Friday, September 16, 2011


Fri 16 Sep 2011

By Shane

So the taxi association has joined the world of air travel and has today undertaken its first flight. All I can think about saying is God help us!! This is for sure the beginning of the end, can you imagine the chaos that will surely follow? 

These people can not keep a mini bus taxi road worthy, why would they bother to keep their planes flight worthy? And please don't tell me the authorities will ensure that all is well because they have proved more than once in the past that they are afraid of the taxis?
These people took over the taxi industry by force, and if anybody else tries to get in on the action they just shoot them, yup that's right, they shoot them! So next time you are flying SAA or kahlula beware that you are not approached by a multi-colored airplane with a roof rack and fired upon. 
And another thing, does the fuel subsidy that the taxis receive extend to their airplanes? Because that is going to cost the tax payers a pretty penny!! Can you imagine - "please stow your drugs and guns and live chickens in the over head compartment, put your head between your knees and inform the ancestors that you are on the way!!"
Just think - there will be hawkers all along the runway selling pap and sheba, and little R1 vetkoeks, and loose draws, and cheap ass chips in little packets? 
While waiting for your flight you could have your hair cut by some dirty dude with a rusty clipper? 
Or have your shoes resoled with a continental tyre? 
The music in the airplanes will be so loud it will probably affect the migratory patterns of all our local bird species! It will certainly affect my migratory pattern as I will never be leaving the ground again as long as these people are in any way involved with air travel!!
But then this is probably a scam by our politicians who have been getting in trouble for the extravagant amount of money they spend on air travel, so now they will be able to stand up in parliament and say - "eish - but I took a taxi"
And remember a taxi stops where ever it wants to to unload passengers close to their destinations, so keep an eye on your rear view mirror when you are driving and remember objects(like big ass airplanes) are closer than they seem??
In all honesty, our government has proved that they can not regulate themselves let alone allow the taxi association into the sky???