Monday, September 19, 2011

Prominent Afrikaans Newspaper refuses to publish VVK advertizing campaign

South Africa,
18 September 2011

Prominent Afrikaans Newspaper refuses to publish VVK advertizing campaign.
By J. Mare

One week from today, the VVK elections will be a thing of the past and a new Afrikaner/Boer Council (Volksraad) will have been elected to administrate the affairs of this besieged community. Seven candidates will be sworn in to protect, lead and govern a small minority, constantly under threat of genocide by the government of South Africa - (The ANC).
Some 800 000 Afrikaners live in structures like this.  The ANC intends to destroy these shacks, without providing adequate alternative housing- Photo, The Afrikaner Journal - 09082011

Some 800 000 Afrikaners live in structures like this. The ANC intends to destroy these shacks, without providing adequate alternative housing - Photo, The Afrikaner Journal - 09082011

A lot of hard work has gone into this campaign and many people have worked their fingers to the bone to make the will of the Afrikaner nation known by means of a democratic election.
This process wasn’t easy with many problems, that for some may have been, insurmountable.
Registration officials and other supporters are constantly attacked by ‘agents provocateurs’ and lured into debates with the aim to demonize the elections, the candidates, the administrators and even the council (even though it does not exist as yet).
Election officials report that people opposed to the process, are removing election posters in an attempt to influence the outcome.
On top of this, the Afrikaans media has proven to be the most venomous of all in their response to the elections.
It has come to our attention (from two independent sources) that one (very prominent and influential) Afrikaans newspaper, Die Beeld (NASPERS), has flatly refused to run the ad campaign for the elections, because of what they describe as the ads ‘political connotation’.
According to the chairman of the VVK, Paul Kruger, nothing could persuade them to even consider an amended version of the ad and, they even refused a suggestion to ‘just publish the logo and voting station addresses’.
The very same news group does not hesitate to run government announcements and other general South African election advertisements.
If you are interested in reading ANC government propaganda (in Afrikaans), please click here: Beeld

This is the ad they rejected:
VVK ad rejected by NASPERS, prominent Afrikaans publication house
VVK ad rejected by NASPERS, prominent Afrikaans publication house

Why is Naspers doing this?
Be it as it may, the commission will now have to rely on the electronic and social media networks to advertize its intent to hold these important elections and hope that Afrikaners will wake up and realize what these ANC controlled media moguls are doing, by feeding them a daily dose of government propaganda.
Why do they fear and dread this election and its outcome?

'Uncle Jacques, why is the ANC destroying our home?' - Photo, The Afrikaner Journal - 09082011
'Uncle Jacques, why is the ANC destroying our home? '- Photo, The Afrikaner Journal - 09082011 - ANC metro council destroys another Afrikaner home!

Could it be that the power of the ‘democratic voice’ of the People will be the death knell of its monopoly and control over the masses ?
Could it be that they fear retribution from their ANC masters or, are they naïvely believing that they are doing the nation a favor by withholding this information, because…. ‘nobody will be interested’?
NASPERS answer:
Beelds response to VVK Ad campaign
Beelds response to VVK Ad campaign

“Why should we vote?”
Afrikaners are at the mercy of a murderous black regime, intent at eradicating them from the South African landscape. Racist ANC legislation, has caused abject poverty among 800 000 members of this vulnerable minority.
Other reasons:

This is the reason they need self-governance.
This is the reason all Afrikaners/ Boers should cast their votes on 24 September 2011

The information they don’t want the Afrikaner community to know.
The elections will be held on the 24th of September 2011 from 07:00 AM in the morning until 21:00 PM when the voting stations will close and your chance to vote will expire.
Those Afrikaners who haven’t registered or who don’t know whether their names appear on the voters roll, will be allowed to register on the spot and vote, providing that they qualify as voters!
These are the Qualifications:
1) You must be an Afrikaner of age eighteen or older.
2) You must be in possession of a valid ‘SA identification document’ and/or ‘drivers license’ and be able to hand it to the registration official for verification on voting day.
3) You must be a person, that is readily identifiable as an individual that belongs to and forms part of the Afrikaner/Boer nation and/or associate with the culture, language, aspirations and destiny.
4) You can report to any of the following voting stations on voting day, where you will be allowed to vote for the candidate of your choice as council member.

Voting Stations:

(Please verify the accuracy of this information on the VVK website – on voting day)

1.Messina: Paul Millsstraat 42.
2.Louis Trichardt: Kroghstraat 136.
3.Ellisras: Boereverenigingsaal, ongeveer 2 km. op Ellisras/Marken-pad.
4.Phalaborwa: Bateleurstraat 31.
5.Pietersburg: Laerskool Pietersburg, h/v Voortrekker- & “Thabo Mbeki”straat.
6.Potgietersrus: Hoogestraat 126.
7.Tzaneen: Sanloo Gastehuis, Feesstr.
8. Baltimore: Boeresaal in hoofstraat op N11.
1.Hoedspruit: Sunset View-winkelkompleks Eenh. E, langs Fort Koepiba-hotel en slaghuis.
2.Groblersdal: Hervormde Kerksaal, Voortrekkerstraat.
3.Naboomspruit: Limpopo Pale, Eerstestr. 52
4.Thabazimbi: Trollipsaal, Skougronde.
5.Vaalwater: Landbou-Unie Vendusiekrale, ongeveer 4 km. op Melkrivier/Vierentwintigriviere-pad. 13
6.Nylstroom: Stoeisaal in Kerkstraat-Oos langs sportgronde.
7.Warmbad: AP Kerk, h/v Huilbos- en Katjiepieringlaan.
8.Cullinan: Landbou-Uniesaal, ongeveer 2 km. op Cullinan/Bronkhorstspruitpad.
9.Hartebeespoort: Jasmyn Winkelsentrum.
10.Pretoria – Wes: AP Kerkterrein, Hannystraat.
11.Pretoria – Moot: W. Marais Afrikanersentrum, Paul Krugerstraat.
12.Pretoria – Noord(1): AP Kerkterrein Wonderboom, h/v Daan De Wet Nel- & 7de Straat.
13.Pretoria – Noord(2): AP Kerkterrein Transmagalies, Springbokvlakteweg, Montana.
14.Pretoria – Oos: Skool op die h/v Witdoring- en De Villebois Mareuilstraat, Moreleta Park.
15.Verwoerdburg: Gereformeerde Kerkterrein, h/v Aletheastraat en Basdenlaan, Lyttelton.
16.Kleinfontein: Kleinfontein Gemeenskapsentrum.
17.Welbekend/Bapsfontein: Hoewe 164, Bashewa op Welbekendpad.
18.Bronkhorstspruit: Hoewe in Louis Bothastraat-verlenging, net oos van die Delmas/Groblersdal-pad.
1.Barberton: Jathira-Winkel op Nelspruit-pad.
2.Nelspruit: Geloftefeesterrein, Ehmkestraat oorkant NG Kerk.
3.Witrivier: Witrivier Rolbalklub, Makadiamastraat.
4.Malelane: Plaas Riverside, Huis 1, ged. 1, op Malelane Hek-pad na Kruger Wildtuin.
5.Sabie: Sabie Aftree-oord Nr. 5, Wallisstraat.
6.Lydenburg: Steynstraat 19.
7.Machadodorp: Voortrekkerstraat 4.
8.Middelburg: Hoër Tegniese Skool Middelburg, h/v Fontein- (“Samora Machel”) en Zuidstraat.
9.Roossenekal: SAVF-terrein, h/v Zulch- & Middelstraat.
10.Belfast: Fitzgeraldstraat 65.
11.Hendrina: Kortstraat 11.
12.Carolina: Hugostraat 77.
13.Ermelo: Radio Ermelo-gebou, h/v Border- & Smutsstraat.
14.Lothair: Boeresaal, Mainstraat.
15.Piet Retief: Klopperstraat 15A.
16.Utrecht: Van Rooyenstraat 6
17.Vryheid: Gelofte CVO Akademie, h/v Park- & Smalstraat.
18.Krugerspos: Vlakfonteinpad, Nr.AD8
1.Bethal: AP Kerksaal Moedergemeente, Blesbokspruit.
2.Secunda: Davieshof Sentrum, h/v Helen Joseph- & Jan Smutsstraat.
3.Kriel: Kraanvoëlstraat 9.
4.Witbank: Prestige Sentrum, Watermeyerstraat.
5.Delmas: Malita Aftree-oord, Sesdestraat.
6.Nigel: Beverly-weg 50.
7.Heidelberg: h/v Aspey- en Viljoenstraat.
8.Standerton: Charl Cilliersstraat 92.
9.Volksrust: Platorand Staalwerke, Joubertstraat 78.
1.Springs: Ermeloweg, in Pet Hyper langs Holiday Inn-padkafee.
2.Brakpan: AP Kerkterrein, h/v Middel- en Collieryweg, Rand Colleries.
3.Benoni: AP Kerkterrein, h/v Stokroos- en Oakstraat, Northmead x4.
4.Kempton Park: AP Kerkterrein, h/v Rietfontein- en Pionierstraat, Glen Marais Park.
5.Sandton / Midrand: (Stem in Verwoerdburg).
6.Randburg: Vyfdestraat 15, Linden.
7.Krugersdorp: Harlekyne rugbyklub, Wagenstraat, Burgershoop.
8.Roodepoort: AP Kerkterrein, Corlette-rylaan 855, Witpoortjie/Princess.
9.Randfontein: Driehoek Vleismark, langs HF Verwoerd-stadion.
10.Johannesburg: AP Kerkterrein, Chamberstraat 20, Booysens.
11.Germiston: AP Kerkterrein, Oosthuizenstraat.
12.Boksburg/Primrose: AP Kerkterrein, h/v Medlarweg en Bardiastraat, Wannenburghoogte.
13.Alberton: AP Kerkterrein, Bloekomlaan, Genl. Albertspark.
14.Meyerton: AP Kerkterrein, h/v Leyds- en Juniusstraat.
15.Vereeniging: Genl. Hertzogstraat 124, oorkant winkelsentrum langs Dros.
16.Vanderbijlpark: J & B Driving Range-lapa, Cornwallis Harrisstraat 758.
1.Zeerust: AP Kerkterrein, Bankstraat.
2.Swartruggens: Skousaal.
3.Rustenburg: Kloofsentrum 175, Kockstraat.
4.Brits: Hoërskool Brits saal, h/v de Ridder- en Schuttelaan.
5.Koster: Koster Bande, Millstraat 5.
6.Lichtenburg: 13de laan 2, Burgersdorp.
7.Coligny: AP Kerkterrein, h/v Park- en Vincentstraat.
8.Ventersdorp: Rothstraat 25.
9.Carletonville: Evangelies-Gereformeerde Kerkterrein, Grundlingstraat 49.
10.Potchefstroom: H/v Goudstraat en “Albert Luthuli”weg.
11.Klerksdorp. Moolmanstraat 2 (Gastehuis).
12.Delareyville: Governmentstraat 27.
13.Schweizer-Reneke: Landbousaal Lapa.
14.Wolmaransstad: Leaskstraat 76.
15.Makwassie: Ellisstraat 20.
16.Christiana: Voortrekkerstr. 8A
17.Ottosdal: Moorecroft straat 45.
18.Migdol: Boeresaal.
19.Hartswater: Border Hotelsaal, Jan Kempdorpstraat.
20.Hartbeespoort: Jasmyn Winkelkompleks, Schoemansville.
1.Parys / Vredefort: Forumgebou, h/v Liebenberg-, Philip- & Kerkstrate.
2.Heilbron: Ou Kommandokantore, h/v Luyt- en Pienaarstraat.
3.Kroonstad: AP Kerkterrein, Buitensorg Hoewe 8.
4.Welkom: Boland gebou, Elizabethstraat.
5.Virginia: Civiclaan 29.
1.Vrede: Duiwesaal, Skougronde.
2.Memel: Memel Boereverenigingsaal.
3.Reitz: Roosstraat 58, Savvas-gebou.
4.Bethlehem: AP Kerkterrein, h/v Paul Gent- en Alex Paxinnostraat, Panorama.
5.Clocolan: Skougronde, Geloftefeessaal.
1.Brandfort: Voortrekkerstraat, oorkant Stadsaal.
2.Bloemfontein: Dr. Böhmer-skool, Haldonweg.
3.Dutoitspan (Kimberley): Gereformeerde Kerkterrein, Kekewichrylaan, Monumenthoogte.
4.Phillipolis: Tobie Mullerstraat 6.
1.Vryburg: Winkel 2, Moloposentrum, Molopoweg.
2.Kuruman: Moffat sendingstasie.
3.Kathu: Kokerboomstraat 53.
4.Upington: Werda Gastehuis, Schröderstraat 148.
5.Orania: AP Kerkterrein, Perellaan 150.
1.Port Nolloth: Noordweg 1854.
2.Vanrhynsdorp: AP Kerkterrein Olifantsrivier, Skoolstraat.
3.Clanwilliam: AP Kerkterrein, Voortrekkerstraat.
1.Piketberg: Kunsgallery by Pools, 10km. op N7 Noord.
2.Kaapstad/Parow: AP Kerkterrein, Van Riebeeckstr 22, Parow.
3.Stellenbosch: (om bevestig te word).
4.Strand: Burenstraat 14.
5.Hermanus: Demond Karavaanpark, 10de straat, Voëlklip.
6.Bredasdorp: Breëstraat 12.
7.Struisbaai: Romansingel 11.
8.Stilbaai: Excelsiorstraat 12, Stilbaai-Wes.
9.Oudtshoorn: Greeffstraat 122.
10.George: Voortrekkersaal, Caledonstraat.
11.Plettenbergbaai: Mangoldpunt 5.
12.Ashton: Fanie’s Kitchen, Hoofweg 22.
13.Velddrif: Smitlaan 5, oorkant NG-kerk.
1.Carnarvon: (Om bevestig te word).
2.Fraserburg: CVO Fraserburg.
3.Sutherland: NG Kerksaal.
4.Beaufort-Wes: Royal Lodge, Donkinstraat.
1.Molteno: Plaas Grassdale, 16 km. uit Molteno op Dordrecht-pad.
2.Port Elizabeth: Murraypark, Draaifonteinweg, Groenbossies Hoewe 1 EEM.
3.Uitenhage: Mitchellstraat 5.
4.Dordrecht: Plaas Avondzon, S31*14.824EO27*17.617 35 km. uit Dordrecht op Barkly-Oos pad.
5.Lady Grey: Plaas van Zylsrust, ongeveer 5 km. uit dorp op Aliwal Noord/Barkly-Oos pad.
6.Jeffreysbaai: Magnoliastraat 31, Wavecrest.
1.Newcastle: Drakensberg Primêre Skool, Paddocklaan, Pionierpark.
2.Dundee: Volwasse sentrum, Victoriaweg.
3.Ladysmith / Estcourt / Pietermaritzburg: (Om bevestig te word).
4.Richardsbaai / Empangeni: (Om bevestig te word).
5.Durban: (Om bevestig te word).
6.Ramsgate: Marine drive 57, oorkant “Skulpiewinkel”.