the main safe," Mkhantwana said.

After allegedly raiding the safe, they took a portable landline, a cellphone and money from three casino machines.

They tied the manager up with rope in his office and fled the scene on foot.

Mkhantwana said police located the two along the N1 highway and arrested them. All the stolen items were recovered.

They would appear in the Worcester Magistrate's Court on Tuesday on a charge of robbery.

Elite Cop Held

'Road rage' - elite cop held


A 29-year-old Johannesburg Central police constable arrested for attempted murder in Limpopo was granted bail on Sunday, police said. Bail was arranged at court on a sunday ... over the easter weekend? Guess some strings are being pulled here. Maybe he is an ANC officials son or something.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohale Ramatseba said the policeman's lawyer arranged bail with the Malamulele Magistrate's Court on Sunday, and he was granted bail of R1 000.

"The suspect is expected to appear before the Malamulele Magistrate's Court on Tuesday pending further police investigations," he said.

Ramatseba said the constable, who was attached to the tactical response team in Gauteng, was arrested on Friday for allegedly shooting randomly when his car collided with another car at Mavambe village in Malamulele.

"No one was injured during his indiscriminate shooting," he said.

Why do these animals keep dragging us down to the shi*pits? Where the hell is Cele's leadership? The man at the top is responsible for all this. How did this low life get bail on Sunday? And only a thousand rand at that?

There is no such thing as an "elite" cop in SA. You get ticket writers, bribe takers, drug runners, friens of drug runners, club-people-to-death cops, etc...........but no elite cops.

Elite? Must be a foreign word for Arsehole?