Monday, April 8, 2013


From Shane's Blog........
So I received a email from a person who has been reading my blog asking me questions about various things and where I stand on them, so I have decided to answer them here then it is out there and everyone will know where I stand on most things?
1) am I pro-life or pro-choice?
Well, essentially I am both because I find it morally wrong that abortions are so easily available that they are becoming a means of birth control? I mean if you don’t want a baby or cant afford a baby then close your friggin legs!! Stop making children you cant raise!! I mean if you are that stupid that you don’t know how to use normal birth control you should not be having sex in the first place!! On the other hand I find it morally reprehensible to tell a woman who has been raped that she must carry the product of a violent episode inside her body for nine months?? And completely insane to think that she should raise the child of her attacker? So in effect I am sitting on the fence with a foot in each camp. What baffles me the most about the whole argument is that the people who shout the loudest about what women should be doing are men? Easy to talk when you are not the one who has to push an ostrich egg through a hole made for a chicken egg?
2) what are my religious views?
Well first and foremost I will not discuss my religious views with anyone as I believe they are a private and personal issue between me and my God of choice? I will however say this – I believe all people have a right to worship and serve the God of their choice, I do not however think that you should try and force the issue and make me see things your way, keep your religion to yourself and those that agree with you, we can not and should not judge people according to their beliefs because we are not God! I will also say that any religion that calls for the rape and murder of people who do not agree with it should be stamped out and does not need to exist in a normal society!
3) Am I a racist?
I was brought up not to judge people by the color of their skin but I am a racist in that I believe my people have a right to rule themselves and defend themselves against the onslaught of a government who will not defend or help them in the face of genocide! So yes if you are one of the people who are against my people then yes I hate you and will defend myself and my people against you and your criminals if that means that I hate my president and all he stands for then so be it!! I will not be pushed around by people who think they have power simply because they are the government. So if you don’t like me because of my skin color or nationality then I don’t like you either and you better be sure of yourself before you come for me and mine because I will have no compunction about killing you.
4) do I support violence as a means to an end?
I never used to consider violence a means to an end but I live in South Africa, which is possibly the most violent country on the planet, so if you don’t live here then don’t judge, because if you don’t meet the violence directed at you with violence you will be raped and tortured and ultimately killed! If you come to me to talk then we will talk, if you come with violence or murder on your mind I will kill you without any feeling of guilt. I am a free man and will defend what I love to my last breath regardless of any laws you make.
5) do I think the ANC will eventually get it right?
Are you serious? I would have to be a complete and utter moron to place any hope or trust in an organization that has proved over and over again that they are ruled and run by the worst kind of criminals known to mankind!! They are guilty of almost any crime you can think of including genocide – so no! They will never get it right and this country will continue to suffer until they are a thing of the past!!
So there you go Mr. Anon I have answered your questions. If you have more questions feel free to ask as I will answer them as honsetly as I can because I really don’t care what people think of my opinions – they are after all my opinions.