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South Africa: It Was Just Time For Change

Mike Smith - 12/21/2007

On South African television the interviewer asks a black man, "So whom do you want to win the ANC leadership election and why?"

He answers, "Jacob Zuma, because I think it is time for a change".

Ten years ago I heard almost those exact same words coming from a White, British man. I asked him, "So whom do you want to win, John Major (conservative) or Tony Blair (liberal)?"

His answer was, "Tony Blair, because it is time for a change".

That answer came as a shock to me.

I could not believe that such an intelligent and educated man could come up with such a lousy reason. He was not the only one who had "a change" as a reason for voting Labour. History shows us it was the biggest electoral defeats since 1832. In the end their own supporters voted the conservatives out, because they thought, "it was time for a change".

After ten years of liberal policy in the United Kingdom, what do we have? Increased levels of crime, virtually uncontrolled immigration, Muslims rioting and protesting in the streats… and so on. First the UK had colonies, now they ARE the colony. They are being colonized by their former colonies. Yes, thanks to voting for "a change".

Strange how people can always equate "a change" with a shift in the right direction. Why can it not mean a shift in the WRONG direction?

Zuma has many supporters; from the figures I saw it looks like a two third majority. Many of his supporters are full of hope. They see him as the hero who will fix everything. Not for one moment do they think that things can go horribly wrong for them. When you suggest in that direction, even whites say that things can’t get worse than it was under Mbeki!

How I laugh at these poor sods.

Mugabe was once seen as a "moderate" and praised by 80 percent of Zimbabweans, including many whites.

When Stalin took over from Lenin, many people had many good things to say about him. They also said it can’t get any worse than things was under Lenin. How wrong they were. Stalin killed more than 15 million of his own citizens.

Let us see what legacy Zuma leaves behind.

Expect the following in the next five to ten years:

· The constitution to be changed;

· Aids cases to double;

· Crime to escalate to at least three times current levels;

· Mines and big businesses to be Nationalized;

· The economy to crash along with the currency;

· Education to crash;

· Health care to crash;

· White’s farms and businesses to be confiscated and handed over to blacks;

· White’s houses to be confiscated and handed over to blacks;

· Citizens to be disarmed further;

· Freedom of speech to disappear;

· Travel restrictions on citizens;

· Genocide and attempted genocide against groups considered traditionally hostile to the state, such as Afrikaners, Indians and Coloureds (as Mugabe did with thirty thousand Matabeles in 1983);

· Animals in National parks to be slaughtered en masse.

Yes people… you think South Africa Sucks? You aint seen nothing yet. The sooner you start preparing yourself for the future, the better. Start thinking about contingencies; start thinking "Worst Case Scenario"! Bad, just got worse.

Labor Negotiations with the ANC

Mike Smith - 12/27/2007

In a recent article (, the boys from Solidarity, Flip Buys, Dirk Herman, Kallie Kriel and other predominantly-white unions claimed to believe that they can bargain with the ANC. But to bargain successfully or even negotiate, you have to have some kind of leverage. You must have either money, numbers of people or superior weaponry. Why would Jacob Zuma and the ANC even listen to Solidarity??

Solidarity has nothing; Not a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. No money, no masses of people and certainly no weapons.

How can you bargain for a higher salary when you are unemployed? What are you going to fall back on when the deal falls through? Who stands to lose the most from the deal falling through?

Can you see my point? You never bargain from a point of a real need. Sun Tzu says you first win the war and then you go to battle.

The mistake these Afrikaner “Academics and Intelligentsia” makes is that they do not believe the Communist Tripartite Alliance (ANC, SACP, Cosatu) are their enemies. They honestly believe these people are reasonable human beings who will listen to their Afrikaner concerns. Dirk Herman wrote a little booklet on how to implement Affirmative action “Fairly”, called the “Good Practice guide to Affirmative Action” ( not sure about the exact title, My copy is…somewhere…) . What a crock. Even he admitted later that it was a failure and the ANC wiped their arsses with it.

Why should the ANC listen to Solidarity? It is not their people who suffer under Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment. It is not their language and schools coming under attack. The ANC have nothing to negotiate for. They have everything already! So why should they even bother wasting time to come to the negotiating table? Solidarity will just be wasting their time.

I know how Solidarity will negotiate with the ANC. They want to propose a deal that will be beneficial to both sides; a win-win negotiation. They want to come with their western, capitalistic approach and show the ANC that both can walk away being winners. They are going to come up with the usual “Goals, Trade-offs, Alternatives, etc” nonsense of negotiating, that one gets taught on a two day course.

The truth is that the ANC is not interested. Just the fact that these Afrikaners want to bargain or negotiate is a sign of weakness to the ANC. If the Afrikaners had any balls they would first fight and then negotiate. All the ANC policies are aimed at total destruction of Whites in South Africa; their main focus is the Afrikaner; more particular …”The Afrikaner Intelligentsia”.

I cannot believe these so called Afrikaner leaders have not figured this elementary principle of warfare out. Karl von Clausewitz writes about it extensively in his books.

“Trace the ultimate substance of enemy strength to the fewest possible sources; compress the attack on these sources to the fewest possible actions; and subordinate minor actions as much as possible.” – On War, KvC.

In simple terms, “Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter”.

I am sure the Communists are au fait with Von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu. It is amazing that these so called Afrikaner leaders are such idiots.

Yes, Flip, Dirk and Kallie…start realizing that the YOU are the fly in the ointment to the ANC. They are coming after you and all your “Intelligentsia” buddies in the Afrikanerbond. They won’t stop until the last one of you is out of this country. You are the biggest threat to them, which is why they want you gone.

Over the last 15 years, the ANC have bribed, conned and lied the Afrikaners out of their leadership. What we sit wit now are the dregs that are left over.

Either this Afrikaner Intelligentsia is amazingly stupid or they are just pretending to put up a fight against the ANC. Are they already in the pockets of the opposition? Maybe they should come out and tell us what the hell is really going on? Are they being paid to put up a WWF-wrestling show for us? Dare I say, a mock fight? I would really like to know.

If these Afrikaner leaders are really interested in negotiating, they should first study their opponents and their opponent’s tactics carefully. Then, after they have formulated a strategy of their own, get some leverage. Then, and only then…you go to the negotiating table. Your opponent should be the one wanting to negotiate…not you. In fact, your opponent should be begging for negotiations, not you.

What these “Afrikaner Intelligentsia” of Solidarity, Afri-forum and the Afrikanerbond do not realize or do not want to acknowledge is that their enemies are bent on their total annihilation while they (the Arikaners) merely want to survive. These Afrikaners want to pretend that there are no wolves attacking the sheep. The flock will never be able to graze freely and in peace, unless the Afrikaners have some Sheepdogs protecting the perimeter against the wolves.

Unless they change their strategy and tactics drastically, the ANC will be forever walking over them. Maybe the first thing they have to do is acknowledge how deep they are in the brown smelly stuff. Work from there. Work themselves into a better position, later into a dominant position, only then can they go for a choke or a submission.

In the mean time I can see the ANC scoffing and laughing at these amateurs; me too.

A Call for White Unity in South Africa

Mike Smith - 10/28/2009
I sick and tired of this Soutpiel/Dutchie s*! In my life I have learned that the English speaking South Africans basically have two gripes… ”I was bullied by Dutchman(Afrikaners) at school”…or… ”My Dutchman officers in the army gave me a hard time”….

Oh and by the way their excuse for not being able to speak Afrikaans after learning it at school for twelve years is always, “They laughed at me when I tried to speak Afrikaans, so I just thought… stuff them”.

So the “Engelsman” is always playing the victim. Shame the Afrikaners always gave them a hard time, ever since the Boer war. The English speaking South Africans have some other gripes and belly aches as well such as the “Verkrampte” Afrikaner churches and politicians were traitors and backstabbers and sold out all whites in South Africa. It is today easy to blame the politicians of the NP who were almost all Afrikaners for the situation of South Africa today, but who were the actual voters and how did they vote in the 1992 referendum?

Maybe it is time we look at these issues in an honest, objective and open-minded manner.

Growing up during Apartheid in South Africa, my experience was that the English people were always the liberal ones. The English neighbour next door always voted for the PFP (Progressive Federal Party) who was incidently led by Dr Fredirik van Zyl Slabbert, a liberal Afrikaner academic. The Afrikaners almost exclusively voted for the National Party and a few for the Conservative Party of Dr. Treurnicht. I never met an Afrikaner who EVER voted for the PFP who were once the official opposition after the CP took over that job in 1987. Even Wikipedia says that the PFP drew support mostly from the liberal English speaking Whites in South Africa.

If South African Whites are 50% Afrikaners and 50% English then some interesting facts emerge.

The official results were, 68,73% for the yes vote to give the country over to Blacks and 31.27% voted “No”. In Cape Town and Durban where English is in the majority and Afrikaners are much more liberal, 85% voted yes. In the Transvaal only about 52-57% of all the whites voted Yes and one needs to note that Afrikaners in this area are the majority.

It appears that almost all the English people voted yes and about one third of Afrikaners voted Yes. Two thirds of Afrikaners voted NO in the 1992 referendum. Ultimately the blame of the referendum results does not lie with the politicians who called the referendum, but with the whites who voted YES.

The referendum results aside, let us move on the language issue. It is quite common knowledge in South Africa that Afrikaners can speak English far better than English people can speak Afrikaans. Both groups of Whites are taught from about the age of six to speak both languages. For the next twelve years at school they study both languages. Why is it that at the end of that twelve years Afrikaners are better at English than English South Africans are at Afrikaans? Simple. Most international music is in English. The best movies and television programs are in English. The perception is therefore that Afrikaans helps one nowhere so what is the need to learn it? The world is English and with English you will get a lot further than with Afrikaans. So English speaking whites treat Afrikaans as a necessary evil they have to endure throughout their school carreers and never really see any need to learn it, because in in South Africa everyone can speak English to a reasonable degree.

When one poses the question to English speaking South Africans why they are unable to speak the language after learning it at school for twelve years, one is met with the usual urban legend and myth that, “The Afrikaners laughed at me when I tried to speak Afrikaans so I gave them the middle finger and told them to stuff their language.”

This is simply not true and English speaking South Africans are not being honest with themselves or others why they could not be bothered to learn Afrikaans.

Further, I have been to Holland and Belgium and I am able to speak Afrikaans to them and they understand me 100%. I can also understand them 100%. I have also been to Aruba and Curacao where a simple greeting in Afrikaans allows one to go through customs unhindered, because they think you are Dutch, whereas the English speakers with their passports have to stand in line for hours and get searched. I experienced similar things in Surinam and Indonesia….And then I am constantly told that, “Afrikaans helps you nowhere in the world. It is simply a myth and an urban legend that holds no substance. Funny that the very first word in the Oxford Dictionary is an Afrikaans word, “Aardvark”…even more funny is that the second word, “Aardwolf” is also Afrikaans.

Then comes the church… The big bad NG Kerk is to blame for everything, when everybody forgets the Anglican Church, The Church of England, with their Black Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the overwhelmingly English speaking Roman Catholic Church’s involvement in liberation theology and their support of the Marxist terrorist ANC who are currently ruling South Africa.

The other urban legend that keeps on dividing Afrikaners and English South Africans is the one that Afrikaners gave English South Africans a hard time at school or in the army.

I once had a friend, let us call him Willie… When I first met Willie he told me how he had a business that folded and how he lost R200,000. Problem was that every time me and Willie got together for a Braai, he told me the story again, but every time the amount that he lost, doubled. Eventually Willie was telling me the same story for the umpteenth time, but by then he had lost R8 million. He was obviously bullshitting and believing his own bullshit.

If I had a Rand for every English speaking South African who ever told me how they were bullied by Afrikaners at school or in the army, I would probably have R8 million rand today. These lies and urban legends are floating out there as we are reading this, but if English speaking people in South Africa are truly honest with themselves then they will realise that these urban legends and lies that they have told to others for many years are simply not true and all bullshit.

I further actually feel very sorry for English speaking South Africans, because all the Black tribes like the Zulu’s, Xhosas, Tsawanas, etc have their own cultures. The Afrikaners have their own rich culture with their Boeremusiek, Volkspele, poems and jokes. The Afrikaners have a guy called, Jan van der Merwe whom they make jokes about, just like the Irish have Paddy or the Germans have Eullenspiegel. The Afrikaners have their own cuisine with their “Boerewors” and “Potjiekos”… But what culture does English speaking South Africans actually have? Everything they have are borrowed from other cultures. They tell South African jokes calling Jan van der Merwe, “Old Van”. No original culture ever emerged from the English on African soil.

No, it is easier to blame others and play the victim through spreading urban legends and lies.

It has come time for us Whites in South Africa to push all this bullshit aside that is dividing us and that keeps playing into the hands of our enemies. The Anglo Boer war is more than a hundred years ago and history. None of us who are alive today ever fought each other in that war. None of us were in an English concentration camp and none of us were one of the gaurds.

If we were to take stock of our current situation we will see that we have a common enemy and we are all equally deep in the s* and that our only way out is if we stand together. The time has come to bury the Lee Enfields and Mausers. We are a new generation of WHITE South Africans who are facing extinction in a country we love and call home and where we all share two common thing. BIRTHRIGHT and RACE ! That is enough for me. 

EC Pupils Face Exam Crisis

01 June 2011 

About 600000 EC pupils have not received textbooks this year. The books were delivered to only 70 percent of pupils.

MORE than 600000 Eastern Cape pupils face sitting for their mid- year exams without having had any textbooks for the first half of the year.

And the Department of Education cannot even guarantee that everyone will have them by the end of the year.

The beleaguered provincial Education Department head, Modidima Mannya, made this shocking revelation during an education portfolio committee meeting yesterday, where the department’s report showed that textbooks had been delivered to only 70percent of the province’s two million-plus pupils.

Modidima Mannya

Until three weeks ago, the department had still not finalised a R54million tender to supply stationery to schools because it had been awarded irregularly.

The department now aims to have stationery at all schools by June, just in time for the holidays. The issue of stationery is one of the reasons that led the national department to take over the running of the ailing department, invoking Section 100 (b) of the Constitution.

In a fact-finding mission in January, Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga found the department in "total disarray" following the termination of about 6000 temporary teachers’ contracts, the suspension of scholar transport, school nutrition – and a crisis with the stationery tender.

Angie Motshekga

Cross questioned by the committee’s Nombulelo Mabandla on the crisis yesterday, Mannya said the situation was "so complex" that he could not provide timeframes of speeding up the delivery of stationery, nor could he guarantee textbooks would be available to all this year.

"We have to be honest that, as desirable as it is, circumstances might not necessarily permit ," said Mannya, adding that failure by schools to collect books from pupils at the end of the school year and dishonesty were major factors in the lapse.

"We have not activated the retrieval system for textbooks, which means that every year we buy textbooks and the children leave with them (to the next grade).

"They should actually be retrieved so that we have them (the following year) and only need to do a top up.

"We haven’t really been topping up, we’ve been replacing, which is a major problem," said Mannya.

But one portfolio committee member described the 30 percent shortfall at this time of the year as a "textbook crisis".

Provision of textbooks, adequate teachers and enough time in class (the triple T approach) were mentioned by President Jacob Zuma as an ANC and government priority.

Affected schools fall within the Section 20 category of schools whose budget is managed centrally by the department.

Inadequate numbers of textbooks is just another blow particularly to schools that are still struggling in mud structures.

Mannya took a swipe at Section 21 schools – who are allocated finances directly by the department – saying their principals were not buying textbooks though they were provided money to do so.

"I think we have had unreported problems with the Section 21 schools where we transferred money, and they haven’t done what we said they must do … Even some of the suppliers have come to see me to complain about non-payment, which in certain instances has got nothing to do with the delays in the transfer by the department."

This was contradicted by MPL Edmund van Vuuren, who defended Section 21 schools, saying department funding was grossly inadequate.

Edmund van Vuuren

Currently, Section 21 schools in the top quintile – traditionally the more affluent schools – get an annual subsidy of R147 (as opposed to the norm of R156) per pupil each year, and 45 percent of this amount should be used for textbooks, he said. 

Bid To Curb Dodgy State Lease Deals


THE government, stung by billions of rand spent on leasing buildings, wants all state departments and entities that occupy private properties to relocate to state-owned buildings over the next three years.

Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde

Public Works Minister Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde said in her budget vote speech yesterday that her department had concluded that government could save billions of rand by moving departments in private properties to government buildings.

She said public works was planning to build new buildings and to maintain existing ones to make space for state departments.

Such a move could clip the wings on dodgy building lease agreements such as the controversial attempt by police chief General Bheki Cele to move SAPS headquarters to a Pretoria building owned by businessman Roux Shabangu.

 Sanlam Middestad building in Pretoria.

The Sunday Times exposed the R500million lease agreement deal entered into by Cele and Shabangu which would have seen police headquarters relocated to the latter's property at the Sanlam Middestad building in Pretoria.

Bheki Cele

But Public Protector Thuli Madonsela put the brakes on the deal when she ruled that the contract entered into with Shabangu was "improper and unlawful".

 Thuli Madonsela

Ironically, Mahlangu-Nkabinde, who approved the deal after she was appointed minister, was severely criticised by the public protector for authorising the deal.

Mahlangu-Nkabinde acknowledged yesterday, however, that the task to relocate state departments to government-owned buildings could take a while to complete.

She further told MPs that public works, in collaboration with the department of higher education and training, had decided to renovate and convert idle state buildings to provide cheap accommodation to higher education students.

So far, the HG de Witt building in Tshwane is being refurbished and will house 180 students when completed. The department is also refurbishing the Pelonomi Hospital in Bloemfontein, which will accommodate 700 students when it is ready.

Pelonomi Hospital in Bloemfontein

Meanwhile, the public works, which has been criticised by a number of government departments and officials for poor maintenance of government buildings, has promised to improve its maintenance levels.

6000 Cases Against Police

Jun 2, 2011

The Independent Complaints Directorate is investigating an estimated 6000 cases against the police, the ICD's executive director Francois Beukman said in Pretoria on Thursday. 

Francois Beukman 

Addressing the National Press Club, Beukman said that of the 6000 cases, he estimated that 2500 were criminal cases.

ICD spokesman Moses Dlamini said 40 percent of the cases were criminal matters, the majority of which were crimes such as assault, murder, attempted murder and assault occasioning grevious bodily harm. 

Dlamini said that very often police training came up as an issue during such cases.
Currently the ICD had 292 service staff and about 100 investigative officers, Beukman said.