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by Johan P. Prinsloo

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

There are certain facts about South Africa that tend to be ignored or denied. People do not like hearing the truth, because they prefer living in a dream world of make-believe, but its time to wake up.

An opposition party is a body that consists mainly of people with experience in political affairs, because they have seats in parliament and have experience as active role-players in National and Local Governance.

It is a fact that when the ANC were handed the reigns in 1994 they had ZERO experience and ZERO knowledge of Politics, Democracy or Governance at any level. They were no more than a militant terrorist tea-club put in power to run a FIRST-WORLD COUNTRY.

Nowhere, never in the history of the World had a revolutionary, militant, rebel, terrorist, communist organisation taken over a country and continued its success or turn it into a success. In every single case where terrorists / "freedom fighters" had taken control of a country, they destroyed it.

The New SA is a typical African country on its way to revolution, bankruptcy, anarchy and total collapse.

The infrastructure is destroyed, because it has not been maintained since 1994. Our Railway services are destroyed, because the most overpaid person on Earth, Maria Ramos, sold all the assets to make the books look good, but by the time she left there was nothing left to sell, little income and the SA Railway services was destroyed, leaving us without even that rail infrastructure.

The Energy / Electricity supply is failing, because it has not been maintained or upgraded to keep up with the outrageous growing demand since 1994. Two weeks ago ESKOM the main (only) supplier of energy in the country publicly admitted that they had lost the battle and cannot meet the energy demands of the country. Another example of incompetent uneducated inexperienced fools taking over a well-oiled first world machine and driving it into the ground, besides having robbed it bankrupt.

Health Services is failing, because it has not been maintained since 1994 and from the outset it was given to incompetent uneducated fools to manage.

The whites who possess the knowledge and experience and work ethic to do the work, because they had been doing it for 400 years were removed from their positions and replaced with uneducated, ignorant, inexperienced, fools who do not possess the loyalty, the dedication or the work ethic to do the work.

Less than 6 million people carry the total tax burden of a population officially quoted as 50 million, but unofficially estimated at anything ranging from 70 million to as high as 150 million.

Less than 5% of all residents in all Municipal districts pay for services.

10% of the population is carrying the other 90%, while those in power are squandering 90% of the money taken from that 10%.

The New SA is an upside down pyramid that has to fall over. It cannot remain standing. It HAS to fall.

Educational standards were deliberately dropped and an educational system that built this country and delivered world-class professionals in all fields and at all levels was exchanged for a pathetic picture based based so-called Outcomes Based Educational system. Without proper educational standards from the first grade to the highest post-graduate level, a country is rendered infertile and barren with no future.

Our dams have never been maintained, the motors needed to open the sluices at some of the major dams have been stolen, the foundations of some of the dams damaged beyond repair, the dam walls are nearing the end of their lifespan with no back-up to replace it with. It is suicide living below any dam in the New SA.

There is not a government department that is not either bankrupt or virtually bankrupt. This regime is bankrupt, this country is virtually bankrupt, mostly due to mismanagement by ignorant uneducated inexperienced fools and their theft, fraud and corruption.

The banks are bankrupt and the inflation rate is a pathetic joke, because everyone with even the least bit of sense realises that our inflation rate is at least 10 times what government says it is.

All Government and semi-state institutions are in complete and utter chaos, inefficient, ineffective and incapable of coping with or doing their work.

Notwithstanding the fact that the regime is discriminating against the white minority with transformation policies that PROHIBIT whites from entering the job market and whites are being laid off to make room for uneducated, unqualified, inexperienced blacks.

By 2014 blacks must be the majority shareholders of all companies, whether founded and built by whites or not and even family businesses.

It is a fact that whites are being dispossessed and disowned. Whites are being denied their "Constitutional rights" and their citisenship is being limited. The regime is trying to making life impossible for whites.

Notwithstanding the above, blacks are still unsatisfied with whites being in any position or being allowed in any kind of business. This dissatisfaction is a driving force behind the revolution. Even members of the ruling party frequently make public statements openly expressing their hatred of whites. Members of parliament have on occasion told whites to leave the country if they are unhappy, obviously because we are not wanted.

There are many, many examples of revolutionary videos, articles, movements and calls for the public to rise up against the Regime. This is being done so openly that articles are published in newspapers, black revolutionaries are stirring the pot on their Facebook walls on blogs and in YouTube videos. Numerous journalists and political analysts have warned about the revolution headed our way. This is Africa, therefore the standard symptoms and signs of revolution do not apply. Here it will not be the middle class rising up against the state, but the poor ignorant masses being abused by self-serving militant communists.

The regime is undoubtedly aware that the revolution will not come from the disarmed white minority population and that it is being driven by the black populous, spearheaded by middle-class and super rich blacks. Notwithstanding this knowledge the regime is not lifting a finger to gain the support of the white minority and allowing the white population to be victimised, murdered, harassed and terrorised by militant terrorist blacks.

Many official internationally accepted aspects of genocide are openly being perpetrated against the white minority, yet not a single opposition party, let alone the regime itself, says anything about it. Genocide Watch upgraded the New SA to level 6 Genocide, out of a possible 8 levels. Not a single newspaper, radio station or television network has said a word about it, but perhaps for Radio Pretoria to a limited extent due of legal restrictions. Something strange is happening. Even the leaders of the numerous volkstaat movements are denying the looming revolution.

At the same time the Broers are occupying the minds of a sector of the white population with an ideal of an elitist super Afrikaner-Broer volkstaat, while also being deliberately blind about the coming revolution. The people leading the volkstaat ideology openly object to anyone, like myself, warning people and informing people about the coming revolution and one has to question WHY? If you scroll down my wall you will see those arguments thrown at me, because they the volkstaat Broers do not want people to know whats coming. It obviously does not suite their exclusive elitist self-preservation ideologies.

One has to question why the media, the liberals, the opposition parties and the volkstaters are ignoring the looming signs of revolution and collapse. One has to question why people want to promise the Afrikaner-Broers a promised land of freedom and self-governance, while denying any signs of a civil war? One has to question why the world is being told of a genocide against the Afrikaners and Boers, while ignoring the other non-Afrikaner whites being murdered, while at the same time denying a looming civil war and economic collapse?

With reference to the volkstaat lets consider a few facts being deliberately ignored.

It is a fact that the Boer Republics officially ceased to exist on 31 May 1902, with the signing of the Treaty of Vereeniging. A new British colony, the Union of South Africa, was subsequently established, in which the Transvaal and the Orange Free State became provinces along with the Cape and Natal. The Boer republics AGREED to come under the sovereignty of the British Crown. It is a fact that the Boer Republics were lost because the Boers themselves laid down their arms and gave it to Britain by having signed it away. That is a fact, like or or not. The BOERS signed away the Boer Republics and no one can ever go back on that. Signatories for the Government of the South African Republic, Schalk W. Burger, F.W. Reitz, Louis Botha, J. H. de la Rey, L.J. Meyer, and J.C. Krogh. For the Government of the Orange Free State, C.R. de Wet, J.B.M. Hertzog, C.H. Olivier and WCJ Bebner.

With the advent of the Republic of South Africa on 31 May 1961 the boarders of the Republic were laid down and recognised world-wide. This time the British signed away the entire United territory of South Africa by which a new Internationally recognised Independent Republic was established. It is a fact that the Boer Republics are gone forever, because the BOERS THEMSELVES signed it away willingly, so live with it.

This is Africa. While we may ignore the fact, nothing in Africa works the way it does anywhere else in the World. Africa has its own rules, they make their own new rules as they go along, and always to suite them and their needs and wants.

To change any Act takes no less than five years, lately anything between five and ten years. For a Volkstaat to be established numerous pieces of Legislation would need to be amended and drafted, which would not be possible within the next 15 to 25 years. The volkstaat would also require serious considerations in terms of the Constitution, which would certainly extend that period.

Before the volkstaat could be negotiated they would need to define exactly where this volkstaat would be, which is a major obstacle, because even to this day the promoters of the volkstaat are still arguing and asking where perhaps it could be.

They would need to set the criteria for qualification as a citisen of the volkstaat, which thus far excluded anyone not of the so-called ethnic genetic pool, strictly Afrikaans speaking, strictly Christian (probably only those belonging to the three mainstream Afrikaans Broederbond churches), etc. They have not even given any consideration to those qualifying members of the super-race living in old-age homes, retirements villages, land owners that would need to try and get their land sold and restart everything from scratch in the Shangri-La, because quite frankly they could not be bothered with those people, as long as they themselves could flee to their holy land and be safe, because that is all that matters to them.

Now consider the following. Since 1994 the SA farmers have been demanding that their land be bought for the purpose of redistribution to blacks, but they the white Afrikaner-Broers are expecting to just be given this massive area of land without having to pay for it at current market prices, right? In Africa, right? Yeah right.

Before the Broers could get their volkstaat, they would need to negotiate that the large yet-to-be-identified section of the independent sovereign Republic of South Africa be given away (or sold to them). This would require that COSATU, the DA, the SACP, the ANC, the ANCYL, AZAPO, and every other political grouping in the country agrees to it. At the very least a special Referendum would need to be called and the majority of the country would need to agree to this. Without the approval/agreement of the majority of the owners of the country, which means the citisens of this country, this will never happen. Now the whites are 3 million, of which only about 30,000 could possibly qualify according to these special ethnic genetic language and christian criteria, while at least 20 million people are on the voters' roll? Perhaps I just cannot do maths. We could ignore these facts, but unfortunately it remains facts they choose to ignore or keep quiet about. Only once that is done would the rest of the World consider recognising this new Broer Shangri-La.

"Nothing is impossible, but some things are just highly unlikely" - my late eldest brother Pieter Willem Prinsloo

Also remember this, the very Afrikaners opposed the Referendum calling for us to break away from Britain and become a Republic in 1961 and the referendum was almost lost, but for a tiny number of votes.

Then the next referendum was to decide about allowing blacks into government with everything that went with it. Well as I recall it was won quite comfortably with the help of huge Afrikaner support.

Then in 1995 Nelson Mandela pulled a Rugby jersey over his shoulders and the Afrikaners cheered him and thought heaven had descended upon this great land. In FACT he stole their hearts and bought their souls in the name of their one TRUE god, Rugby.

Then just a few months ago the DA won their hearts, their support and their votes, while they shunned their own Afrikaner parties? Those that chose not to vote gave their tacit support to the ruling party, the ANC, while they could have supported one of their own Afrikaner parties, like the Freedom Front, which was the only viable option and which I chose to support myself. Those who voted for the DA supported the same land reform policies as that of the ANC? They also supported the ex-leader of the BLACK SASH, Helen Zille. They always have some sneering remarks about the Jews, but yet they chose to support a Jew above their own? Yet now they want a volkstaat without Jews, without English, Portuguese, Greeks, Germans, etc?

It is a fact that Africans are wanting to claim Africa for Africans only. They want to get rid of ALL whites on this continent and they succeeded in every other country in Africa.

It is a fact that the SA whites are under threat, not just the Afrikaans speaking or the so-called Boers. This is a fact we could choose to ignore, but it certainly does not change the fact.

It is a fact that in 1994 the Republic of SA was given away by Afrikaners. It is a fact that those Afrikaners qualify for Boer Status, whether we like to admit it or not. Just like the Boers signed away the Boer Republics the Boers signed away the old Republic of SA.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

By Mike Smith
28th of September 2011

Please be warned - very graphic picture

There is no doubt that nature is beautiful. For instance, what can compare with the beautiful sunsets over a pacific island or the continent of Africa?

Nature also has a sense of humour. One just has to look at the Australian duckbill platypus or at the ugly mug of Julias Malema to appreciate the funny side of nature.

BTW. Some of my supporters have asked me why I keep on misspelling his name and calling him “Julias” instead of “Julius”

Well, on his atrocious Matric certificate his name is given as
Julias Selo Malema

Nevertheless, Nature can also be extremely horrific and ugly. One only needs to think of the streptococcus bacteria, a spider sucking the juices from the body of its prey, a great white shark devouring a seal or a lion tearing a rabbit apart.

When one is a child, one has sympathy with the rabbit, but as one grows older and wiser one learns how nature works and one ends up shrugging the shoulders and say, “Hey, that is nature...the lion also has to eat.”

Until that lion is tearing your child apart instead of the rabbit. Then an entire hunting party will be put together and the lion along with probably a hundred other lions will be killed.

But why stop there? Would the logical conclusion not be to kill ALL lions and thus prevent any future attacks by lions on our children? What stops us from doing that?

It is, because deep down we know that Nature is in balance. If we kill all the lions, the rabbits will breed out of proportion and chow all the carrots, which means humans will all go blind and die out, because they won’t be able to find food anymore and they would mate with ugly, sick people and Darwin will spin around in his grave...

...No seriously. We instinctively know, or should know that interfering with nature is simply wrong, and that if we do, the repercussions will be enormous.

There are however, still people who see an elephant cow abandon her calf or a baboon female discarding its baby and these people still wants to interfere with nature. They then raise the animal by hand, only to find out that it will never be accepted into its herd, will forever be an outcast and will die living off the benevolence of its idiotic benefactors. Worse is when such an animal eventually turns on the benefactors and bites the hands that fed it, they want to appear astounded.

Eventually they discover that the mother of the animal knew instinctively to abandon it, because there was something wrong with it. They also discover that they were wrong to interfere with nature, but being the goody two shoes that they are they would never admit that they were wrong to interfere with nature, they would never admit that something was instinctively and genetically wrong with such an, they will look for the causes of the mother’s behaviour in social mistakes caused by bias or prejudice or whatever.

Below is a horrific article that appeared in the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld and later on IOL about a Black mother who threw her newborn baby, still linked to the placenta by the umbilical cord, onto a rubbish dump near a black township in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

This is quite common and news sites like News 24 or IOL reports almost daily on black babies found in toilets, rubbish bins or rubbish dumps...or dogs and pigs eating black babies.

In this specific case the baby was eaten by red ants but managed to survive. Workers on the rubbish dump found him and alerted ER24 the private ambulance company who took him to the Bloemfontein Medi Clinic where the White Afrikaans doctor, Dr. Jaco Neser saved his life and the white Afrikaans matron Ronel Vrey and her nursing staff, sucked the red Ants out of the nose of the black baby that they named Caleb Hope, because the ants almost suffocated him.

Well, once you give it a name you become emotionally attached to it...

Elzieta van Staden, the white Afrikaans spokesperson of Bloemfontein Medi Clinic said that the black baby is super sweet and being treated free of charge out of the benevolence of the white Afrikaans management of the Hospital.

Dr. Charné Gerber, the White Afrikaans woman who runs the
Shiloh Zoe Hope Foundation , a non profit organisation that rescues unwanted black babies in Bloemfontein, reckons that Caleb will only be out of hospital in 90 days.

After all of this...these blacks will still sing “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer” and “One Settler;One Bullet”

The most worrying thing is that after all of this, the blacks will keep on raping torturing and killing whites, especially Afrikaners. They will keep on using AA and BEE and quotas at university and sports levels, against these White Afrikaners and at the same time have the audacity to call the Afrikaners, “Racists”.

Now how is it possible that these seemingly intelligent White Afrikaner medical staff at Bloemfontein Medi Clinic can be so stupid as to firstly, interfere with nature, but not only that, secondly, helping the offspring of their natural enemies for free... and thirdly, all at the cost of a white baby that they could have helped? What happened to charity begins at home?

Not a single one of the bleeding heart liberal medical staff ever set foot into poor white areas in the Freestate or Transvaal. To them, they could not give a damn about how many poor whites die of typhus, TB or malnutrition every year in the concentration camp that the new South Africa has become.

No, they go and scour the rubbish dumps of South Africa and fall over their feet to go and rescue abandoned black babies and treat them for free, while a million white Afrikaans mothers have to pay through their necks for such treatment.

Where is the logic in this? Why should one even bother with Afrikaners anymore? Why still frequent my blog? Shouldn’t we just sit back and observe the beauty of nature? Should we not just sit back and watch Afrikaners destroy themselves? Is it wrong for us to help Afrikaners? Is it wrong for us to interfere with nature?

After all, the hyenas also needs to eat...

Afrikaans article: Ants bite baby on rubbish dump

Baby eaten by ants found on rubbish dump

Pig eats black baby in South Africa

Dogs eats thrown away black baby in Gugulethu township near Cape Town

More dogs eating black babies at Samora Machel Township

Abandoned Black baby rescued out of toilet by White Afrikaner paramedic Leo Fourie, complete with picture

This black baby girl was three months old when found dead in a longdrop toilet

This one managed to survive



NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERSA six months old baby inside a womb was today found inside a dustbin at a University of Limpopo in South Africa. It is believed that her mother made an illegal abotion. The incident happened early today when a cleaner realised a plastic that was full of blood, she wanted to find out what was inside the plastic and for her surprise, when she opened the plastic, it was a little baby who was six months. The student who may have done the incident was not yet known. When asking students at the recident where the incident happened they said, they do not know who may have done that, but they are very supprised why the person can do that.
Dr. Rammala who is the head of Sepedi language Research at University of Limpopo and well known in promoting morals says it is very surprising to see students doing illegitimate abotions while our government allows legal abotions. Other students believe what have happened is really wrong and immoral. “What happened is a sin, it is immoral and it is very disturbing” said one of the student who was witnesting the event.
The same incident also happened last year in 2007 at Tiro House where young first year students reside, and it is also said that even in 2006 it was witnessed at VL residence. Last year an 18 years student also was involved in an illegal abotion which happened in side a toilet.

Continue reading at Baby found in a dustbin in South African University | NowPublic Photo Archives
Black baby found in dustbin at Limpopo University. Horrific photo. Not for the feint hearted

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22 000More Delinquents

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga has backtracked on promises that the provincial department would fill 4000 vacant teaching posts. This week Motshekga, in an affidavit to the Bhisho High Court, said the department would, in fact, not be able to fill the posts as the provincial department had no money to pay the teachers.

This means we will have 22 000 more delinquents running around South Africa

Anatomy Of Terror

by Jan Lamprecht

Here you will see a very rare publication. It was produced by the Rhodesian
Government to show what the black Liberators did to their enemies and to those
they suspected of working with the whites.

Terrorism was also used as a way of getting the population to go along
with them.

Let me explain how terror in the rural areas of Zimbabwe used to work.

Note, it was very similar to what was done in Vietnam. Here is a short excerpt
from Chapter 2 of my book, Government by Deception, which describes the
general modus operandi:-
The Liberators considered anyone who co-operated with the whites to be a "sell-out" or a
traitor. They used sheer terror to prevent blacks from being friendly towards the whites.
Any moderate black, who co-operated with the whites, was in danger of being beaten, or,
worse still, murdered in the most brutal fashion imaginable. The Liberators were not nice,
kind, democratic people. They were people who were hungry for power and who used any
means to get it. They killed black and white civilians alike in a reign of terror in order to get
their way.

It is worth describing shortly, their basic approach. In Zimbabwe, the war was fought in the
rural areas, often far away from civilisation. A gang of guerrillas would approach a village and
gather together all the people who maybe numbered several hundred. They would try to
convince the villagers to support them. They would even teach them politically orientated
songs. They would indoctrinate them with Marxist ideology. But then they would warn them
of what would happen to a sell-out. They would then pick a man from the audience, to
demonstrate to the villagers what they would do to someone who co-operated with the whites.
They might pick a man and then start beating him while forcing the villagers to watch. On some
occasions they would begin cutting flesh from his living body. A favourite target was to cut a
man's ears, or lips off. They might cut his lips off with a knife or a bayonet or even rip them
off with pliers. Then they would call his wife and ask her to cook her husband's flesh. Then
they would make her eat it. All this would be done in full view of the horrified villagers. They
would beat the man, torture him some more and finally bayonet him to death. This, they would
declare, is what will happen to anyone who co-operates with the whites.

With out further ado, let us examine some photographs and let them do the
Mr. Chikombe Mazvida had his lips and ears cut off. His wife was forced to
cook and eat the flesh:-

The Elim Mission Massacre
In June 1978, terrorists killed 8 British missionaries at Elim Mission.
They also killed 4 young children and a 3 week old baby. Note: These
missionaries were at a mission station which was dedicated to helping and
uplifting the black people. Note in the foreground the corpse of the little
baby. These people came in the name of God to help the blacks and this was
the thanks they got. It is very similar to the murder of Amy Bhiel, the
American girl who came to South Africa's townships to help the blacks:-

Various idiots in the World Council of Churches and other places have been
apologists for murders by the black Marxists, saying "they were motivated
by love!" Can you believe it? Look at these young women, with pure hearts
who had their lives snuffed out like this by Marxist garbage:-

30/01/1974: Anna, an innocent woman, whose upper lip was pulled with a
pair of pliers, and hacked off with a rusty bayonet by terrorists.

"Freedom Fighters" herded these men, women & children into this hut and
then set fire to the thatched roof. I am not sure the exact location of this
atrocity. It is most likely in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). Such events happened a
number of times, even in South Africa:-

Here is a page you can read which will give you an idea of many terrorist acts
for which not photos are available. The list below could continue on and on for
the next seven years. This is how Robert Mugabe came to power. These were
their tactics. Read, and be disgusted.

Top Photo: 28/10/1973: Mr. Mkambe Chiqueqwete, repeatedly shot by
terrorists at his village. Twenty-three cartridge cases of communist origin
were found at the scene. Motive unknown.

Bottom Photo: 16/04/1974: Four terrorists took Mr. Albert Chigumbuza from
his home in the Rusambo area, accused him of being a "sellout" and shot him
15 times. There was absolutely no connection between Mr. Chigumbuza and
the authorities.

17/04/1974: Mr. Chivarenge was the headman of a village. Ten terrorists
approached him, accused him of being a "sellout", tied his hands behind his
back and shot him. They then shot the 14 cattle which represented the entire
village's worldly wealth and then set fire to the village. Mr. Chivarenge had led
a blameless life and no motive is apparent.

27/06/1973: The body of one of two Chief's Messengers was found in the
Mt. Darwin district. They were abducted from their village and shot through
the back of the head. No motive has been found.

18/01/1974: Six terrorists took schoolteacher Mr. Enias Chakwanya and
Mr Jairos Kachesa from their village in the Mt. Darwin district, laid them on
the ground and beat them to death with a pole. The picture shows
Mr. Chakwanya's body.

23/09/1974: The body of Mr. Goliat from the Kandeya area who was accused of
helping the Security Forces. His hands were tied, he was made to kneel and shot
six times.

04/02/1974: The victim of a triple murder in the Kandeya area. He was beaten
with sticks and shot for no apparent reason.

Take note above of the horrific atrocity of 6 May where a man had his
feet chopped off.

04/02/1974: Thirteen terrorists entered a village in the Kandeya area, Darwin
District. They took away Messrs. Gehawa and Taderi and the latter's adult son,
Mr. Enias. They led them to a footpath near the main Darwin Road, bound their
hands, beat them with sticks and shot all three. A senseless killing with no
apparent motive.

Shades of things to come. What is different between the senseless shooting
of all these cattle in this village and the senseless burning and destroying of
white farms in Zimbabwe today? The same old terrorist is at work causing untold
senseless suffering just because he craves power.

Budgeting for corruption

26 September, 2011

On Friday a colleague of mine went to take her driver's test. She failed, and it was not the first time - this was her fifth attempt.

Even before she got in the driver's seat her instructor told her she would have to pay a bribe to the testing official if she wanted to pass. He said this not because she was an incompetent driver or unprepared for the test. He told her this because it was just what she had to do - for her to pass the test, money needed to change hands.

Everyone makes jokes about the driver's test in South Africa. "Pay the bribe," we all joked with her beforehand.

The dilemma for her, a 23-year-old who has worked very hard to be where she is and is starting the arduous task of building her life, is that she is being told that, to get anywhere, she has to make peace with the fact that she has to pay a bribe. Someone who has honestly passed her university examinations is now being told that outside that world things work differently. She has to pay a bribe. She has to be corrupt.

How many young people are learning this devastating lesson about our country? How many young people are now facing the reality that hard work and honesty are not enough - that to get ahead one has to pay a bribe, bend the rules, be dishonest?

We all speak about corruption as though it is something that happens out there, to people we do not know. Corruption is now eating into the marrow of our being. It is becoming an everyday fact.

On Friday I gave a talk for 45 minutes on the political situation in South Africa. Afterwards, in conversation with one of the people who had attended, I realised that I had not even referred to corruption in my talk.

I realised that my omission was because of a simple yet devastating fact: I am beginning to think that corruption is normal - part of the South African way of life and therefore not even worth a proper mention and analysis.

Yet corruption is endemic. Most of my friends from elsewhere in Africa like to ask me if I want a "cold drink". It is their joke about South African policemen and women: every time my friends get stopped for some spurious reason, the policeman invariably asks for a "cold drink" to make whatever may be the problem go away.

The corruption problem is unlikely to go away. If anything, South African authorities are working hard to give the impression that crime pays and corruption will not be punished. The government continues to move with incredible slowness on some of the issues about which it should really be energetic.

Clear-cut cases of corruption are the Pretoria and Durban police-buildings lease deals. Various government officials, such as the suspended director-general of the Department of Public Works, have said they were essentially forced to sign the deals. Legal warnings not to sign the deals were ignored.

But the wheels of government have moved extremely slowly in dealing with this issue. Members of parliament - the "representatives of the people" - have even blocked opposition parties from asking the president questions about what he intends to do about these deals.

It is understandable that President Jacob Zuma has launched another inquiry into national police commissioner Bheki Cele's role in these deals because he has to act within the confines of the Police Act. But he is not so circumscribed with regard to Minister of Public Works Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde. He can fire her today. He can fire Minister of Co-operative Governance Sicelo Shiceka, who allegedly used taxpayers' money to visit a girlfriend in jail in Switzerland, today as well.

But Zuma has not done so. What message does that send? It says that we do not consider these transgressions and alleged acts of corruption to be serious and that, crucially, there will be no punishment.

In government work we see friends and relatives of powerful politicians become the beneficiaries of state tenders. The rest of the population has to pay a percentage of what they make on tenders to government officials or politicians.

This has now become the norm. We budget for corruption. It sits cheek by jowl with the rest of our life. It does not make us angry; we do not even mention it. It is just there and outrage is useless.

We watch our politicians battling for position and we point at those moving into new, big offices and say, admiringly: "It is his turn to eat."
We forget that it is the wealth and future of our friends, our children, of us as taxpayers, that is being eaten away by the corrupt.

Affirmative Action

The fact is that the political majority requires affirmative action to protect them against a minority group is testament to a complete failure on their part to build their own wealth and doing some work, is such, that their only solution is to take it from others

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Canada grants white South African refugee status

A Canadian tribunal's decision to grant a white South African man refugee status has outraged the ruling party in South Africa.

Brandon Huntley, 31, said he could not return to South Africa because he was targeted for muggings and robberies because of his race.

Mr Huntley first went to Canada on a work permit in 2006, but he stayed on illegally and claimed refugee status.

He told the immigration board he was mugged and stabbed in seven attempted robberies in South Africa and that he was called a "white dog" and a "settler" during the attacks.

But he also said that he did not report the robberies to police because he did not trust them.

The Canadian refugee board agreed that there was persecution of whites by blacks in South Africa.

Ishmael Mnisi, a spokesman from South Africa's governing party, the African National Congress (ANC), says the decision itself is racist.

He says South Africa is a constitutional democracy which is fully able to fight crime.

"The African National Congress views the granting by Canada of a refugee status to South African citizen Brandon Huntley on the grounds that Africans would persecute him as racist," he said.

"We find the claim by Huntley to have been attacked seven times by Africans due to his skin colour - without any police intervention - sensational and alarming.

"Canada's reasoning for granting Huntley a refugee status can only serve to perpetuate racism."

But Mr Huntley's lawyer Russell Kaplan says the Canadian Refugee Board's decision is a reflection on South Africa's inability to protect its people from violent crime.

"The South African Government and the security forces could be willing, they really want to protect their citizens, but they can't and this is a really important point," he said.

"As long as a government is unable to protect its citizens, never mind the intent, there's the grounds legally for a refugee claim."

Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper quoted the refugee board member who made the ruling, William Davis, as saying there was convincing proof of the South African Government's inability or unwillingness to protect him.

One South African resident agrees with the ruling.

"I agree with him on that part because South Africa is mostly focusing on black people too much these days," the resident said.

"White people aren't given enough emphasis - basically, they've just paid for their sins for just too long."

But other locals agree with the Government that the ruling is racist.

"I think this guy is sick because if you check, we're living in South Africa, but none of these issues are happening to us, but even though if they are happening to you, how can you just run away from your country?" another resident said.

"I think he should come back and fix these matters."

'Crime is economic, not racial'

Geoffrey Hawker, the president of the African Studies Association and the head of politics at Macquarie University, says he was surprised at the ruling and is sceptical that the man was necessarily attacked on the basis of his skin colour.

"Most refugees tend to be those who are markedly in trouble, under privileged, on the run. I don't think we've had the case of a white South African coming into this situation before," he said.

"Most violence is actually black on black, that's the overwhelming reality. I'm not saying this case couldn't happen but it's not typical of what's happening in the country as a whole.

"Of course there are many rich whites, that's absolutely true, and of course they are the focus of robbery and other crimes - that's really not because they're white, that's because they're rich.

"And there are plenty of rich blacks now also in South Africa and they get targeted in full measure. The robber's after the money, not really after the person because of the colour of their skin.

"Crime reflects the socio-economic condition of the country, rather than its ethnic composition. Unemployment is so high and it tends to be concentrated in the black community and that's where much of the crime is coming from."

Dr Hawker says it is understandable that the ANC would be upset by the ruling.

"One can [understand why], because South Africa's going to get the reputation of the country where the blacks are deliberately setting out to punish the whites for the past injustices that were undoubtedly perpetrated," he said.

"If it were believed, if there were lots of cases like this, then they'd think that the whole reconciliation effort has fallen over and has become a sham and that would actually be a tragic failing for South Africa."

Monday, September 19, 2011

Prominent Afrikaans Newspaper refuses to publish VVK advertizing campaign

South Africa,
18 September 2011

Prominent Afrikaans Newspaper refuses to publish VVK advertizing campaign.
By J. Mare

One week from today, the VVK elections will be a thing of the past and a new Afrikaner/Boer Council (Volksraad) will have been elected to administrate the affairs of this besieged community. Seven candidates will be sworn in to protect, lead and govern a small minority, constantly under threat of genocide by the government of South Africa - (The ANC).
Some 800 000 Afrikaners live in structures like this.  The ANC intends to destroy these shacks, without providing adequate alternative housing- Photo, The Afrikaner Journal - 09082011

Some 800 000 Afrikaners live in structures like this. The ANC intends to destroy these shacks, without providing adequate alternative housing - Photo, The Afrikaner Journal - 09082011

A lot of hard work has gone into this campaign and many people have worked their fingers to the bone to make the will of the Afrikaner nation known by means of a democratic election.
This process wasn’t easy with many problems, that for some may have been, insurmountable.
Registration officials and other supporters are constantly attacked by ‘agents provocateurs’ and lured into debates with the aim to demonize the elections, the candidates, the administrators and even the council (even though it does not exist as yet).
Election officials report that people opposed to the process, are removing election posters in an attempt to influence the outcome.
On top of this, the Afrikaans media has proven to be the most venomous of all in their response to the elections.
It has come to our attention (from two independent sources) that one (very prominent and influential) Afrikaans newspaper, Die Beeld (NASPERS), has flatly refused to run the ad campaign for the elections, because of what they describe as the ads ‘political connotation’.
According to the chairman of the VVK, Paul Kruger, nothing could persuade them to even consider an amended version of the ad and, they even refused a suggestion to ‘just publish the logo and voting station addresses’.
The very same news group does not hesitate to run government announcements and other general South African election advertisements.
If you are interested in reading ANC government propaganda (in Afrikaans), please click here: Beeld

This is the ad they rejected:
VVK ad rejected by NASPERS, prominent Afrikaans publication house
VVK ad rejected by NASPERS, prominent Afrikaans publication house

Why is Naspers doing this?
Be it as it may, the commission will now have to rely on the electronic and social media networks to advertize its intent to hold these important elections and hope that Afrikaners will wake up and realize what these ANC controlled media moguls are doing, by feeding them a daily dose of government propaganda.
Why do they fear and dread this election and its outcome?

'Uncle Jacques, why is the ANC destroying our home?' - Photo, The Afrikaner Journal - 09082011
'Uncle Jacques, why is the ANC destroying our home? '- Photo, The Afrikaner Journal - 09082011 - ANC metro council destroys another Afrikaner home!

Could it be that the power of the ‘democratic voice’ of the People will be the death knell of its monopoly and control over the masses ?
Could it be that they fear retribution from their ANC masters or, are they naïvely believing that they are doing the nation a favor by withholding this information, because…. ‘nobody will be interested’?
NASPERS answer:
Beelds response to VVK Ad campaign
Beelds response to VVK Ad campaign

“Why should we vote?”
Afrikaners are at the mercy of a murderous black regime, intent at eradicating them from the South African landscape. Racist ANC legislation, has caused abject poverty among 800 000 members of this vulnerable minority.
Other reasons:

This is the reason they need self-governance.
This is the reason all Afrikaners/ Boers should cast their votes on 24 September 2011

The information they don’t want the Afrikaner community to know.
The elections will be held on the 24th of September 2011 from 07:00 AM in the morning until 21:00 PM when the voting stations will close and your chance to vote will expire.
Those Afrikaners who haven’t registered or who don’t know whether their names appear on the voters roll, will be allowed to register on the spot and vote, providing that they qualify as voters!
These are the Qualifications:
1) You must be an Afrikaner of age eighteen or older.
2) You must be in possession of a valid ‘SA identification document’ and/or ‘drivers license’ and be able to hand it to the registration official for verification on voting day.
3) You must be a person, that is readily identifiable as an individual that belongs to and forms part of the Afrikaner/Boer nation and/or associate with the culture, language, aspirations and destiny.
4) You can report to any of the following voting stations on voting day, where you will be allowed to vote for the candidate of your choice as council member.

Voting Stations:

(Please verify the accuracy of this information on the VVK website – on voting day)

1.Messina: Paul Millsstraat 42.
2.Louis Trichardt: Kroghstraat 136.
3.Ellisras: Boereverenigingsaal, ongeveer 2 km. op Ellisras/Marken-pad.
4.Phalaborwa: Bateleurstraat 31.
5.Pietersburg: Laerskool Pietersburg, h/v Voortrekker- & “Thabo Mbeki”straat.
6.Potgietersrus: Hoogestraat 126.
7.Tzaneen: Sanloo Gastehuis, Feesstr.
8. Baltimore: Boeresaal in hoofstraat op N11.
1.Hoedspruit: Sunset View-winkelkompleks Eenh. E, langs Fort Koepiba-hotel en slaghuis.
2.Groblersdal: Hervormde Kerksaal, Voortrekkerstraat.
3.Naboomspruit: Limpopo Pale, Eerstestr. 52
4.Thabazimbi: Trollipsaal, Skougronde.
5.Vaalwater: Landbou-Unie Vendusiekrale, ongeveer 4 km. op Melkrivier/Vierentwintigriviere-pad. 13
6.Nylstroom: Stoeisaal in Kerkstraat-Oos langs sportgronde.
7.Warmbad: AP Kerk, h/v Huilbos- en Katjiepieringlaan.
8.Cullinan: Landbou-Uniesaal, ongeveer 2 km. op Cullinan/Bronkhorstspruitpad.
9.Hartebeespoort: Jasmyn Winkelsentrum.
10.Pretoria – Wes: AP Kerkterrein, Hannystraat.
11.Pretoria – Moot: W. Marais Afrikanersentrum, Paul Krugerstraat.
12.Pretoria – Noord(1): AP Kerkterrein Wonderboom, h/v Daan De Wet Nel- & 7de Straat.
13.Pretoria – Noord(2): AP Kerkterrein Transmagalies, Springbokvlakteweg, Montana.
14.Pretoria – Oos: Skool op die h/v Witdoring- en De Villebois Mareuilstraat, Moreleta Park.
15.Verwoerdburg: Gereformeerde Kerkterrein, h/v Aletheastraat en Basdenlaan, Lyttelton.
16.Kleinfontein: Kleinfontein Gemeenskapsentrum.
17.Welbekend/Bapsfontein: Hoewe 164, Bashewa op Welbekendpad.
18.Bronkhorstspruit: Hoewe in Louis Bothastraat-verlenging, net oos van die Delmas/Groblersdal-pad.
1.Barberton: Jathira-Winkel op Nelspruit-pad.
2.Nelspruit: Geloftefeesterrein, Ehmkestraat oorkant NG Kerk.
3.Witrivier: Witrivier Rolbalklub, Makadiamastraat.
4.Malelane: Plaas Riverside, Huis 1, ged. 1, op Malelane Hek-pad na Kruger Wildtuin.
5.Sabie: Sabie Aftree-oord Nr. 5, Wallisstraat.
6.Lydenburg: Steynstraat 19.
7.Machadodorp: Voortrekkerstraat 4.
8.Middelburg: Hoër Tegniese Skool Middelburg, h/v Fontein- (“Samora Machel”) en Zuidstraat.
9.Roossenekal: SAVF-terrein, h/v Zulch- & Middelstraat.
10.Belfast: Fitzgeraldstraat 65.
11.Hendrina: Kortstraat 11.
12.Carolina: Hugostraat 77.
13.Ermelo: Radio Ermelo-gebou, h/v Border- & Smutsstraat.
14.Lothair: Boeresaal, Mainstraat.
15.Piet Retief: Klopperstraat 15A.
16.Utrecht: Van Rooyenstraat 6
17.Vryheid: Gelofte CVO Akademie, h/v Park- & Smalstraat.
18.Krugerspos: Vlakfonteinpad, Nr.AD8
1.Bethal: AP Kerksaal Moedergemeente, Blesbokspruit.
2.Secunda: Davieshof Sentrum, h/v Helen Joseph- & Jan Smutsstraat.
3.Kriel: Kraanvoëlstraat 9.
4.Witbank: Prestige Sentrum, Watermeyerstraat.
5.Delmas: Malita Aftree-oord, Sesdestraat.
6.Nigel: Beverly-weg 50.
7.Heidelberg: h/v Aspey- en Viljoenstraat.
8.Standerton: Charl Cilliersstraat 92.
9.Volksrust: Platorand Staalwerke, Joubertstraat 78.
1.Springs: Ermeloweg, in Pet Hyper langs Holiday Inn-padkafee.
2.Brakpan: AP Kerkterrein, h/v Middel- en Collieryweg, Rand Colleries.
3.Benoni: AP Kerkterrein, h/v Stokroos- en Oakstraat, Northmead x4.
4.Kempton Park: AP Kerkterrein, h/v Rietfontein- en Pionierstraat, Glen Marais Park.
5.Sandton / Midrand: (Stem in Verwoerdburg).
6.Randburg: Vyfdestraat 15, Linden.
7.Krugersdorp: Harlekyne rugbyklub, Wagenstraat, Burgershoop.
8.Roodepoort: AP Kerkterrein, Corlette-rylaan 855, Witpoortjie/Princess.
9.Randfontein: Driehoek Vleismark, langs HF Verwoerd-stadion.
10.Johannesburg: AP Kerkterrein, Chamberstraat 20, Booysens.
11.Germiston: AP Kerkterrein, Oosthuizenstraat.
12.Boksburg/Primrose: AP Kerkterrein, h/v Medlarweg en Bardiastraat, Wannenburghoogte.
13.Alberton: AP Kerkterrein, Bloekomlaan, Genl. Albertspark.
14.Meyerton: AP Kerkterrein, h/v Leyds- en Juniusstraat.
15.Vereeniging: Genl. Hertzogstraat 124, oorkant winkelsentrum langs Dros.
16.Vanderbijlpark: J & B Driving Range-lapa, Cornwallis Harrisstraat 758.
1.Zeerust: AP Kerkterrein, Bankstraat.
2.Swartruggens: Skousaal.
3.Rustenburg: Kloofsentrum 175, Kockstraat.
4.Brits: Hoërskool Brits saal, h/v de Ridder- en Schuttelaan.
5.Koster: Koster Bande, Millstraat 5.
6.Lichtenburg: 13de laan 2, Burgersdorp.
7.Coligny: AP Kerkterrein, h/v Park- en Vincentstraat.
8.Ventersdorp: Rothstraat 25.
9.Carletonville: Evangelies-Gereformeerde Kerkterrein, Grundlingstraat 49.
10.Potchefstroom: H/v Goudstraat en “Albert Luthuli”weg.
11.Klerksdorp. Moolmanstraat 2 (Gastehuis).
12.Delareyville: Governmentstraat 27.
13.Schweizer-Reneke: Landbousaal Lapa.
14.Wolmaransstad: Leaskstraat 76.
15.Makwassie: Ellisstraat 20.
16.Christiana: Voortrekkerstr. 8A
17.Ottosdal: Moorecroft straat 45.
18.Migdol: Boeresaal.
19.Hartswater: Border Hotelsaal, Jan Kempdorpstraat.
20.Hartbeespoort: Jasmyn Winkelkompleks, Schoemansville.
1.Parys / Vredefort: Forumgebou, h/v Liebenberg-, Philip- & Kerkstrate.
2.Heilbron: Ou Kommandokantore, h/v Luyt- en Pienaarstraat.
3.Kroonstad: AP Kerkterrein, Buitensorg Hoewe 8.
4.Welkom: Boland gebou, Elizabethstraat.
5.Virginia: Civiclaan 29.
1.Vrede: Duiwesaal, Skougronde.
2.Memel: Memel Boereverenigingsaal.
3.Reitz: Roosstraat 58, Savvas-gebou.
4.Bethlehem: AP Kerkterrein, h/v Paul Gent- en Alex Paxinnostraat, Panorama.
5.Clocolan: Skougronde, Geloftefeessaal.
1.Brandfort: Voortrekkerstraat, oorkant Stadsaal.
2.Bloemfontein: Dr. Böhmer-skool, Haldonweg.
3.Dutoitspan (Kimberley): Gereformeerde Kerkterrein, Kekewichrylaan, Monumenthoogte.
4.Phillipolis: Tobie Mullerstraat 6.
1.Vryburg: Winkel 2, Moloposentrum, Molopoweg.
2.Kuruman: Moffat sendingstasie.
3.Kathu: Kokerboomstraat 53.
4.Upington: Werda Gastehuis, Schröderstraat 148.
5.Orania: AP Kerkterrein, Perellaan 150.
1.Port Nolloth: Noordweg 1854.
2.Vanrhynsdorp: AP Kerkterrein Olifantsrivier, Skoolstraat.
3.Clanwilliam: AP Kerkterrein, Voortrekkerstraat.
1.Piketberg: Kunsgallery by Pools, 10km. op N7 Noord.
2.Kaapstad/Parow: AP Kerkterrein, Van Riebeeckstr 22, Parow.
3.Stellenbosch: (om bevestig te word).
4.Strand: Burenstraat 14.
5.Hermanus: Demond Karavaanpark, 10de straat, Voëlklip.
6.Bredasdorp: Breëstraat 12.
7.Struisbaai: Romansingel 11.
8.Stilbaai: Excelsiorstraat 12, Stilbaai-Wes.
9.Oudtshoorn: Greeffstraat 122.
10.George: Voortrekkersaal, Caledonstraat.
11.Plettenbergbaai: Mangoldpunt 5.
12.Ashton: Fanie’s Kitchen, Hoofweg 22.
13.Velddrif: Smitlaan 5, oorkant NG-kerk.
1.Carnarvon: (Om bevestig te word).
2.Fraserburg: CVO Fraserburg.
3.Sutherland: NG Kerksaal.
4.Beaufort-Wes: Royal Lodge, Donkinstraat.
1.Molteno: Plaas Grassdale, 16 km. uit Molteno op Dordrecht-pad.
2.Port Elizabeth: Murraypark, Draaifonteinweg, Groenbossies Hoewe 1 EEM.
3.Uitenhage: Mitchellstraat 5.
4.Dordrecht: Plaas Avondzon, S31*14.824EO27*17.617 35 km. uit Dordrecht op Barkly-Oos pad.
5.Lady Grey: Plaas van Zylsrust, ongeveer 5 km. uit dorp op Aliwal Noord/Barkly-Oos pad.
6.Jeffreysbaai: Magnoliastraat 31, Wavecrest.
1.Newcastle: Drakensberg Primêre Skool, Paddocklaan, Pionierpark.
2.Dundee: Volwasse sentrum, Victoriaweg.
3.Ladysmith / Estcourt / Pietermaritzburg: (Om bevestig te word).
4.Richardsbaai / Empangeni: (Om bevestig te word).
5.Durban: (Om bevestig te word).
6.Ramsgate: Marine drive 57, oorkant “Skulpiewinkel”.