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So who stole the land from whom?

By Mike Smith
21st of February 2012

We all know that blacks in SA never had any written language so they never recorded their history...well not in the way we understand.

Today if you tell blacks that they never had a written language then they will point you to the cave paintings of the San (Bushmen) people and claim through association that they did have a written language.

This exact technique is used by ANC general secretary Gwede Mantashe, who is also chairman of the SA Communist Party.

Mantashe is a Xhosa who tries to steal the history of the Khoi and the San people to prove he has a claim to the Cape.

Truth is that the Khoi-San people were genetically totally distinct from the Bantu who came from Central Africa.
Khoisan, San, or Bushmen, are genetically divergent from other humans

So how did blacks record their history?

It was the job of the witchdoctor or Sangoma.

To be trained as a Sangoma used to take about 20 years and the candidate would be trained from about the age of four. Not only the plant and animal medicine would be subjects of study but also the oral traditions, beliefs and history of the tribes would be his forte.

The sangoma is therefore a walking talking university, encyclopedia, and an all-in-one “man of all wisdom”.
I own two books by Vusamazula Credo Mutwa, the pope of Black African beliefs and religion. The first one is “My People” (1969) and the other is “Indaba my People”.

In his books he traces the history of the South African Blacks back to the Hutus and the Tutsis.

He knows not only the history of his own tribe the Zulus, but also the history of all the black tribes of South Africa.

But if history of the blacks were only oral, how did they guard against the fabrication of tales or the addition or omission of knowledge? How does one ensure the continuation of the basic truth in oral history?

According to the Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa, they would remember and record certain distinct characteristics of people. Like Boer President Paul Kruger was well respected amongst the blacks and was known for being able to imitate the sounds of any bird on the Highveld of South Africa. His whistling was so legendary that the Blacks of Pretoria named the township of Mamelodi (The Whistler) after his whistling expertise.

Anybody who wants to understand the black mindset, needs to read Credo Mutwa.

Now having said that, we know that blacks in SA are extremely superstitious and scared of snakes.

Nevertheless if one ignores the reptile conspiracy stuff , in an interview with the conspiracy theorist David Icke, Credo Mutwa tells a little bit of the history of the Blacks and the San or Bushmen people.

You see it is quite simple. Unlike the Bushmen, the blacks never recorded their history in written form. But the Bushmen did and their rock paintings from the Drakensberg, scattered to the Kalahari, tells of their persecution and destruction by the black tribes who invaded their lands in SA. The Xhosas for instance did so much killing of the San and stealing their wives that they have actually incorporated the click sounds of the Bushmen language into their own Nguni language.

Four days ago, Dimwit Communist Gwede Mantashe kicked off the debate when he said
The land question is at the centre of the struggle

Excuse me? What struggle? Isn’t the ANC suppose to have suspended their struggle in 1994?

Here is a clear admission from the boss of both the ANC and the SACP that they have NEVER relinquished their “Struggle”.

So who are they still struggling against, now that they have the entire country already? Well just take a look in tomorrow’s newspaper when another report of a murdered white farmer will be in there and you will know the answer.

Then came his cracker phrase...” He said historians needed to focus on the indigenous people of South Africa.”

As if they weren’t already…

Nevertheless, what does that mean? It means that historians should ignore or bury the white history of SA and focus on the manufactured bullshit oral black history.

“The first war in the country (with colonialists) left what they call the 'Khoisan Genocide',” he said.

He is right…the first colonialists to have killed the Bushmen en masse were the Bantu people. Credo Mutwa affirms it.

Mantashe went on….”“We are fighting the monster at the same time. The ANC is fighting against racial exploitation and the SACP against economic exploitation.”

So guess who in their minds are racially and economically exploiting the blacks? They have told us in no uncertain terms that we are the enemy and that they are waging war on us.

So without further ado, let me show you the interview with Credo Mutwa, the Bantu historian telling of how the blacks committed a genocide against the San and Khoi people. He even describe the obvious genetically differences between the two races. Also how Credo Mutwa refers to the “Drip-Drip genocide” and compare it to what is happening to whites in SA at the moment.

Who were the first people, and where did they go?

The ORIGINAL peoples of Southern Africa, were the slight, small-built San people, i.e. Bushmen hunter-gathers. As common with hunter-gatherers, the preservation of the wildlife and landscape was and is strong in their beliefs. Like the western Red Indians or Australian aboriginals they hold large natural features to be sacred and have various taboos on the killing of animals in certain places and a strong belief in the transference of the spirit. They imbue the animals with life and spirit. In particular, they link the small animals that hide in the earth to their buried dead, and ascribe to them powers of divination and prophecy.

Before we go any further, we need to describe the genocide. If I refer to 'negros' it's to enable us to keep in mind the immense size difference between these peoples and the (pure) Bushmen who stand about as tall as a European 11 year-old.

The Genocide in recent history

The small-bodied Stone-age Bushmen hunter-gatherers inhabited the region along side Khoi-Khoi (Hottentot negros). At some period before 300 AD, communities of (negro) Bantu groups – were living in the interior. What happened next was paralled all over the world: The Bantus discovered or were shown iron tools and began to farm. The larger (negro) Hottentots took up iron knives and the farming too and the Bushmen were pushed towards the hostile desert areas. We should be clear what 'pushed' means. It means ethnic clensing and genocide. The reason we can be so precise is that this was still going on within living memory - is still going on.

In Natal, in the 19th century, a military genius, Shaka, had moulded the formerly insignificant (negro) Zulus into a powerful Zulu fighting force and developed an economy of war. This involved wiping out other tribes and taking their women. As they expanded, other negro tribes were put under pressure again, and again they moved south and again they took the lands from the Bushmen, killed the men and raped their women: activities witnessed by white settlers in the 20th centuary. And just as in America, or Tazmania, the stronger and larger incomers (both Bantu and Hottentot) killed and enslaved the weaker and recalcigent aboriginal hunters, devastated their game, diverted their water, raped their women and stole their land for farming and cattle. From the 17th Century, the incoming white settlers developed a ranching-centred style of agriculture just like the Bantu peoples and, as their numbers grew, more and more Bushmen were enslaved, left to die or to escape to the desert: their forests cut down, their lands gone.

Laurens Van der Post described the Bushmen as the original natives of southern Africa, outcast and persecuted by all other races and nationalities. He said they represented the "lost soul" of all mankind, a true noble savage.

And the genocide continues - these gentle people are not only being pushed further into the Kalahari desert interior, but just last year, the Botswanen government passed new laws prohibiting more hunting, making life impossible for the few that are left.

The drip drip genocide of a people continues.

We know, that when the Nguni (including Zulu, Xhosa and Swazi peoples) came to dominate modern southern Africa: just like the later Boers, they killed the Bushmens' spirit game, they cut down the great forests covering the Bushmans' sacred hills and ploughed the sacred ground;

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