Monday, March 11, 2013

Nothing Special About Whites

By: Khuluza2013-03-09 11:51
It is nauseating the way whites think of themselves as the saviours of Africa. “Without colonialism, you would not have any infrastructure, without us there would be no development or technology”, they claim.  The yapping goes on and on. And frankly it gets me sick to the stomach.
What they forget to mention is that they contributed a lot to Africa’s woes.  One can mention disease, famine, wars and the erosion of our moral fibre as some of Africa’s challenges. Behind each of these is a white hand.  HIV or AIDS was first found in the gay community in USA in the 80s. Today the scourge has decimated and torn Africa apart.  Talking about gays, what is it with the west trying to shove this practice down our throats? Aid to Africa is now linked with gay rights. Allow same sex marriage in your country and America will reward you with funds. Joyce Banda the Malawian president repealed some anti gay laws and the USA sent in Hilary Clinton as a show of support. The funds followed.
Before the colonialists landed in Africa, the continent used to be a land of plenty.  Whilst the San enjoyed their nomadic way of life, the rest farmed and hunted in a sustainable way. Enter the colonialists and suddenly, elephants had to be killed for their ivory, cattle had to be slaughtered for export and the land had to be raped to produce crops for sell locally and overseas.   Never mind the chemicals which were used to poison the land or the destruction of the forests as land was cleared for commercial farming. Today the whole of Africa is a cesspool of overused, crowded and barren land.
Believe it or not wars were as rare as a diamond.  But since the first white man landed in Africa we have never known peace.  Uprisings, civil strife are the order of the day across Africa. With the democracy that they introduced, elections are a bloody affair. War apparently is their culture. This is why the two biggest wars were fought in Europe. This is why America is the bully that she is. They are a warring people. We did not manufacture guns or bombs. These were introduced by colonialist so we could kill each other en masse.
I watch television a lot and one of my favourite programs is ‘Psychic Detectives’. It is shocking the crimes that are committed in America and Europe.  And yes, this has found its way to Africa too.  Today we have crimes of passion and serial killings influenced by Europeans. Remember the Swiss psycho who mowed down close to 90 people? Remember too the constant school yard shootings? This is what has been introduced to Africa-callous disregard for another’s life.
 Today we read about rape cases on a daily basis. When the imperialists arrived, they unleashed a brutal onslaught of rape. This resulted in the creation of a colored race. All over Africa there are millions of coloreds as proof of how widespread this practice was.  As Africans we respect our elders and it is taboo, to insults one’s elders. Not so in white culture. A famous cartoonist in South Africa is well known for ridiculing the very person who is his President.  The attack on black leaders by the white media is ruthless and unrelenting. Sometimes devoid of fact, it seeks to ridicule them at every turn. As with all things influential, this has passed on to our kids. Our morals as African are in danger of being totally washed away in the name of freedom of expression. You have a DA parliamentarian who thinks by associating with whites she can now speak as she please against a president old enough to be her father.
I do not disagree that colonialism brought development. But how certain are we that if whites had not come to Africa we would not have developed on our own?  It is the theory of evolution after all.  History shows that the Egyptians were the first of the ancient civilizations to develop handwriting, Throughout Africa we have buildings or structures that were built even before the first white man sailed to Africa. Our only sin was that we were developing at a slow pace and because Europe now had guns and boats they conquered us. In the process they unleashed all problems which outweigh any benefit.  We might have taken 100 more years to get to where we are today, but this would have been hundred times better than swallowing the evils of apartheid.  What is even worse though is that instead of admitting the evils of their way, whites pretend like they are a god send to Africa which is contrary to the truth. Sorry to say, but you are not superior.

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