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White UK Pensioners Starve in Zimbabwe

Friday, 12 August 2011

1,650 dirt-poor white Zimbabweans including 50 farmers survive on $9 a month and private food-aid from SA

2011-08-1 AndrĂ© le Roux reports in Beeld that some 1,650 dirt-poor white Zimbabwean pensioners in 28 old-age homes – many of UK origin – now are totally reliant on food-parcels brought them from South Africa every six to eight weeks. The biggest reason for their dire destitution is the Zimbabwean regime's abolition of the worthless Zimbabwean 'dollar' 2 years ago – and which wiped out their savings banked in Zimbabwean dollars.

Zimbabwe poor-white pensioners have to survive on $3 and food parcels a month
So all their savings were wiped out in one fell swoop two years ago. The US dollar and South African Rands now are are the only currencies legally used in Zimbabwe. "These pensioners now have to live on as little as R90 ($9 US) a month or even less,” said Linda Schultz of the Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund from Malelane, Mpumalanga in South Africa.

Zimbabwe poor-white pensioners have to survive on $3 and food parcels a month2 In one case, a pensioner only gets 40 US dollars a month: of which the Zimbabwean 'reserve bank' takes $2 and her rent is $35. That leaves her about $3 US a month for food.

These pensioners live in 28 old-age homes countrywide. The fund also supports about 50 white farm-families who were driven from their farm-properties by violent land-invaders.

Founder-member Hannes Botha climbs behind the wheel himself every six to eight weeks to take loads of food-parcels across the border.

He said the fund is mostly supported by 'Afrikaans-speaking South Africans'. 

He's far less happy about the low level of enthusiasm from formal 'Rhodesians', i.e. English-speaking whites, he said. The parcels contain food and medicines and are the only means with which these forgotten 1,650 old-age pensioners still remain alive.

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