Saturday, August 13, 2011

Whites’ Shacks Torn Down, Black Shacks Untouched

Friday, 12 August 2011

The inequal treatment meted out to poor-white Afrikaner squatters under the ANC-regime bears all the hallmarks of an ongoing ethnic-cleansing campaign: the whites are denied food-aid, government benefits and are forced to tear down their shacks…

Booming black squatter towns housing millions of illegal black migrants are not being targetted for demolition by the ANC-regime. However the hundreds-of-thousands of homeless, desperately poor (indigenous) Afrikaner families face a constant stream of demolition court cases - ordering them to tear down their neatly-maintained, safe little garden-cottages. These close-knit Afrikaans communities are being ripped apart by the ethnic-cleansing campaign lodged by the ruling ANC: which uses frivolous claims of municipal bylaws to remove these impoverished Afrikaners from the land of their forefathers. At the same time, the ANC-regime also ignores the same bylaws for black-occupied squatter towns…

Black squatter shacks, Clay Oven Village, Fourways Aug 12 2011

Black squatter camp Clay Oven Village Fourways north of Johannesburg left alone by ANC regime BELOW - FACING DEMOLITION: WHITE SQUATTER SHACKS, DASPOORT

- COURT DATE: SEPT 2 2011 -- VISAGIE STREET MUNICIPAL COURT, PRETORIA: Afrikaner Wendy Houses Daspoort demolition court case Sept 2 and Sept 22 2011 VisagieStrCourtPretoria

This tight-knit Afrikaner squatter-community above faces demolition of their neat, safe little Wendy House-cottages at Daspoort smallholdings near Pretoria due to ‘municipal by-laws’ -- which obviously are not being equality applied to the much more dangerous, unhealthy illegal squatter shacks at the rapidly-growing black-squatter camp nearby…

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