Saturday, August 13, 2011

'Dear Pravin Gordhan...'


by Mosvms - News 24 reader

Dear Pravin Gordhan,

I write this letter in the hope that you and like-minded individuals in our elected government will make some effort to stop the rampant corruption that is slowly destroying the very fabric of our society.

Every single day we are faced with new allegations and prima facie evidence that by and large ANC cadre are blatantly looting at every opportunity. Yes, I know it is not only the government and cadre but this is the single biggest threat to our young democracy. We then hear that there has been an audit, which never sees the light of day, serious transgressions of the Public Management Finance Act and after that a big fat zero of silence.

This then manifests itself in a quiet pat on the back and the crooked individuals slink into the night with pockets full of cash only to pop-up later on in a better more lucrative position that will again cause irreparable harm.

The latest example of this rutting at the trough has been the Johannesburg Audrey Gulu EMS and Benedicta Monama transport scandals, which will in all probability go totally unpunished. The only people who will suffer will be those loyal ANC supporters who will lose out on monies that should have been used on their behalf, as well as the long-suffering tax and rate payers who are totally disempowered to get any justice. The absolute corruption perpetuated by Malema gets worse and worse every day and nobody does anything about it.

The fact that the Public Protector hid behind “no paper trail” when last he was investigated is a complete joke that begs credibility. There is always a paper trail; the problem is the will to do the right thing as was proved in the previous Public Protectors white-wash investigation into the PetroSA/ANC donation. The arms deal scandal is a festering sore that will never go away despite your governments every effort to sweep it under the carpet, more so with submarines in permanent dry-dock and planes with no pilots.

Giving billions to a repressive regime next-door while out own people are starving and without work is criminal and can never be justified in any true sense of logic. The police lease scandal is totally unacceptable and more and more of these dirty deals are coming to light such as the Justice Departments rental of a building that stood empty for months while taxpayers money was used to pay exorbitant rentals.

In the Cape once more cadre are involved in missing millions of clothing industry workers pension funds. This list of people and scandals goes on and on - Gama, Yengeni, Ngqula (SAA), Mohlahlane (Landbank), Schaik, Selebi, Oilgate, Travelgate, Trifecta, Youth “kissing” Festivals, Chancellery House and the Swazi dealings, Aurora, Blue IQ, Limpopo tenderpreneurs, etc!

This country cannot go on like this and at some point in time something is going to break. Where is the administrative justice that is enshrined in our constitution and legislation? Where are the principle of batho pele or are they just empty words and promises.

I am afraid to say that Nelson Mandela’s inspiration on a rainbow nation is just a bitter taste in our mouths.
I have been a supporter of the previously disadvantaged for many years having at a young age witnessed atrocious and criminal behaviour on farm workers in the Western Cape. My father ran a small construction company and he struggled against all odds to keep his workers in Cape Town from the Transkei who were treated so unjustly in every sphere of society. It is quite amazing how as a young person I was totally colour blind and thought nothing of eating from a spade or wheelbarrow with the guys!

I fully support redressing the past and have no problem with real Black Economic Empowerment but by and large these initiatives are proving to be a waste of time, energy and money, except for a small band of carpetbaggers who time and time pop-up with a big fat smile for doing absolutely nothing!

I realise that you are but one person and do not normally involve yourself in the party, but for evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.

You as the minister of finance have every opportunity to stop this rot, bring the culprits to justice and yet all I see is lots of talk about corruption but absolutely no action.
When does enough become enough and people finally go the route of a Tunisia or Egypt? I fear that day is drawing very near and will prove to be the downfall of us all!
Yours sincerely,

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