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A draft of my letter to white people.Dear White People -Kanye Che Lephatsa
Posted by Panafricanigeria on August 7, 2011

My letter is neither a friendly gesture nor a reach out to you, but I felt that after the gross negligence and ignorance of the letter from Keitu Reid, I must, as a young black South African, be frank with you while at the same time highlight on issues Keitu’s letter overlooked at best and sugarcoated at worst.

  See majority of black South African hate you, not any less because apartheid advantaged you nor because our current black government is failing us but also because you guys continue to live comfortably due to the legacy of the horrendous crimes of your forefathers and worse you continue to rub it in with both your arrogant liberalism and conservatism, depending on whether you are a DA sympathizer or a so-called civil rights activist.

  The manner in which you still control mainstream opinion or national dialogue proves how much white supremacy is still alive albeit in a well disguised neo-liberal “democratic” way. The totality of your whiteness still overshadows black existence, over 30 years after Steve Biko and The Black Consciousness Movement tried stifling if not totally obliterate its influence in black affairs.

  Make no mistake, unlike the neoliberal pluralism and ambiguity of the ANC Freedom Charter; we believe that South Africa essentially belongs to its black natives not every one who lives in it. Your continual comfort and ill-gotten privilege simply reminds us of how the CODESA talks sold us down the river while maintaining your superior, undeserved position, politically and socio-economically.

  We observe with disgust as the ruling political class enriches itself with crumbs left from the economic pie still in white hands and from the state coffers due to its failure to holistically transform the socio-economic reality created by apartheid, while 70% of black people (the rightful owners of this land) continue to sink deep into the socio-economic mud of capitalism.

  In essence the government’s failure to adequately address this racialised, historical disparities, cannot be directly attributed to you but make no mistake that, while the rhetoric spat by Julius Malema may actually be a merely tame howl or opportunistic antic from him and his cronies and funders, it is the actual feeling and view of the masses on the ground. Slowly we are realizing the contradiction between his stance as an ANC member (adherer of the neo-liberal democracy prevailing since 1994) and as the Chief instigator of the ANCYL Nationalization agenda. We are neither fooled by white liberal media’s criticism of ANC’s 17 year rule and the call for nationalization of the mines.

  Frankly, we can see through the public shadow-boxing between two sides of the same coin and we are unfazed by it. Get this straight, number one, we do not have a common enemy, number two, our miserable existence was created by you but as Biko said, it is our responsibility to re-find ourselves without pre-occupying ourselves with you and number three, when we eventually rise-up against 350 years of white violence and 17 years of neo-liberal ANC rule, none of you will be spared, as you will all be swept by the wave of revolution.

  We do not envy you because of the issues Keitu mentioned in as much as we hate you for your hypocrisy of wanting to exist peacefully with us, without redress of past and continuing injustices, which suit you just fine.

  While personally, Keitu may feel that way, know that it is neither the sentiment nor the perspective of the rest of us. Unlike Keitu, I have been exposed to black education from primary to tertiary level, and harbor no intention whatsoever of replacing a white person in a blood-dripped Waterfront house or Sandton penthouse. My contestation is, the wealth of the country must be equally distributed amongst its black natives without trying to accommodate or alleviate the fears of the descendents of our fore bearers’ tormentors. Keitu indeed stroked your ego, and yes Keitu also calmed down your nerves regarding the much said swaartgevar but I am here to inform you that, Keitu merely followed the now popular, Mandela-famed Uncle Tomism, of buying white empathy and admiration by misrepresenting the facts.

  Before I leave you, I would also like to highlight on that the eventual black revolution is a sine qua non process in true dialectic-materialism you guys are so fond of quoting in your quasi Marxism-Leninism rhetoric and maybe I should apologize for not alleviating but confirming your fears of the now legendary swaartgevar, although not one to be led by Juju Malema or his ANCYL hooligans but by the downtrodden masses of Alexandra, Makhadza, Khayelitsha, Rhini and Ermelo?

    “We say to white people, if they are part of the maintenance and retention of the spoils passed on to the by their fore fathers, then they are traffickers in stolen goods, none of them can escape responsibility for the original theft. Because they were only two combatants in the conflict, the invaded and the invader, the dispossessed and the dispossessor”.
 - Potlako Leballo

Yes. I think you make my point better than I did.
we hate these pink(white) devils with all our heart, we will never forget what you devils done to us, your actions is not different with that Satan, demon, evils that we all know.

we are a lot that we will hating these pink(white) devils, we wiil prove them that what they have done to us, we will do the some to them, i personnelly will take my weapon and start shooting these devils living in our land.
Replydumu okalukalu
07:59 AM on August 09, 2011

What is it that you actually DO? You want to DEMAND an end to foreign manipulation? You want to FOCUS on white supremacists? You sound like a child. I'm a white South African. An Afrikaner. I work for the people of Afrika. I have fought for the people of Afrika. I did jail time for the people of Afrika. I buy my food from street vendors. I buy clothes made in my country. I raise and educate black children. But all you see is white. You are the fucking problem of Afrika. Sit on your black ass and blame everyone else for your problems. Here's a tip, sunshine. The victim mentality is giggled at when you're not around. Only losers do that. My forefathers were killed in concentration camps by the British in their country of birth (South Africa if you're historically challenged like 90% of Afrika) not much more than a 100 years ago. I know maybe one Afrikaner that has ever raised that part of history. We don't think about the past - we think about the future. I don't see an Englishman and think "Boer War monster". That's pathetic. You want a new agenda for Africa? I've got one - get off your fucking ass and do something useful. Get a freaking education. Unemployed? - join a library and learn how to do something. Make something. Fix something. Every second goddamn black chick is doing human resource management. Learn how to grow food, for Christ's sakes. I live in a rented flat and grow my own greens and I was born in the CITY. There's a BRAND NEW AGENDA for you - Get a fucking education like the rest of the world has. You struck bad luck being stuck in the Bronze age when the Arabs and then the whites found you and used you like cattle. Wanna know the truth? You're still a bunch of fucking cattle. Mooing and milling around and destroying the very land you feed off. Your so called leaders are selling you out at EVERY AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITY. Once in a while a Rhamaposa or a Mbeki rolls around - but no - They're TOO INTELLECTUAL - so you replace them with kleptocrats who you defend tooth and nail. Un-freaking-believable. As they say: "Only in Afrika". You're all so fucking intimidated by brains. I have many black and indian and coloured friends, china, and believe me - they are as embarrassed by people like you as I am. See - they think. They work. They produce. They assist people. They're my kind of people. They don't let the pain of the past turn them into victims. They recognise another thing - without the Afrikaners, this would have been just another abandoned colony like the rest of Afrika. Afrikaners came to build a country, and they did a fucking good job. We're a bunch of arrogant (insecure), generous (mean) and hard-working people - first choice for many countries all over the world. We are staying and we are Africans. Ek is 'n Afrikaner. You start producing people that can actually process the minerals we're just fucking giving away now, instead of chasing those people away, and we're (back) in business. The Afrikaners got klapped - they got carried away by legislating what is a normal human tendency (to stick with your own), and they got klapped. Not the first time in their short history either. The Afrikaner is very used to getting klapped. And then they move on. We want, more than you - lazy boy - to turn this continent into a global powerhouse. Why not? Everything the world needs is here. But you and your ilk are more than satisfied to sell what you're sitting on for a fucking tap, or a Swiss bank account. Then you complain that you only got a tap, and fight bloody wars to keep the guy with the Swiss account in power. No wonder the Chinese regard you as animals. Fight for a decent education, son. If you're a South African, you didn't get one. Use your vote to make change, and most of all, keep the money in the family. Fuck - you guys love the trashy bling. You'll watch SA's textile industry crumble, but you gotta have 'dem Diesels or Levis or whatever the fuck you're told to buy this year. Gotta show the homies dat u made it big time what what bullshit
Anyway - enough emotion
07:22 PM on August 08, 2011

No white should be trusted to represent Afrikans and put themselves on the driver's seat of our destiny. The history of Western ' bears witness to this. Afrikan power and redemption can only be accomplished by Afrikans. Afrika is for Afrikans! Whites good or bad, need to go and focus on the racist white supremacists who prevent Afrikans worldwide from feeding, clothing, sheltering, teaching and governing themselvesReplykola Afolabi
07:40 AM on August 08, 2011
Whatever anyone thinks about Africa, it is high time that they started to unite and demand an end to foreign manipulation and control of their lives and economies. It is truly disgusting how the west can manipulate, exploit and rob those countries, keep them behind, not allow them any innovation or a say or any technology, and then laugh at them and call them backward.
If Africa ever becomes modernized, wealthy, stable and independent, it will be DESPITE, not because of, the west
Reply kola Afolabi
07:35 AM on August 08, 2011

UN Asked To Stop Boer Genocide

A leader of White-Afrikaner-Boers has written an impassioned plea to the United Nations to intervene in the silent genocide taking place against his people in South Africa.

“We have a full-blown genocide raging against the Boerevolk,” Dr. Lets Pretorious said in an exclusive interview with The Right Perspective. “It is escelating day-to-day in South Africa.”

In addition to the approximately 3,800 White-Afrikaner-Boers killed in plaasmorde attacks across the country, many tens of thousands in urban areas also are assaulted, mutilated, tortured, and torched to death inside their cars and homes in an ethnic-cleansing campaign crossing all normal societial boundaries.

Since South Africa was turned over to ANC rule, Dr. Lets notes the number of White-Afrikaner-Boer farmers has plumeted from 85,000 in 1994 to less than 12,000 today, having either been killed or driven out of the country.

South Africa risks driving headlong into famine and destitution, ala Zimbabwe, as the country’s only food producers are being driven off the land they have lived on for nearly 400 years.

“The Boer farmers now occupy less than one-percent of the total surface-area of the country,” Dr. Lets noted.

“Our people are being murdered with great ferocity, Boer victims often are found with many dozens of stab- and gunshot wounds and grossly mutilated, indicating that these were acts of hatred towards us as a people,” Dr. Lets said, quoting information found on a website established to monitor the attacks in real time,

Dr. Lets noted that while many Black people are also killed in South Africa due to the fact that they make up the vast majority, “it’s the extreme ferocity being shown towards the Boers while they are being slaughtered which is so horrifying.

The bodies of Boers are found with dozens of stab-wounds, riddled with bullets, often grossly mutilated, the girls and women often having to endure hours of sexual mutilation, the babies are shot dead execution-style.”

Police have discovered that many of the attacks are meticulously pre-planned, with outlays of farm houses and property mapped out by the assailants as if a military incursion was being drawn up, Dr. Lets noted.

In his letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon written last December, which can be downloaded here in .pdf format, Dr. Lets asks that “International measures” be taken to “counter the Genocide in South Africa.” After getting an offical response acknowledging reciept of the letter, no other developments have happened since.

Dr. Lets also wrote a similar letter to South African president Jacob Zuma. Again, no action has been taken in response to the letter.


10th October 2011

By Shane

So I have recently come to hear about “operation ubuntu” that from the 15th of October will attempt to take back South Africa from the greedy criminals that are running it? Members of this leaderless operation are going to occupy parliament and the JSE and various other strategic points in South Africa to bring about change? Well sorry but I fell off my chair laughing!!

I know that is not very nice of me but seriously? I have lived here my whole life and I know for a fact that if the government decides to shaft us we will bend over and offer them a pot of Vaseline to make the shafting easier!! And that sadly is the cold hard truth!! We collectively as a people can do nothing and we have proved it over and over again! That is why our leaders are plundering our economy into ruin , because they know we will do nothing. This was once a country that knew law and order intimately, and we have have fallen so far that we are known internationally as one of the most dangerous countries in the world, our wives and daughters live in the rape capital of the world and what have we done?? Nothing!!

There are more unemployed and starving people than ever before in this countries history? And what are we doing? Nothing!! 85% of our political leaders are known felons with criminal records and what do we do about it? Nothing!! Our president has been charged with Rape, fraud and corruption yet he is still our president?? Why – because we do nothing and we do it well!! Now you expect me to believe that South Africans will rise up like the brave Egyptians and Libyans and demand that the government is held to a higher standard? Sorry pal you got the wrong country – this lot like being shafted by their leaders. Vaseline sales in South Africa are through the roof!!

So this ubuntu ( taking back South Africa) movement is leaderless? Why? Are there no leaders left among us that will stand up and be counted? Or are they all standing in line at the shop trying to buy their pot of Vaseline, to facilitate the next round of shafting that is sure to come our way? I have been reporting on the mood and temperament of this once great nation for a very long time, and all I can say is , short of actual genocide I don’t think anything will actually spur them into action? That being said when they finally do decide to act – it will be the stuff of legend as the heroes of our past have proved! I just hope I have not died of old age by then and that there is something worth saving in this country at that point??

Traffic "officers" Brag About Serious Assault


"This is what a white c*nt looks like afte we f*cked him up"

This is how Mpumalanga traffic "officers" bragged after they seriously assaulted the 42 year old farmer from Grootvlei.

Mr. Rikus Ras' two todlers went histerical while about ten traffic "officers" assaulted their father.

Little Heinrich (2) and Rikus (3) was with their father when he was stopped by the traffice "officers" at a t-junction.

"I have never in my life been so humiliated and afraid for my life. Fearing the very people who were 'appointed to protect the public'..." he said.

One of the traffice "officers" told Mr Ras that his one brakelight was deffective. Mr Ras got out of his car and checked the light. An argument started and the traffic "officer" started pushing Mr Ras around and head-butted him.

Mr Ras informed him that he was going to lay a charge at the police station for the assault.

He then drove of towards the town to go to the police station.

A couple of kilometers further he was forced off the road by 4 traffic police vehicles.

That was when all hell broke loose. One of them tried to break his window while another was choking him through the back window of his pickup truck. One of the "officers" sprayed teargas into the cab of the vehicle.

Two of Ras'workers who were on the vehicle pulled the children through the window and ran away with them for their own safety.

The traffic "officers" dragged him from the vehicle, swore at him, made racist remarks and assaulted him.

He was handcuffed and taken to the police station where he was charged with assault, crimen injuria, and refusing to comply with an order from a traffic "officer".

He was later taken to the Grootvlei police station where he laid charges against the "officers" and he was released on a warning - no bail required.

Mr. Joseph Mabuza, spokesman for the department of safety and security confirmed the incident.

Lt.Col. Leonard Hlathi, polic spokesman confirmed that they are invstigating the case.

Many thanks to Marius Avenant for the link.