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Communist academics do not want white Afrikaner asylum seekers in the USA

By Mike Smith
22 of February 2012

Here are two links about a white Afrikaner family who wants to remain in the USA and are claiming asylum status, saying that they will be victims of racism if they return to South Africa.
We want out of SA
White Afrikaner asylum seekers for the USA

This family is 100% correct. With racial quotas for university entry, AA, BEE, racial quotas in sport, etc, this minority family will definitely be discriminated against.

However, in order to find support for their claim, their lawyer went around and asked a few academics if they would support such a claim.

One of the academics he discovered was none other than liberal (communist) white Afrikaner author and currently professor of creative writing at Rhodes College, Memphis, Tennessee Professor Mark Behr.

The other was another communist academic called Dr Dennis Laumann of the Memphis University.

Start of quote:

“Professor Mark Behr, of Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee, and Dr Dennis Laumann, of the University of Memphis, have rejected requests that they help the family.

"I am not interested in assisting Afrikaners claiming discrimination in a non-racial, democratic, post-apartheid South Africa," wrote Laumann.

"In my scholarly opinion, there is absolutely no basis for their allegation - whatever evidence they may present."

Behr - who is an award-winning South African author - said he did not believe the law firm would find "any fair-minded scholar" to support the family.

"If the people your firm seeks to represent are in any way victims of racism, it is, sadly, only a racism of their own making, in their own minds.

"Let me add, too, that I speak as a white Afrikaner, from a family of farmers, people who themselves lost farms they owned in Africa, and with my own profound empathy for all people who live off the land in South Africa," replied Behr.

End of Quote:

If you do not know who Mark Behr is then allow me to inform you. He was born in Tanzania (Tanganyika) and his family lost their farm to the communist scum of Julius Nyerere.

His family then fled to SA and identified themselves with the Afrikaners. The kids went to Afrikaans schools and attended the Dutch reform church. Mark Behr was a member of the Drakensberg boys choir and later conscripted into the SADF, serving a stint on the border as a Marine.

After he left the SADF he went to study at the Afrikaans university of Stellenbosch where he became a spy for the Aprtheid government.

Wikipedia says this about his time at Stellenbosch, “While a student there, Behr became an agent for the South African apartheid government, which was committed to monitoring the activities of students on university campuses in order to prevent political insurrection.

Undergoing a process of political radicalization himself, he later turned double agent and spied on the South African government on behalf of the African National Congress, one of the major anti-apartheid organizations (and, since the 1994 elections, the governing party of the new multiracial democracy).

You know what he did? He committed high treason. You know what the penalty for high treason is?? In the old SA he would have been hung.

I am surprised that the American government allows such a piece of trash communist spy into their country. Not only that, they allow him to teach at a College where he can poison the minds of young Americans. But the pious conservative white Afrikaner refugees are not welcome in the USA. Go figure.
Who is Mark Behr?
Who is Dennis Laumann?

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  1. No surprise he's allowed in the USA

    the fucking president is a marxist now, and communists have riddled the government for decades.