Monday, October 31, 2011

ANCYL Running in the Streets

Next time the ANCYL will be running through the streets due to hunger

Wouter Wessels: FF Plus youth spokesperson

“The ANC Youth League’s march for so-called economic freedom does not offer solutions for South Africa’s current poverty and unemployment. Malema and the ANC Youth League’s call for nationalisation and land appropriations without compensation, creates a climate of uncertainty in which foreign investors are being threatened and the private sector’s job-creation potential is being suppressed. If the ANCYL wants to rashly continue, their supporters will in the near future be running through the streets due to total impoverishment, a further increase in unemployment and hunger,” Wouter Wessels, the national spokesperson for the Freedom Front Plus Youth said.

The FF Plus Youth is of the opinion that the ANCYL marches which are taking place in Johannesburg and Pretoria today, is only a survival tactic of Malema. “Malema, in the midst of his disciplinary hearing, wants to prove to the ANC-leadership that he enjoys huge support and can successfully mobilise the youth. The participants in these marches have been misled,” Wessels said.

The real reason for South Africa’s poverty and unemployment is blatantly being ignored by the ANCYL. According to the FF Plus Youth, the following plays a decisive role: over-population due to an enormous amount of illegal immigrants and poor family planning; unnecessary and excessive state spending; the exploitation of the state by tenderpreneurs; the irregular awarding of tenders to and advantaging of Black Empowerment companies; incompetence due to affirmative action and the instability which arises due to threats by the governing party and cabinet ministers with regard to land appropriation and nationalisation.

“The singing of the controversial ‘Shoot the Boer’ song while at the same time a call is made for economic freedom and it is suggested that white people have riches and that is the reason why black people are poor, is unacceptable. Malema and his supporters must wake-up and do the simple math. If all people vacate their positions in South Africa and hand over their businesses and property it will still not solve the black people’s problems. The majority of black people will still be unemployed and poor. Malema’s racist propaganda only creates division and does not offer real solutions,” Wessels added.