Sunday, April 21, 2013


New24 can choose to not publish my article, and quite honestly, I would be offended, as I strongly believe that my voice, which echoes those of millions, needs to be heard. Only this time, I choose not confine my tone to the Political Correct terms. It’s so tiring it has lost every thread of making any sense. I am sick and tired to the core with our leaders. And I am using this platform to express myself, call it talking back, whatever, but you better listen.
Each day we hear our leaders using every platform, insulting our kindness and intelligence, well, that is, if they still believe we are left with any. Now, seriously, some people really suffer from brain farting syndrome, whatever that is. If this is how we’re going to sing the praise of our fallen heroes, drag their names to political diarrhea when it helps politicians to barb easily? If this is how our leaders will choose such moments of honour to settle political debates, I am inclined to lift my middle finger and tell them to push whatever they are going to say next and push it up their butts. Perhaps they will remember that this is what happens when you corner a cat, no matter how skinny you have starved it, the cat will open its claws and attack.
Let’s tell the truth.
No one cares. Our leaders don’t care about the poor. Period. It does not help to sugar coat how our leaders view the poor. The discourse is hypothetically easy to follow: deny them education, they won’t reason, cripple the health system and kill them, screw up the culture of service delivery and leave them miserable, imbalance the justice system and scare the hell out of them, strip them their rights and leave them vulnerable. Essentially, create fear and make them dependable. While they, our leaders of course, with their close allies, fellow comrades, cousins, sons and daughters and extended family members milk the cow only for themselves. It is greedy and unthinkable.
We are insulted by our leaders and they spit on our faces every day. The poor are the victims to the system. All they are given are empty promises that are repeatedly said they have become so boring, you listen to our leaders speak you almost finish their lines. Yawn! A lot of the same thing is happening over and over. On the one hand, for example, you have the same main roads in Diepsloot Township tarred every time the elections get closer. When it rains some parts of the areas are unimaginable to think they should ‘house’ people. How old is Diepsloot and, how old is democracy? Go figure! On the other hand, you have reports about politicians renovating their mansions to the price higher than the purchasing price of the same mansion.
It is when you read about reports coming from the poorest part of the country about leaders buying expensive cars for their use that I get the creeps in my body. What is more insulting is that they don’t deny having committed such outrageous acts as they believe to have done “accordingly”. Who buys an almost half a million car when the majority of the people you suppose to serve are starving? I guess it is the same person who boldly lie to the country about how safe South Africans feel in this country better than they did 19 years ago. We “feel safe”because our dear President signed some stupid papers “to help ensure everyone feel safe”. Really?!
Our leaders should simply stop the bickering.
The elders vote for nothing except hoping to send their kids to better schools for better education, to have their health well cared for at public health institutes. The young women vote for nothing except with the hope that they will one day walk the streets in summer nights without fear of being reminded they are woman, and therefore “they are weak”.  But are these people getting what they have hoped for by giving their votes to leaders. The answer is a big fat NO, another insult to injury. Parents still send their kids to uninspiring buildings that resemble schools. Almost every day we wake to news of women, girls and girl-children being raped. Then our leaders will be quick to make faces, telling us how much they condemn rape, that our society does not have a place for such people. Knock! Knock! We already know that. We all want it to stop, what are you doing as a leader to steer it to the right direction to stop it is the question. Plans, plans plans, plans that never see the light of the day. Why should the NDP be effective in 2030 when Nkandlagate is a matter of urgency? Sick, isn’t?
I am not negative about my country, don’t get me wrong, but it gets harder to see the sun when the big clouds keep covering the sun, and it can get uncomfortably cold too. When every day you hear are plans being put to help the poor, instead of helping the poor, it is hard to hold on. When every day, we hear from our leaders telling us that education has improved, while our matriculants (who are supposed to be at tertiary or working) shows no knowledge or interest in life. You wonder who to believe, the leader who talks about an improved system or the kid who is so ignorant about life. We live with these kids, to listen to our leaders telling the world such rubbish, is totally unacceptable, it’s an insult.
I won’t be part of this insult
I am failed, defeated and sadly, abused by the people I trusted with my vote, democracy, freedom, worse and, my life. I am bruised and buttered from the wounds incurred by the same people who said I could trust them. These wounds are serious they will take long to heal but they will heal nevertheless. When they heal they will be scars that will be a reminder of what trust can do to a person. But they will also remind me of one very important thing, to make the right choice.
The choice is not to allow another insult. I have, therefore, decided to lower my middle finger, and hit them where it hurts the most. I know it’s going to be a hard one to make. I won’t be taking any T-shirt with any face that has spoken insult to my life. I won’t jump into any free-bus-ride to listen to any leader campaigning and lying to me about my future, when all they mean is give us your vote and go back to your miserable life.  I am going to spit back to their faces. I am going to take their free grocery and eat the food. I figured I will need all the strength to make the right choice. But my vote won’t be bought by soup, rice and mealie-meal. I won’t be affected by the old brutal films about apartheid that they use to manipulate my feelings as a black person. Yes, I am a human before I am black and therefore any human can feel with the brutality committed by the system but those films won’t affects my emotions more  than the insults you spitting at my face.
Times have changed and things are not the same anymore. Enough of this rubbish, enough of this insult and I am not going to be part of it anymore.

Sbu Shongwe

An African man can never be proud to use his mother’s surname but an absent father must also take the responsibility to be called a father by his son. I am nonetheless, proud to call myself a Shongwe in honor of this tough woman who raised me irrespective.
Now I spend half my time instilling those values to young men around Thembisa, Alexander and Diepsloot townships through a variety of cultural activities, including theatre and photography. But I must earn a living, which is why I freelance as journalist after a one year internship sting with Sowetan as entertainment and news reporter.
In between there is my BA degree in Creative Writing through UNISA, which I must complete to add on my other achievements: Certificate in Film and TV Writing from the South African Script Writers Institute, my Certificate in Advance in English from Wits Language School, skills in online media acquired through attending workshops.
Follow me on twitter: @shosbu

The Boston Blast

The Boston Blasts, a preliminary report

By Mike Smith
16th of April 2013

Interesting, isn't it?

16th of April 2013 some bombs are exploded by terrorists in Boston killing 3 innocent civilian people and injuring about a 100.

It is on every television in the world and a massive outcry rises from all over the world.

Almost exactly 30 years ago on the 20th of May 1983 a bomb exploded in Church Street in Pretoria, planted by the Marxist ANC terrorists, killing 19 innocent civilian people and injuring 217.

The bombs were authorized by Communist scum Oliver Tambo and Joe Slovo and had the blessing of Nelson Mandela himself.

There were applause and cheers of joy and support from all around the world for the ANC.

Sorry but the hypocrisy is sickening.

At first in this report it states that the FBI and other agencies have no clue to who planted the bombs, but they are suspecting “Rightwingers” or “Islamists”.
FBI suspects “Rightwing or Islamists”

Then later it came out they were looking for a “Dark skinned or Black Male” Boston Marathon Bombing: Hunt for ‘Dark-Skinned or Black Male’ and Yellow Van

Hey? I tell you, the Leftist media, just cannot let any opportunity go by to smear the Right.

The Useless, Criminal Police of South Africa

By Mike Smith 
18th of April 2013 

Two years ago, in full view of television cameras, Andries Tatane a Ficksburg protester, was kicked, beaten with a police baton and shot twice in the chest with rubber bullets after which he collapsed and died. 

The seven policemen accused of his murder were all acquitted last month, simply because the prosecution bungled the case. 

Where is the justice for his family and his wife Rose? 

Just before Tatane’s death, police on a hunt for an escaped prisoner, shot and killed a 15yo boy called Kwasi Ndlovu and planted a gun on him. Ndlovu never had a gun 

On 16th of August 2012 SA police trapped and slaughtered 34 miners at the Lonmin Marikanamine.

About two month ago nine police officers were charged after dragging a Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia behind a police van and he later died of his injuries. 
South African police suspended over death of man 'dragged behind van' 

These four incidents are just the tips of a massive “excessive force” iceberg of what the SAPS has degenerated into. 

The annual report of Amnesty international documented allegations against the SA police of excessive force, torture, rape and "extrajudicial executions". It said the IPID received 720 new cases for investigation of suspicious deaths in custody or in other policing contexts from April 2011 to March 2012. 

About 932 people died in police custody in South Africa in 2011-12, a report by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) revealed. Source: Over 900 die in South African police custody 

Dragging people behind cars or alongside them seems to be the SAPS’s favourite trick. Weeks after Mido Macia’s death more incidents of cops dragging people with vehicles emerged. 

In their off time, our criminal police rob Chinese owned businesses…in police uniform and use police cars as getaway vehicles Police duo linked to robbery 

Or they go out and rape members of the public as this senior police officer has done. Senior Superintendent Mahlatse Thobakgale was found guilty of three counts of rape, one of pointing a firearm and one of negligent discharge of a firearmRapist Freestate cop jailed for 18 years 

Or this one where a police reservist raped a member of the public and the police captain covered for him. Thankfully the police captain was fired. Captain axed for inaction over rape cop 

And when the cops are not raping women, they torture people like these six awaiting trial prisoners who are now suing the Police Minister. ‘Police attached wires to my penis’ 

Charges include being hung upside down in broad daylight from a first-floor balcony of the Bloemfontein Tourist Centre (BTC), electric shock torture, suffocation with pepper-spray filled plastic bags, head-bashing, assaults and beatings. 

William Dube described being cuffed to a chair in an unmarked suite of the tourism centre offices, wires attached to his penis, and shocked. “It was very, very painful. I even wet myself... They covered my head with a plastic bag, filled it with pepper spray and sealed it with duct tape.” 

Two weeks later he was taken to the centre for a second round where ten police officers shocked him repeatedly for almost four hours in front of a woman officer. 

Or in their off duty time these cowardly creatures go about hitting and kicking women from behind as can be seen in this shocking report and video. Note how two on-duty policemen do not arrest him and do not help the woman Probe after cop assault on woman 

In the next example of police brutality in South Africa, two coloured guys found an intruder in their yard at 01h00 in the morning (probably a policeman) and chased him off. Two days later, the police picked them up, handcuffed them and drove them to the police station where they were whipped with sjamboks, suffocated with a plastic bag, threatened that they would be framed with drugs and driven back home. No charges were laid against them. ‘Officers whipped us with sjamboks’ 

What they also do, is to raid drug dealer’s homes and then sell the drugs on the side. Five cops in Eastern Cape arrested for drug dealing 

To crown it all…40% of SA cops do not have a driver’s license 

That’s right…They are driving around without licenses endangering the lives of the public. 

These were just some example of recent daily reports that made it into the MSM headlines. Can you imagine the thousands of cases that never make it into the media? 

Now if the police themselves are heavy criminals, then how do they foresee to ever make a dent in the crime in the country? Police are civil servants. 

They ultimately answer to us, who pay their salaries. They are not a law unto themselves. Therefore we need to hold them accountable and responsible for their criminality. And that goes for Police Commissioner Phiyega and Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa as well.

President Jacob Zuma Misled Parliament

SA-CAR "Exchange of Diplomatic Notes" shows President Jacob Zuma misled Parliament

The Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, has this afternoon released to me an "Exchange of Diplomatic Notes" between South Africa and the Central African Republic (CAR), signed on 31 December 2012.

The fact is that there was never a second Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on defence cooperation between South Africa and the CAR. 

There was only an "Exchange of Diplomatic Notes", between South Africa and the CAR, signed on 31 December 2012, recording certain "understandings" aimed at ensuring South Africa played a more meaningful role in the CAR. 

The diplomatic notes appear to amount to a new agreement which differs substantially from the original MoU signed between South Africa and the CAR in 2007.

The diplomatic notes provide for the "reinforcement of the South African Contingent for self-defence, protection of property and saving of human lives in Bangui".

The expanded scope of cooperation to include - self-defence, protection of property and saving of human lives - was never conveyed to Parliament.

This clearly shows that President Jacob Zuma misled Parliament on the deployment of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) in the CAR.