Friday, August 19, 2011

‘Protection pact’ Signed Between Afrikaner Resistance Movements

By: De Wet Potgieter

Training Camp 1 - Photo: Kommando Korps (with permission)
Training Camp 1 - Photo: Kommando Korps (with permission)

Three major white rightwing organisations have signed a co-operation pact that includes joint paramilitary training for their members.

The Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB), the Suidlanders and the Commando Corps say their intention is protect their people “once the black revolution starts”.

Col Franz Jooste, executive director of the Commando Corps, confirmed to The New Age yesterday that he and Steyn von Ronge (AWB) and Gustav Muller (Suidlanders) agreed on the pact when they met two Saturdays ago in the historic homestead of a former Boer general on a farm in the Free State.

The “Saamstaanverdrag” (pact to stand together) would be signed in Pretoria today, he said. “We have agreed to stand together on several levels of joint operations, but the most important one is to coordinate our security strategy to protect our own people once the black revolution starts.”

Training Camp 2 - Photo: Kommando Korps (with permission)
Training Camp 1 - Photo: Kommando Korps (with permission2

The “crisis of farm murders” had played a major role in the decision for the three organisations to embark on a joint strategy of paramilitary training.

In a recent exclusive report, The New Age revealed that young white South Africans were taking part in secret military training exercises on farms across the country, where they are taught to defend themselves against “crime and bloodshed”.

Over weekends and during school holidays, about 1000 young whites go into the bush for boot camps, where border war veterans train them in parade ground drill, handling of firearms and self-defence.

“It is a matter of survival for our people,” said Jooste, who was one of the instructors who trained murdered AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche’s elite Ystergarde (Iron Guard) unit during the 1980s.

Training Camp 3 - Photo: Kommando Korps (with permission)
Training Camp 3 - Photo: Kommando Korps (with permission)

The Commando Corps has also embarked on a major recruitment campaign to revive the old ­commando system. “This will be a security network spanning all of South Africa, but it will only be for whites,” Jooste said.

We do not want to attack ­anybody and do not want to threaten anybody. We only want to ­protect our own people and our own land; therefore, we have decided to reform the commandos again.

Follow-up interviews:

In a follow-up interview, I asked Col Jooste for his thoughts on how viable the pact is.
Jooste: “Well we’ve signed the agreement this afternoon and we are positive that it will work. For the first time, in a very long time the three organizations will be working together on security matters.”
I asked him whether they will consider working together with other community or private groups. He says that they don’t have any problem to work together, but emphasized that their organization is geared towards protecting its members, in contrast to other groups that aim to protect the community as a whole, like the Community Police Forum.
It does seem from the above as though Afrikaners and most persons from ethnic European descent, are beginning to see the value of a united front to resist the ANC regime.

Interaction and Conflict

There was still something else that bothered me, that I felt needed to addressed – Nobody bothered to ask the question whether the possibility – that conflict may follow as a result of interaction between the alliance, and the ANC police force or the Community Police Forum – may exist

I took the question to Col Jooste and he responded as follows:
“Look we do have a working relationship with the Police, our commando in Rustenburg has a very good relationship with the local CPF – indeed most of our commando’s all over the country are working closely with them and the police”

Training Camp 4 - Photo: Kommando Korps (with permission)
Training Camp 4 - Photo: Kommando Korps (with permission)
In response to the same inquiry, a member of the CPF command structure, had this to say when asked how the situation should be dealt with, if members from multiple organizations responds to the same incident:
” At the end of the day”… “everyone must extract themselves from the scene” … ( excluding emergency personnel and the Police) … “to allow the police to do their work”.

“We still live in a democracy…” (with a functional government) …”where the courts and police go hand in hand” …. (to protect society and secure justice). The CPF’s role is, to secure the scene until the police arrive to take control”.
It seems a s though every thing is falling in place for a massive onslaught against crime in our country as portrayed by the willingness by all parties to make this work. There is however one other major problem.

Storm Clouds Gathering

How long will we still be able to enjoy the benefits of a ‘functional government’ when many writers are already referring to South Africa as a ‘failing’ or a ‘failed state’? Politicsweb -Documenting South Africa`s decline. It is well documented how this government is failing its citizens in various ways and across almost all government departments. Service delivery protests are a common sight and hundreds of people have already lost their lives because of police action and in police custody.

The list of government failures is extensive and makes for depressive reading. Everyday we are confronted with horror stories in the national media of miss-management, fraud, corruption and failure to deliver on election promises.

In addition to this downward spiral, we have to face the possibility that this regime ( instead of changing their policies and cleaning up their act) would rather blame minorities in trying to hide their failures and, are now actively seeking ways to punish them. One example, is the ludicrous suggestion by the arch bishop Desmond Tutu that the government should promulgate extortion laws to steal ‘White’ wealth – typical of a ‘thug’ government, aka dictatorship.

It is also beginning to look as though our government has decided to adopt Robert Mugabe’s strategies of ‘ethnic cleansing’, to rid South Africa of its White minority.

Mugabe's Youth
Mugabe's Youth

Mike Smith, in his excellent commentary here, points to the blatant attempt of the ANC to recreate conditions of forced expropriation ala Zimbabwe style – not by using legal ‘ways-and-means’, but by creating a ‘government sponsored youth militia’ to engage in activities of intimidation, terrorism and murder to liberate the land from the previous oppressor.

According to Smith, (Tuesday, August 2, 2011, The shocking Parallels between Mugabe’s ”NYS Green Bombers” and Zuma’s NARYSEC youth brigade)
“These youths (in Zimbabwe) were guilty of murder, torture, rape, voter intimidation, destruction of property, attacks on businesses, disruption of opposition MDC rallies and ultimately invasions of white owned farms, killing farmers and their families and chasing them off their land.

Just like Mugabe founded the National Youth Services to aid with “Land Reform” in rural areas, the ANC founded the National Rural Youth Service Corps (NARYSEC) under the guidance of the Ministry of Rural Development and the Ministry of Defense.”
This youth militia (8000 of them), will be trained at two military bases at… “Saldanha and Bloemfontein (De Brug).”
Narysec 1 - The ANC's Youth Corps
Narysec 1 - The ANC's Youth Corps

The stage is set …..

South Africans are readying themselves for action.
Alliances have been formed, protection agreements signed – everywhere, youngsters are subject to military styled training to defend lives or initiate change.

Nobody is mentioning the possibility that these ‘para-military forces’ or ‘militias’ are bound to run into one another at some point.

Nobody wants to think about the result of this possible interaction.

Nobody dares to mention that the stage is set for major conflict based on ‘incompatible ideologies’ and ‘ethnicity’.

How will we react in our unity to the challenge, when the ANC’s own youth militia will act like this – and, there’s every indication that they will act like Mugabe’s youth brigade :
….. They (will)…”have an ambivalent relationship with law enforcing agencies including the army and police. On the whole, the youth militia…” (will)…” have impunity,…” (will) often work(-ing ) under the direction of war veterans and alongside government agencies in their illegal activities. They are…” (will)…” seldom (be) arrested or prevented from breaking the law.”
Now is the time to rise above our circumstances, our petty differences and realize that this stage had been set many years ago – nay, ….many decades ago, and it is the descendents of those brave Afrikaner pioneers that will have to show their worth and battle for their very existence….

But I will not fear the future, because I know my People and I know their resolve, their brave fighting spirit, their will to survive.

The Suidlanders could not be reached for comment at the time of publication

Zuma worst South African president ever

19 August, 2011

I read with interest your article on Jacob Zuma and congratulate you on an excellent article. This man is the worst kind of person ever to sit as President of South Africa.

He has shown no leadership whatsoever and it seems his knowledge of the English language is very sparse.

He seems to have done great damage to South Africa inasmuch as we are not looked on favourably by the rest of the world because South Africa has become another corrupt nation.

I live in London and cringe sometimes when Zuma's name is brought up as he really has no standing in politics. Further his closeness to the ANC Youth League means that he cannot control them as they do not respect him.

Who does in any event. It is really time to look around to ensure that a new President with an excellent reputation and standing who has the right qualifications to become President (i.e. can speak and understand English!) and with a firm hand to ensure that he is above all the rubbish the ANCYL dish out, is put in place.

Without a strong president South Africa will become like Zimbabwe - full of corruption, nothing else. Please let us take the right road this time.