Sunday, January 1, 2012

What has the Black Man Accomplished?

As Chika says “I want to be a CAPITALIST NIGGER.” He also says it is going to cause a lot of offence to the black race but he does not care! He says black people must wake up from their stupor as he is tired of their whining and victim mentality, tired of listening to the same old complaint – racism.

He also says that the black race has absolutely nothing to offer compared to others in the world. They are consumers and not producers. As the black race has answers to every charge of failure they have incurred themselves: the answer is blaming others for their failures. He goes on to say he believes the black race will descend further into the abyss of the world’s economic pole.

The black race is a slave – pure and simple ……I am frightened and disgusted at the same time, that people who produce nothing and consume everything that others produce. We are always ready to make excuses about the inventions and products our people have perfected in long gone eras, but which have been stolen from us and the ones who stole them have gone on to become very rich. This is nothing but another excuse for our failures.

What has the black man accomplished in business?

“I am sure someone from my group is liable to point out to me that a black man had the idea of the invention of the computer in his brains, of course, it stuck in his brains and couldn’t come out!!!” 

Who really invented the computer? 

There are many success stories of people starting businesses in their garages or even their kitchens with very little or no money and who went on to make millions and even billions financially, but not one of those success stories involves a black man.

Chika talks of using a computer – made by a White man - to write his book - which he bought from a White man, he goes on to say he turns a light on – who invented the light bulb? Why Thomas Edison of course – no one doubts that.

But reading the many black men believe Lewis Latimer, a black man invented the light bulb. In actual fact he did not invent the light bulb – he just devised a way of encasing the filament within a cardboard envelope which prevented the carbon from breaking and thereby provided a much longer life to the bulb and hence made the bulb less expensive and more efficient.


Every one knows how black men love their music – the black race spends more money on purchasing musical equipment than any other race.  Who invented radios, stereos, walkmans, and televisions?  – Not a black man, black men do not even own a factory to assemble radios or stereos etc. These items are made by the Japanese, and yet the Japanese have nothing but scorn for the black African. Two of Japans former Prime Ministers publically made the observation that black people were inferior in intelligence, and yet the black race are Japan’s biggest consumers. This is the intelligence of the black man, the black man embraces technology with no understanding of how technology works.

Take the Internet for example – it was founded by White men in their twenties or early thirties who forgot about the good life – the women, the fast cars, expensive suits, partying who rolled up their sleeves and worked hard. What did the black man do? They chose the path of slavery.

All over the world, the story is the same – White twenty–to-thirty something year olds raking in the money and what is the black man doing? Shooting each other in the streets over meaningless causes. Let’s face it the black mans work ethics leave a lot to be desired. They prefer others to establish a company so that they can come in and cry racism when Whites refuse to hire them.

Chika goes on to say that his book is not about separatism. Being a Capitalist Nigger does not involve asking for a separate land area for black people; it does not involve asking all Caucasians to get out of Africa; it is not about taking up arms to slaughter innocent White people.

On your last sentance Chika - you have NO idea of what you are saying. Thousands of White farmes have been mercilessly murdered, White women and White children raped and tortured. The black men and women in South Africa are all out to get the Whites!

Capitalist Nigger

In the following months I will endeavour to put on this blog excerpts from a book I have read and am in the process of re-reading.  It is called Capitalist Nigger - written by Chika Onyeani.

Chika Onyeani


The power of a word...

"According to Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition, the word "Nigger" has now come to rank as "perhaps the most offensive and inflammatory racial slur in is otherwise a word expressive of racial hatred and bigotry."

In October 1960 Nigeria received its independence from Britain. It was a time for celebrating Africa’s coming of age, as more and more African countries received their independence either from Britain or France.

It was especially a poignant time for Africa as then British Prime Minister Harold McMillan articulated his now famous "Wind of Change" sweeping Africa. We had high hopes for Africa, for the black race, that the insidious imposition of foreign rule on us, the looting of Africa’s natural resources by our colonial masters and the disrespect and disdain that these colonial masters accorded us would be things of history. Henrik Verwoerd's response. The tendency in Africa for nations to become independent, and at the same time to do justice to all, does not only mean being just to the black man of Africa, but also to be just to the White Man of Africa........

That was many , many years ago. Unfortunately, the promise of independence has not been fulfilled. Today, Africa has become more desolate; there is more starvation, disease and non-provision of essential services than when we got our independence. There are all kinds of wars in Africa and millions of lives have been lost. There are more dictators in Africa than the rest of the world put together.

The majority of so-called African leaders want to stay in power until the day their bodies are put in the grave. Through buffoonery, utter mismanagement and downright stealing of the wealth of the masses, these leaders have so impoverished Africa that we are now nothing but a beggar continent. We beg for everything; we are more dependent on our colonial masters than when we received our independence from them. Africa owes the west more money than we and our generations to come can repay.

In the last years I have watched with horror and outright helplessness as the downward slide of the African race continues to escalate. But rather than address the problems, we resort to blaming the Caucasian’s, Asians and others for our misfortune. We are not men enough to accept responsibility for our actions.

Africans blame either the British, French or little Portuguese / Spanish for their problems. African’s in America blame the Caucasian’s for all their problems, or any other ethnic group. Africans blame the International Monetary fund, the World Bank, the Group of7, the former colonial masters for the abject poverty in our respective countries. We blame the wars ravaging several African sectors on the interference of our former colonial masters on “our internal affairs” Ha! – some kind of independence.

When we decide to buy a house in a Caucasian neighbourhood, we blame the people for refusing to sell to us because of their belief that we spend more time and money on visible luxurious and ultimately worthless items, than in maintaining our property, which to everyone but us is a major part of their investment and retirement portfolio.

The blame game has become a permanent part of our lives to the exclusion of any other solution that could be more viable in solving our problems. It has become the most productive part of our lives, because without it the African cannot really point to much that they are in charge of producing. It is better to blame others than to confront the truth of our being responsible for whatever has happened to us as an African race.

I decided to write CAPITALIST NIGGER to open a debate on the state of the African race. To tell it like it is, the truth and nothing but the truth. My observations are bound to infuriate a lot of my people. Even the title of this book is bound to make a lot of people angry. Many people will be angry, to say it mildly, when I question the intelligence of my people compared to the Asians, (Indians, Pakistanis, Malaysians, Filipinos) and others who attained independence at the same time as most African countries. Africans need help in solutions offered to help extricate themselves from being a consumer to a productive race.


 You want your children to have good grades in school? PRACTICE CAPITALIST NIGGERISM because then you will not blame the teachers for failing your children or blame the nationwide testing services for using non-black questions in their tests.

If you want o have a good job PRACTICE CAPITALIST NIGGERISM
Because you want to beat the people who expect you to fail because they believe you are stupid.

Being a CAPITALIST NIGGER puts you in control of every aspect of your life – you are in charge and nobody else.

 The important point is that we must stop the blame game and accept responsibility for the present state of the Black Race.

Capitalist Nigger in South Africa. Chika Onyeani presents a copy of his book to South African President, Jacob Zuma, October 2008

2012 New Year wishes to the Whites in South Africa.

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Saturday, 31 December 2011

2012 New Year wishes to the Whites in South Africa.

I am not going to bitch and moan about how you people just sit back and let this shit happen, no I am done with that – it is a lost cause.

No – this time around I am going to congratulate you on surviving another year in that country ruled by savages that want(s) you dead.

Regardless of being outnumbered 50 to 1 you managed to survive, and not just survive but make a living and be productive members of society, you found time for your family, fed and played with your children and pets, made love to your wife or girlfriend, purchased proudly South African products and even paid your taxes!!
Taxes that provide that country with infrastructure and vital services for everyone.

You even found the time to braai a tjoppie and drink a dop or two or three with your mates.
In short, complacency aside, you rock!!
You are the essence of what it truly means to be a White South African!!

You don’t think the world owes you a living, you earn a living!
And yes you own shit – not because you are white but because you work your ass off to pay for that shit!!
Well I salute you, because you have the right stuff!!

And without you that country would be a slum like most of its neighbours. – So, go ahead and pat yourselves on the back, because it is only because of you and others like you that there is still something worth staying in that country for!!

So as this year winds down, take a bow because you deserve the honours but also be vigilant as this is the season of intense crime, after all the other South Africans still need to steal their bonus from you, so be wary and watchful and above all be safe.


Rest up, have fun with family and friends as you will need all the strength you can muster for 2012, because if the world does not end as predicted, you the few will be called upon to support the many who refuse to even try!!

Forwarded by an unknown reader.