Monday, November 25, 2013

Uit Dir Blou Van Onse Hemel

It's Sunday morning and I am finding it very hard to get out of bed. I have a husband who loves me enough to have bought me a laptop. A nice warm bed and a laptop - the two go hand in hand.

Loging on to FaceBook this morning I came accross a post by a FaceBook friend, an ex-South African now living in the UK. She posted the words:

"Uit die blou van onse Hemel, uit die diepte van ons see....❤mooiste lied in die wereld!

Feeling nostalgic I went to YouTube to search for "Uit die blou van onse Hemel"

These are words that when you really take cognisence of what you are reading, have so much heartfelt meaning to elderly White South Africans. I say elderly because I am more than half a centuary old!

The Call of South Africa
First verse
Ringing out from our blue heavens,
From our deep seas breaking round,
Over everlasting mountains,
Where the echoing crags resound,
From our plains where creaking wagons,
Cut their trails into the earth,
Calls the spirit of our country,
Of the land that gave us birth.
At thy call we shall not falter,
Firm and steadfast we shall stand,
At thy will to live or perish,
O South Africa, dear land.
Second verse
In our body and our spirit,
In our inmost heart held fast;
In the promise of our future,
And the glory of our past;
In our will, our work, our striving,
From the cradle to the grave-
There's no land that shares our loving,
And no bond that can enslave.
Thou hast borne us and we know thee,
May our deeds to all proclaim
Our enduring love and service
To thy honour and thy name.
Third verse
In the golden warmth of summer,
In the chill of winter's air,
In the surging life of springtime,
In the autumn of despair;
When the wedding bells are chiming,
Or when those we love do depart,
Thou dost know us for thy children
And dost take us to thy heart
Loudly peals the answering chorus;
We are thine, and we shall stand,
Be it life or death, to answer
To thy call, beloved land.
Fourth verse
In thy power, Almighty, trusting,
Did our fathers build of old;
Strengthen then, O Lord, their children
To defend, to love, to hold-
That the heritage they gave us
For our children yet may be;
Bondsmen only to the Highest
And before the whole world free.
As our fathers trusted humbly,
Teach us, Lord to trust Thee still;
Guard our land and guide our people
In Thy way to do Thy will.

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