Monday, May 30, 2011

Zuma and Gadafi


What exit strategy ?

This thug is wanted by the Hague so how he can be offered an exit strategy ?

Please tell me Zuma does not plan to give him refuge here !

Why not just send in the Navy Seals? They know all about arranging exit strategies.

Another criminal that we must support?

Didn't you know?!
South Africa is an official retirement
haven for despotic African dictators.
Mad bob already has a R100,000,000
retirement home built in Llandudno,
Cape town. 

Yep, another tin-pot despot living of the South African taxpayer.

Exit plan by giving him asylum in South Africa?That must be it since nobody else in their right mind would want the ****er in their country but us.

Zuma's actually gone over to discuss an ENTRANCE PLAN for mad old Gadoofus to come live with us here in Mzansi. Can you imagine if someone invited a murderer into your home without asking your permission first! Surely a public referendum would at the very least be in order?

As the racist anc says..."there are too many Coloureds in the Cape". So he is going to dilute them with an arab!

Zuma should rather focus on his own exit stratgey

JZ - best you work on your own exit plan........ You can go to Libya.... 

And then he can work on his own exit strategy. Maybe he and Looney Tunes and Bad Bob Mugabe can move in together.

No dictator will give up power on a 'pretty please' from Zuma. Just another expensive trip to get some lessons from his buddy.

The deal will probably go like this :
Gadhaffi leaves Libya.
Gadhaffi gets amnesty for crimes committed.
Zuma and ANC gets cash.
Everybody is happy, except lady justice, who gets raped again.

Who does Zuma think he is? I voted for the ANC in 2009 and regret it. We should work on an exit plan for Zuma and his merry thugs so that this country can start progressing instead of becoming another African basket case.

Zuma couldn't plan a piss up in a brewery...

Please Zuma...this is higher grade stuff...

Hey Zoom Zoom,forget his exit plan - please rather work on yours.

zuma is getting in some work experience so when it comes the time he can organise his own exit stategy

I am working on an Exit Plan for Zuma and his anc cronies. Any suggestions?

I bet the rest of the world is laughing at us poor South African suckers.

We've got no money to uplift the millions of poor people in our country, but we can spend millions on another country's criminal. Just like we did with that guy from Haiti. All this, without the people of SA having any say in the matter, and many not even knowing about it.

Just exit the psycho to anywhere other than SA. Preferably 20,000 leagues under the sea.
Zuma is about to discover what NATO thinks of him and the AU. 

Somehow the ANC and Zuma has some policital clout outside is they dont. The Americans and Europeans dont give a hoot about some horny phoney president from the tip of Africa trying to score brownie points by trying to persuade Gaddafi to go into exile. Neither CNN, BBC nor sky or any major tv news channel has reported that Zuma has been trying to mediate. Nobody knows and nobody cares!!


Here is a thought for NATO - put a tracking device on Zuma or whichever fat wife that has gone with him to "negotiate", then you don't have to guess in where Gaddafi is hiding - no more wasted bombs. Do us all a favour, why don't you....

This coming from the ANC who last week in Limpopo said they salute the work of Robert Mugabe...

Zuma visited Tripoli on April 10 as part of a high-ranking AU delegation to broker a truce, but a peace plan fell through" This costly exercise was hailed as "a huge success" by our government.
NATO : Stop this bombing immediately. The man has spoken.

Hope one stray missile lands on showerhead 

With his thick scull, no effect, will probably only bend the missile.

UN please don't bomb tripoli whilst Zuma is there, cause just maybe Zuma will die and we have to deal with Malema the clown. 

Let him be castrated by a stray missile. he thinks with his little head. jacob Dick Dooma. Lots of people skills. Little else.

hahahaha I think we actually really under estimated the ANC! They are so stupid that they think that the rest of the world gives 2 hoots about what the gibbering African circus has to say!!!!! the ANC is a joke and an embarrassment to the world!

The Exit strategy is RSA. The discussions are simply about how much Gaddafi will pay Zuma into Zuma's undeclared offshore bank accounts to give him asylum in RSA. Just like what was done for Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

Sounds to me like one criminal aiding and abetting another

Thoughts from South Africa

This week’s Southern Man – Letter from New Zealand comes to you from South Africa.

This is my first trip back for around a year. I thought I might share some thoughts with you.

· The sunsets – as magnificent as ever. There is nothing like an African sunset. I can’t even describe the colour of our sun here just before it sets – it isn’t orange and it isn’t red – it is something in between. Fiery but comforting. I can understand why the ancestors worshiped it.

· Everything is far more expensive. When I first started coming here 20 years ago this month I thought the place was pretty cheap. Even ten years ago. No longer – it is anything but cheap. Even with real money.

· Woolworths cooked chickens – still the best cooked chickens on the planet. But what happened to being able to buy a half? Now I just pig out on the whole thing!

· Middle class South Africa is getting poorer – I made a prediction about ten years ago having assisted many Zimbabweans that South Africa will in the end financially trap much of the skilled middle class who will if they decide to emigrate no longer be able to afford it. I get the strong feeling that day is here for many. Unfortunately.

· Unemployment is still going up and is now officially 25% yet the country has extreme skills shortages. Plenty from the skilled classes have left (at last count around one million – mainly whites – have voted with their feet). A social and economic time bomb quietly ticking.

· Poverty – I just cannot get used to it. Coming from a country like New Zealand I do not think you can ever get used to it. Our ‘poor’ may not lead glamorous lives but they get a (three bedroom Government owned) house to live in and nobody goes hungry.

· Politics – there are local elections this week. Strangely and possibly uniquely, the country votes on a Wednesday and everyone gets a holiday to do it. What exactly is wrong with voting on weekends?? South Africans seem to always be on holiday.

· Direction signs at the airport are almost all green, black and yellow – the colours of the ruling ANC party – coincidence or subtle propaganda?

· Frustrated people – road rage rules. It all spills over when people get behind the wheels of their cars. Ugly and frightening.

· Political standards are shall we say, not as high as they might be. The Minister for State Security’s wife was sentenced to serve twelve years in jail for cocaine importation while I was here. The Minister saw no reason to resign. Did he think the white powder under her nose was incorrectly applied make up? The wife works as Director ofHealth Servicesfor a local Municipality……

· Corruption from the top down is as bad as ever – you can’t pick up a paper without reading about who in Central or Local Government is on the take and they deny it with wonderfully straight faces;

· Politicians can sing ‘Kill the Boer”, tell their supporters ‘All whites are criminals’ and should be treated accordingly and one of the President’s favourite campaign songs is ‘Pass me my machine gun’. Senior politicans can stand up in Court and ask ‘Hate speech? You are joking…..’

· You can still get really great wine really cheap. A man could easily slide into a life of quaffing the finest wines around here without denting the bank balance.

· South Africans still walk r-e-a-l-l-y slowly – do these people have all day to get to Nandos for that chicken and chips and then back to the office?

· If so why do they drive so fast as if today is their last? (given the driving habits of many and if road death statistics are any indicator - for many it probably is).

· Cape Town– at last it has sorted out its airport. Nice. Pity the porters are so, well, persistent. I only carry one suitcase when I travel but thanks for the constant offers of assistance guys. Thanks. But no. Thanks. Really nice of you but no. Thanks. No. No I won’t tip you because I have just hauled my own suitcase to the taxi while you walked along beside me.

· The weather – you gotta love the weather but I forget how chilly Johannesburg gets at this time of year – always feels colder than Auckland (no humidity). Cape Town airport, sunny, cloudless sky and 25 degrees yet 20 minutes drive away at the Waterfront - sea fog, windy and 15 degrees. What is this? Auckland? Four seasons in two suburbs?

· It never rains in Durban – except when I am here apparently.

· The whole countryside is a tip – rubbish everywhere.

· Gautrain in Johannesburg – what a marvel. I, along with the other 4 people catching this train after my arrival in SA, each had a carriage to ourselves.

I assumed some dignitary was arriving in town and the platform had been cleared such was the security from airport platform to Sandton. I felt like President Zuma – carriage to myself and personal security posse!

The 15 minute ride cost me about NZ$20. A taxi would have cost me five times as much. I can but extend my thanks to those hard pressed South African taxpayers who have stumped up something like R35 billion (nearly NZ$7 billion) so folk like me don’t have to risk death with the local taxi fraternity and their fellow road users.

Wish Auckland had one of them.

Thank you South Africa. And your great grandchildren who I suspect will still be paying for it.

Oh and did I mention I was robbed at knifepoint by two thugs in Cape Town? I was walking back to my hotel at 2pm at the Waterfront which is the main tourist area for those of you that know the Mother City.

I had been thinking as I walked along a very main road lined by beautiful multi million rand waterfront apartments how nice it must be to live in one but I had noticed the security was intense. Fences, electrified wire around the top, boom gates, security guards – what price luxury I asked myself?

Then I found out first hand why.

Seemingly from nowhere two guys approached and asked for money (as they do here). I said I had nothing and then one of them pulled a knife. Thug number one was standing in front of me and thug number two behind. I found some coins (as you suddenly do) but they said they wanted ‘notes’. I assumed they didn’t mean they wanted me to hum a tune.

I told them I was not giving them any more money, went to push past and then thug number one waved his knife at me and said 'Don't make me use it'.

No time for arguing I thought and quickly pulled a R20 note out of my pocket. Then the other guy wanted some and he had an even bigger knife. So he got R30 but he still demanded more.
And I started to sweat ever so in a country of 50 million people could I be alone on this footpath with my new friends?

I had a satchel slung over my shoulder with my wallet and cellphone in it but pushed the second guy out of the way and said I didn't have any more. He still demanded more and was flashing the knife so I turned my pockets inside out and said I haven't got any #$@! more. What I was thinking 'But I wish I had a BIG $#@! gun........'

All the while cars roared past.

Could happen anywhere? Yes I guess it could but it just seems to happen a whole lot more in South Africa.

Wouldn’t happen in Knysna right?

Nice to be back in South Africa where I love the sunsets, the red wine, most of the people but strangely always feel safer inside the game reserves with the wild animals than outside them with the humans.

Which is where I am headed for a couple of days R and R.

South Africaremains a beautiful country but it just ain’t beautiful enough any more to make people stay.

Until next week (with I hope less excitement in my life)

Iain MacLeod - The Southern Man