Saturday, August 13, 2011


August 12, 2011


So – a white tax just for white people.

So Desmond Tutu reckons we should be taxed because we are white, and we should be happy about it??? To show how contrite we feel about how we benefited from apartheid?? Well Mr Tutu you can kiss my natural born white ass!!

If that is not racism then I don’t know what is? If they can tax us because we are white then we should be able to tax them because they are stupid?? I mean fair is fair. Never has there been more uneducated blatant criminals in power than now – under black rule! But I should feel guilty because my mother and father worked hard and could therefore afford to give me a decent education? Well that is not going to happen! The taxes that our mothers and fathers paid is what built this once magnificent country and the amazing infrastructure that kept it great! The same infrastructure that is now all but non existent because you are so busy stealing our taxes that you have forgotten to maintain anything?

While we are at it why don’t we instigate a special tax for Mr Zuma because he has so many wives shopping with our tax money? And a special tax for Julius Malema for parading as a human being when he is actually some kind of brain dead moron! Then we should tax all black children to try and make up the money lost on the schools they have burned down? Lets tax all the Zimbabweans as well because they just waltz over our non existent borders and suck our economy dry! We should levy a tax on the church as well for allowing Tutu into a position of authority when he is obviously a blatant racist.

I think it might be prudent to levy a tax on all tourists to this country for the privilege of being allowed to come here and be raped and murdered and infected with HIV? And while we are at it lets tax all the black people because they don’t need sunscreen to protect them from the African sun, I mean that’s not fair? Or better yet – why don’t you all grow a pair and stop blaming all your woes on a policy that has been over for decades!! A policy that had nothing to do with us – the people who’s taxes keep you in armani suits and luxury German cars??


Without the white people who you are so intent on punishing and their taxes you would have nothing!! So back off!! We are slowly getting tired of being squeezed!!


  1. Well who can argue with that... good job dude. I feel exactly the same.

  2. Apartheid wasn't enough! Wherever you have blacks, they stain the earth and nothing grows freely.

  3. "WHITE TAX" Unreal. Is it not bad enough that white people cannot find jobs in this country. Is it not bad enough that all the whites are leaving the country. I onced loved this country, but now it just disgusts me, I am also making plans to get out of this place. What was once a thriving amamzing country has been robbed of its riches and beauty, No wonder other countries do not want to invest anymore.
    The government of this country really sucks. ARE WE "WHITE" PEOPLE REALLY GOING TO PUT UP WITH THIS. Is this going to be another one of those things we just accept and move on. When are we going to stand up for our rights as a white person in this country.

  4. our problem starts with getting back to our roots, if we all get back on our knees and pray and repent for swearing, not knowing God, having no values God will give us back our land, that is why the anti christ is ruling

  5. How many readers do you have?

    What a misfortune for me to have stumbled across your blog to read about an issue which annoys me as much as it clearly annoys you, only to discover that the attitude you highlight doesn't bring forth a solution to the issue.

    You've got such an awesome platform to protest against the injustice that is so rampant in this country but you instead use it to lower yourself to the same level of JuJu.

    Pathetic dude. Honestly.

  6. i also agree with u hence blacks are holding positions without education. look at municipalities,how on earth a teacher becomes a municipal manager

  7. The moment you start swearing, you loose the respect of your readers. Allow them to think for themselves, draw their own conclusions, and you will have the support you seek