Sunday, May 13, 2012

The ANC's Stuggle

Struggler's Struggle. Struggling to run a country.
Struggling to deal with crime.
Struggling to deliver services.
Struggling to deliver health care.
Struggling to unify South Africans.
Indeed. A party made of struggling.
Another 100 years of more struggling?


Constitutional double standards in SA

By Mike Smith
10th of May 2012

Hot on the heels of the racist models Jessie and Tsidi who had breakfast with the DA where they kissed and made up came the village idiot one Itumeleng Mabeba who expressed his darkest fantasies in a tweet…Jessica Leandra dos Santos "deserved to burn in hell you racist cunt", and hoped she was "raped with a broken beer bottle",
Jessie Leandra should be raped with a broken beer bottle

And mean time in Cape Town a student was expelled from CPUT for making a “rêssis” post on FaceBook in which he said black people were "fucking brain dead monkeys [who] always skinner [gossip] in their retarded language".Cape student suspended

And if you thought that was not enough already from the sensationalist media, then along came a black girl by the name of Rego Modise (17) who cried “Rêssism” when she was not allowed to partake in an Afrikaner only hockey trial.Black girl turned away from hockey trials

Typically she went to the gossip, sensationalist media and lied. Saying that she was sent to the trials by her coach and that upon registry she was told that the trials were for “white kids only”.

Her school principal said that neither he nor his staff sent any children to the Afrikaner only trials. The girl persuaded her parents to drive her there out of her own accord after the children heard about the trials through the grapevine.

Rev Peter Stans, CEO of Afrikaner Volkseie Sport, the organisers of Bokkie Week, said Modise had "definitely" not been invited for the trials, which were by invitation only. He said the week was for "Afrikaner" children only.
School did not send students to hockey trials

So it was a total non-event that should never even have made it into the media, but no…The media could not resist flogging the dead racist horse back into life.

Section 18 of the Bill of Rights clearly states that
“Everyone has the right to freedom of association”.
So what is “Racist” about Afrikaners holding a hockey tournament for Afrikaners only? Excluded were English whites too.

One commentator posted a list of “Blacks-only” organizations in SA which nobody seems to have a problem with…

BLACK Lawyers Association (BLA)
BLACK Accountants Association (ABASA)
BLACK Journalists Association
BLACK Management Forum (BMF)
BLACK Securities and Investment Professionals Association (ABSIP)
BLACK Construction Association (BBCBE)
BLACK Business Association (NAFCOC)
BLACK Business Executive Circle (BBEC)
BLACK Association of Travel Agents (BATASA)
BLACK Brokers Association (BBCSA)
BLACK Businesswomens Association (BBWA)
AFRICAN Women Chartered Accountants (AWCA)

…But just let the Afrikaners hold their own sports event, then they are “rêssis”. Seems like the constitution is only valid for other South Africans, not for Afrikaners. They are not allowed to practice their freedoms as it stands in the constitution.

What went wrong with the New South Africa under the ANC Regime?

What could possibly have gone wrong that, under these saints, SA deteriorated into the "Rape Capitol of the world", the "Drug Capitol of the world", the "Human Trafficking Capitol of the world", the "Most Murderous Society in the world."

Why did the ANC not live up to the expectations of the liberal world, the liberal media, liberal politicians and liberal churches?

The world wanted the ANC to rule South Africa, at all cost. The world media criminalised the National Party Government and did everything in their power to paint the darkest most sinister and misleading image of the pre-1994 Republic of South Africa.

At the same time the media created the impression that the ANC consisted of angels directly descended from heaven.

It did not end here, as they continued this process by presenting to the world a misleading impression of this New South Africa, FW de Klerk's "rainbow nation".

According to what the media has been spreading to the rest of the world, SA is a wonderful new democracy made in (their) heaven.

Pre-1994, according to world leaders, the churches, economists and the media, the ANC was consisting of upright, upstanding, righteous, honourable angels that could only be the ultimate, most perfect and most ideal group to take over as the future Government of South Africa.

So according to the media, churches and liberals, since 1994 we have been ruled by saints.

In the New South Africa ruled by the saints of the ANC, a woman, toddler or baby is raped every 17 seconds; between 50 and 100 people are murdered every day; armed robberies are at the order of the day; farm attacks are so serious that SA Farmers are recognised as having the most dangerous jobs on earth. Today no one is safe anywhere any time in South Africa.
Our first and worst mistake is having liberals running our media, churches and opposition politics, because liberals always have and always will deny everything. Liberals are the most evil and immoral people in the world. They are gutless, spineless appeasing weasels that do not have the guts to admit their mistakes, which means that no wrongs are never addressed. Because these immoral liberal weasels are denying the atrocities in this country nothing is being done about it. They, the liberals, supported and promoted terrorists, which means that they themselves must be terrorist, not so? They have been denying the rapes and murders in this country, which means they have been causing it to worsen, indirectly supporting the raping of our women and children.

Not a single liberal, not a single church in South Africa, nor the SA media have said a word about the murders, rapes or genocide in SA. All of them have been denying it all along, trying to hide the truth from South Africans and the world to protect their beloved ANC, to promote investment in SA and promote foreign tourism. To liberals Money is always more important than lives.

Where did the saints and angels of the ANC go wrong?

Well unfortunately the ANC did not go wrong, the ANC has been what they have always been, done what they have always been doing, just being themselves.

People have very short memories and forget that, until 1994, the ANC was an internationally listed terrorist organisation. Just days before the 1994 general elections the ANC was forced to register as a Political party... against their will. The ANC refused to register as a political party and was forced to do so in order to take part in the 1994 elections. They did not want to register and only did so at the very last moment, under duress.

The ANC thought, or rather expected, to just be handed the reigns and did not even want to go through an election process to be handed those reigns. Unfortunately for them they were eventually forced to do so.

Off course the 1994 elections were declared free and fair, while we all know it was not the case. More than a million voting ballots disappeared in Pretoria alone. Hundreds of thousands of ballots of the IFP just vanished. The 1994 elections were rigged, period.
But let us for now assume that 1994 election was free and fair and that the ANC did win the election fair and square and rather consider what went wrong.

Party politics is not a patriotic political system, because party politics demand loyalty to the party, loyalty to party policies and not loyalty to the country, or loyalty to the people and their needs. Elections are nothing other than popularity contests, where he who makes the most promises and markets himself best wins, to then appoint from his ranks the most popular among them all in important positions they are unqualified for and unable to manage. Mr. Popular himself becomes the President who leads the cutest of the party puppets.

Throughout SA's history it was party policy and rigid adherence to party policy that drove us in wrong directions and caused ruling parties to continue doing the wrong thing.

The ANC has never changed.

The ANC always was a terrorist organisation. The mere fact that immoral liberals chose to call them freedom fighters and that they were forced to register as a political party, did not change the ANC, they always were and always will remain just another rebel revolutionary terrorist movement. The ANC is only a political party by virtue of the fact that it was forced to register as such. To this very day the ANC still operates in exactly the same way as they have been doing for the past one hundred years. Nothing has changed

The poor ignorant liberal world expected the ANC to change overnight from a terrorist movement to a patriotic political party made up of honourable, upstanding, trustworthy citizens, but as expected that did not happen.

Ask any liberal if they would expect the same from the PAC today and they would not. Yet in the case of the ANC they did?

What would have happened had Al Capone and his gang taken over as rulers of the United States? Would they suddenly have changed overnight into upstanding, honourable citizens? Of course they would not have, but the world expected the ANC do so.

Would any other country in the world have allowed a group of terrorists, recently returned exiles that were spread across the world for decades, together with recently-discharged prisoners found guilty of high-treason, to take over their country? No country in the world would stand for that, yet South Africa was forced to do so.

Under normal circumstances political parties are formed and then get taken up in Government by way of elections... if they make it that far. Being part of the process, opposition parties learn the ropes and learn how Government functions, how State Departments are run and managed, decision-making processes and how the country is run. Should they be successful enough an opposition party may eventually even win an election and become the ruling party. By the time this happens the party would have gathered years of experience in Parliament and continue governing the country, without making huge sudden changes.

Did the ANC have ANY experience of Government? Did the ANC before 1994 ever serve in ANY Government, in any capacity whatsoever? No they did not. Yet the ignorant, immoral liberal world expected the ANC to just walk in and take over a first-world country and to, not only run it effectively, but to even grow and develop the country. Only an ignorant fool like a liberal could dream such ridiculous dreams.
Did the ANC in its entire one hundred years of existence ever need to earn money and to manage that money under the watchful eyes of the providers of that money? No, the ANC was used to getting money from every liberal DICK, Tom and Harry whenever they asked for it. Drug-lords, drug-addicts, scum like drug-addicted, alcoholic members of music bands, other terrorist movements and communist regimes supplied them with tons money and weapons for almost one hundred years. The ANC only had the pleasure of spending those millions, upon millions of Dollars upon themselves as they pleased. They lived in luxury abroad, in the best hotels and bought qualifications from the best universities money could buy.

The ANC never knew where a Government's money comes from and that a Government was expected to administer that money under the watchful eyes of the taxpayers and useless opposition parties.

Suddenly the ANC was surrounded by billions, upon billions, upon billions of SA Rand. Suddenly they were swimming in money. Now just imagine the likes of Al Capone and his gang in a situation like that. Just imagine a struggling, now almost bankrupt terrorist movement in a situation like that. Their eyes must have hurt and their fingers burning like fire, having access to all of that.

Could anyone blame the ANC for wanting to dig in and fill their own pockets with all that money?

Did the ANC ever have any experience in running and managing a National Defence Force, let alone a Defence Force internationally recognised as being the third-strongest Defence Force in the World, a defence force that had won one of the harshest battles since the second World War - against the combined forces of Russia, Cuba and Angola? The ANC had never even seen an Army until then. All they had were undisciplined rebels carrying stolen AK47's, which had only been used against the defenceless unarmed citizens of South Africa. The nearest thing to a bomb they had ever seen was a home-made pipe-bomb. Suddenly they were in possession of the most advanced nuclear weapons in the world. Had they been left to it they would have wiped out all of Africa.

Had the ANC before 1994 ever managed a Police force? No. Had they ever managed a National Health System? No. Had they ever been in control of anything other than undisciplined juvenile delinquents? No. They could not even control rioting school children, how could anyone expect them to rule a country?
Before 1994 the ANC had never managed anything? Even their own finances were not managed by themselves, because they were incapable of doing so. They only knew how to spend the money donated to them by hooligans. terrorists and drug-pushers from across the sick corrupt outside world.

These liberals expected terrorists to rehabilitate themselves overnight! Suddenly the ANC was left to their own resources, left alone with hundreds of billions of Rand, expected to step in from the outside and run every Government Department to the same level of efficiency that the National Party had done.

Today the liberals are cursing the ANC for their cadre deployment, but what did they expect? Today the liberals are blaming the ANC, accusing them of being corrupt, blaming the ANC for collapsing this country, but who's fault is it really? Its not the fault of the ANC, its the fault of those very same ignorant, immoral liberals who put the ANC in power in the first place.
Lets face facts, terrorists are nothing other than ruthless gangsters that plant bomb in restaurants and shopping malls with the deliberate intention of killing and maiming innocent unarmed men, women and children. They certainly cannot be regarded as upstanding honourable people who are working for the good of a country. If there was one single example, anywhere in the history of the world where this was the case, one could perhaps put the blame on the ANC, but the fact is that nowhere in the world had any revolutionary terrorist organisation ever taken over any country and made a success of it. The blame is on the liberals who never wanted to listen, because they do not have the intelligence to think for themselves.

The bottom-line is that the ANC is not to blame.

The liberals tried to fool themselves and the world by referring to the ANC as "freedom-fighters", while they were nothing other than terrorists.

The liberals promoted the ANC and individual
members of the ANC to godly status. The ANC did not do this themselves. The liberal - media, churches and political leaders of the world did it.

The ANC did not present themselves as anything other than what they really were. In fact, the ANC has always been proud, to this very day, of their terrorist past. It was the liberal media, the liberal churches, the liberal politicians that presented the ANC as something other than a revolutionary terrorist movement. If the ANC was to lose power in South Africa tomorrow they would resort back to terrorism the very next day, because that is the only way they know how, it is in their very nature.

Neither Nelson Mandela, nor the ANC have to this day ever denounced violence as a means of achieving their goals, which means they have never changed. All that changed was that they register their movement as a political party, nothing more, nothing less.

If anyone is to blame for the situation in South Africa today it is the liberals. Liberals are low-intelligence, evil-minded scum that think they could take 100 men and women of different backgrounds and colours, force them together into one large hall for a year and not expect a single fight. They are too feeble-minded to understand that people are different, that people were never made to be squashed together. Not even brothers and sisters grow up without fighting. Some families break apart before the children leave home to never unite again. Take one hundred men and women, from different backgrounds and put them together for a year and see what happens. Ask anyone that has been to the army, or any group that ever went to Marion Island or Antarctica on a 18 month expedition.

Yet here in SA liberals in their immature child-like puny little minds thought that they could create the perfect rainbow nation led by a political party that was a terrorist movement the one day and a political party the next, expecting it to be the miraculous success of the world. That is why everyone constantly refers to South Africa's so-called transition as a miracle, because it would have been a miracle had it worked.

As a matter of interest the colours of a rainbow never mix, the colours never merge into the dull grey of the liberal brain, the colours of the rainbow exist in exquisitely beautiful harmony alongside one another. What do liberals and terrorists do to a rainbow? They destroy the lustre of every rainbow in their quest for the pot of gold.

So next time you blame the ANC think about this:

If you were to release convicted criminals and ruthless murderers from a prison and gave them guns, an army, control of the police, free access to other people's money and freedom to roam the streets, do not blame the criminals, blame those that gave them that opportunity.
The New South Africa was doomed from the outset, not because of the ANC, not because of the labour unions, not because the MK, but because of the ignorance of immoral liberals that thought they could change the character of undisciplined out-of-control revolutionaries by forcing them into conventional western politics.

One should feel sorry for liberals, because children deserve special attention, affection and care. Liberals are immature children that never developed intellectually or emotionally beyond the age of 12 years. Liberals view the world through the eyes of innocent, trusting children. They love paper, because money is made of paper, which is why they have so much faith in a specially printed piece of paper called a "Constitution". They actually believe that a "Constitution" is cast in steel-reinforced concrete and that the Constitution has a heart and a life of its own, capable of protecting them like an invincible Rambo or Superman. I think liberals probably love computer games and fairy-tales, because there everything always turns out well and everyone always "lives happily ever-after."

The ANC came into power and has been retaining that power based on lies (called promises) about houses to be built, free water and electricity and roads that would criss-cross the entire country. Suddenly being surrounded by so much money, the ANC, in their ignorance, thought that there was so much money they could just go out and build houses, make promises as they please and everyone would live happily ever-after. But who were behind this? You guessed it, the liberals off course, with all their fancy childlike plans and dreams of a New South African wonder-world.

What about the crime?

If Al Capone and his had become the Government of the USA, would he have targeted criminals, crime-gangs and drug-lords? Would Al Capone have been harsh on the crime syndicates? No certainly not, but what he would have done was to get back at his rivals and squash his competition.

If you were used to planting bombs in restaurants and shopping malls to kill innocent, unarmed men, women and children, would you have any remorse or feel pity for farmers being raped, stabbed, bashed and shot to death? Terrorists are used to this kind of behaviour, it is in their nature, they are trained to be ruthless in their behaviour and not have any remorse for what they did. Only liberals think that criminals, murderers, rapists, gangsters and terrorists are nice and kind people that have rights.

So how could anyone expect the ANC to view the farm murders, the excessive number of rapes, the crime, armed robberies, high-jackings and other ruthless acts as being wrong? Why should the ANC spend the money they now control on fighting crime? To them there is nothing wrong with it. The only problem is that the liberals never thought about it this way.

Everyone always thought that South Africa would never go the same way as the rest of Africa, because our people were "different". Well the problem is that it is not "our people" ruling the country. The people ruling the country are terrorist exiles that were allowed back into the country after decades of living in luxury abroad. They were not South Africans! They were foreigners that came back into the country and handed the reigns. They came back thinking that South Africa was as it was in the early 1960's when they fled.

Look at all the names of people in high places today, all the black multi-millionaires and billionaires and you will notice that they are all interconnected, the old exiles, their friends and families. The esprit de corps among the ANC was grown over decades in exile, nothing would break it, "All for one and one for all." To the ANC that is what its all about.

Somehow the liberals thought that it would be different, that these hate-filled exiles would come back with beautiful songs in their hearts, wanting to take over South Africa to build a better life for all South Africans. One really does have to pity the poor liberals living in their child-like fantasy world.

One can only be patriotic to a country if one was of that country, but are the ANC of this country? No they are not, they lived at least a third or more of their lives in foreign countries. They have no country, they only have the love of money and power. Steve McQueen explained it perfectly in The Getaway: "You wanna see what I trust? In God I trust. It's the words on the back of every bill."

The Churches and their Childish Trust

Today everyone is so disappointed and shocked by the ANC for referring to God as their saviour and protector, claiming that they would rule until Jesus returns, that they were appointed by God Himself. Today suddenly its viewed as blasphemous of the ANC to make such statements. Do liberal ignoramuses really think that terrorists pray before planting bombs to kill babies and children with? Do these liberal ignoramuses really think that training in terrorist camps are started by early morning prayer sessions? Bloody stupid fools.
Someone that truly is a Christian, that truly believes in God would not be a terrorist, because a terrorist cannot have guilt or remorse and do what he does. The ANC has been making a mockery of the Christian and every other religion, because they never were religious in any way whatsoever, yet the treacherous Dutch Reformed Church went out and blasphemously washed the feet of the ungodly.

So in conclusion we need to ask again, Is the ANC to blame?

If we are honest with ourselves, we have to admit that we cannot blame it all on the ANC, because the ANC is what the ANC has always been:

The blame lies with those who blindly believed that the ANC would, as a political party, have the capacity to run the country.
The blame lies with those who blindly believed that the ANC would, without any experience, be able to run the country.The blame lies with those who blindly believed that the ANC would change, just by registering as a political party.
The blame lies with those who blindly believed that the ANC would change, just by having their feet washed in church.
The blame lies with those who who painted the ANC as saints, angels, upstanding, honourable men and women.
The blame lies with those who blindly believed that by pulling a rugby jersey over one's shoulders one becomes a saint.The blame lies with those who have been denying the murders, the raping, the atrocities and the genocide in this country.
The blame lies with those who have been manipulating the crime statistics and withholding the truth for the sake of money.
The blame lies with those who have been supporting Black Economic Empowerment and Transformation, in the ANC format.
The blame lies with those who turned against righteousness and supported the evils.
The blame lies with those who who called them freedom fighters.
The blame lies with those who did not think for themselves, but allowed themselves to be led by the liberal media.
The blame lies with those who did not think for themselves, but allowed themselves to be led by the liberal churches.
The blame lies with those who did not think for themselves, but allowed themselves to be led by the liberal politicians.

But, like every other Government, the ANC must take the blame for their own arrogance.