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Monday, 4 June 2007

I’ve just finished reading a “Review” of “The Great Betrayal” by Ian Smith on the Amazon website. It is a “review” written by some sanctimonious left wing turd that basically declares the book a load of “Revisionist Tripe”. This anonymous little prick clearly considers himself particularly qualified to pass comment on the leader of a country, it’s history and it’s people that he has absolutely no cooking clue about – you know the type – the doos that was born in the late 60’s to dope-smoking, unemployed left wing, liberal scum benefits parasites and who’s only attempt at rising out of his particular little puddle of human detritus is to convince himself that he can pass intelligent comment on matters that are more perverted, mass-hysteria induced propaganda than actual fact. The type that never lived in Rhodesia but regards himself an armchair expert.

And so this poepol makes a comment to the effect that in his book Ian Smith would have us believe that under the draconian rule of the Rhodesian “Regime” blacks were happy and grateful for their particularly demeaning lot in life and well sold into the notion that the agenda of the Rhodesian Government was in fact one of a fine balance between the progressive realization of blacks who wished to retain their tribal heritage and subsistence level lifestyle and a gradual move towards a fully integrated democratic society representative of Rhodesians of all race groups.

What brainiac does not do in his critical acknowledgement of the essence of the Rhodesian government agenda is give equally erudite comment on an alternative government agenda in the form that has manifested as the current Zimbabwean Government and incidentally, the prevention of which was also part of the long-term Rhodesian Government agenda for the simple reason that it would not serve anybody in the country, either black or white.

Clearly, beyond clichéd and parrot-like rhetorical drivel the literary genius of this twit is incapable of extending beyond unoriginal criticism and even less, of discerning that human history is forged by people of the quality, determination, guts and glory of Ian Smith who commands global respect from friend and foe alike and more amazingly from the very people his regime was supposed to have oppressed.

Of course the absolute incapacity of left-wing wankers for honest objectivity will neither allow them to accept that history also always exposes them for the mockery they are before relegating them to the ranks of the forgotten and insignificant – chaff in the winds of the course of human affairs whom history doesn’t even afford notoriety let alone acclaim for their feverish arse-creeping of Africa’s tin-pot dictators.

Anyway – without dignifying the plonker who penned this shitty little “review” any further I’d like to shift the focus onto left wing liberal scum in general; the shower of excrement that have bayed for the annihilation of white people in Africa for few decades now and try and understand how people this dumb can actually exert any influence over anybody else unless they are just plain dumber.

The only conclusion that I can come up with is that rabid, anti-white left wing sentiment has its roots (pardon the pun) more in the repressed desire for no-strings-attached copulation with black people than it has in a genuine commitment to the realization of black aspirations, which incidentally, in the modern history of African Nation States exposes left-wing apologetics for what it is. I’m not going to unpack that right now, it’s self-explanatory but basically they expose themselves as a collection of wannabe intellectual shit-stirrers who can’t get girlfriends and have this subconscious desire to turn Africa into their own massive harem of black male and female concubines supported by the international donor community because for all it’s rabid, frenzied ranting, ravings, and posturing, the global latrine of left-wing liberals has done nothing for Africa except relieve it of the only governments that could have helped Africa and handed them over to tyrannical, despotic subjugation with which the names Bokassa, Amin, Kaunda, Mugabe, et al. are synonymous.

What is most despicable about left wing scum is that most of them are white themselves but are prepared to lobby for the brutal slaughter of white men women and children in Africa on the basis of unqualified convictions that white people have no place in Africa but that when Africa collapses under black “rule” blacks have every right to claim refugee statues and asylum in an assortment of white western nations that have denied asylum to white people wanting to escape the selfsame black tyranny. This is just another evil and odious hallmark of left-wing African liberation struggle sycophants – double standards and moral cowardice.

There is nothing more despicable, there can be no greater depth of moral decomposition, cowardice, avarice, greed and brazen deceit than the stance on Africa of the international cesspit of left-wing scum that screamed and shouted incessantly about the Rhodesian and South African governments but have said nothing – absolutely nothing about what is going on in these countries today.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from the support of international left wing apologists for the African “Liberation Struggles” is that they are fully aligned with and fully support the atrocities that were effected during and after the implementation of the so-called liberation Governments; that they called for, facilitated and by their silence fully condone the rape of babies and the genocide of whites in South Africa, the dehumanization of blacks in Zimbabwe and the entire debacle that is post “Liberation” Southern Africa under “Black Majority Rule”

And that by any honest appraisal places them and their tyrannical black African tin-pot tyrant benefactors squarely at the bottom of the shit heap that is the worst of the worst of the scum of humanity.

So, to the arsehole that wrote the aforementioned “review” and to your cowardly peers, hold your heads up high because every atrocity that is committed in Africa by dictatorships that have been installed by you treasonous scum defines your gutless, spineless existence and hopefully carves in stone a record for which you will ultimately be held accountable as accomplices and benefactors of Africa’s butchers.

Post by Cynic

I have started this blog to express my sentiments, anger, outrage or sometimes just my thoughts on the myth that has been described as the heroics of the African Struggle against white "Oppression". It also attempts to expose and question Black Racism. Now I know that as far as most people are concerned, only white people can be racists and not black people. To my mind, the label of racism as ascribed to whites only is the biggest lie in the history of mankind. It is the cause and the scapegoat of the refusal of Black Africans in particular to accept responsibility and accountability for their own self-realisation and for perpetuating on the one hand a begging bowl culture of demands and entitlement to their existence in a "The World owes me a living" manner, whilst on the other hand, against a history and a backdrop of violent human rights abuse, graft, corruption and nepotism, entrenching a culture of blaming white people for the failure of Black Africa to ever amount to anything but a liability to the rest of the free world until it is inevitably re-colonised by China.

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