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When ANCYL leader Julius Malema started spouting about “the revolution” some two years ago, most intellectual people just shrugged it off as rhetoric, aimed at the uneducated masses in a way to rally more groundswell support for a less than popular individual, whose mindset was pre-1994.

During Malema’s hate speech hearings he used the phrase “National Democratic Revolution” on numerous occasions, which prompted me to take a little more interest in what he was saying and note of the references made within that context.

My initial reaction to his comments about the ongoing “struggle” and “revolution” was: “What struggle?” and “Why does he need a revolution when we have an ANC-controlled constitutional democracy?”

This is where good old Google comes in handy and a search for the National Democratic Revolution (NRD) led me the ANC website and their Strategy and Tactics (S&T) documents – which were in place long before 1994 and have subsequently been revised a number of times. Boldly stated in the S&T document is the aim of fulfillment of the NRD.

The NRD is not a Malema plan: it is an ANC policy document – probably swept under the carpet by the likes of Mandela and Mbeki – and now with the strengthening of the Communists within the hierarchy of the ruling party, it has found its way back into the mainstream of ANC policy and is being capitalised on by Malema in his quest for power.

The main aim of the NRD is a non-racial democracy – which sounds great on paper – but on closer examination this means that all aspects of control, ownership, management and employment in the public and private sectors should broadly mirror the demographic composition of South Africa’s population – which will take affirmative action and employment equity to a new level.

You have to understand that the term non-racial in this context means “black supremacy” or “African hegemony”, which is supported by both Cosatu and the SACP. Proposed changes to labour legislation will do away with labour brokers and contract workers to make all positions permanent and therefore even more difficult to manage as the workers will now be protected from dismissal regardless of competence or performance.

The “deployment of cadres” policy in key positions in both state and parastatal organisations has to a large degree resulted in the demise of the SABC, the healthcare system, education, the police force and municipalities, most of which are bankrupt and lacking in the necessary skills to run them effectively, and they have been the victims of endemic corruption and misappropriation of funds, while thousands of positions remain unfilled even though there are whites, coloureds and Indians with the requisite skills available to fill them.
If that has been the result without the implementation of the NRD over the past 17 years, what does the future hold?

Well, we have Gugile Nkwinti’s land reform proposals under the Land Tenure Security Bill to start with, which will give unlimited rights for farm workers to build communities, graze livestock and grow their own crops on the farms where they work, thereby threatening the integrity of the farmer’s crops and livestock with the threat of disease and crop infestation through lack of both crop spraying and prophylactic medications. We have lost 80 000 farmers: can we afford to lose any more?

Consider the stated threat by Malema and recent calls for the people to take back the land from the white “criminals” who stole their land – without restitution - despite the fact that the constitution protects the right of ownership of land.
The calls for the nationalisation of mines and more recently financial institutions – all of which is part of the Freedom Charter – see the stronger influence of the communist ideologies of the 1950s coming to the fore. Even the fact that the Soviet Union has collapsed and that China is welcoming capitalism is no deterrent to those in the ANC ranks who still see Marxism by any other name as their salvation.

The suggestion of doing away with the nine provinces and centralising control at government level removes the threat posed by opposition parties to take control of sectors of the country and show up the ruling party, thereby effectively negating any opposition to central government and guaranteeing continued rule.

The Protection of Information Bill, or “Secrecy Bill” as I prefer to call it, is another step towards the abolition of a free press and it would thereby protect corrupt officials and other criminals from being exposed. You would be subject to the “mushroom syndrome”, and journalists who dared to uncover corruption and other sacred cow information - like the arms deal or how much taxpayers’ money was spent on a trip to New York or fancy car hire - would find themselves behind bars with hardened criminals.

You might say: “All of these things are unconstitutional; our constitution will protect us!” But remember a constitution only works if you have a democracy; once you have a dictatorship, that constitution will become null and void and will be replaced by something more suitable to the objectives of the NRD.

The tail is wagging the dog - The unions have placed the president on terms instead of the other way around – the cracks in the tripartite alliance are widening.

I firmly believe that South Africa is at a crossroads in our evolution as a democracy.
If we take the high road and stick to our current macro-economic policies, ease the LRA, let the Land Claims Court do its job, allow a willing seller willing buyer mentality in the redistribution of farmland, weaken the grip that unions have on the economy, encourage foreign investment and let the Communists fade into the background, our future could be very bright – as the 2010 World Cup proved, we have got it!

However, if we take the low road and allow the Stalinist “egalitarian society” envisaged by the NDR to become a reality, we will lose all of our existing skills resources, foreign investment will disappear, education will be dumbed down even further, the new wealthy middle class will lose their wealth and by then it will be too late to change the course of history.

Is this the future you want for this proud nation?

How to enslave the sheeple, the (Af) RICA way.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

By Mike Smith
5th of July 2011

By now more than 95% of cell phone users in South Africa have registered their SIM cards in compliance with the RICA law.

RICA stands for the Regulation of Interception of Communications Act (and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act). The Law was first Gazetted in 2003, Implemented in July 2009 and the deadline for all SIM card registrations was a week ago 30th of June 2011. Failure to do so would result in your legally bought and paid for SIM card being summarily switched off.

The government, in collaboration with all three cell phone companies, MTN, Vodacom and Cell C, basically forced the people of South Africa to register themselves on a death list and hand over their constitutional right to privacy.

People should realize that not a single government has ever cared for it’s people. If they have, then there would be no reason to have a constitution and a Bill of Rights. The constitution and the Bill of Rights is a reminder to the government what OUR rights are. These rights are what they should protect. That is their job. Nothing else. Interfering with the lives and especially the privacy of its citizens is highly unconstitutional and if a government does so, they should be sacked, en masse. The whole shebang.

But it is quite well known that the government wipes their backsides with our constitution. They are forever scheming new ways to undermine the constitution. We have to be ever vigilant and watch the bastards, because if we do not, they will strip us of all our freedoms.

In South Africa Section 14 of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of 1996 expressly provide that "everyone has a right to privacy, which includes the right not to have (...) (d) the privacy of their communications infringed".

But all the ANC does is to use another section of the constitution to contradict it (which is also illegal. No part of the constitution can be used to contradict another part.)

Chapter 11 of the Constitution governs this duty and authorize the Police, Defence Force and Intelligence Agencies to assist the State in its security obligations.
So in the name of YOUR safety and security, they say it is OK to spy on everyone’s cell phone conversations, emails, etc…just in case there is a threat to YOUR safety.

The only threat their actually is, is if we notice the incompetence and corruption of the ANC Marxist terrorist scum and decide to vote their useless gravy-train arses out of power.

In reality what has been happening is the following:

In order to register your SIM card and your surf stick SIM, and whatever else…You had to provide a utility bill, such as electricity and water account as proof of residence. You also had to provide a copy of your ID.

So where did all the blacks in the shacks in the townships get utility bills from? They have never registered for, nor paid for water and electricity, ever. The shacks have no street names or proper numbers. The ID documents are false.

So in effect all the dumb Whites with cell phones had to prove their residency whilst the blacks could simply orally give their details (any false address).
Now you can call me paranoid if you like, but surely I cannot be the only one who sees where this is leading to and how a totalitarian government such as the ANC can misuse such a law.

They can legally tap your phone, your sms’s your e-mail, without you knowing about it and all they have to do is suspect you from being a threat to the security of the state. They will know your exact address and your registered SIM card will be traced within 20 metres of where you are phoning or blogging from.

Now the ANC regime has said that they will only use this feature in cases of severe crime. Yeah right. Like in 1999 when they used the NIA to spy on the opposition DA party, even inside parliament and beamed a laser onto the window of the DA’s parliamentary room to listen to conversations. They also broke into DA’s houses and offices and stole something like 17 laptops and other information…All in the name of YOUR safety and security. It only stopped when Lindiwe Sisulu (Minister of Information at the time) personally called off the NIA dogs after Helen Zille had a word with her. The DA is the legally voted for opposition party, imagine what they can do to anybody else?

How would the ANC know how to define “Severe Crime”? What is severe crime in the eyes of the ANC when they deny the killing of thousands of white farmers by black criminals and bury the corruption of the arms deal without a proper investigation? To the ANC the only “Severe Crime” is when you oppose them. Those are the people they want to act against. That is the real reason for RICA;

The ANC is in government to stay in government forever. You can bet your bottom dollar that they will introduce laws to ensure they control all opposition and are never challenged.

You can see how they go about when the introduce laws. It is called the “Salami Tactic”. RICA was first introduced in 2003 and a few sheep bleated, but then it quieted down. Then two years later an amendment was made and some more sheep bleated but then it quieted down again. In the last eight years the RICA law has been amended four times, like slicing a piece off a salami little by little until we are here now where the sheep has handed over their freedom and right to privacy completely.

The ANC feels nothing for the freedom of the people. How they can call themselves “Freedom Fighters” is beyond me. All they ever fought for was to take our freedom away.

RICA is just another step in eroding our freedom away until we have no freedom left and are virtual prisoners. In the end we will be so dumbed down that we will believe we are “free”, simply because the ANC tell us so.
“The ANC loves me this I know,
For the Communist manifesto tells me so…
You and I to them belong
We are dumb and make them strong.
(all together now)

Yes, the ANC loves me!
Yes the ANC loves me!
Yes the ANC loves me!

The Freedom Charter tells me so…”
Jamboth said...
All I have to say is:"Fuck the kaffirs and those who sold out to them! May they all rot in hell!"
It does not take a genius to figure out that only the law abiding citizens would register their SIM cards and the criminals won’t. Just like with Fire-arms.

Now if the government has your ID, Proof of residence and your registered SIM Card under the RICA law, they will know whether you are male or female. How old you are, where you live in Sandton or Waterkloof Ridge, how many people live at that home…by tapping into your phone and those of the others living at that same address , they will know who is home and who is not. They can even tell how long it will take you to get home from where you currently are.
They can tell whether the parents are away.

They can tell whether the old people or your kids are home alone. They can tell whether your wife is home alone…This is the stuff the East German Stasi only dreamt of.

Now surely white people being violently attacked on a daily basis, cannot be this naïve. Surely, I cannot be the only one who can see through this scam. If the thieving, corrupt ANC government works together with criminal syndicates as we know they do, (Joe Modise, Jackie Selebi, Shabir Shaik, et al, being points in case ), then RICA can and will be used against the citizens of the country.

This law is an abomination and should be scrapped as soon as possible. You cannot trust the ANC with such information. It is the duty of every single South African citizen to resist this law as far as possible.

What I cannot understand is how judges and lawyers never opposed this law. Why do judges and lawyers never oppose any of these criminal laws?

Jim Beam said...


There is nothing South African about it. Many countries in Asia have forced people to do this more than 3 years ago. Thailand & Malaysia stated that it was because of mobile phone bombs. Each country has given a different excuse. In Taiwan you need an Alien Resident Certificate just to get a mobile phone plan. They sell top-up cards at the 711 but no SIM without a plan! Its a global issue and nothing South African about it.

When they could not force any longer they came with a new option. 1 hour free mobile phone talk time each month if you buy a pre-registered phone with your internet - dirt cheap. Now that might all be fine and well. Let me tell you how it can be abused.

3 years ago I debated the constitutionality of a law on an Asian forum and 24 hours later the security police called me on my mobile asking about that thread. Point is that globally 'they' are linking your internet movement and mobile phone calls to you.

Youtube and Google is another example where Google Chrome automatically keeps you logged in if you have Youtube open in another tab. They save all your searches. Youtube now wants a phone number they can verify when you open a new account. Match your search's to your home phone number etc. Electronic paper trails.

Here is the bigger problem with South Africa. As long as what your mobile phone has a battery in even turned off the phone can still be tracked via the mobile phone towers. So now we know Jack searches the internet for right wing websites, and last week he spent all his time just outside of Pretoria. From the old SB tactics, they could very easily build a searchable electronic profile for anyone in the country.

They know where you go (phone tracking), what your interests are based on your internet searches and they know where you live. Run a credit check and you know where he works, lives and how much he has in his bank account and who he owes money too.

I see a bigger problem - do you?