Friday, March 8, 2013

Categorizing South Africans

This article was posted on Facebook by my very good friend Elizabeth Elizabeth Bezuidenhout

I can categorize the different types of White South Africans. 

1. The ones that love their country with all their heart but are really too scared to live there and don't have the funds to leave.

2.The ones that love their country and do have the funds to leave and do, but would love to go back if only the country was not ruled by a communist government and the crime and corruption was gone. 

3.The ones that have left and are very happy where they are at now and say they would never go back no matter what. They still love their homeland but would never go back.

4.The ones that are in denial and think that it is normal to live in gated communities. Or with walls, fences, razor wire, and bars. And that everyone should just get used to it because that is just the way it is now.

5. And the most dangerous of all. The ones that think we should just "trust" everyone no matter what. And that if we trust everyone, everyone will all get along just like one big happy family. Sorry folks that just isn't going to happen in SA!!!!


  1. The category that fit me best is a combination of nr.1 and nr. 5 as I do have the funds to leave but I'm an Afrikaner and I belong here. I truely love this country and believe that my future is here. I honestly don't think it is in my family's best interest to leave South Africa as I don't think we would experience the same quality of life elsewhere. Am I naive as Elizabeth suggests? Herrie Die Strandloper

  2. Mark me as number 1. Things have gone from bad to worse in the last 23 years since Mandela was released and they'res till blaming the white man... But one day people will wake up - I just hope its soon.