Monday, November 25, 2013


So you have never needed whites??
So some brain dead limp wristed African moron wrote a letter this week that was published on the News24 website about how they don’t need white’s and never have and that white’s are to blame for all the bad things in Africa??
This is really rich coming from a a new generation of blacks that is more obsessed with western lifestyle than the whites have ever been? You love flashy cars, well they were invented by white folks and without them you would still be walking around on foot, and what about your obsession with fashion and clothes? Without the white folks you would still be in loin cloths! You say that we brought the idea of war to Africa? I suppose Shaka and Dingaan and the boys held tea parties to solve their issues? No! You simple minded twat! They slaughtered people who got in their way – its the African way!
You say white homosexuals brought HIV/AIDS to your people? Is that why as much as 80% of the black population in Africa is HIV Positive? Strange that it has not reached such epidemic proportions in the white population? It is because we have something you will never have – self control! All industry in Africa was started by white people, the same industry that generates the billions of rands that supports the useless black bastards that have no interest in working. The only industry you had was sitting on a rock in the veld scratching your nuts while you keep an eye on your dads starving cows! You survive on a small minority of white peoples tax money and without them you would literally starve to death.
But hey, next time you get sick or contract a deadly sexually transmitted disease don’t go see a doctor, no go visit a witch doctor and let him throw some leftover oxtail bones for you, I mean really doctors as you know it are a white thing? Sell your car and start walking, get rid of all your money because that is also a white thing? For that matter fire the entire parliament and go back to your tribal chiefs and let them send you out to fight other tribes for land, that way we can sit back and watch you die, and dont forget not to use guns because they are a white thing, only sticks and stones and spears allowed! Lets face it, without us you are completely fucked!! We generate the tax money that keeps you alive and we maintain the economy that would not last a week without us and our white money!
I really am not adverse to the idea of all the whites leaving Africa so go ahead and get your leaders to expel us from the continent because left to your own devices without white people to maintain everything you would destroy the country and yourselves in short order. Then we could return and do what we white folks do – rebuild, create, improve and make a good life for all. You don’t need white’s is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard, just look around in Africa and you will see that Africans cant look after themselves – no they require white people to look after them.

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