Friday, March 8, 2013

ANC: You won't even know what hit you!

After thinking long and hard about this, I have decided I would like to find those who would like to join me in starting a New Movement (Revolution?).

One reason why I believe it is time to change is because not only have the wheels worn out on this ‘wagon’ in South Africa, but its crux is slowly dilapidating, causing pain and hurt to the very people sitting in it.

Let us be frank and honest with each other. We are just tired of all this talk and no action that politicians do every day, clad in expensive suits and dining on the most expensive cuisine in these so-called “breakfasts” that we pay for with our hard-earned tax money.

Change is needed, ladies and gentlemen, and I am ready to take that pledge today going forth.

As a young person in South Africa, my dreams and aspirations cannot be built on other people’s mishaps. I’m tired of the ‘Apartheid’ song. It is so old it is out of tune already.

‘Apartheid’ didn’t renovate a home for R250m. It did not even build and maintain a website for R140m in the Free State. Neither did it buy furniture for over a million rand for some premier in Johannesburg and put aside R7m+ for renovations.

Enough is enough.

When will this blood-sucking unworthy dross of a lot that ‘veils’ its true nature behind words like Democracy and ‘Rainbow Nation’ stop stealing from its own people? My answer is they will NEVER. Rainbows simply exist in their pockets, in the form of all kinds of money that you can think of, tightly packed to the max.  Action needs to be taken, and it needs to be taken NOW. It’s been 19 years people, and if we are not careful they will suck us dry till we lay in our graves breathless, with nothing to show for our existence in this world, or left behind for our children, grandsons and daughters. The dream of attaining a ‘better’ life will simply linger on, when we are long gone and have withered away, and even our children will not even smell the so called ‘freedom’ when they are being enslaved by their own people.

Some will label me a traitor. Some will call me names. But who cares what you call me? As long as I know that what I’m working towards will surely bury this racial ratchet that this country is being built upon for good. Democracy has remained nothing but a mystery for the better half of the ruling party members. It is either they don’t understand what it means or they simply enjoy fooling the people they lead.

I’m tired to the core of all this nonsensical behaviour that the leadership exerts. They have proved, beyond doubt, that they not only don’t know how to lead and rule the country, but they only went into office with one thing in mind: to enjoy the fruits of a new South Africa, eagerly ready to F%@& the rest of the country from behind and enriching themselves and their families
Ladies and gentlemen; Black, White, Indian, Coloured, Chinese, Brown, Blue, Orange or any colour that exists under the sky, I don’t care where you came from, who you are, or why you were born this land. But if you are TRUE in your desire for unity, peace, and democracy, then you can be my friend, ally, comrade and brother.

The Black majority has been fooled, and it is a shame that many seem to be basking in this folly, oblivious of what is going on around them. Fortunately, my mind was “emancipated from this mental slavery” that the ANC has installed in the people of this land.

I won’t give you suggestions, or answers to anything. What I will give you though is warning of what is about to happen. Because if it doesn’t happen, we will bury our children while we still roam this earth, and we will never get to see them grow to being better adults than us. All this will happen under this cloud of evil. This plague that has taken a firm grip on the heart of this land. If this doesn’t stop, we will be sent to our graves before our time, while our leaders sit and dine in the comfort of their mansions, cushioned by the multitude of bodyguards they have.

How about us? How about us, the ordinary citizens? How about the majority who don’t afford bodyguards, electric fencing, armed response, personal firearms? How about the majority who can’t afford all these, albeit the crime rate sky-rocketing and murder-cases increasing every day? They will die at hands of killers, rapists, murders, paedophiles and assassins, while the government does absolutely zilch about it.

I am ready to fight. I hope you are!

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  1. You wrote . . .
    “Ladies and gentlemen; Black, White, Indian, Coloured, Chinese, Brown, Blue, Orange or any colour that exists under the sky, I don’t care where you came from, who you are, or why you were born this land. But if you are TRUE in your desire for unity, peace, and democracy, then you can be my friend, ally, comrade and brother.”

    Sorry . . . but the races/colours mention in this particular paragraph are ALL aspiring towards the Genocide of the White Race Be it in South Africa, Europe, Australia or America.

    When will the White South Africans wake up and realise that they’re aiding and abetting towards their own GENOCIDE, are they to blind to read or has the communistic Zionists fooled them into a stupor?

    Don’t believe me . . . start reading up on WHAT the “so-called” chosen of God has been up to and you may very well find the truth – There’s not been one single revolution or war for that matter where the Zionist communist jewish hand have not been behind. They even fund both sides of a war just to make sure that White kills White or that Whites get killed.

    The HATE the Zionist jew have for the White [and I mean the pure White race, no mixed blood there.] is an age old hate going back to Adam and Eve and the seed of Cain [That’s the seed of the jew – Seed of Cain] Read Revelations 2 v 9 and Revelations 3 v 9.[if the kike jew hasn’t removed it by now]
    It’s out there all over the net to read - for those who really want too stand-up and take on a fight.
    Till you don’t know the enemy there can be no fight . . . be it for freedom or just to have safety and security.

    This is the BIG one, the sooner ALL the Whites turn back to Yahweh/God the sooner our punishment will stop and there will be an end to this murder and mayhem we now face daily.
    We are embracing the tares/weed the ones Yahweh/God is going to sift out and totally destroy.

    For those interested a good place to start would be a good honest truth site, not the local denomination Churches as they too have been bought by the Zionist jewish banksters and will not lead the way to the truth. The problems of today is reborn Christians, not knowing their true IDENTITY as truthful heirs/children of Yahweh/God
    Do yourself a favour and read up about WHO and WHAT you are – a good place to start with is
    This is a lengthy paper which describes the nature and historicity of the Genesis 10 Nations of the Bible It presents a Biblical weltanschauung of White origins and history, and while your on that site read round and about . . . it can’t harm you to read the truth or for that matter copy some mp3’s to listen to on your own time.
    Please just wise up Yahweh/God’s law forbids race mixing.