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How Mdluli was toppled

April 3 2011

Embattled police Crime Intelligence boss Lieutenant-General Richard Mdluli dug his own grave by stepping on the toes of spies close to his predecessor, Mulangi Mphego. 

                                                         Lieutenant-General Richard Mdluli 

Mulangi Mphego 

Police sources told The Sunday Independent that anger about Mdluli stemmed from his decision to disband certain units within the unit after taking over, in what he deemed a drive to overhaul a rotten outfit in July 2009.
His decision was seen as a purge of operatives close to his predecessor Mphego, who has since been credited with providing tapes that helped President Jacob Zuma get off corruption charges. 

                                                                         Jacob Zuma
When Mdluli got appointed, the biggest mistake he made was to alienate people. He came in and started transferring people out and brought in questionable people from God knows where,” the source said. 

Mdluli is said to have lobbied for the Crime Intelligence top job by telling many in the ANC he was the man who helped Zuma shrug off corruption charges. 

But this backfired when unhappiness about him spread in the police force and senior ANC leaders asked about his background. 

This led to counter intelligence, headed by Dan Mokgabudi (  allegedly instituting a secret probe into Mdluli before he was appointed in July 2009, which would later reveal that he was linked to a love triangle murder, one of the reasons for his arrest now. Mokgabudi had been embroiled in a protracted turf battle with Mdluli. 

“Mdluli spread misinformation that he squashed Zuma’s case under difficult conditions because Jackie Selebi wanted the case to sink JZ (Zuma),” a police source said. 

Mdluli was also blamed for the embarrassing surprise visit by Crime Intelligence officers to the Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s office recently. 

                                                                Thuli Madonsela

This, according to the police source, was Mdluli’s attempt to salvage his relationship with Police Commissioner Bheki Cele, a move that got him into more trouble. 

                                                                       Bheki Cele

“That Madonsela thing was his attempt to be seen defending the boss, and when it backfired he was even in more trouble. He was going to be suspended for that thing anyway,” the source said. 

Earlier in the week the National Prosecuting Authority said its investigation into Mdluli was not linked to Czech businessman and fraud-accused Radovan Krejcir. 

                                                                     Radovan Krejcir

There had been reports that Mdluli and a colleague were involved with Krejcir, who is suspected to be behind the murder of underworld leader Cyril Beeka, who was buried yesterday. 

                                                                     Cyril Beeka

Meanwhile, at least four different investigating units in the SAPS, in addition to the intelligence services, are looking into the slaying of underworld kingpin Cyril Beeka and the web of criminal association that surrounded him at the time of his March 21 death in a drive-by-shooting on Belville’s Modderdam Road.
The Sunday Independent learnt this week that Beeka was recently engaged in importing East European girls as strippers and exotic dancers.
According to a leading immigration law practitioner, Beeka, using an immigration agency, had a profitable sideline in arranging for girls to be fitted with residence papers and work permits under the controversial corporate permit system. The system - designed to facilitate the movement of migrant workers from neighbouring countries to the mines - allows for many “workers” to enter the country legally on a single work permit. Once in the country, the girls are then “sold” by the entrepreneur to clubs like Mavericks and Teazers, and in some cases into brothels.
As recorded in an affidavit by gold refiner Juan Meyer, Beeka, together with Krejcir, was allegedly looking to move into the strip sleaze industry in Gauteng, and on several occasions had talks around the business with since-murdered strip svengali Lolly Jackson, as well as Jackson’s rival, Andrew Phillips.
In Meyer’s version, the plan was to create a scenario in which a hostile takeover could be effected.
According to Meyer, the relationship between Beeka and Krejcir went further than the sleaze industry. Meyer claimed the two had entered into an unwritten contract whereby Beeka would front for Krejcir in putting the funds the Czech brought into the country into selected business ventures.
In this capacity, Meyer attests, Beeka, along with BEE shipping magnate Herschel Maasdorp and Investec Bank, sought to buy into his gold refining business.
Investec pulled out, apparently suspecting the plan was to smuggle gold dust into the country.
As a security manager with Ram courier service, Beeka could have been well placed to facilitate such smuggling activities.
Meyer also cut off ties after his Swiss Bank refused to facilitate the deal as long as Krejcir was involved.

Meanwhile, Meyer swears under oath, Beeka was also involved in the illicit trade in diamonds from Angola.

In his affidavit he refers to regular Tuesday and Thursday afternoon meetings at Kyalami race track, which Krejcir hired for him and his and associates to drive their supercars.
In all this time, The Sunday Independent understands, Beeka continued to have links with South Africa’s intelligence agencies. Earlier Beeka had been on the books of National Intelligence, but was let go by a cleansweeping manager in the early 2000s.
After Beeka’s death, some claimed he had been supplying information about Krejcir to investigators and might well have been identified as a key witness against the Czech, who is currently under arrest in connection with fraud.

Ex-top Cop Slams Mdluli Appointment

3rd April 2011 

Mdluli was arrested for murder on ­Friday and is currently behind bars. He will apply for bail on Thursday.

In an exclusive interview with City Press, former acting national police commissioner Tim Williams 

hit out at Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa and three other ministers who interviewed Mdluli.

                                                      Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa

Cabinet approved Mdluli’s appointment in July 2009.
Williams said at the time he regarded Mdluli’s appointment as politically ­motivated, describing it as “completely unusual” and “not ­regular”.

Accused of murder

Mdluli handed himself over to police on Thursday after an arrest warrant was issued for him in connection with a ­murder committed 12 years ago.

Mdluli is accused of ordering a hit on his lover’s husband, Oupa Ramogibe.

Three other police officers, including a 52-year-old lieutenant-colonel ­attached to crime intelligence, have also been arrested in connection with the crime and the alleged cover-up that ­followed it.

It has now emerged that Mdluli was promoted from deputy head of Gauteng police in 2009 after a panel of four ­government ministers, led by ­Mthethwa, allegedly hijacked the ­appointment process.

The three other members of the panel, according to Williams, were:

  Siyabonga Cwele, the minister of state security

                          Malusi Gigaba, the former deputy minister of home affairs

                  Susan Shabangu, former deputy minister of safety and security

Unusual process

According to Williams, who retired from the police in 2009, it was ­“unknown” for a ministerial panel to usurp the appointment processes.

Williams said: “The normal process would involve the commissioner, deputy national commissioners and the deputy minister.”

Despite this, according to Williams, he was “instructed” by Mthethwa that a “special” ministerial panel would interview Mdluli and make a recommendation.
“At the time, there were a lot of ­arguments about this between myself and the minister (Mthethwa). I was ­completely opposed to it,” said Williams.

“They couldn’t give me a reason why there was such a special panel to appoint an officer. I asked for reasons why he was appointed differently and they wouldn’t give me any reasons.”


Williams expressed concern that “not one public servant was on the panel”.

Asked if Mdluli’s appointment had been politically motivated, Williams said: “I regarded it as such at the time. He was appointed by the minister.”

Johan Burger, a senior researcher at the Institute for Security Studies and a former police officer with 36 years’ experience, said that if Mdluli’s appointment had been made, as alleged by Williams, “it was a clear case of political interference and a political appointment in which the normal procedures of the ­police were completely ignored.

“If a panel of ministers was involved it would be an exception to the rule. It is unacceptable. It sends only one ­message: that politicians want to ensure that a person who is politically ­acceptable to them is appointed.

Then it would seem the head of crime intelligence was appointed not for policing purposes, but for other purposes,” said Burger.


Mthethwa’s spokesperson, Zweli ­Mnisi, on Friday confirmed that a panel of four ministers had made the recommendation, but claimed “this was not an unusual process”. The spokespersons of the three other ministers all referred City Press to Mnisi.

He said the Police Act did not prohibit a panel of ministers from being directly involved in the appointment process.

In Mdluli’s case, Mnisi said it was “done transparently and above board, and there was no haphazard process of arriving at a decision hastily.

“Irrespective of the composition of the panel, in the end Cabinet has the final say in terms of the appointment”.

Mnisi denied that Mdluli’s appointment was politically motivated, saying he was “solely appointed based on his capabilities to head crime intelligence and met all the requirements”.

Mnisi said the panel was not aware of the “impending implication of the murder case” involving Mdluli. Williams said he also doubted that the ministers were aware of the murder allegations at the time of the appointment.

He further dismissed suggestions by police close to Mdluli that his arrest was linked to a purge of officers loyal to ­corrupt former police boss Jackie Selebi. 

                              Corrupt former Police Boss Jackie Selebi and former Head of Interpol

“It is rubbish. When he was appointed, Jackie Selebi had left and I was acting,” said Williams.

The Cyril Beeka Circus....

The Cyril Beeka Circus....


 By Mike Smith
3rd of April 2011


 This past week saw the funeral of well known underworld boss Cyril Beeka who was killed a fortnight ago by a professional hit man on a motor cycle.

Beeka who ran a string of night club bouncer operations, extortion rackets and escort agencies apparently was connected to obscure Czech and Russian mafia characters operating in South Africa…as well as obviously to the equally criminal National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the biggest mafia gang in South Africa, the ANC Xhosa Nostra.

 His funeral yesterday must go down as the circus of the year. At his funeral service on Saturday at the Plumstead Cemetery, no reference was made to Beeka’s shady past and underworld interests, but opened to the karaoke sounds of Frank Sinatra singing of My Way, while photographs from Beeka’s life were shown on large screens around the centre.

White doves were released…

Security at the venue was tight. Guards with hand-held metal detectors scanned all who entered the centre’s grounds.

Even the Men-in-Black were there…Inside the building, burly ushers in dark suits, each with a radio receiver plugged into his ear, patrolled the aisles.

His extra marital Russian squeeze, Natalia and their 11 month old baby son also made an appearance. She made a speech in horrible English that sounded like, “Me so horny. Me love you long time. Me love you twenty dollar…” or something to that effect.

His coffin was draped in an ANC flag, obviously showing where his allegiance lay. The (white) pastor, Neville McDonald sang the praises of Beeka and asked the people not to judge. He said, “Jesus himself also use to hang out with doubtful characters”…not sure if that was a pun playing on the crucifixion or whether he meant the twelve Apostles or the women of questionable characters as portrayed in Luke 7 and 8.

Nevertheless, no ANC leaders attended his funeral…not surprisingly seeing that the May elections are around the corner and they cannot be seen supporting criminals as they did in 2006 when the ANC Premier of the Western Cape, Ebrahim Rasool, carried the ANC terrorist, chief whip, drunk driver and convicted fraudster, Tony Yengeni shoulder high into Pollsmoor Prison…setting a perfect example for the youth of the country.

Beeka’s soul apparently traveled up to heaven but when he wanted to enter, this is what Jesus had to say… 

Minister's Daughter Not Qualified for Job

The Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) has been rocked by internal turmoil - with top management lodging grievances against their boss and questions being raised about the appointment of a cabinet minister's "inexperienced" 25-year-old daughter as chief financial officer. 

Apr 3, 2011 

The Sunday Times can reveal that at least five senior managers, including two provincial heads, have complained to the Public Service Commission and Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa.
Allegations of victimisation and abuse of power have been levelled against former ANC MP and ICD executive director Francois Beukman. 

Other allegations centre on irregular appointments and strained relations between Beukman and his top management, threatening the work of the unit tasked to investigate complaints against the police. 

Members of staff who spoke to the Sunday Times on condition of anonymity also queried the appointment of Minister of State Security Siyabonga Cwele's daughter, Lindokuhle, who has limited experience. Cwele joined the department in December last year. 

"How is it possible that (Cwele), who has two years' experience, managed to beat a lady (who applied) who is a director at the national Treasury, who knows her stuff?" said an insider. 

It has also been learnt that Beukman was investigated last year by a committee headed by former deputy minister of police Fikile Mbalula over allegations that he had "irregularly appointed" his office manager, Ilse Pretorius. 

It is alleged that Beukman had personally brought Pretorius's CV and had insisted to the interviewing panel that she be considered for the position. She was subsequently appointed, despite scoring lower than another candidate, according to an insider. 

Beukman is also accused of undermining his senior managers by appointing their subordinates to act in his absence. 

The Sunday Times understands that, among the complainants, are suspended Northern Cape head Dan Morema, Eastern Cape head Sakhele Poswa, head of investigations Tommy Tshabalala and general manager for information management and research Noluthando Sihlezane. 

Police ministry spokesman Zweli Mnisi told the Sunday Times that the committee headed by Mbalula - now Minister of Sport and Recreation - had finished its probe and had handed its report to Mthethwa in January. 

"After reviewing the findings ... Mthethwa requested the ... Department of Justice to take the matter forward and look into whether a formal disciplinary process should be instituted," said Mnisi, adding that Justice Director-General Nonkululeko Sindane was working with the Department of Public Service on the matter. 

Mnisi said Mthethwa was concerned about the turmoil in the ICD, as it could disrupt the functioning of the oversight body. 

But an ICD staffer questioned the time that had lapsed since the report was given to Mthethwa.
"(Beukman) is a politician ... they are protecting him. The suspicion is that the (political principals) want this thing to drag on until (Beukman's) five-year term has expired," said the staffer. 

Beukman suggested that the complaints against him were motivated by anxiety over impending changes in his directorate. 

"Change in any organisation is a tremendous process ... the (Independent Police Investigative Directorate) bill will affect mostly the senior management group," he said. 

"The nine provincial heads' positions must be advertised so that there can be competition, and 50% of those must be women. Currently there is only one woman in Gauteng."
He refused to answer questions about Cwele's daughter's appointment or the investigation that was conducted against him. 

"Regarding the (appointment) of the CFO and Pretorius, there are processes in place in terms of recruitment and appointment. They are quite strict. If there is any allegation of impropriety, then a complaint should be made and should be investigated," he said. 

How Top Cop Promoted his 'right-hand man'

Police Crime Intelligence boss Lieutenant-General Richard Mdluli promoted a man who is now facing a murder rap with him - ensuring that he jumped seven ranks in one day. 

 Apr 3, 2011



Mdluli and Colonel Nkosana Sebastian Ximba were this week arrested for a murder 12 years ago. 

Ximba was given the promotion last year by a man described as his "father figure". It enabled him to leapfrog from a constable to a colonel. 

The Sunday Times can reveal that this is now the subject of an internal probe, while the Hawks, who arrested the duo, are also investigating. 

Oupa Ramogibe was killed in Vosloorus, east of Johannesburg, in 1999 after a love triangle involving himself, Mdluli and a woman.
Mdluli and Ximba then worked at the Vosloorus police station, where Mdluli was the station commander . 

The two, along with Warrant Officer Samuel Dlomo and a fourth suspect, also a colonel, will, on Thursday, face charges of murder, kidnapping and defeating the ends of justice.
Senior police officers said they were investigating how the four managed to "frustrate" the long-running probe. 

Slain underworld boss Cyril Beeka took an interest in the case months before his March 21 assassination. 

Late last year, he assisted the Sunday Times in tracking down Ramogibe's family and promised them a proper investigation was being carried out .
Yesterday, over 1000 people attended Beeka's funeral in Cape Town, where an ANC flag was draped over his coffin. 

Asked about the promotion, police spokesman Colonel Vish Naidoo said: "I want to emphasise that the national police commissioner (General Bheki Cele) neither signed nor approved (it) ."
Mdluli, one of the most powerful cops in the country, has been at loggerheads with Cele.
Tensions heightened when two of his officers raided the office of the public protector Thuli Madonsela days after she slammed Cele in a lease-agreement scandal. 

This week, a senior police officer said Ximba was "Mdluli's right-hand man for years".
A slew of arrests are also expected, with more claims of crime intelligence hampering investigations by the Hawks. 

In the two weeks after Beeka's murder, the police have been rocked by: 

�The arrest of Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir and claims that he was being fed information by rogue intelligence officers;
�The arrest of Mdluli, who has been fingered in covert operations involving the bugging of phones, including those of former Scorpions investigators in the Jacob Zuma corruption case and the Jackie Selebi trial; and
�Growing claims that Cele wants to rid the police of allies of his disgraced predecessor,Selebi.
Mdluli and Beeka have both been linked to Krejcir, who, since arriving in South Africa in 2007, has set up an elaborate network of contacts in the underworld and police. 

The Hawks have claimed that a hit list found at Krejcir's home during a raid included Beeka's name. 

Krejcir is alleged to have been given telephone recordings by crime intelligence officers. 

Ximba held directorships in 10 companies. 

Meanwhile, at the Beeka funeral, friends and family paid their last respects at the Good Hope Christian Centre. 

An emotional Edward Beeka, the brother of the karate instructor, came close to tears during his eulogy, saying: "God is still merciful. We don't seek revenge." 

Beeka's girlfriend at the time of his death, who was not identified, also spoke briefly about the pain of being left behind with the couple's 11-month-old son. - Additional reporting by Bobby Jordan 

Turning back 350 years of oppression

Turning back 350 years of oppression .....


By Mike Smith
2nd of April 2011

I see the official Government spokesperson, Jimmy Manyi has a few things to say about turning back 350 years of colonialism.

Manyi is also the president of the racist Black Management Forum that does not allow White members. This is in a country with the most liberal constitution in the world.

I do not have a problem with him belonging to a Black Management Forum as long as a White Management forum will also be tolerated.

Surely in such a liberal country as South Africa, there should be only a “Management Forum”, without the racial pre-fix.

Nevertheless, at the Tomorrow's Leaders convention in Sandton this past week, Manyi said, “Seventeen years will never be enough. Do you understand what it is to turn around 350 years of deprivation?”

The ANC Marxist terrorist regime‘s chief Racist and spokesman a few days ago also said that there are too many coloured people in the Cape.

Manyi’s shows an obvious lack of knowledge of the history of South Africa and especially of the his own race seeing that Whites in SA only met the first Blacks about 120 years after they have landed at the Cape in 1652…Which cuts Manyi’s 350 years down to an immediate 230 years and seeing that Whites did not enslave South African blacks, I wonder what the hell he is talking about? Apartheid? That would be 1948-1994…46 years…And he will have a hard time convincing me that Apartheid was repressive.

Not surprising coming from someone who belongs to a race with no written language or history until about 150 years ago when white missionaries learned their languages from them and taught them how to read and write their own languages.

Manyi should set the example and start turning the clock back 350 years by ditching his Western style Armani suits for his traditional animal skins as well as his spectacles that he wears and stop speaking over the white man’s microphone in cities built by white people.

But as usual one has to read between the lines when the ANC speaks. The ANC speaks in a language that is difficult for normal people to understand. Undoing 350 years of oppression simply means getting rid of all whites. That is the bottom line.

The ANC Marxist scum will not rest until every single white person has been chased out of the country or killed.

You can read his drivel over here