Friday, October 14, 2011

Cele Cop Shop Shambles

October 14 2011

Embattled national police commissioner General Bheki Cele’s judgment was questioned on Thursday as he was chastised by the chairwoman of Parliament’s police portfolio committee for the poor state of police stations - which she insisted was directly related to the choice of managers and a lack of oversight by his department.

Drawing from the committee’s experiences during oversight visits to police stations around the country, chairwoman Sindi Chikunga said if she were commissioner for a day, “all SAPS officers would be dismissed immediately”.

“It makes you not able to sleep at night… Those getting promotions, national commissioner, where do you get these people from; these people you are promoting, where do you get them from?” she asked.

In one instance, on a visit to the Pretoria Central police station, a stone’s throw from the SAPS headquarters, the committee found that 11 accused who were supposed to be in the holding cells could not be accounted for, despite the register’s having been checked and signed.

At a police station in Gauteng, the committee found 3 500 firearm licences lying in a box, despite the huge backlogs which frustrated the public.

Officers at police stations often could not account for what work they did for the day. Firearm controls were practically non-existent. Belts, shoelaces and knives, among other suspect items, were found inside filthy cells – which the committee had to instruct the officers to clean, said Chikunga.

In the run-up to the World Cup last year, after having visited a police station in Mbombela, Chikunga said the committee had had to be “strategic” in its reports so as not to cast a bad light on the city by “making noise” about the state of the police stations.

“National police commissioner, I’ll ask again, why is it that this is found by politicians?

“How can it be that it takes politicians to make things correct? For goodness sake, it cannot be. We are politicians… not managers. It’s a bad habit of the SAPS to sign but not check,” said Chikunga.

Cele said “we are working to change what would have been tradition” by “visiting provinces and stations”, among other initiatives. He said the SAPS was now employing the principle of “not listening but seeing”.

The SAPS was making great strides in rural policing, with a focus not only on farmers but also the farmworkers. And the decrease in car hijacking was attributed to hard work by officers and the emphasis on visible policing, especially in Joburg, Pretoria and Durban, said Cele. “At no other stage has car hijacking been this low. We are not stolen cars collectors; we must arrest car thieves.”

Crowd control remained a “sensitive area”, and while police had to take responsibility to respect and uphold the right of protesters, the onus also rested on the organisers.

He said police had to work within the confines of the law and “can’t be trigger happy”, but that, as the management of the SAPS, they could not retreat from encouraging the police to protect themselves when going up against criminals.

“They don’t carry broomsticks and they don’t carry feather dusters – they carry serious weapons. We are not going to tell them (police officers) to go and kiss and hug them. They must work decisively,” he said.

Poor firearm control and the issues of the licensing of firearms and the number of escapes from police custody were of great concern to the committee.

The SAPS reported on Thursday that there were 468 escapes from police custody in the past financial year, while 191 detainees were unaccounted for.

The commissioner, who faces an inquiry into his conduct after the public protector found against him in the lease saga, said that with regard to firearm control there was a “major war point between us and the management of stations – it’s a big war”.

In an attempt to deal with the problem, the SAPS intended to establish “firearm banks”.

The Face of A Killer



Eugene Terreblanche Murder Case

Warning! Not for sensitive viewers.

By Mike Smith
12th of October 2011

The pieces of scum who murdered Mr. Eugene Terreblanche in his sleep, the former leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) , is currently on trial in Ventersdorp and it is causing friction between local rightwingers and the black population.

One of the accused is a 16 year old boy and his identity is protected, the other bastard is called Chris Mahlangu.

After they beat Mr. Terreblanche’s face in with a pipe and hacked him to death with a panga, they opened the front of his pants and wondered off
To go and brag about how they killed Terreblanche ...

Killing a pensioner in his sleep is apparently something to brag about for this cowardly scum.

But during the trial of the accused the Defence lawyer, Norman Arendse climbed fully on the racist bandwagon. According to the British Newspaper the
Daily Mail ...

...”Norman Arendse, the lawyer for one of the defendants - a boy who was 15 at the time of the murder - told the court the trial would expose a culture of child labour, exploitation and widespread abuse at the Terre'blanche farm, which is two hours north-west of Johannesburg.

Mr Arendse said the teenager was regularly verbally, physically and sexually abused, and plied with alcohol by his employer. The boy, who cannot be named, and his co-accused 29-year-old Chris Mahlangu were paid just £25 per month by Terre'Blanche for long hours herding cattle and basic farm labouring.”

...And so the lies start. Look at how the media call the
Triskelion emblem of the AWB a “Swastika”. How ignorant can you be? It can even be found on the flag of The Isle of Man in Britain for crying out loud.

Also note how they call Terreblanche a “White supremacist”...Maybe someone should explain to them what the difference between “Supremacist” and “Separatist” is. Mr. Terreblanche fought for a homeland for the Afrikaner nation.

The accusations of the defence are obviously utter bollocks as anyone who knew Mr. Terreblanche can testify.

Mr. Terreblanche was a deeply religious man who had extremely good relationships with his own workers as well as the local black community of Ventersdorp and he always treated his workers with respect and dignity and paid them above the going rate for farm labour.

Below are some pictures of the trial. Note how the black policeman photographs the vehicles of the AWB supporters, but does not photograph any of the Black supporters of the accused. It is clear that the police is not un-biased and who they are siding with.

Further down you will see the pictures of the murdered Mr. Terreblanche as it came out of the police dockets. Warning! Not for sensitive viewers!

I do not care what the outcome of the trial is. My only hope is that JUSTICE will be done and that the bastards who did this will pay the FULL price...op die Boere manier!!

And now for the pictures of the murdered Mr Terreblanche as the police found him. Look what these cowardly scum did.

This is the murderer. Chris Mahlangu

What is going on in SA?

by MG
14 -10-2011

We really need to ask or demand changes to the current unacceptable situation South Africa is facing. We have Minister Tokyo Sexwale telling the public that Julius Malema should be tutored and not punished for his transgressions as he is young and needs guidance.

You can vote in this country at 18 so how can Malema, who is in his 30s, be regarded as young? He is currently on a two-year parole period for bringing the ANC and SA into disrepute.He was told that if he did this again during that period his membership in the ANC would be revoked permanently or for a period of time.

Time now to see if the ANC has the balls to carry this through, but past ANC antics would suggest that they will falter.

We have Sicelo Shiceka who has been on full pay since February for spending a large sum of tax payers’ money visiting a girlfriend in a Swiss jail plus spending further sums on a five star hotel. The presidential spokesperson says that the president is still awaiting the outcome of the investigation. This is further echoed in the cases against Bheke Cele and Mahlangu-Nkabinde.

Fraud by government is beyond rampant in this country but where it is exposed the president just seems to put his head in the sand.

He goes to the UN in New York with two wives and talks about Palestine.

He goes to the African Union meetings and defends Gadaffi’s regime.

He sits in Sandton and talks about decent work policies. This is a bit like Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

It is little wonder that Mugabe and his regime continues to be tolerated by Zuma who has been given the responsibility of mediating the Global Political Agreement. We ask, how many deadlines Mugabe has been given by SADC, that have been ignored and absolutely no action taken against him or his party.

I would suggest, given the current kleptocracy bedevilling SA, that the ANC has taken lessons from Zanu-PF as to how to best loot a country. The number of comparisons between the ruling parties running, or should I saying looting their countries coffers, are too numerous to ignore.

It is as if once you are in a position of power within the ANC it is your right to enrich yourself.

It is your right to break laws the rest of the population must abide by. For instance you can break the speed limit in your blue light luxury vehicle with impunity because if the police dare catch you, they end up in trouble.

This we saw recently where a convicted fraudster who is also a Member of Parliament, turned the tables on the police for just trying to do their job.

Thus, as the ANC are trying to muzzle the press, the cases that the courageous Public Protector does manage to bring to the attention of South Africans, the President does nought about them and the culprits carry on as usual.
What the hell is happening in South Africa?