Friday, January 6, 2012

Criminal Admiral teaches youth about ethics and morals

Khanyisile Litchfield-Tshabalala
By Mike Smith
5th of January 2012

In 2004 liberals all over the world and especially the feminists were drooling all over Khanyisile Litchfield-Tshabalala when she became South Africa’s first female Admiral in the Navy.

A women just doesn’t get appointed like that overnight. She must have rendered some services during the 1980’s when she was an ANC commander at the Quatro training camp in Angola where the ANC tortured raped and killed their own people. Word is that she was the communist mattress for the ANC top brass at Quatro.
Be it as it may, it did not take long for her true low class colours to come out. She slapped a navy guard who wanted to search her vehicle, she defrauded the state by fraudulently claiming for a stolen laptop worth R15,000 that was not stolen at all and in Durban she claimed for a stay in a guest house that she never stayed in.
This is a woman who apparently has a masters degree in criminology.
After being convicted of fraud by a military court, she resigned, but withdrew her resignation to rather take a more lucrative golden handshake. She eventually left the Navy in 2008 in disgrace.

But she soon got another job as a “reservist” in the Department of Defence in Pretoria in 2010. This is in full contradiction of the law that states that no person appointed in a military reservist position should have a criminal record.
As we know. There are laws for the rest of us in SA and then there are laws for the ANC, who are actually above the law or a law onto themselves.
Now the Beeld Newspaper reported on 3rd of January 2012 that the darling of the feminists with her criminal record has been appointed as chief of the SANDF’s project to teach morals and ethics to younger citizens.
The report states that amongst other things, she teaches the youth discipline, not to commit crime and how to be a good role model.

With a degree in criminology and being a criminal herself, I am sure she has a lot to teach the youth about crime...or how not to get caught doing it.

Personally I cannot think of a worse role model for SA’s youth than Khanyisile Litchfield-Tshabalala, but this is the reality of the role models and leaders of the ANC government...
Criminals in charge as politicians
Criminals in charge of the Defence Force
Criminals in charge of the police
...and people ask why it is going so bad with South Africa.


White Women Lose Out

This is a victory for the black business lobby, which has been fighting to exclude white women from the job market’… writes ANC’s own newspaper....

White women would be the biggest losers once the broad-based black economic empowerment amendment bill was enacted as expected early next year, BEE specialist Andile Tlhoaele said on Monday. The proposed changes meant they would no longer be entitled to benefit from empowerment programmes as has been the case till now. This represents a victory for the black business lobby, which has been fighting for their exclusion.

White women would no longer be regarded as legitimate beneficiaries of black economic empowerment once imminent new laws come into effect, a member of a subcommittee of the presidential BEE advisory committee, Andile Tlhoaele, said in an interview.

The Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Amendment Bill eliminates all white people including the disabled.

“The definition of black people is now clear and aligned with the Constitution,” Tlhoaele said.

There has been widespread criticism that white women were benefitting disproportionately from black economic empowerment with their black counterparts relegated to the bottom rung of the drive to redress societal inequalities. The Black Management Forum has been leading the calls for white women to be excluded after it came to light that they were the fastest rising category of people in terms of employment equity.

Tlhoaele said the inclusion of white women had been abused. This had defeated the aim of true inclusivity.

Now that the B-BBEE Act would take precedence over other legislation relating empowerment, enterprises would no longer be able to claim employment equity points for white women. Employment equity is a key element of the B-BBEE scorecard used to rate empowerment credentials.

The Employment Equity Act still has white women as a designated group for affirmative action purposes.

Tlhoaele said proposed changes to BEE legislation would go a long in ensuring that growing numbers of previously disadvantaged South Africans were drawn into the mainstream economy.

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies gazetted the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Amendment Bill two weeks ago and gave members of the public 60 days to make submissions. Another highlight of the amendments has been the criminalisation of the practice of misrepresenting BEE credentials, known as fronting.

In terms of the proposed amendments, those involved in fronting could face jail terms of up to 10 years or be fined 2%-10% of annual turnover depending on the seriousness of the incident. In addition, contracts awarded to guilty companies could be cancelled.

Further, the amended law requires the government and its agencies to comply. The auditor-general will audit and report on BEE compliance for government departments.

Stock exchange-listed companies will be required to submit annual reports to the B-BBEE Commission, which the amendments propose. The commission’s function would include supervising adherence to the act.

It would further receive and investigate complaints relating to B-BBEE, and maintain a registry of major empowerment transactions. “The proposals are a bold move and demonstrate government’s commitment to ensure successful implementation of BEE,” Tlhoaele said. “The Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Amendment Bill closes many loopholes in the current BEE Act – a move that is long overdue.”

Oh yes - and of course this is NOT racist at all - it is not racist to refuse a man or a woman a job based on the colour of their skin, no not at all - it is not discrimination at all if the best man or woman cannot be appointed based on the colour of their skin, NO NOT AT ALL - at least not in the new south africa, where are all those who fought so bravely to forcefully install this regime upon this country? Why are they SO QUIET now?